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Think We Are Better Than Others

How come does it seem when different people from different Christian denominations get in a feud over scripture because they think that they are "better" then others? Bottom line is we All following Jesus are the church, & not based on denomination. Is this not true?

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 ---Candice on 11/2/05
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Hi! Everyone! I have been a Christian for nearly 10 years now and I can say that each time I went into a new church I was very deceived by the way Christians judge other christians in the church and outside, thinking their opinion is better or faith is more perfect and the rest will go into hell! what the hell is that really??? When all of us we know serve the same God! And the same book which is the bible! it's sad:-( but unfortunately can't do anything to change people mindset about it! Let's hope this will change in the future and one day Christians will realize that we are all one in God! And that the main reason we are on Earth is to serve the higher power and also to win soul for him!:-)
---mirella on 7/13/10

Better than others, it ought Not to be.

The early Church which is The One God Jesus name Church of The Living God whom the devil with the roman emperor with nero & the crusades went to kill off ( used them for torches in their arenas for their games, even fed to wild animals ). The remnant Church of The One God Jesus name Church of The Living God Is alive & well today which I am a part of. We are the ones that's hated by the devil & even mankind for Jesus name sake. This doesn't make us better than any other, they were killed for Truths sake. If we were not hated by the devil, then the r - emperor with nero & the crusades would have Not killed them off.
---Lawrence on 7/13/10

Candice, For SOME it may be a question of thinking that "they're better than others". But, for some honest ones, it's a matter of standing up for the Truth. And for refuting and rebuking Doctrinal LIES and HERESIES that cause people to end up in Hell as they believe the LIES. Standing up for the Truth WILL cause division, YAHUSHUA said that it would. But, it's not a division for hatred that He referred to, but a Division of knowing "Who's side you're on"! Will it be GOD's or Satan's?
---Gordon on 1/16/08

This question is a red herring. If you believe there are not to be differences in doctrine than you do not believe in truth. Because if there is truth, than by default, all positions or doctrines outside of this are error and false. As such, it is the job of Christians to seek truth and expose error. This was the life of the Prophets, Jesus and the disciples. So if you want to follow them, this is the path you will take. If not, you are not following Jesus but the false spirit of ecumenism.
---ShaunT on 1/14/08

In church's where they think they are 'better' than everyone'this is self-rightiousnes,- religious narcissum. God must be approached with absolute humility.

What suprises me is how some find self-rightiousness in some to be strength, they gather around them like moths to a flame. Some 'sheep' are really lemmings. In reality I find it a form of weakness.
---MikeM on 1/14/08

God made us all EQUAL after his own image,and he allows us to live our life as we chose,your denomination will not get you to heaven ,he gave us the Bible for a road map through life, the roads we take are up to us and at the end of our road when death comes we better know where we're going.There is a Heaven and a Hell,WHICH ONE IS IT FOR YOU ?
---judy on 1/14/08

People who think they are better than others have very different issues. They need to be saved, attitude adjustments or just need to be taught spiritual things. Yhere are no little I's and big YOU's in Christ.
---Robyn on 1/14/08

People who think they are better than others have very serious issues. They need to be saved, attitude adjustments or just need to be taught spiritual things. There are no little I's and big YOU's in Christ.We are all on a level paying field. God can do for us what he does for someone else.Also, it is according to our faith how God blesses us. Small faith, small blessings etc...This walk is a faith walk and if we doubt God and does not have faith, we lose out on our blessings.
---Robyn on 1/14/08

Candice,no, sad ,not all Denominations follow Jesus,I mean His Doctrine He taught when on earth and the Apostles carried on.I don't think anyone is better than another,but some are more in line with the Bible and the true Word of God.What the Church itself believes doesn't hold the weight of what Jesus believes and Christians need to follow.Churches who demand you follow their hardline doctrines usually lean more on their doctrine than Christ's Word.
---Darlene_1 on 1/14/08

If you need a miracle in your body or mind, Jesus is the only one that can make that happen for you. Modern medicine, surgeries are great, but there is a limit to what they can accomplish. I believe in the God of miracles, that's a benefit of being a Christian. God is a God of the impossible. If you've been medicated for 30 years and your head's still messed up, I believe Jesus can fix that for you. If you don't believe it, don't throw the rest of us in a hole like Joseph, because we do believe it.
---IntheWoods on 5/21/07

I see alot of conflict from those that have lost hope and from those who believe, and those who want to believe. The healing ministry of Jesus is alive and well, and I'm not talking TV preachers out to make a dollar. Jesus heals, yes He does.
---IntheWoods on 5/21/07

Even though this is a Christian site, there are some who like to control others through guilt, manipulation, or general acceptance of the world's way of handling problems. If the world's way worked so well, then why would anyone bother becoming a Christian. It doesn't work out there. When you exercise your faith, move out in faith, those who will never launch out into the deep, would like to hold you back.
---IntheWoods on 5/21/07

I don't think it's so much that some think they're better, it's the different faith levels we're at. Some are content to sit in that boat for the rest of their lives. They wouldn't even think of putting their hand in the water, let alone swinging their feet over the edge and walking out to meet Jesus.
Some are so down and depressed, they've given up on believing for a miracle.
---IntheWoods on 5/21/07

