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Does God Forgive Divorce

I am a Christian who belives in the Bible. I understand that bibically the only grounds for divorce is adultery. But if we are forgiven of our sins and I divorce, won't I be forgiven for making a poor choice when young and failing to heed all warning signs that this marriage wouldn't work out?

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 ---Robin on 11/3/05
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God HATES divorce but does forgive it as he forgave murder by David and Paul's murder of Stephen by proxy.

The issue is the "consequences" of Divorce which have long tenacles and deep emotional wounds for not just the two knuckleheads but their children, other family members and the fellowship of believers.
What people usually want to know is "how mad will God be if I get a divorce" if there is such a thing.

Divorce is so bad because it shows no fear of God, chooses to partner with Satan against God, and attacks the institutions of God. Three really dumb choices. No wonder God HATES divorce.
---larry on 1/29/10


It's true that God hates divorce, but I'm sure that he hates slavery and torture and abuse just as much. In some cases, it's a matter of chosing the lesser of two evils.

Besides, Jesus didn't actually forbid divorce, only remarriage after divorce.
---StrongAxe on 1/29/10

Strongaxe, "for better or for worse" depends on what worse is. While the commitment is a loyal commitment by the partners, it was not given for a person to stay with someone under the worse conditions, for the woman of her children. The commitment only holds true if both are following the guidelines of God as Christians. If one is abusive, no one has to stay and take it because "for better or worse." If a husband is consistenly abusive, whether with his mouth or physically, no one has to keep that loyalty. Worse has to be define.
---MarkV. on 1/29/10

Strongax, A-men. People have removed the "holy" from holy matrimony today. And what about the sacred vows they make in front of man and God? I recall a movie star whom has married 9 times! How could anyone walk the aisle and answer the, Till death do us part, and say "I do" again and again and again and again...? These unsaved people make a mockery out of the sacred marriage institution.
---Eloy on 1/29/10


Yes, it is sad that few people take the commitments "for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, for as long as we both shall live" seriously, and replace it with "for better, for richer, in health, for as long as it shall be convenient".
---StrongAxe on 1/28/10

obewan, It is so sad how couples today are not taking time to love their partner anymore like they used to, and too many want to leave their spouses rather than love them like they are supposed to.
---Eloy on 1/27/10

Strongax, yes, there are a lot of people today wresting scriptures to try to validate their own selfishness and their own irresponsiblity to repent from sin and obey Jesus. God does not play around with sin, he commands: "Be holy, for I the Lord your God am holy.": Clearly there is no room for excuse here, it is just plain Obey, and not for anyone to make any kind of excuses to do otherwise.
---Eloy on 1/28/10

obewan, The poster is not talking about any abandonment nor adultery for grounds for divorce.
---Eloy on 1/27/10
I should have addressed my comment to her and not you. She only mentioned adultery and that is why I brought up abandonment. She also said the marriage is not going to work out and did not actually say that SHE was going to initiate a divorce. Maybe she will decide to stay and work on things and let her husband be the one to give up if he still so chooses.
---obewan on 1/27/10

obewan, The poster is not talking about any abandonment nor adultery for grounds for divorce.
---Eloy on 1/27/10


Right. This is the difference between people who want to conform their life to God's word, vs. those who want to conform God's word to their lives, using every loophole to get away with whatever they please. This is the difference between liberty and license.
---StrongAxe on 1/27/10


The Bible suggests that abandonment is one grounds for divorce besides adultery.

If this woman tries to stay with her husband and he divorces her anyway and especially if he takes up another woman then she would be off the hook as far as the sin part goes since she did not initiate the divorce.

