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God Does Not Speak To Me

Why does God not speak to us when we pray? He said to pray and he would answer us. Why are so many bad things happening to Christians and others in this world. I thought Jesus was supposed to be our savior and comforter and lead us in path's of righteousness for his name's sake.

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 ---Jeff on 11/4/05
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god doesnt speak to me ever!! and i started to realize since im not god - its not my responsibility for god to speak to me its gods responsibility - i cant and dont speak for god - i can talk to god - he doesnt speak to me - and his word - no the bible was written by men and many times were letters to different churches back then - nothing is the same today as it was then - nothing!!! i dont get how men giving opinions on things is gods word - i can accept some of the bible could be gods words
but not all of them ie the psalms - most were by king david from davids own point of view
---kathryn on 3/25/10

James tells us we will have trials and tribulations, it's what drives us Christians to read the bible to seek the truth, it's these trials and tribulations that mold us and make us stronger in God. IF we seek Him (God)
I would be more worried if I didn't have trials and tribulations.
He is our savior, he does care & comfort us, but do you care enough to read his word?
He is peace of mind and I guarantee if you read and study Gods word you to will have peace of mind. Knowledge in Jesus Christ brings peace. Hang in there be strong trust God.
---larry on 10/13/09

Jeff: Do be encouraged. The devil wants to confuse you but if you resist him he will leave you alone.

You have to stop speaking sometimes during prayer also and listen to what God has to say to you. Listen with your spirit. Deep within your spirit. You cannot be in a hurry. You have to set time side where you can really commune with God and listen to him. We have to wait on the Lord. During this time we should always worship and praise God during our prayer time,this pleases God, then He begins to reveal himself to us.
Lastly: Just talk to God as you would a good friend. Ask Him questions and things you want and need answers to. He is your Father and wants to fellowship with you. He will answer you.
---Robyn on 10/10/09

God speaks to us everyday even when we pray. You must be a new christian. You will grow day by day. Don't give up.
God speaks in so many ways. The basic way God speaks to us is: through His Word(the bible)Read it and then do what it says. Learn to pray the scriptures. Use them during your prayer time. The scriptures will begin to move in your spirit. Bringing things for you to do or say that will be pleasing to Him. God is all goodness and light. Never negative or darkness.
God speaks through your Spirit,not your physical body. God is a Spirit. And they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth
---Robyn on 10/2/09

Alex, please don't be discouraged. The devil is running this world at the moment, but not for long. He knows his time is about up, and so he is going wild trying to destroy as many people as possible. If he cannot destroy souls, he will destroy bodies, and they will become like the angels in Heaven. When Jesus returns, those who died (the righteous) will be brought back to life and reign with Christ on earth for a thousand years. It seems so difficult to conceive but that is what is revealed to mankind in the Bible. There will be no more sorrows, and in fact through their sufferings will enter into glory. Don't despair. I think of God as patiently waiting for the Sons of God to carry out their missions.
---frances008 on 5/23/09

Jeff, you ask, "Why are so many bad things happening to Christians and others in this world?" The answer is sin. As long as sin abounds, grace abounds even more. God has not found it to be the right time to remove sin from the world. As long as sin is present many aweful things will happen. It is permitted by God and will be allowed to continue until God puts a stop on sin. That time has not come. God is waiting for all of the elect to come to Christ. In God's eyes it's happened already, in our eyes it is continuing.
God speaks to us through His Word. He tells us all we need to know while we are here. He even tells us what it will be like when we die. If you are not hearing God it is because you are not reading His Word.
---MarkV. on 4/9/09

there are people out there right know begging to be heard from god there are kids dying in other countys,people killing thimselves because god wont replyhe dosent RESPOND TO ANYTHING YOU SAY!!!!!!im a christian but thats how i feel sometimes
---alex on 4/7/09

God speaks to us through our answered prayer...Jesus never said you wouldn't go through hardship for his names sake so just hang in there and you'll make it through...just keep the faith
---DeVantre on 3/16/09

