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How To Say Leave Me Alone

How do I tell a senior person at church / workplace that they are bothering me without being insulting? I am forced to smile and talk to them when what I wanna do is ask them to leave me alone!

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 ---Lily on 11/3/05
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There is a reason you are there. Sometimes I have to change my own attitude in an uncomfortable situation. Correcting someone in Love is not unGodly, but Loving you neighbor as yourself is the second command of God. I would look at the positive aspects of this person and love them even if you must stay in constant prayer to do it. God Bless You ^i^
---Robin on 1/20/08

Just do it!!!
---Chrissy on 6/20/07

If this person is bothering you, then tell them in a Christian yet firm way, to leave you alone. You don't have to curse them out, but putting on a fake smile and pretending to want to talk to them is the same as lying. Ask God what you should say, because you so have to say somethin to this person. God bless
---benna5383 on 2/19/06

Alan: Yes, this is where I worked. He was senior to me in terms of Authority, age and yes, he's married. I did detect something ungodly under the compliments and was confirmed when one day he shamelessly told me that he is attracted to me, blah, blah..... to cut the long story short, I am happy to say that God provided a way out and I changed jobs, now everything is great, to God be the glory. Thanks to all that gave their views, I did learn a great deal. God bless you all.
---Lily on 1/13/06

Lily ... your situation is unclear. This is where you work? Is it a church, your church? If so are you part of the ministry team? Is this person senior to you in terms of importance, authority or age? Is he married? Do you detect a motive behind his complimenting you on your looks?
---alan8869_of_UK on 1/3/06

Lily , years ago my husband, children, and I Square Danced, and became close friends to the caller and his wife. Square Dancers are like family and the caller was much older than us, so when he always addressed me as that "goodlooking thing over there " in front of everyone,although I didn't like him calling me that , out of respect for his wife and their position I held my tongue. He never knew I was embarrassed and the good things overrode that. If you can't quit, pray God can help you cope.
---Darlene_1 on 1/3/06

Eloy: I work for these people and I love my job, that's why I am forced to be nice. I wish that they could be brief when talking to me and stop commenting on my looks, somehow, It bothers me.
---Lily on 11/7/05

You say that you are "forced" to smile and talk to them? How so?
---Eloy on 11/6/05

Thank you for the sweet words, a friend, and I'm not disagreeing with there being wonderful people here (there are many).
---Heather on 11/5/05

Heather, There are so many wonderful people in here, and yet some are not giving Godly advice. We must stay in this part of the site to help guide the ones who really just don't know what to do. So don't leave us here alone, Please!
---a_friend on 11/4/05

a friend, I'm in complete agreement with you. Some of the responses on various blogs are getting increasingly combative and erratic, but this has been one of the blogs that's making me start to really wonder if I want to continue on with this part of the cn site.
---Heather on 11/4/05

Just do it, don't worry about hurtting their feelings, be as nasty as you can, and they will get the message...And then when you are old and lonely and want someone to talk to, maybe, just maybe someone will tell you to leave them alone. What has happened to the love of Christ in the Christians? How long does it take to show someone you care? Not long if you really have the love of christ. This question really bothers me...How sad that we look for ways to show someone we Don't care.
---a_friend on 11/3/05

Some seniors are alone all week and really look forward to greeting folks on church days. This may be the case with that senior. I would just keep walking past that person and not stop to talk and maybe just nod in their direction. This lets them know you are still friendly yet do not want to get into a conversation with them. If you beleive this person is seeking you out in a sexual way then be firm and let them know that you have no desire to have a conversation with them now or at any other time.
---Yvonne on 11/3/05

Be honest but in a loving way so as not to hurt them.
---Melissa on 11/3/05

Pray and ask God to give you the correct Christian words to use.
---Heather on 11/3/05

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