Her ability to remarry would be up for debate with some people though.
---obewan on 1/27/10

Strongax, your story is not the same as the poster. The poster is questioning God's forgiveness in assuming that God will forgive her for divorcing her husband when she is not divorced. You see she knows that she should not divorce, but she wants to "use" God for a license to sin through divorce and then be acceptable to God for the sin she wants to do. Some false religions do this today, they live in sin and waste their time in confessionals: but plainly they have not received any true forgiveness from God, else their lives would be changed to righteousness and they would not be abusing the confessionals.
---Eloy on 1/27/10


It's true that God is not mocked, and can't be taken in by such subterfuge. However, it is possible for someone to commit a sin, and rely on "easy" grace - and then later actually realize the folly of that, and truly repent of his sin, and be forgiven.

A good example would be a church member from birth, who is Christian in name only, going through the motions of sinning and then superficially "repenting" and asking for forgiveness, over and over again. Then, later in life, such a person has a genuine conversion experience and then TRULY does repent.
---StrongAxe on 1/26/10

Abuse of atonement by premeditated sin is not righteousness, like the sinner who says, "I will now go out and sin, and afterwards I will ask for forgiveness and God will forgive me and take me back." Do you really think that God will honestly forgive you for sinning with the wrong foreknowledge that he will, even before you go out and commit your planned on sin, and you know his command is not to sin? God forbid, God is not mocked. If you truly love God, then you will not shamelessly nail him to the cross again. Believe me, God hates divorce, and what he has joined together let noone put asunder. There are too many dismembered bodies today. I suggest that you set out to work on rebuilding your one flesh, rather than destroying it.
---Eloy on 1/26/10

God forgives everything but the unpardonable sin. Repent means to turn around
and head in another direction away from what sin you committed and unless the man's wife committed adultery.. if he marries again without it being so he is an adulterer and anyone who marries his WIFE commits adultery the same as she will.

Matthew 19:9:10
---Carla on 1/25/10

If divorce were unforgivable, that would make it worse than murder (we have many examples in the Bible of murderers being forgiven).

This would leave us in a bizarro world where it would be better for a Christian man to murder his wife (and then repent) than to divorce her. There is something very wrong with that picture.
---StrongAxe on 1/25/10

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Tough question: Disobedience, God won't put-up with. "If you love God you will obey Him". "God loves those whom loves Him". All of this is in the Bible. You would be walking on dangerous ground. Especially, if you knowenly disobeyed Him. You would be well off to pray about EVERYTHING. Forgiveness of sins is not a one time deal.
---catherine on 1/25/10

Remember the WOMAN AT THE WELL? She had 5 Husbands! God revealed himself to her and he forgave her. She then went into the town sharing what the Lord had done for her. Many were saved because of her testimony. God forgives all sin if we confess with a pure heart. There is only one unpardonable sin...and this ain't it. Confess, Sin No More,,,that is what Jesus told the woman Caught in the act of adultery.
---K on 1/25/10

In the case of someone who marries a divorced person and "divorces" him because it is understood that they are living an adulterous situation. Did this person have a husband/wife or it was adultery all throughout the relationship even if it had been human-legalized?

Could this be considered a valid marriage? This situation sounds even more difficult to discuss. Please help me to understand it.
---pityy201 on 1/6/10

What Jesus was talking about in Matt 19 regrding adultery and fornication has relation to the Book of Deuteronomy.
He parallelled his answer regarding divorce to Deuteronomy to make the question relate to the laws Moses gave before the Israelites crossed over into Canaan.
The answer relates to the beginning of the marriage and if you find any deceitfulness or abuse, even sexual dissatisfaction (which causes one to commit adultery or fornicate until one believes they have reach it.)Only then, can one give a bill of divorce. Please read Deuteronomy, chpter 22 and 24:1-5. Too bad ministries don't clearly understand what Jesus was saying, it would stop Christian divorces based upon frivilous information that is incorrect. Good Luck to you.
---Lorna on 9/14/08

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There is only one unpardonable sin (the final rejection of the SPIRIT). YOU DID NOT COMMIT THE UNPARDONABLE SIN. You did, however, commit an act of foolishness (the penalty for that is stress and consequences, apologize to God and get on with life).

