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How To Covert A Guy

I need advice I have strong feeling for a guy that is not saved. I am (born-again). Please help, is it that easy to convert him.

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 ---Nashi on 11/1/05
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You can't convert him! But Christ in you and through you can bring him to want to change!It has to be his choice.
---Pierre on 1/15/08

You are born again, the spirit of God working in your life would lead you to someone with the same spirit in Him. You are not to date an unsaved boy who is under the influence of the spirit of unbelief. You should preach to him and if he accepts christ, then you know the strong feeling in you has worked for the salvaton of a sinner and that is God at work through you.
---Hilary on 4/9/07

Thanx Urlich and I am sorry, if I have attacked you. Thanks for the scriptures.

yeah it is so funny that many people don't see a need for a saviour. Yeah I am gonna try to witness to him when I got to see him agian. But I've told him earlier, dat the friendship is over, bcoz it was decieving knowing what he says when we are around each other or on phone. Thanks again
---Nashi on 11/14/05

PRAY that the Lord convicts your friend. As with anyone, he will not repent and believe in Jesus as his saviour if he sees no need for a saviour. Probably it would be like witnessing to anyone. Here are some verses you could share.Romans 3:23 Romans 6:23 Romans 5:8 John 3:16,17,36 Romans 10:8-10 Ephesians 2:8,9
---Ulrika on 11/12/05

Sister Nashi, I believe you took Daniel's response as stated for you but he was only giving an example. I too believe God operates the way he explained. He gave a good example for all to know. He used the word "you" instead of anyone. God has to be working in the heart of someone first, then we come in and join Him with His word. He begins the process and we just follow. Otherwise people make a false commitment. A good book to read is "Experiencing God"
---Lupe2618 on 11/12/05

I know I can't convert him and that only God can do that, but he has to hear/know about salvation. I won't jump to bed with him nor with anyman just because they "say" their christians, I am sorry.
---Nashi on 11/4/05

Daniel, I have never said that I want the guy to just "confess" that he is Christian so that I can take him. What I feel for him (and he doesn't know this) is different from the question. I posed the querry coz I know that I cannot get involved with a guy that is not saved. He told me how he feels for me, and for a long time I didn't really care because of my stand and the word of God.
---Nashi on 11/4/05

[Pt.3]Need to clarify my last sentence: 'Part of the package' means unwitingly (hopefully not on purpose!) implying that YOU will be close to them (or more) if they 'say the words' and tell you they've 'accepted Christ.' Don't ever forget that many 'cults' have been based on some boy or girl saying "Believe this, do this, and you can HAVE ME." Christian witness should NEVER even 'appear' as being like that!
---Daniel on 11/3/05

[Pt.2] You are NOT a true Believer unless the Spirit has been working in your heart/mind and draws you to the LORD! There are many who've made false professions for the wrong motives (or worse, because they were told to do so without understanding what it means), and that's why Jesus will one day say, "I never knew you" to them. PRAY for the lost, witness to them, BUT if you really care for someone's salvation, YOU should never be thought of as 'part of the package' for "converting"!
---Daniel on 11/3/05

[Pt.1] There is ONLY one being who can ever 'convert' a lost sinner into a saint: GOD! If we try to do that work ourselves in a specific person's life, they'll either make a FALSE profession to get you to stop 'bugging' them or else to get something they want from you (e.g., sex) if you've made their profession a condition for anything! Furthermore, there've been cases where someone has been psychologically induced to say they want to be a Christian. [CONT.]
---Daniel on 11/3/05

The issue of "I love him, and believe I can convert him" has a 0.00001% chance of working - in other words, try to get him out of your system and move on...unless you're willing to take the chance of losing your faith...& him.
---chioma on 11/3/05

hi nashi, i agree with what everyone said, but i must add that if you really do have feelings for this guy, try to speak with him about the Christ, try to convince him so he might be saved. God gives everyone on Earth a opportunity to meet him and become true christian, and you might be his opportunity. And don't get involved with him if he doesn't covert, because you are the one who will lose (ask me i am the daughter of a married couple of mixed religions). And good luck!
---dima3358 on 11/2/05

Thanx Guys, most of the ppl plus my youth pastor has told me so, I thought they were being selfish.

Your posts, have really touched my attitude.
---Nashi on 11/2/05

Cut your loses and move on. While I seen many and counseled many married couple of mixed religions, the vast majarity end in divorce. (Of course, "Your relationship is different." Don't know how many times I've heard this and they still get divorced.) The sad part is, they wait until kids come along to get the divorce. Forget him, and move on. (It won't be easy, but do it.)
---WIVV on 11/1/05

Hi,I would have to agree with what everyone else has said..I would like to add however is to just pray for him.Be friends with him if you like, but keep it at that
---mason on 11/1/05

Don't let your strong feelings get any farther for now. If he's not saved you should have no future with him. If he gets saved that may not solve all the problems because he has a family too. Just imagine you married and have some kids and they go to grandma's house .If they're heathens you may want to keep some distance. This can put you against your husband and his family. Look at the whole picture. I'm sure you can marry into a Christian famjily that is going to be totally supportive.
---john on 11/1/05

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You do not convert someone because you have feelings for them. you CAN NOT convert anyone. THEY themselves have to believe in their own heart and accept Christ for themselves, NOT becausae someone else tells them to.
We are not to be unequally yoked so look elsewhere for your relationship and pray for this guy.
---Marla on 11/1/05

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