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Who Is Benny Hinn

Who is Benny Hinn? Is he a true faith healer or is he a false prophet?

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 ---Jimbo on 10/29/05
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From the way he emphasises on money for getting blessings from God, it seems he is a false prophet.
---Tomy on 7/11/07

We sure have heaps of prophets on this forum..and I daresay, they seem to sound like they know more than God does...people, leave the judging to God Almighty..we can share our opinions with one another however, God is the only one that judges..not His creation..
---jana on 7/11/07

The Bible teaches that the Prophets are subject to judgemet by the prophets. Too many say that this man is false!! Jesus said "sell all that you have and give to the poor". Benny is a Multi millionare who continusously asks for more money. A fraction of his money could bring a 3rd world country out of poverty yet he hords his money and also uses it for chaletts all over the world for His pleasure. Love of money? Bible teaches that this is one charachteristic of a false prophet.
---jody on 7/10/07

Benny Hinn? I dont follow him, but I believe, he is a servant of God doing what he believes is the truth..if we cant see the truth that he sees in what he does, then leave it to God Himself who knows everyone's heart and where it lays..with truth, or error..we cant judge him..only God can..
---jana on 7/10/07

No & Yes...Respectively
---MC on 7/9/07

I know Pastor Benny saw him on a regular basis for about 5yrs was head of his Partners Divison. He loves God very much even when he thinks no one is around he talks to Jesus. He is a wonderful Dad and husband, great to his brothers/sisters and his Mom a nice family man. I have see people healed and know of people healed in his meetings not by him but by God as Benny says over and over.
---Jeanne on 11/26/06

All I will add here is look up Benny Hinn on the net. Benny Hinn is less than perfect, he is a fake. If he is not a fake then we must purge the term, the very word fake from the english language.

Peoople MUST be discerning. When a fake is exposed for what he is, then the path towards truth is somewhat more clear.

---MikeM on 11/25/06

We are to rembember it is not the person who is false, it is satan trying to decieve man, and he will hit the chruch first, the very heart of god. We need to counter attack what satan is trying to do. For instantance, when we do not get healed, satan will through at you he is no man of god he said you will get healed and it did not happen what kind of god is that. We have to realize that it is not the man that heals, it is god that heals us.
---trusme on 11/25/06

It is faith and the believe in god that heals us. If we believe strong enough in it, it will happen. It says in the word, faith is the evidence of thing hoped for the evidence of things yet not seen.
---trustme on 11/25/06

If we all just condemn one another, and we do not help steer them in the right drection, go to our brother or sister in crist, and say in a godly and loving way, listen brother or sister I feel what you have said or done is wrong and show them what is right in the bible, we are just as much guilty as them, because we are allowing it to continue. If all else fails and they chose not to listen than god will deal with them not us.
---trustme on 11/25/06

Satan whats us to focus on the wrong in everyones life, to keep them off the true intentions of god his plans and purposes. it says in he bible, the chruch will be decived first.
---trustme on 11/25/06

In a sense we are as a watchman that should point out the wrongdoing of those our brethren might get entangled with to warn them so they don't lose their soul following a false prophet. We don't judge, but take note and warn. Those who are more mature in their walk do well to point out heresy to those who are babes and may be led astray.
---Frank on 7/10/06

Acutally we are supposed to be able to notice who is false. If a person doesn't have God dwelling in them, that person will not produce the right fruits. By saying that we should not label them false prophets is wrong. Things like false healings and teachings that go against the bible can be debated but we still should be able to tell if they are false prophets. There is a reason why we should label them as such. dont condemn them but do pray for them. Just dont be decieved by them...
---matt on 12/30/05

Its not for persons to juge Benny Hinn or worry about his ministry , but for persons to seek the true and living God for themselves and to offer their lives so that they can be used for signs, wonders and miracles in the name of Jesus.
What Benny Hinn does other persons can do in the Name of Jesus and for the glory of God. If Benny Hinn is false Gods judgement will surely come upon him at some point in time.
---guyiyae4898 on 12/5/05

Lets see, Benny Hinn said that people would prop their dead relitives in front of the TV sets to watch his TV show.- He claimed Fidel Castro would not be in power by 1999- He claimed Jesus came on stage with him-he claimed the Gay community would be destroyed by 1999-this and more is all on tape, yet people still believe this guy. My worry is the sanity of those who send him money and believe him.
---len_k on 12/5/05

Wolf!!! Matthew 7:15.
---Leon on 12/4/05

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5. We are told, we should not judge another brother. That we should leave that to God. What everyone forgets is that if left unknown, many will fall into false doctrine and we have a responsibility to bring the truth. Too many people have fallen because of their teachings. We should be more concern about the Gospel of Christ then any person out there. If faith becomes a substance or a "force" then everything we believe in falls to pieces.
---Lupe2618 on 11/27/05