You must confess to God that you have been foolish (just like everybody else in the world) and did something that He doesn't like (He said "I hate divorce"), but you still LOVE HIM.

If you're in an abusive situation, you better get out of it.

(tongue in cheek sarcasasm).
---more_excellent_way on 7/24/08

Of course, God will forgive if a person sincerely repents in their heart. However, divorce should be the "nuclear option." The Bible only gives one ground for divorce, that is marital unfaithfulness--this is very clearly stated in the Bible (although I am sure that flagrant abuse and criminal trespasses would fall in this category). However, God wishes for people to think first before they act and try to work on a relationship rather than just giving up. In my opinion, those are the two biggest obstacles to marriage today. Too many people jump in nowadays, and people would rather seek the easy way out and just quit. Still single in my middle 30's, I simply have not met the right one yet--better to do it right the first time.
---Darren on 7/24/08

I just wanted to say that in God's word he says he forgives all who believe. No sin is greater or less than another. A sin is a sin is a sin. That is why Jesus came down and died for us!! God loves us through all we do, as long as we belive in him and confess it with our mouths. I love the fact that God knows when I screw up even before I do and it is the renewing of our mind that he wants. He wants us to pick up our cross and follow him going forward- not backward. I love the fact that my father is an all knowing, all forgiving father. Yo can find all the answers to life in his ever living word. He is so awsome, thank you Lord!!
---Jen on 7/24/08

I am not sure how old this post is but just stumbled on to with questions on my own marriage.
I believe God does want us to work on our marriages on any commitments but if that marriage is hurtful, threatening or destroying you as a person , I think God would want you out of it. He loves us and if anyone is living in a dangerouse situation. I am not saying that this is your situation but it is mine and I have been nearly destroyed by mine . I am facing a situation that I must decide,before my husband is released from prison for the 3rd time. I thought he was changing. I know God works in all of us but I see his old ways shining through and he was not a nice person, he is a narcissistic sociopath and that is hard to change.
---Toni on 7/24/08

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divorce not the problem cause Jesus say if you divorce, you must stay single or reconcile. The problem is when you remarry. What you feeling for current dude or woman is exact feeling you felt for your spouse at beginning, if you been born again, pray to father to fix your marriage, God not concern about your feelings and desires, he going to judge you on did you obey his word, why even take the chance and live in adultery, how you repent and still be living in adultery after you repent cause Jesus says it plain and clear if you remarry then it adultery, if people understand the word, you understand that Jesus him self gave no exceptions.....
---Otis on 7/10/08

This is my first post on this site. Interesting and so sad that so many christians are quick to judge.

There are so many issues and truths in the bible that are black and white and there are so many issues and truths in the bible that are gray... Unfortunetly marriage, divorce, and re-marriage is VERY gray and requires alot of research.

First, we must consider the "culture" during the time of Jesus's days and when the Good book was written, and why he would say that. A woman couldn't work and pay bills, she needed a husband, father, or provider. That is very different in the "culture" we live in today.

---Gina on 6/26/08

Well, God forgives without question. But He knows our hearts. Many use that to excuse or justify sin in their lives to themselves. However, truly, God DOES know our hearts and if we are TRULY repentant of sin and if we are WILLING TO BE OBEDIENT TO HIM. If you divorce for an unbiblical reason(not adultery), then are truly repentant...don't you regret having disobeyed God? Aren't you then called to be obedient to what God originally told you to do--which is be husband/wife to your spouse?? Like Jonah, I'm sure he was sorry while in the belly of the fish...but God didn't say "Being sorry is enough, now you can still disobey and do whatever YOU were planning to do"...No, God wanted him to be obedient to His original instructions.
---jeff on 6/19/08

I am a Christian who believes in the Bible, is no proof that you are a saved Christian, who believes in the Bible. The answer to your question, and I am not sure that I understand it. All the sins that you committed before your salvation God has forgiven you for and forgot them. If you plan to sin before you plan to ask for forgiveness is really quite stupid and it is testing God.
---catherine on 6/18/08