Glen I believe is right. Try and refrain from asking God to speak to you. I have heard God's voice. His actual voice is clear, strong, manly,definite. But this favour I had during my early years with God. After that He wanted me to learn discernment among other things. Glen is right in saying that God talks...He is not limited in His communications. And God reveals Himself magnificently to His people, those that are obeying Him, His holy people, whom He intends to take to heaven one day....God is more alive than you or I. God lives.
---catherine on 3/10/09

God is allways speaking in different ways to us.Dont ask him to speak to you. Ask him to give you an ear to hear. His sheep know his voice.
---Glen on 3/7/09

in order to hear from god, you must make youself availible to him.
often times we get so caught up with things of the world we totally forget that we are first committed to him.
clear your agenda and make time for him, and most of all open up your heart .
jesus said in revalations, behold i stand knocking at the door, if any man answers i will come in and dine with you
---elliot on 3/5/09

Jesus does answer us all the time. But God is not our servant, we are to be His servant. If we do not get the things we want it is because God knows what is best for us, better than we do. Persecution always strengthens the Church and increases its membership. I completely changed my views on evolution because a Christian was defending his position from some atheists attacking him. His answers opened my eyes. Finally, we have to be keeping in obedience to God first, actively working for God, or else our prayers are unwanted and rejected. Wilful disobedience prevents our prayers from having any sway at all with God.
---frances008 on 2/27/09

God cannot talk to us if the soundwaves are full of the devils' followers, accusing us, slandering us, deceiving us, lying to us etc etc (I could go on and on). The trick is to silence the devil. Perhaps the best way is to agree with him to his face, then go your way and do exactly whatever it was that you did that made him angry, and this time do more of it. Sabotage his plans. Look like you are going along with him, but completely, blatantly do the opposite of what he keeps trying to get you to do. He may see that he can order you about as much as he likes, but you are your own person, in Christ. You need to buy time from him, by pretending you go along with him. He is a big bully, and you need to placate him and boost his ego.
---frances008 on 2/26/09

God is alive and so is Satan unfortunately. To hear from God you must learn to listen. I do not know how many times I have complained to God about the freedoms which Satan seems to have [Makes me angry]. God's people as a whole is doing not much to push the devil back into the hole that he crawled out of. The mess that this world is in just proves my point. And with all the hypocrites running around pretending that what they do is being Christ-like, well, the world don't know the true God and or His ways. Thanks a lot devil.
---catherine on 2/25/09

My Friend,
God is speaking to us. Sometimes, it is not what we expect or maybe want to hear so we tune Him out.
As far as the bad things. Gods ways are not our ways.When I was younger I would often wonder why my mother or father may do something that did not make sense (to me), but as I have gotten older I know understand the things that I could not before. We walk by faith and not by sight leaning not to our own understanding but trusting that God is God and everything is used for His glory. If you dont understand, pray and ask God to increase your faith and your knowledge. He is just and faithful to help his children.

I pray that helps you.
---William on 2/24/09

in the book of exodus the people told Moses that they didn't want to hear from God. They were afraid so they said let God speak to you (Moses) and then you tell us what he said. God honored that request, after Exodus 20 God spoke only to the priests and prophets and kings. We the people didn't hear the voice of God again until Mathew 3:17 (the baptism of Jesus). Now once we enter into the new covenant (baptism of the Spirit) we will begin to hear God, but we have to ask for a new set of ears and then learn in time how to use them! Keep praying, keep seeking, and you will find Him!
---STEVE on 2/23/09

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God does speak to us through His Word and other people, but if you want to hear His audible voice then you better learn how to fast and pray. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word! Get in the Word! Don't you realize that we're living in a fallen world, and that it's the last days? The devil is working overtime. That's why so many people are hurting. Quit blaming God for the devil's destruction! God will speak to you, but you have to fast and surrender. If you're living in sin, then don't expect Jesus to speak out loud audibly. You have to really press in with prayer and fasting. Quit focusing on all the evil around you, and seek His face!
---Bryan on 2/6/09

