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How To Forgive My Husband

I caught my husband cheating. He still refuses to tell me the truth and he is avoiding any discussions pertaining to the infidelity and betrayal. How can I pray for him when he has not asked for forgiveness and how can I remove this pain and anger that is within my heart?

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 ---Tonia on 11/2/05
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try to remember only nice thing
---way on 11/23/07

well the only thing i can tell you is to pray about what you yourself would like do you forgive your husband are you both willing to go to consuling pray pray
---irene7395 on 10/31/07

I have faced the same as you and one thing for sure, if you want to keep your sanity, forgive him. Don't let it fester into an uncontrolable cancer. Pray, my friend, pray. Ask for peace and you will get it.
---mystry on 10/21/07

If you have the evidence for sure then place that evidence before him. Most people, when cornered with proof, will break down. If you don't have good evidence then give him the benefit of the doubt. You could be wrong couldn't you? Keep an eye on him. If he's fooling around the evidence will come out somewhere. This will be a tough time for you. Ask God for perseverence and strength for this journey.
---john on 4/10/07

Sorry my sis, but one thing you have got to know is that each one of us is to answer for our actions, so try to ignore and God will deal with him, remember "whetever a man sows so shall he reap"
---khiia8886 on 4/10/07

I have faced the same problem.I cried out to Jesus bcoz my husband didnt except his mistake and made me feel guilty for suspecting him.When i realised he just wouldn't except his mistake and my marriage would break.I got some evidence and showed the same to his parents.When his parents later adviced him he realised his mistake and asked me forgiveness.So kneel down before God and he will show u the right way to deal with it.Trying to solve the issue by ur strength will make u mad.
---teena on 4/7/06

I had to forgive my husband. God wanted us to stay together. I told God that I was willing to forgive, I choose forgiveness, and I was dependant on Him to enable me to forgive. When pain and anger rose up, I would immediately go to God, telling Him that I didn't want to be this way and to please help me to forgive. Forgiveness is a choice. We look for a "feeling" of forgiveness. That will come. One day, I just "felt" the weight of unforgivenss lift off of my shoulders. Susan6983
---Susan on 12/4/05

You have to still LOVE him and FORGIVE him, but you do don't have to LIKE him or his actions. He's in denial, you can't help him now. YOU consentrate on YOU! Ask God to remove the unforgivness. If you don't, you won't recieve God's blessings with unforgiveness in your heart. Surround yourself with friends, prayer partners. Don't let this open the door for Satan to enter. Don't listen to "voices" that are telling you it is your fault. He's responsible for his actions. You take care of you first.
---Fred_S. on 11/28/05

Praying for someone who doesn't want it is like pardoning someone who will not accept it. Pray for your own understanding. Ask God to help you in this matter. Be a good example to encourage your husband to open up in his own time. If he is worth keeping, it is worth waiting for. Don't be a sucker, but don't be a nagger either. I say love him or leave him.
---mike_fl on 11/5/05

Been where you are. Pestering him won't help matters. Back off of him for a while( I know that will be hard to do), pray for him, and get yourself some Christian counceling. With you backing off and praying for him, he should come around eventually. Remember, the more you talk to him about it, the worse it will make things. Let him come to you.
---Melissa on 11/3/05

The bible tells us to confess our sins, and he is faith and just to forgive all of them. So your husband needs to start there, with God and then to his family and stop being in denial, hiding his guilt behind the mask. I'm certain there are some underlying issues in the husband/wife relationship that must be addressed. Seek Counseling immediately.. even if you have to go by yourself.. amen
---mr7788 on 11/2/05

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