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The spouse you married messed up and needs God. What you need to do is read the scriptures on marriage, repentance,adultery of which there are many. Yes their tough but they in turn give life, the real meaning of life one you give up as only being in the hands of your husband/another man if that were true we would be all fighting for the few that are Good. God is life life eternal, the fruits of the Spirit are Peace, joy, patience, long suffering, Temperance,love, righteousness.
---Carla5754 on 6/15/08

Thank God, He is God,He alone,judges.We're under a NEW covenant,Grace and Mercy.The old law exposed our NATURAL, sinful, nature,we're not capable of being perfect.The BlOOD passes over OUR sin with Mercy & Grace.Repentance is between you and The Father...He promised, he is true and just to forgive, the point OF the cross,The Good News that brings peace.The LAMB, SACRIFIED, REDEEMED.There is nothing we can do to redeem ourselves, trust the Free gift from our Father who loves us...Hebrews: 10
---char on 6/15/08

God forgives all sins, and divorce is just another one. HOWEVER...if you know it's going to be a sin and divorce anyway, counting on the fact that you'll be forgiven, it may be a different story.
(see Heb. 10:26)
It would seem that you will lack true repentence for the divorce, it sounds as if you are only repenting of the marriage.

Pray, God can work miracles of the heart.
---Todd1 on 6/15/08

what happens when you marry someone who you thought God wanted you to,yet after you are married the spouse becomes mean.
The marriage begins to fall apart in just a matter of months. The spouse looses all interest in the other,even sexually. no communication,no anything.
Is this person then doomed to live a life with someone who doesn`t love them and treats them horribly?
---sadie on 6/14/08

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In Mark 10 we find these verses,
" 3-And he answered and said unto them, What did Moses command you?
4-And they said, Moses suffered to write a bill of divorcement, and to put her away.
5-And Jesus answered and said unto them, For the hardness of your heart he wrote you this precept.
Question, were the people that did this for given for this action, and for the hardness of their heart?
You never hear this discussed.
---Mima on 6/14/08

If you remarry after divorce it is adultery, everytime you lay withthe other person it is adultery even if you are legalizing your adultery. so you must turn from sin(adultery) and ask for forgivness, you may not keep on repeating the same wrong(adultery) and ask God to forgive you. Then it is not True repentance.
---Laurence on 6/13/08

Single forever Malissa gives yourself one selfish ungodly choice, looking at life without a man regardless of living in Adutery is a 2nd death sentence,living free of that sentence is a blessing not a curse. But I do understand what you mean and without the word and good knowledge of it you will go round and round in circles knowing the truth but unable to come to it, pray about it and read/study Adultery, forgiveness, repentace, marriage.
---Carla5754 on 2/5/08

Well, I believe the Bible is pretty clear. Doesn't God's word say first(1 Cor 7:10), for a wife not to leave her husband? And then doesn't it say(1 Cor 7:11)that if you do (disobey what's said in verse 10 and) remain unmarried or be reconciled? I'm pretty sure it says that and it's 'in context' or is there some 'hidden' meaning that REALLY means--'Oh yeah, you can get divorced and then go marry someone else...ignore verses 10 and 11, this is what God REALLY means?'
---jeff on 1/31/08

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What happens when no adultery or abuse has occured and you just don't love the spouse anymore? Married too young and didn't have God when you married but now do and realized you made a HUGE mistake? You divorce, but have to stay single forever?
---Melissa on 1/30/08


I thoroughly agree with jeff. When I hear people saying God forgives you and then turn right back into the same sin ploundering in it as if it were something you just return to, I wonder How they got to that conclusion.reconcile or remain single. The issue was were Men able Divorce their wives for any reason and the answer was No, if they did any man taking up that woman both would be guilty of Adultery because it's another mans wife and she is not legally divorced in Gods sight.
---Carla5754 on 1/26/08

Sorry to burst your bubble Cindy but the song you mentioned has nothing to do with a cake it actually has some filthy sexual connotation that was explitically discussed on a Tv programme some time ago which up till this day for sake of not being blessed by the contents I chose not to wait to hear what it really meant and switched off.
---Carla5754 on 1/26/08

Before the Divorce crew jump on the band wagaon of how they are now re-married multiple times and God is blessing them they need to be reminded that God said the rain/sunshine falls on both on the just/unjust.