Why is it when we talk to God, it's praying - but when he talks to us, it's schitzophrenia?
---Graham on 2/6/09

He does! With peace. Your question is not an easy one. Perhaps God is more concern with growth than He is in comforting you right now. Sometimes God will answer you with specifics.
---catherine on 2/4/09

God does speak to us when we pray, but we have to listen for His answer, not just the one we want to hear. Sometimes bad things do happen. I myself got struck by lightning and was dead for an hour before I was revived. That event turned my life upside down. But many individuals have been saved as a result of my testimony, especially since I have no brain damage, and all of my 3rd degree burns healed 100% without any treatment in a matter of 3 days. I did not believe in God until that happened. Now I have no doubt about Him. What happened to me was terrible, but I thank God for using me to further His Kingdom, and He has kept His promise for me doing His will.
---Martin on 2/4/09

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To Whosoever has an ear to hear?

#1) God's is speaking to us when we are listening/in His Word.

#2) God HEARS us and replies when we pray. It's just that many do not hear God's reply, which takes us back to #1

#3) Christ Jesus is our savior and He said we will come under persecution for His name sake.

#4) God's Holy Spirit is our comforter and is able to lead us in paths of righteousness when we are weak/meek/humble before Him.

#5) All these bad things in the world must be before the coming of the Lord. Matt.24:5-14 All these are the beginning of sorrows. Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake.
---Shawn.M.T on 10/9/08

I know how you feel, I used to think that too. But God does speak to us, however we're sometimes too busy to hear what He has to say and do not allow Him to answer. There should be a period after prayer in which we meditate on God and sometimes He will speak then. He does also speak through His word, music (christian/gospel) or through people. There are 3 answers to prayer, yes, no and wait. The yes comes when we are in accordance with God, the no when we're not and the wait when we are not ready to receive, spiritually or otherwise. Tests will come and only through faith can we pass. Trials are a test of faith, Jesus went through and so will we. Remember Jesus loves you unconditionally and I do too. God bless you and I pray this will help.
---Jenae on 8/15/08

So, you were hoping that God was going to be a source of good fortune for you (that's the wrong attitude). You're supposed to LOVE Him, not 'march and salute' in order to satisfy your greed. God will not be your 'genie' to grant your wishes, nor is heaven a 'wishing well' (God is LOVE, not 'good fortune').

No wonder you find Jesus to be a disappointment, you have the wrong attitude (and it's very common). God answers OR replies to prayers in different ways..."yes", "no", "first struggle with this yourself and learn the error of your way", etc. (whatever is appropriate).
---more_excellent_way on 8/10/08

Right now I operate on three things as means of God speaking to me... 1. His Word ,the Bible. 2.Strong impressions in my spirit,after times of prayer. 3.Doing in faith what i'm supposed to do as a believer,trusting that God is leading me in the right path.(When anyone finds a clearer and better way, let me know.)
---michael on 8/7/08

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God sometimes takes His time in answering prayers. Sometimes prayers are blocked for a number of reasons one for testings, another one is, you in sin. Not being sincere or selfishness in your prayers. And Jesus said that we would have difficulties some more than others. He promised us trials and tribulations, in which it will lead you into righteousness. Promote holiness in the believer. First you must believe this and understand it. It really helps. Good day+
---catherine on 6/18/08

I was a believer and my experience has been that God does not answer us. Although, there are several verses in the bible (Matt 21:21,22 Luke 11:24 Luke 11:9 Matt 17:20) that encourage us that our prayers will be answered, only silence. You will find that most christians don't talk about the verses that I referenced above because they too have had their own experience with unanswered prayers.
---Jeff on 6/16/08

Dr.Rich: I don't need a Spanish version of the bible to understand God's word. I only need to have a spiritual mind when reading the bible, cause the carnal mind can't comprehend God's holy word. Being born of the spirit doesn't mean being born of a woman. By saying that you are saying that God gives birth to the believers, as a woman gives birth to her child. Being born again means to be saved, convert over to Christ.
---Rebecca_D on 2/16/08

