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Need A Prayer For The Sick

One of the elders of our church is very sick with brain cancer in hospital. Could someone write a prayer here for me as im a new new christian and dont have the right words or scriptures. I would like to pray for him when I go visit :)

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 ---natasha on 11/6/05
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Father, I come in humble submission to your will. Father,I know that you are a true and living God who never leaves us nor forsakes us. It is in this knowledge that I pray you would bless this Elder from the crown of his head, to the soles of his feet. I pray that you would meet him at the point of his need. Father,I pray that You would strengthen and guide him as he seek your gracious peace and unwavering love. These things I pray in the name of Jesus, who died on the cross for all of our sins, AMEN
---Dotta6699 on 6/10/08

Dear Lord,
I thank you for my brother whom you love so dearly. I thank you for all he has been and is to those who know and love him.
Lord I thank you for his life, for his strength, for his witness to your love and ability to teach, as he has been a friend, a prayer partner, an exhorter, and an example to us all. I ask in your name Father that your will be done in his life at this time, and that you will give all who know him the strength to trust in your wisdom, In Jesus name,,
---lynet on 4/27/07

What is going on with ChristiaNet? Where are the replys and posts? HELLO!
---Jean on 4/27/07

Prayers don't have to be in certain fancy words, or articulate, they just need to come from the heart, that is the ones God listens to. He says to come to Him as a little child. They speak from the heart and dont use fancy articulation as the "big shots" in many churches do, whose "prayers" are to impress man, not God!
---pat on 4/23/07

thanks you for your help :) i believe God heals for sure :)
---natasha on 11/8/05

1 Peter 2:24- by His stripe ye WERE healed, (also Isaiah 53:5) Jesus suffered stripes for our healing the same time he was crucified for our salvation. I dont know why people can accept their salvation but they don't believe Him for their healing. By His stripes ye WERE healed, He already paid the price for our healing. We just need to accept and believe just the same as for our salvation!
---pat on 11/7/05

thanks for comments.. :) are there any sciprures anyone can help me with that i can stand on and read to him..
---natasha on 11/7/05

Pat's right. As long as it comes straight from your heart you could use "baby talk" and God would understand. The only thing we'd need fancy words for is to impress others and, if that's any part of the reason we're praying, the prayer doesn't matter because it's not earnest.
---Heather on 11/6/05

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