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Preacher Husband Left Me

My husband is a Preacher & he left me tonight. We were arguing & he threatened to hit me. I have NEVER CHEATED ON HIM & NEVER WILL. Is it right a Preacher leaves his wife & there has been NO ADULTERY? Please HELP ME.I have helped him a lot with Church & other things.

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 ---S. on 11/2/05
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It is dead wrong. And He has never been saved. He is what we call an unsaved preacher. Am I judging? Yea.
---catherine on 12/14/07

I think the reason you have been His wife and have done all you have to help Him was coz you Loved him. So besides being his wife, above that you are a daughter of God. he had just entrusted your care into your Husband.

"Husbands ot to love their wifes as christ loved the church"

It isnt okay for him to do anything he did. Remember he is Human and is circum to sin.he isnt God.

God loves you
---brian3745 on 12/13/07

It is also written. That you can leave him and remain single or go back to him.
---catherine on 12/12/07

its not right for ANYONE to leave there spose without GODS approval which is outlined in the Ephesians and others too..
---angie on 12/12/07

Talk to God asking His counsel.
You have given and the husband has taken you and his church members as low as he can by his actions.
Pray for peace.
This may be the beginning of something even bigger for you with or without your husband.
Maybe he can preach but he is no role model for anyone. "Do as I say not as I do"
God bless you as you feel the guilty one and are not.
---chuck on 4/23/07

It sounds like your reporting the symptoms and the real problem lies in why would 2 people who love each other argue, disagree YES argue NO. If we follow the Word of God we are truly blessed, nevertheless, no Chrisitan should ever leave his wife even more so for a preacher (maybe he was never called by God?)
---Lee on 8/15/06

It is never okay for your spouse to hit you unless you physically attacked him first. Since he has threatened you, don't take it lightly. He could follow through one day. I think your main goal right now is to pray to God. Daily free up some of your time. Go to a place where you can be alone and it is quiet then pray and meditate on Gods word. Find a church to go to. Wait on God. Decide now that God is with you and you are going to be okay no matter what happens.
---j on 3/19/06

I hope John is correct and that he'll be back & yall can work it out.My husband had no Biblical grounds either & I wasn't rebellious.He said"other Christians divorce & go on just fine"(Wouldn't go to counciling or any help)He finally came back to God,but not to me.He dropped dead 4 days after he turned 50.The Bible says you'll be blessed with long life if you are obedient to God.Nobody "bambozzles" God.I'll pray for you,dear.
---lovable_linda on 11/29/05

Preacher or not, he's still a man who walks in the flesh not the spirit apparently. My Pastor husband left me, widely known for his affairs in and out of the church and still preached packed out churches. For a time he was the peoples' choice. No man, don't care who he is, preacher or not, should cheat on his wife. Will there be found Love and faith on the earth when the Lord returns?
---anon on 11/5/05

Not having been there to witness what went on, I cannot give advice but for you to pray for the situation. Love and respect go both ways on the husband and wive's parts. God has not commanded for the man to bring his' wife under subjection but for the wife to bring herself under subjection to her husband. Sometimes a wife can drive a man crazy and rather than hurt her he may leave. I will be praying for you, him and this situation.
---Catha on 11/4/05

It takes two to argue and two to fight, not one. i think that it was the right thing he did in leaving you, especially if he is a man of God and all you did is argue with him, that is not good. Now you don't have to worry anymore that he might hit you, because he's not there, and there is no more arguing either.
---Eloy on 11/4/05

It's NOT RIGHT that he should threaten to hit you. At least, you have a warning of what he's capable of - some other women are not that lucky, and have become mere statistics - dead or otherwise.
---chioma on 11/3/05

If he threatened to hit you it shows he almost lost control. I'm glad he didn't quite carry it out but next time he could if he doesn't get help now with anger. Unless you know of something that provoked this, and can ensure it will not happen again, then this is his problem not yours. You must be on your guard. If you have children you must be extra vigilant if he returns.
---M.P. on 11/3/05

It takes two to make a marriage. As Christ is the head of the church, so the man is the head of the woman. Were you obeying your head, or were you provoking him to argue and to strike? If you were in rebellion against your husband, then ask forgiveness from God and your husband, and invite him to pray together with you, rather than arguing.
---Eloy on 11/2/05

I'm sure he will be back. No, it's not right for him to leave you permanently but to get away for a couple of days and cool off and let the Lord do some work in peoples hearts may do a lot of good.He is probably getting advice just like you are.I agree it's not the best way to handle things but this isn't the end , God will step in if you ask Him to. I will pray for you both.
---john on 11/2/05

Based on Scripture, the ONLY way a man can leave his wife is if she has committed adultery. You say you havn't, so he really has no biblical grounds to leave you. All you can do at this point is to evaluate what you may have done to cause him to leave. (EVAUATE, not blame yourself.) If nothing, than there is not much you can do. You can, and should pray. Just remember, you can't change him, you can only change yourself and he will change in relation to your change. (Does he have another woman?)
---WIVV on 11/2/05

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We are commanded to live in Peace with everyone as best as it depends upon us to do so. Two people can not proceed down the same road in life together unless they first agree to do so. True love never does another person any harm especially those we profess to love and care for. That's why everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry for the wrath of man does not produce the righteousness which God desires for our lives.
---Jeff on 11/2/05

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