What kind of answer are you waiting for? God does speak to us. 1. Through His Word. 2. Through the Holy Spirit, Jesus says that He will guide us into all Truth, He does this by conviction, or leading, He gives us peace in decisions. Some are taught wrongly concerning prayer thus we get discouraged. Psalm 66:18, and 1 John 5:14-15 are some good scriptures to look. Also, are you a Christian? thats very important. God answers the prayers of His Children.
---Jim on 2/15/08

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Rebecca, Greek has no male or female charector, so man or woman is called 'he'. Hebrew on the otherhand does and ALL of the words for Spirit are female nouns in the Old Testament (Ask someone to confirm this in a spanish bible). Revelation 12's "Woman" was in heaven and gives birth to Jesus AND the remenent (verse 17) Jesus said to even see the KOH one must be BORN of the Spirit. This is just part of the evidence.
---Dr._Rich on 2/15/08

Dr.Rich: The Holy Ghost (Comforter) is not a she. In John 14:26 it is referring the Holy Ghost as a he. Also in Matthew 22:35-40, a lawyer came and asked Jesus what was the great commandment in the law? Jesus gave two commandments that we are to follow. We still have to abide by the Ten Commandments, but these are the greatest commandments. God is still our God regardless.
---Rebecca_D on 2/15/08

To answer this question you must know the truth as presented in John 14,15,16 and 17. What most christians don't understand is that Jesus is gone! He gave the Holy Spirit to us. She is our comforter and will lead us into ALL (not some) truth! When you pray, it is to be to the Father IN the Name of Jesus. IF you are a threat to Satan, he will come down on you like a ton bricks!
---Dr._Rich on 2/14/08

And another thing: God has a contract between His people (not Jews or Israel anymore) and Him just as a marriage vow/contract. God said that He will be your God ONLY if you KEEP this covenant (Ten Commandments). Even IF you pray He will not hear you because He can't be your God if you don't show Him. God does not 'shack up'.
---Dr._Rich on 2/14/08

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Gary: Alot of the problems people have they bring on themselves, but put the blame on Satan or God. If we would obey God the first time we wouldn't have such a hard time going through situations. Example, if I buy a vehicle without praying about it first, then later I can't afford it and put myself in dept, I shouldn't whine to God to bail me out. It is my fault I put myself in that situation.
---Rebecca_D on 2/14/08

Pls tell me, who published text:
"Why does God not speak to us when we pray? He said to pray and he would answer us. Why are so many bad things happening to Christians and others in this world. I thought Jesus was supposed to be our savior and comforter and lead us in path's of righteousness for his name's sake."
I would like to communicate with that person. I have personal experience, God is real & knows you, by name and hairs on your head.
Please respond.

---Gary on 2/13/08

If you're not hearing from God, it could be that you moved.

God does not move. Jesus is the same, yesterday, today, and forever.
---Cindy on 2/4/08

djamel-The Word of God, Torah-Instructions or term Bible is the truth and nothing but the truth. It has been translated in many expressions, languages and cultures. Yet the message of How to be saved is the same. Jesus said broad is the way to death, and narrow is the way to life, few find it and many are the obstacles on the path. You are going to climb over much stuff to stay on the path. Keep comming.....Can you follow instructions?
---yochanon on 2/4/08

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It seems that we are doing a lot of harm in our approach to answered prayer. We pray "if it is your will", we know God's will. He is very clear about it. He wants us in health, love, charity, etc. A more accurate way would be "bring my will to align with His."
---dan on 2/4/08

God is there whether you realize it or not.He does answer your prayers.Sometimes the answer is no or wait a while.He speaks to us through friends,HIS Word,the pastor and even through this web site.I only heard from God a few times in what I would describe as a voice in my head(it never happened until I was born again) He often speaks to us through circumstances and doors of opportunity being opened.God didn't promise us heaven here on Earth.We are going to have troubles and trials but God will be with us.
---shirley on 2/4/08

maybe its because your makeing up stuff in the bible and saying its true. if it was true every single bible would be the same.
---djamel on 2/4/08

god speaks to us through his his word he said that we would suffer various trials and that we should count it all joy.after all look what jesus had to suffer through for us.its not the problems we go through in life its how we handle them.are you a quitter? are you a murmeror how do you handle lifes test? god needs people who will not faint at the sign of adversity. he needs people who will say for god i live for god i die ,no matter what situation. comes my way.we are more than conquerors.
---jesuschild on 2/4/08

