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How To Use ChristiaNet Blogs

What methods do you use to FIND something in the BLOGs at [I'll share mine in detail too!]

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 ---Daniel on 11/1/05
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Bruce ... can you tell us more about this?
Browser? Where is that, the computer's "search" function? I suspect not.
Can you give steps throught this
---alan8869_of_UK on 11/7/07

I use the browser's FIND function and look for a key word on the various pages of titles
---Bruce5656 on 3/14/07

I foget to say that you should place 3 dashes in front of your name to be absolutely certain it will find your posts and not just a mention of your name, like this: "---name on".
The keys to doing searches are NARROWING (most often) or EXPANDING search limits. Finding posts on a particular Bible verse is difficult though, since people use so many different abbreviations!
---Daniel on 11/3/05

DoryLory &others: If you happen to forget to save your last 10 posts, or you would like to see what someone else said months ago, then open up GOOGLE in the "Advanced" search mode, place '' in site box, then in the exact phrase box, enter something like:
"DoryLory on" (that little word 'on' makes sure to find your postings; and changing it to "DoryLory on 11" would find all of them done in November, but of any year--too bad the year wasn't listed first).
---Daniel on 11/3/05

Google is current having dificulties reconizing NOT as a logical operator as opposed to a search term but you can use the site search feature on the tool bat to get a bad query to get access to the advanced search feature where you can include and exclude terms and set the number of entries per page Rember this will search the data content of blogs as well as the Titles.
---Phil_the_Elder on 11/2/05

There are several tools I use in conjunction with working with ChristiaNet Blogs. InstaVerse provides any Bible verse and surrounding text if you point to the reference with your mouse. The site search feature of the Google Tool Bar is an invaluable tool for extract information on ChristiaNet, you can look up all transmittal from an ID, you can find all references using words or textual strings in quotes; use nested relational search operators of AND=+; OR=| & NOT=- to refine your search criteria.
---Phil_the_Elder on 11/2/05

If I want to find an old question and cannot see it on the first page I try google. I type in 'Christianet' and then a key word or phrase, as specific as possible to narrow it down. Most times I have found it immediately. If you can remember the exact title of the original question typing that in usually works.
---M.P. on 11/2/05

To keep track of the Question Blogs I've posted to, I email my "DoryLory's Last 10 Postings" page to myself. Then all I have to do is open up my email and click on the Blog title. The appropriate CNet page opens up and I can quickly see if anyone else has posted to the Blog.
---DoryLory on 11/1/05

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