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Difficult To Fit In Rich Church

My family left our church to find one who preaches the Word. After a few months, we returned to our old church. We're unhappy and have problems finding friends who are in the same low income class as we. Most churches expect you to pay for meals, youth trips, etc...We don't fit in. Please pray.

Moderator - Usually either the church and/or other brothers and sisters in Christ gladly try to help in those types of situations. Please make your need known. For example, tell the Youth Pastor that Susy would like to go to the Youth trip, but we don't have the funds and ask if there are some type of scholarships available. Most churches will help.

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 ---Cana on 10/30/05
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Dear Friend. I am sorry for your plight. This is very sad news to me. That people have to almost pay to go to church now. It has gone beyond tithes and offerings to other dues,offerings and every imaginable money racket someone can think of. So sad. Don't give up looking. There is a place for you and your family. I would not have gone back to that old church. Nothing much is going to change in that church. God bless you and your family.
---Robyn on 10/25/07

How about joining a "home church" fellowship instead; where you can fellowship freely with those who love Jesus Christ, His Word and one another according to the "church model" set forth in the Book of Acts? (and indeed, the rest of the new testament)
---William on 10/25/07

have same problem. My son can not attend youth rallies and things because we can not afford it as I am on disability and have set income. No, others in church do not help. Everyone knows I am single mom and have teen who can not afford things but no one helps because we do not fit into their cligues. It is sad that it is like this in a place where we are to love our neighbors but, we are living in 2005 when the church and the world are not so far apart anymore in actions.

Moderator - Marla, have you asked for help and been turned done for valid things such as a Youth Camp?
---Marla on 4/7/07

Yes, I have outrightly talked to youth pastor and senior pastor about camps and also other youth events. At more than one church infact. I have found the only people who have ever helped me where other single mothers who could not really afford to help but because they where in same situations knew how it felt. The bible talks of being fathers to the fatherless and helping those in need, it is not a passage which I find churches like to preach to often.
---Marla on 11/5/05

Our church is a Calvary Chapal. Everyone finds a way to help out in anyway they can. If someone can't go to an event, our pastor always finds a way to help them be able to go.
---Melissa on 11/4/05

Try an Assembly of God church in your area. They usually have funds available to pay for the trips or the youth raise the funds. Youth camp is also usually available to those who cannot afford it through scholarships. I have even seen kids who did not attend Assembly of God churches go to youth campe because they were sponsored by a local church. Many times they got born again at these camps. This is also true of several denominaitons. But, I know for sure this is true of Assembly of God.
---Sally on 10/31/05

It appears to me that all churches expect one to pay with cash for all things.
If they help even one time they join the secular snob society and shun the helpee.
Try to find a real Christ centered church that has funds which are not gossip material but truly there for helping others.
I believe the nation itself will have to have a national emergency for people to return into helping others and not greedy gossipy churchgoing Christians. And yes...they are this now...they were in old days too..
---Don on 10/31/05

I'm glad Marla understands. Sometimes people think if you don't look poor, you're not. I'm not poor, just living on tight budget. Moderator, the church has helped once, but I would never take advantage each and everytime that the church has something going on.

Moderator - If you truely need help, I don't consider it taking advantage. People that have the Gift of Giving are looking to give. It is the job of leadership to let the NEEDS not WANTS be known.
---Cana on 10/31/05

What you should do is pray and ask God to lead and direct you to your set place. I did and He led me to where HE wants me.

Be Blessed
Sis Cheri
---cheri on 10/31/05

I am also a single mother of 4 children. I would suggest you speak to either the Youth Pastor or the Senior Pastor and tell them of your desire to allow your child to participate, and specifically ask if they have scholarships to special events. Sometimes people who know your circumstances still don't really "get it" when it comes to church retreats, missions, and other activities that cost a fee. Don't be afraid to ask! God Bless you and I wish you well.
---Rebecca on 10/30/05

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