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Sometimes in trials it does seem as if God does not care for you or even what happens to you or really any of His people that are suffering. Very hard to understand. Somehow He always pulls us through. And we still have our sanity. Sometimes I wonder if it would not be easier if we could plea insanity. God will at times, it seems block your prayers from time to time, but He still hears you. You want God to talk to you one of the rules is to get close to Him. Because He wants to.
---catherine on 2/4/08

God's only spoking to me audibly twice in my life, most of the time is through his word (bible) at least for me. A few other times it's been through people or situations.

That's the amazing thing about God he contiues to led us teach us though the trails , & tribulations. There essential. His light can pierce through any darkness. Sometimes we just need to change our prospective to see all he does.
---Brandon on 2/4/08

Jesus NEVER said that life would be peaches and cream when we got saved. In fact, He said that people would hate you because of Him and that you would face all kinds of trouble because of Him. If you are looking for a life without trouble, Jesus and Salvation are NOT the answer. Look at the life of Paul (one of the greatest followers of Christ). NOW God has spoke to you through me. Read the Bible.
---Leslie on 12/11/07

Mike you want us to tell lies. We are not in the business of sweet talking. Most people do have an immature view of the living God. We can be found to be guilty of creating a false god here. The product of out own imagaination of what we feel the one true God should be, is not necessarily what He is. God will not have any of it.
---catherine on 12/11/07

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Robyn, your words would be more encouraging if you were to refrain from telling everyone that they have a "very very immature view of God". You appear to be well read and acting in good faith, so please focus your posts on encouragement and teaching, not condescending.
---Mike on 12/11/07

Every time you open the Bible and read,it is like you are sitting at the feet of Jesus. He speaks to us through His word but we need "ears to hear" (slavation). We are actually in the Great Tribulation (Matt 24). Christ's 2nd advent is near, so keep reading the Bible. If you are not saved, continue to cry out to the Lord for mercy (Lam. 3:26). Remember Rom. 10:17 and Rev. 19:11.
---Ed_from_IL on 9/23/07

Sarah, why wouldn't you want to hear His voice? It is the voice of creation, the voice of life, the voice of peace, the voice of edification always imparting grace to the hearers. Actually, it is a voice I can't live without.
---Linda on 9/20/07

do you really want to know what he is saying?
---sarah on 9/20/07

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Dear friend. You have a very very immature view and idea of God. Have you been born again? God does not normally speak to us in an audible voice. If He did honey I am sure 99% would be afraid and would not believe it anyway. God speaks to your spirit through feelings, other people(pastor,friend, relative etc..) God speaks to you through Nature(trees, sunrise,sunsets etc...( God mostly speaks to us through His holy Word(bible) that was left here for our correction and guidance. Love ya...
---Robyn on 7/25/07

Jeff: Please get into a good bible study class at your church or a home group. You need to grow and mature in the Word of God. If you don't study and be led by the Holy Spirit. You will be in danger of being led into cults and churches which don't adhere to biblical teachings. You will be led astray. Be wise in the things of God....Love
---Robyn on 7/25/07

God speaks so often through peace. Peace that can be breath taking. Sometimes, later on, He answers your prayers. But you really must learn to listen and grow accustomned to His voice and His many ways of talking to you. Why are so many bad things happening to Christians? Man, I have gone over with God so many times over this issue. Jesus promised us hard times. We all need revelation on this issue and so many issues. Lets pray for more revelations.
---catherine on 7/25/07

no doubt the christian life is hard,it is hard when we go though change,you feel god isnt with you,your alone he has left you but the good news is he will never leave you nor forsake you he is right by you saying come on this is for your good. i am the potter and you are the clay,he uses life circumstances to change us into the image of his son,if we stayed the same how else would are life show out his light,be still and know that i am god you will hear him when you slow down and listen
---nikki on 7/24/07