God Himself does not propose to judge a man until he is dead. So why should you?
We were called to be witnesses, NOT lawyers or judges.
Be careful who's name you besmirch, you will be held accountable.
We should not be judging ANYONE'S heart, we don't live in their skin.
---NV_Barbara on 11/11/05

Greetings in Christ ~~ I am
of the same thought as Eloy, Gina,
and Elsie. As was said, turn the channel, and pray for him. God Bless you all!
---Mary_D on 11/1/05

God judges His own; many have been healed by either their own belief or through one of Benny Hinn's prayers or by both; perhaps others haven't. Our responsibility is to believe in the living God through His Son Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. However, God leads us - DO!
---Elsie on 11/1/05

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Wow, Sally, thanks for your post. It was interesting! I can't help but wonder how Benny Hinn backs what what he believes since its not in the Bible?
---joe on 11/1/05

I believe that we are all vessels of the most High God. But God never gave us the opportunity to condemn or judge others. God surely know Benny Hinn more than we do. If you are not blessed by his ministry, feel free to switch onto other ministers of God. I suggest that its better you pray for him than condemning him.
---Gina on 11/1/05

A popular faith healer who appears on television broadcasts. To determine if he is a true faith healer or not, you should personally interview the people that have had contact or have been healed through him. And to know if he be a false prophet, record his words and if he makes a prediction and it comes to pass as he said, he is of God, but if it does not come to pass as he said, then he is not of God, but has spoken presumptuously.
---Eloy on 11/1/05

The Bible warns us repeatedly about false prophets and tells us we will know them by their fruits. If we do not speak up honestly about BH being a false prophet then we are guilty ourselves of deception by ommission. How about we all pray for all the many, many people who have been decieved by him?
---Marilee on 10/31/05

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On June 24, 2005, on the Inspiration Network, Benny Hinn preached that Lucifer once had authority over the earth. When he fell, God destroyed the earth. That's why he had to rebuild the earth in 6 days. He also said that Lucifer came to Eve because he was angry for God for taking the earth away from him. So, he had to get it back. I heard this myself and wrote it down because of this lie. He continued to say many things that were not Biblical at all. NOT A TRUTH FAITH HEALER AND IS A FALSE PROPHET!
---Sally on 10/31/05

A TV show went behind the scenes with a hidden camera and proved that Benny Hinn's healings were faked.
---joe on 10/31/05

I wonder if all those who ve been quick to judge and condemn Benny Hinn have spent one minute praying for him.You know we christians waste time condemning each other when we have bigger battles to fight.On the question whether Mr Hinn is a false prophet I would rather not jump to conclusion.In case you havent noticed almost ALL major preachers have been branded false prophets by somebody..from Billy Graham, through Rod Parsley, Oral Roberts, Kenneth Hagin, Reinhard Bonnke .ALL the big names.
---pkay on 10/31/05

Some are quick to judge, be careful.
Unless you know another's heart, you don't know what their relationship with God is.
I can't say whether this man is "for real" or not, I don't live in his skin.
Rather than grumble and gossip, just don't watch him, and pray for him fervently.
---Selena on 10/31/05

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I believe if you search out the true tests for a "true faith healer" and the true tests for a "false prophet" you can decide for yourself. It ain't about numbers or flashy showmanship. Back to the Bible for proof.
---mike_fl on 10/30/05

Benny Hinn is money hungry and a false teacher. If you take the time to compare what he teaches with what the Bible REALLY says it doesn't take long to see that he is merely skilled at working for Satan to draw people down the wrong path! He will have a LOT to answer to God for someday!
---Marilee on 10/30/05

Benny Hinn is an anointed man of God. He may hold the office of a prophet not sure.
---Columb on 10/30/05

There is a 3 page pdf file linked on the home page of Ministry Watch under Donor Alerts giving the reasons for not funding Benny Hinn Ministries.
---Phil_the_Elder on 10/30/05

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he is not a false prophet but he is very annointed preacher that's why many are healed in the name of JESUS!
---kim on 10/30/05

If you go to google or any search engine and type in 'Christianet Benny Hinn' you will find more comments on this subject than you will be able to read.
---M.P. on 10/30/05

I can only say that Benny Hinn is really a true healer but, not a false prophet.
---Caren on 10/30/05

Jim, there was already a post (prob. more than one!) on him here! Here is one from August; go to this link:

Think I'll do a question on how to find things here. Daniel.
---Daniel on 10/30/05

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