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How To Deal With My Past

I live in a nice neighboorhood but recently some people have moved in my neighboorhood, from my "past". How does one live where others know of the old you? I love my neighboorhood but am finding it hard to be seen and hold my head up high. I'm a born again christian also.

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 ---Jaden on 11/3/05
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This is a test of your faith. You should never be ashamed of being a follower of Jesus. Mark 8:38 "For whoever is ashamed of Me and My words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will also be ashamed of him when He comes in the glory of His Father with the holy angels." Stand strong on His word and His Holy Spirit who lives within you.
---denna7667 on 9/4/07

Jayden, I can't imagine that your past could be so bad that you could not turn it around to be a witness for God. Many people have things in their pasts that they are ashamed of but when they turn to Christ, it becomes a point of witness because God can take the worst and turn it into the best. Hold your head up. You are God's child.
---jody_martin on 9/4/07

Jayden::"A slip of the tongue is no fault of the mind & people who remark it are very unkind"What flows under the bridge is long gone the orchard that you have freshly Planted should bear good fruit & by your fruit they will know you .Hold your Head up High.Contrition is Gods jurisdiction, not mans.Did not God say "He who is without sin let him cast the first stone " Calumny is a deadly sin "Tresspass against your neighbour "Your destiny is with God not Man.
---Emcee on 9/4/07

Paul said to forget those things behind and count them but dung.
Just be the new you and you just might be surprised with the responses you get when they see a city set on a hill.
Pharaoh followed the children of Israel to no avail so it's no surprise that the devil will send past acquaintances your way.
---Frank on 9/4/07

Dear Christian,
Remember that you are a new creation, old things have passed away, you are new. It is the enemy that condemns not the LORD. You must not allow the enemy to try and intimidate you with your past because you no nolonger have one. The slate has been wiped clean, remember? And one more thing, when the enemy tries to bring you down with what you did before you surrendered to CHRIST then you remind him of his future!
---Shawn3994 on 9/3/07

Forget about your past. Ask God to help you. It may take time. Everytime Satan reminds you of your past, ask God to help you forget what lies behind, because you want to press forward.
---catherine on 3/26/07

Every day you are a new creation in Christ. Do not be a people's pleaser, please God. These people do not know you have changed and are new, so show them you have changed and infect them with Jesus's love.
---Junia on 3/25/07

jaden, as a born again christian you are forgiven by GOD HIMSELF of your if there is someone in your past that you need to ask forgiveness of thats another senario.God wants you to make the effort to ask them but if that is not possible you are still forgiven.
---tom2 on 3/25/07

If as you say you are a born again believer, I assume you have asked the Lord to forgive you for your past AND HE HAS FORGIVEN YOU! So hold your head up and don't look back!
---Pierre on 3/25/07

Glory be to Jesus, what past are you talking about... I don't have a past only a future!! God does not bring my past up, He has buried it with Christ and I arose a new creation in Christ.... because God forgets my past, I forget it too (I really do forget it ... it is really like I never had a past). Amen.
---Helen_5378 on 5/30/06

This is your real first challange and possibly the only real one,how can you run away from it!! You have a gift of strength not may people have called faith,be an inspiration to those people cause they are probably lost souls who with time can find themselves too.
---tarek on 5/30/06

I'm with Jerry. This is a wonderful opportunity God has given you to show them what a difference Christ has made in your life. You're still not perfect, but being perfected.
---david9769 on 12/31/05

Everybody has a past. But the important thing to remember is your not that person you used to be. The best thing for you to do is show them the new you but showing a light. I don't care about anyone's past, what can anyone do about it anyhow? Nothing. Don't worry about. God took care of it, and that is all that matters.
---Rebecca_D on 11/5/05

Jaden: Wear your past as a badge of honor! The distance between what you once were and what you now are is a measure of the mercy and power of the great God you serve. It is one of the few proofs of His existence. Proclaim it to everyone who will listen. THIS is your witness!
---jerry6593 on 11/5/05

My dear the best way to deal with d past is to forget it, all u need do is move on with d future.1cor 5:17 U are now a new creature in Christ Jesus. I pary God gives u d grace and strength to move on with ur life without looking behind but looking unto Jesus Heb12:1.Happa9766
---Happa9766 on 11/5/05

We all had a sinful past and b/c of Jesus that sinful past is gone.Hold UR head up high b/c UR free.If UR old friends come around let them know of UR NEW LIFE.U never know..maybe they are looking for a change in their life also,and U may give them the directions that they need.
---Missy on 11/5/05

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Stories of my past would curl Shirley Temple's hair even more. I'm a born-again Christian and enjoy seeing people from my past and let them see how Jesus has transformed me. What a wonderful witness for Jesus Christ. That old me ... she's dead and I'm a new creation.
---Nellah on 11/4/05

I can't remember if I answered this one. Yes, Paul is a unique example. In his murderous past, he must have left a few young widows behind in need of some support or reparation. Paul says, "Forgetting the past..." To prove that he forgot the past, he is denying any help to the young widows with orphans and young widows that he must have left behind. Because they can commit fornication... (I Timothy 5) - That is walking tall!!!
---Nancy on 11/4/05

you cant run from your past no matter where you go your past is still your past if it is a fear from the past face it if it is just something that you did in the past or people you hung with let your light shine show them you are changed leave the past in the past and be a light to whom you are around.
---andre9789 on 11/4/05

The "old you" doesn't matter anymore. Don't worry about what might be said. If your other neighbors know who you are now, they won't pay any attention to anything said of who you were then. If anything, you are an example of how a person changes when they are born again! Let the love of God shine through you and the people of your past will even see the change!
---Melissa on 11/4/05

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One way to get handle your past is not to deny it. When someone asks me about my past I always say (and I really believe this )that I'm guilty of ALL sims. I know this to be true because the bible teaches me so.
Now comes the good news.The Lord Jesus Christ has forgiven me of ALL sin. Praise His holy name!!! --- mima 11/4/2005
---mima on 11/4/05

Jaden, I sympatize with you. You are not the only one with problems like that. It is not easy to forget the past with so many reminders... I am not sure of the nature of your past, whether you are a man or woman, but you need a lot of wisdom from the Highest. I am carrying you in my prayers and I know that you will find comfort in the Scriptures...
---Nancy on 11/4/05

Think of Paul. He was well known as a persecutor/murderer of Christians before he became a Christian. He refused to be influenced by the past, whether good or bad and simply focused on the task at hand. Being faithful to what God had called him. Phil 3.
---Bruce5656 on 11/4/05

It is said if the devil reminds you of his past remind him of his future.Hold on to what you got.CHRIST.He set you free and act free, feel free and be free.
---pkay on 11/4/05

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Wherever you move your 'past' could catch up with you. It will be hard and embarrassing but your past is just that and you must show people the new you. Most people who know you will eventually realise that the old you is history. Any that wish to dwell on the past will have to be left to do just that. Don't let it spoil your new life in Christ. He knows the new you.
---M.A. on 11/4/05

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