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God does hear us when we pray and i cant stress that enough. We need to understand our plans are not his and in the end his will be done. God says we will have our trials and tribulation and there will always be someone thats gonna be against us and if my life is the price for being a christian then its a sacrifice im willing to make. after all Jesus died on the cross for his belief and for you, like it says we have to lose our life to find it
---jace on 7/19/07

Jeff, God always answers prayers, but He does not always do what we ask - He is Our Father, not a wishting star. If you have not heard a response, try listening and paying attention. I have always had my prayers answered, not always in the way that I expected. Many times I have found that over time, God knew what I needed more than I did, and gave me what I needed instead of what I wanted and it turned out that He knew best.
---lorra8574 on 6/16/07

Everytime we pick up our bible and begin to read God's holy words, He is speaking to us. Kneel as you read your bible and pray the words, really feel what you are reading,get into it and God will begin to minister to your heart and to your Spirit.God does not deal in insincerety.You must be open,honest and receptive to Him You will know when you have let go(your flesh) and God(spirit) has taken over. He is speaking to you then. You must listen. God will not shout.
---Robyn on 6/16/07

God will and can speak to you during prayer but if not, rest assured the answer will be forthcoming, one way or the other. If we want to hear from God we need to stop talking and listen more. God speak to us in a still, small voice.That is the purpose of our quiet times with Him. Prayer is a two way street. Ask questions of God, listen for the answers. We are not exempt for trouble in this world, as Christians. That is a wrong focus and immature view of God.
---Robyn on 6/9/07

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More: Bad things happen to Christians as well as non christians. God promised us his help but not to take away the trials and tests. God rains on the just as well as the unjust. He blesses who He wants to. He is God and does not have to answer to us. Trials come to make us stronger. But Jesus is there to help us through the trials and tests. He will comfort us and keep us strong.
---Robyn on 6/9/07

More: Jesus is always standing ready to help us, at all times. We only need to reach out to Him. He becomes your Savior when you reach out to Him through becoming born again. But this is an active decision on your part.In order for Jesus to lead us anywhere we have to want to be led. He is a gentleman and does not force anything on anyone at anytime.It is not all peaches and cream in being a Christian. We will have gone through many trials and tribulations, here on Earth, before we make it up there.
---Robyn on 6/9/07

"This is from Paula White: Sometimes in trials we don't hear from God because it is like the teacher who is giving the student a test in school, they are quiet during the test because they expect to receive back from the student what they taught them beforehand. Same with God. Remember what he told you through scripture and past experienes before the trials!"
---wes913 on 11/7/05

So true. And may I add that murmuring and complaining are usually the little foxes.
---Linda on 6/9/07

God always is speaking to us. If your prayers are not being answered, then some type of sin in your life is blocking your prayers. Bad things happen to people because they are not doers of the Word of God. They do their own thing and expect God to bless them. Their bad decesions brings havoc into their lives or they leave the door open to the devil. Jesus will lead us in the path's of righteousness, but you have to obey the written and spoken Word of God first. Joy9988
---Joy9988 on 6/9/07

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Because you have to be QUIET to HEAR Him. I'm not being a smart alek...sit in a relaxing place, don't speak and try to quiet your internal patient and you will hear Him.
---Elaine on 6/9/07

2. I don't know how you came to Christ but I hope no one told you it was going to be easy, as a matter of fact it is hard. Living the Christian life take hard work. We see the world having fun and partying but we are different people now. We are told to separate from the world. It all pays off in the end brother. You have to trust and hold on to your faith. God has a plan and it is not done yet. When the time comes He will take care of sin.
---Lupe2618 on 12/4/05