God Hates Divorce and with that statement it's best to go Study the word you'll be surprise to find the decision is not always the way these people make divorce and forgiveness but is Seriously Complexed and DEFINATLEY (NOT) something to taken likely.
---Carla5754 on 1/26/08

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Would anyone ask, "I have a coworker I can't stand. I know the Bible says murder is wrong. But if we're forgiven of sins and I go ahead and premeditativly murder this coworker, won't I be forgiven of making a poor choice? That's insane! But for some reason...Satan has many believing marriage is where we can bend God's rules with no penalty and live happily ever after-not understanding the true cost of such a decision. It seems very few want to submit to and obey God's word.
---jeff on 1/25/08

I totally believe God forgives ANY sin when there is true repentance. However,I believe it's very dangerous what you're's today's way of looking at things..."I'll do what I want and feel is right even if it's against God so I'll be happy, and God will forgive me after the fact"...I think it's dangerous's better to just obey God's commandments
---jeff on 1/25/08

If you're thoughtfully entering into sin and disobedience to God thinking you just say you're sorry and it's over..I don't think that's how it works...I believe when you gain forgiveness...there's grieving and knowing your actions were wrong, understanding the damage, and regretting having done it in the first place...wishing you hadn't why willfully disobey? It's looking for an excuse to sin.
---jeff on 1/25/08

I must stress a point here. No truly, God fearing Christian is going to be passing judgement on other people. [This is not righteous judging] simply because we all fall SO SHORT. I believe that this is the reason God chooses the worse of the worse among you. And now I am moved to tears.
---catherine on 1/25/08

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You have to study Marriage/Divorce/Adultery/Fornication/repentance/original sin/O/T law/ fornication/polygamy/bigamy/N/T standards and then you need an open mind to be able to accept the things that are not crystal clear and study again all the concepts in Hebrew/Greek for the definitions and read and reread the scriptures comparing with notes and comentaries, as a matter of fact it's that complexed. After ALL that there's a possiblity you wouldn't even bother to marry. That how complicated it is!
---Carla5754 on 1/25/08

My wife turned from God and left me and our 3 kids. I know from a believer that did his best to be the committed, faithful husband God wanted me to be...the damage that's been done to me and our kids from disobedience to God. I believe when a person truly repents of divorce...of what they did to an innocent spouse and will be a LIFE CHANGING EVENT!
---jeff on 1/24/08

I don't believe a 'sorry' and go on with life how you want and finding a new relationship is what God desires. I believe God would want you...if still possible to remain single, pure, and unmarried or seek to be reconciled to your spouse and honor and be faithful to that committment you made to your spouse and to God.
---jeff on 1/24/08

Divorce is caused because of a hardened heart...disobeying for whatever reason what God be forgiven, I believe you'd have to have a soft heart again...that soft heart is what would make reconciliation possible if the spouse that was is a believer.
---Jeff on 1/24/08

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I can't promise but I will endeavor to make it my New Year's resolution not to respond to anymore of this marriage/divorce high speed chase of cat and mouse.
Those black clouds and battering rain begins to crash in on my own thoughts that are better spent thinking on the things of God.
I have better things to blog about than your despair, misery, distress, afflictions, troubles, and heartaches.
---Cindy on 1/24/08

All of this ministering to yourself about your marriage and potential divorce(s), makes me nauseous. When I read this repeatedly, I am reminded of my own family and that my heart belongs to them.
I no longer shed a tear for any of these sorrowful and pitiful situations. Crying wolf is the best way to put it.

