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Am I Called To Sing

I use to have the desire to sing for years God has used me through singing. I thought it was his will for my life, now I am not sure. Does he allow us to be in a ministry just because we desire it even if it is not his will? How do I know it's what I'm to be doing I'm not sure this is my calling.

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 ---looking_for_answers on 11/1/05
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God allows us to chose any profession our heart desires. But God will guide our steps. In whatever you do, do it to glorify God, not man. Do you wash dishes to the best of your ability to glorify God or man? Do you use your carpentry or masonry skills to the best of your ability to glorify God or man? Do you use your creative talents to the best of your ability to glorify God or man? Again, you choose the profession, He guides your steps.
---Steveng on 2/3/08

"God,do you want me to sing?"This is what I typed into the brower just now as I hoped for an answer. This blog is exactly how I feel. Some say,"why don't we sing if we have the voice?" Honestly, who am I glorifying? Myself if it's to show off when ppl. ask me to sing. Thats why I don't sing anymore. I have recently pondered what are my passions? I used to love to sing.Please don't feel you are alone. God is the only ONE who can reveal His will so He is the only ONE we should be asking.
---Crystal on 2/2/08

The answer to your first question is no, but He may want you to move on to something else. To your second question. Is there a struggle? The struggle is not from Satan it is from God. So pay attention to the flow in whatever you are doing.
---catherine on 11/20/07

If a person has been a Christian for many years and doesn't know what God has called them to do, something is wrong with their walk with God. Because God will let us know what he has called us to do. If a person is a babe in Christ, they should seek God to see what their calling is. God calls everyone of his children to do something for his glory. For example, when I first got saved I sought God to see what my calling was. It wasn't long until he called me to sing. We all have a job to do for the Lord.
---Rebecca_D on 11/20/07

i know exactly wat ur talking about cuz im going thru the same exct thing! singing and all. thats odd that two people are going thru the same exact thing...pray!!
---angie on 11/19/07

Yes it`s God`s will to sing for him He want us to part of the ministry and surely he does not burden us with what we don`t know but gives what we can able so there must be a desire of your calling.I mean you can`t have peace in your heart unless you do your ministry granted to you.We are co-workers with Him.
---kinashabire on 3/9/07

I do not understand some people The Lord has given them beautiful voices to sing praises unto the Lord and you have to about beg them to sing i love to sing but do not have the voice to If i did they would have to beg me to sit down.
---Betty on 5/18/06

I have the desire to sing - listen:

---Singer on 12/9/05

1.What do you mean, you used to have a desire to sing?
2.Do you still have this desire?
3.Was it a desire to sing unto the Lord like we all should or FOR the Lord as a ministry?
4. Why are you asking man?
5. Have you asked God in fervent prayer?
---John on 11/27/05

what are you looking for ?you say you are not sure? But you love to sing--Keep on singing God has given you a voice you are using it to express your love to & for him he knows your heart.We are each called to love & honour our maker your voice ascends to him in praises.Do what you feel is right & makes you happy so long as you know it is not sinfull,that is the only thing that separates us from God.
---Emcee on 11/5/05

I am called to sing, I know this without any doubts. but I used to sing with my family. I loved going to different churches spreading God's love through song. But my husband and I found this little country church and I felt lead to sing there at the church. Even though I knew it would hurt for me to quit singing with my family, God comes first. Since then I have seen more miracles, more people come to the alter than before. I would trust in God. Believe me, you will know if it is God's will.
---Rebecca_D on 11/5/05

From what I understand, God puts us in areas in the church for a time. When our time is up according to Him, He leads us to something else where we can minister.
---Melissa on 11/4/05

The dominant thing is do you sing well, does you music style fit appropriately into the worship activities where you currently attend and lastly do people enjoy it. I the answer to all of the above is yes continue doing it. If not confine your singing to the shower.
---Phil_the_Elder on 11/2/05

I suggest that you ask God; If I am going right lead me, if I'm going wrong redirect me. The will of God is on the inside of you. The Holy Spirit is you teacher and your guide. The word tells us; the steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord. God is the author and finisher of your faith; He is not the author of confusion. Seek His face and listen to Him. He will answer you. The word of God is the source of your questions. Talk to Him, He hears you.
---Dedra5875 on 11/2/05

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