Jeff, God does listen but many times we go to Him with the wrong prayer. We are all selfish and want things for ourselves or our families. We, We. God is interested in everyone not just you or me. He will lead us to righeousness, He will and does send the comforter to guide us through life. So long as there is sin in the world many innocent Christians will be hurt or die. It will continue till He comes. In the mean time we depend on His comfort and love.
---Lupe2618 on 12/4/05

GOD speaks to me sometimes just after I pray.
Other times as I turn bible verses over in my mind. I feel I mostly miss hearing GOD speaking to me because I think I am so important!!! (having pride )---mima 11/7/2005
---mima on 11/8/05

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This is from Paula White: Sometimes in trials we don't hear from God because it is like the teacher who is giving the student a test in school, they are quiet during the test because they expect to receive back from the student what they taught them beforehand. Same with God. Remember what he told you through scripture and past experienes before the trials!
---wes913 on 11/7/05

I heard it put this way once. God always answers our prayers, and this is how it was told to me. His answers are as follows: yes, no, not now, when you are ready,etc. I thought this was interesting. Bad things happen to Christians so we can see the love of God through it all. He is always there for us to help us. Jesus always comforts us in our hard times, it may be that some choose not to accept that comfort.
---Melissa on 11/7/05

Jeff,God surely will speak to us every time we pray, (HOW?)He gives His peace even when He does not answer prayer like we expect. Jesus promised "in this world, you shall have many troubles, but I have overcome the world".To Isaiah God said "when you pass thro the waters and the fire, I will be with you..."liz8687
---liz8687 on 11/7/05

Perhaps God is speaking to us and we aren't listening. He speaks to us everyday when we wake up and see His works all around. Bad things happen to us to bring us closer to God, for His help and comfort. Jesus is savior and comforter, God also gave us free will to choose if we allow Jesus to lead us or not, give up the world and follow Jesus. His is a narrow path and I've fallen but I fall right back into His arms.
---Nellah on 11/6/05

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God tests us in many ways. To see how strong we are in faith, patience, and to see how we would handle a problem. Our time is not God's time. Sometimes the reason why we don't hear from God is because we're not listening. We can't get self out of the way long enough for him to move and fix a problem. God allows things to happen to test us, like Job.
---Rebecca_D on 11/5/05

God does answer us,but most of the time were wrapepd up in our own concern we do not pay attention to his answer. If I have a problem he tells me "I told you that answer last week-were you not listening?". Sometimes we should close our mouths & sit in silence in our mind (you know we still have chatterboxes up there)& then he'll answer us.
---Candice on 11/5/05

God does hear your prayer; many times He wants us 'to be still' and 'to know Him' and He does answer 'in His time'...yes, bad things happen to Christians and others, this does not mean you are left without comfort or free from evil but we have His promise in Hebrews 13:5/6 . cf.Deut.4:7, I Ch.5:2,Ps.66:20,Rom.12:12, Rom.15:30, I Thess.5:17, Col.4:2
---dodie_levoir on 11/5/05

I beleive God does speak to each of us especially if we are quiet before him. He speaks to each of us in different ways.We must not focus on the things we see in the natural but focus on the eternal also. Trust him he knows what he's doing...
---Dianne on 11/5/05

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Prayer is a two way street. God does answer but perhaps you arent listening. We need to be still after we pray and listen to God speak to our hearts. Daily Scripture reading is very important as God often speaks to us through His word. Bad things happen in this world because of sin. Because satan is the ruler of this world. But yes, if you're born-again, Jesus IS your Savior. He does love and care about us. That's why He died.
---joe on 11/5/05

I know God speak to us when we pray. I know when he answer that pray sometimes that person is not listen to him. God does bad things for a reason, It is to show us that we need to change our ways,and to us things we are not aware of. He want to see how we handle the things that comes our way to show us to walk in the path of righteousness.
---Dianna on 11/5/05

Jeff you wouldn't be the first one to have times when the Lord seemed quiet. It's during these times that we have to put faith into practice. If you seek Him you will find Him. Knock and the door will open. He desires relationship even more than we do.Communication should flow two ways. How about you having the Lords Supper just alone and see what happens?
---john on 11/5/05

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