We're here, because man's ways only take you so far. God's ways take you far and beyond anything you've ever hoped or dreamed for. Like Joseph, there are some dreams you can't share with everyone. There will always be someone who wants to talk you out of them. You can't aim that high, don't you know, this is the way we've always done it. So it is best to keep your mouth shut, or someone will take your coat of many colors.
---IntheWoods on 5/21/07

You are absolutely right. And unbelievers do not believe that God would take a prophetess out from among the 80% of unbelievers in the church. I know God did it to keep me from becoming corrupt. Unbelievers do not believe this.
---catherine on 5/7/07

Everyone professing to be a christian is not. I would not argue with someone over God's Word. Read 2nd Timothy chapter 2. We are all trying to get to the same place "Heaven" . Most of these people who want to argue have not been taught properly and may not even be born again. They twist scriptures and misinterpret the Word. The bible tells us to separate ourselves from these types. Do it! Dont look back.
---Robyn on 5/7/07

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The word says every man is right in his own eyes, and since this is true, we need to lay down what WE think and seek to have the mind of Christ, have our minds renewed by the washing of the word.
---christina on 4/27/07

Mark ... How can Scholar be a Christian, if he/she does not even believe God is real?
---alan_of_UK on 4/27/07

This is true. Besides all of that, Jesus does not want His people fighting or arguing over scriptures. If any of His people has a diagreement we are suppose to go to Him directly with our grievenses. Are we mature men and women of God or are we going to act like the heathens?
---catherine on 4/27/07

Scholar, You are a Christian according to your reply, that would make you a follower of Christ. My only question for you is do you know who Christ is or are you just a "christian" because that title seems to be desirable?
---MARK on 4/26/07

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Scholar, do you believe in eternity?
---Rachel on 4/26/07

Scholar ... You are using the word "Christian" to mean someone who h#lives a decent, kind, law-abiding life.
Reminds me of a man who ionce said to me "Of course I am a Christian, I am English"
But if you look even atb a secular dictionary, you will see the definition of Christian is someone belonging to the religion of Christ, and that you surely do not.
---alan_of_UK on 4/26/07

All Christians are saved. All people are saved. I used to believe in God, but I learned in school that there are other ways besides God's way. I am still a good Christian even though I know deep, deep, down that God is not real.
---Scholar on 4/26/07

Because there are so many conflicting points of view about Scripture. It comes with the territory - many denominations.
---Charles on 4/26/07

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I think no one denomination is scripturely 100% correct in every aspect of its doctrine. It is important to know what scripture teaches. Some denominations are way off base. It is good to correct people when they are saying something that is incorrect according to scripture. We don't need to go along with false doctrine. We don't need to unkind and pushy. Like tough love, we should be firm on what the Bible says and have a good aditude. I believe we are here to learn, grow, and share our faith in Jesus.
---Ulrika on 11/3/05

All denominations do not follow Christ. Some follow the O.T. law, some follow money, some follow false doctrine, etc., but very few follow Christ. One member should not be living in extravagance and the neighbor beside suffering impoverishment. The "haves" are commanded to share with the "have nots", just as the early church has done. Do you have 2 houses, give 1 to him whom has not; 2 cars, give 1 to him whom has not; 2 coats, 2 meals, 2 jobs. Don't hold your hand tightly closed.
---Eloy on 11/3/05

Actually, Candice, that's not true. There are various "churches" (within any single denomination)and denominations teaching false doctrine and that means they're not following Jesus. I'm not exhorting the denomination I'm a part of (and I haven't really seen anyone else do it, either) over any others, but the fact is there are many teaching falsehoods.
---Heather on 11/3/05

Yes, it's true, that's why I'm non-denominational, and go to a non-denominational church.
---Melissa on 11/3/05

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Personally speaking, I don't think that anywhere in The Word does it tell us to be one denomination or another. What it DOES tell us to be Christ-like. CHRISTIAN!!! That's the problem with man....we twist and bend His Word, and give labels to one group or another. We are ALL children of God.
---Walter on 11/3/05

The Bible does not mention denominations. One of the reasons they form is someone has a different interpretation of scripture or different tradition. We need to get away from the labels. We are one body of Christ.
---wes913 on 11/3/05

First of all there should not be any feuding at all on this site!! We should not consider ourselves better than others because we are not here to judge fellow blogers but to evaluate what they say about a subject. If we disagree we should do it kindly! As for all of us being the church, remember the sheep and the goats. P.
---Pierre on 11/3/05

Ahhh, well said Grasshopper.:) Yet, some do not know which comes first, Bible or church doctrine. Many accept what they hear more than reading for themselves. Some read but are not ready for God to reveal. Then there are the rest of us that just try to do the best and offer the rest back to God in hopes He will give it back when He sees we are ready to digest it. And yes, we can all be bretheren in the Lord. He is the great harvester, not us. "It is the evening time, the combine I hear."
---mike_fl on 11/2/05

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Many times Christians should realize that our common ground is at the foot of the cross.
---Annie on 11/2/05

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