The black clouds and battering rain are the perfect backdrop for the dark night of the soul.
---Cindy on 1/24/08

It's pouring and the pit of despair is filling up.
But I'm over your marriage, I'm over your divorce, I'm over your child rearing problems, I'm over with your brainwashing and I'm over all of your sorrow, shattered dreams, and whatever else is ailing you.
You do have a gift.
The ability to remove life out of others that might have cared, but I'm over it now.
---Cindy on 1/24/08

It's like that song, someone left the cake out in the rain, and I don't know if I can fake it, and I don't know if I can bake it, because I'll never have that recipe again.
You truly are the seventh seal, because you've sealed it for me. I'm over every one of the horrible circumstances that you've continued to share.
Your ability to comfort all of your own distress and calamity and affliction is a good thing, because I do not have anything left for your latest disaster.
---Cindy on 1/24/08

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Hi, I agree with you John, people, even in the church, can be sooooo terribly judging of divorcees. I remember once telling a friend that I was about to be divorced (I had been abused physically and emotionally and verbally) and he just quotes "God hates divorce"! I'm like, um, doesn't He also hate adultery and abuse?
---Mary on 1/24/08

I am sorely grieved with the Church's view on divorce these days. God made provision, through Moses of divorce, because our hearts are hard. This does not necessarily mean your heart. Also, what God has brought together, let no man separate. Who says that God brought the two of you together? The ONLY unpardonable sin is simply thus, unbelief and rejection in/of Christ, this is the "Rebuking of the Holy Spirit" that everyone talks about. YES, God WILL forgive you, ALWAYS!
---John on 1/23/08

God is more than ready and willing to forgive you. Don't try to rationalize it out, I was young, admit it, confess it. He has promised to forget, you need to as well.
---dan on 1/17/08

A person gets saved and divorces for other reasons other than adultry is not right. How come you didn't mull this over with God? Yes, if you are truly sorry that you disobeyed Him, He will forgive. But you do reep what you sow. My advice would be for you to develop some fear of God.
---catherine on 1/17/08

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According to the Bible, the only thing God doesnt forgive is blaspheming the Holy Ghost, that has nothing to do with divorce, contrary to popular denominational beliefs, God can and does forgive divorce!
---PAT on 1/17/08

You love the new guy, (I love marriage).
You hooked up with the new guy while you're married. Marriage with the "old" guy wasn't worth a hoot. You're on the rebound, big time. Are you sure you haven't picked another one exactly like the first, or is it too soon to tell.
Rebounders usually are immediately attracted to the same kind of abuse. The charisma of the new guy usually hides the real behavior. You marry, and find you have another abuser on your hands. Two wrongs=big mistake.
---Brad on 4/19/07

What about the vow you made to God and man, "I promise through better OR WORSE, and TILL DEATH do us part?" Is marriage only for better times, only when it is enjoyable? And what about your faith in God, do you love him only when times are good; and if life deals you unjust hardship then you want no more faith in God? The two become one flesh for a reason, and it is not for man or woman to put asunder. Divorce happens and separations happen for many reasons. Please read I Corinthians 7:10-16,27.
---Eloy on 4/19/07

I am going through a divorce after a 25 yr. marriage. My husband stopped loving me. I have been treated as a non-person. It was emotionally abusive. I ended up connecting with another man. This man wants to marry me. Where am I with God? I prayed for years about my marriage, asking for a change to our hearts. I love marriage. I desire a committed, unconditional, relationship. God knows my heart has been broken; knows the desires of my heart. Am I going to destroy my relationship with God if I remarry?
---Laurie on 4/19/07

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God does forgive divorce because He is more concerned for the individuals than the institution. Marrying young probably means that you married to your own desires then instead of God's so the marriage may not be God blessed anyway. It is between you and God. If you study & gain knowledge of the truth,the Holy Spirit will guide you. My heart tells me that God wants us to be happy & whole & He does not punish us because of divorce. Read the book "Divorce-God's Will?" by Stephen Gola. Good luck.
---Gail on 3/19/07

Yes, God does forgive one that divorces on grounds rather than adultery. However, the victim is often one that pays a price; even in the church as even if you qualify to run the country (as did Reagan), you cannot be an elder or deacon in some churches.
---lee on 7/22/06

Rightly said God forgives every sin but the unpardonale sin. So if he forgives you why would you commit Adultry again? you are born again but it does not alter the fact that you married only that you sinned in the marriage accept for Adultery on your husbands part, you are still married and called to Remain Single or Reconcile back to your husband if that is possible. 1Corinthians 7
---Carla5754 on 7/22/06

yes He'll forgive for past transgressions, but getting married again may mean that you are WILLINGLY living in adultery. no adulterer shall inherit the kingdom of God
---r.w. on 7/22/06

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It says in the bible when God forgives your sin he throws it into the bottom of the ocean and it is forgotten! So when we repent and except Jesus Christ as our lord and savior. it is as if we have a fresh star. of course we are not to go on commiting the sins. Although no one is perfect. The only sin that will never be forgiven is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. I praise you Lord for your fauithfulness to us! As unfaithful as we are! I praise your Holy name .
---Stacy on 11/16/05

If you have repented and believed in Jesus as your saviour, you are forgiven. Jesus payed the price for our sins when he died on the cross. 1John 1:9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Like Bruce said, we still have consequences for our actions. Jesus said, go and sin no more. I too am divorced. I am just as saved and just as forgiven as anyone who believes in Jesus.
---Ulrika on 11/6/05

Before I became born-again I had three divorces, so let's hope God forgives for divorce. Of course, He does. If we repent and ask God's forgiveness for any sin, He does forgive.
---Nellah on 11/6/05

This is the No.1 question that people ask me.
And the answer to your question is YES. It is of course impossible to unscramble scrambled eggs, so the consequences of a bad choice in a marriage partner may always be around. ---mima 11/4/2005
---mima on 11/4/05

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God does not want you to be unhappy. You did not cause this, nor could you control it. Reconcile the fact that you have been betrayed and are a victim here. Seek pastoral advice with your question about divorce. I think it would help you put things at rest. Good luck to you, and God Bless you in your everyday life.
---Barb on 11/3/05

Indeed, he has already forgiven you, as others have stated be encouraged and look to God for His strength and comfort. He is a wonderful counselor. I'm praying for you.
---Lyndon on 11/3/05

Yes, God forgives divorce. Yet, I'm concerned about all the pain that resulted when my ex walked out leaving a note in the chair, took $10K (all our money), all bills behind and the kids and I lost our home and everything we had. Ex walked into another woman's home, fully set up, forgiven by God......
---Janet on 11/3/05

Forgivness does not erase consequences. If I were driving drunk and killed someone and lost a leg in the accident, got saved and was forgiven. I would still have only one leg and the person would still be dead.

The way your question is worded it seems that the divorce was not based on adultery? God forgiving the divorce does not change the divorcee's status as - divorced. Christian or not the divorcee is still a divorcee and it is wrong for them to remarry.
---Bruce5656 on 11/3/05

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Yes God forgives divorce. The only sin that can't be forgiven is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.
---wes913 on 11/3/05

When my husband left me and filed for divorce, I did not want God to forgive him. I was bitter for a very long time. Problem was, I was asking God to do something that was against the crucifixion of Christ. l believe that Christ died so that ALL could be forgiven, even my husband. Therefore, I had to let God be God, and pray for Him to change my bitterness.

God does forgive divorce.
---Madison on 11/3/05

I believe that Christ died and shed his blood for all of us. We all sin. Jesus said no sin is worse than the other. The hardest part is to forgive ourselves. God has already forgiven you, it is time to forgive yourself. God Bless you. ^i^
---Robin on 11/3/05

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