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How To Walk Through Divorce

How can I walk through a painful divorce. Can anyone recommend good books that will give me some support? Can I lead a new life with new girl?

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 ---stephen on 11/7/05
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The best book in the world is the Bible. I would start there and try seeking the Lord's face daily. Seek the Lord while he is near, draw close to God and he will draw close to you. Divorce is something God hates, however he is a God of 2nd and 3rd chances. If we love him we will obey his commandments and follow in his son's teachings.
---Jeff on 1/29/08

You didn't state rather you are a Christian or non-Christain, although my advice would be the same anyway. You can lessen the "pain" of divorce by going to a Christian counselor. You may also find some help in a support group in your area. You and your new girlfriend will have to understand that you will have contact with your ex in the future - so make it as pleasent on all involved as possible. Forget the past and keep focused on the present and the future.
---WIVV on 4/30/07

Stephen., Alot of good advice so far. Stay in the word, and pray no matter how painful it may be. From my own experience dont hide from the pain, tell it to God. He already knows how you are feeling and He wants to carry you through whats ahead, but you have to be open with Him. No matter how you may feel or angry you may get God wont be suprised or turn you away. He will never leave you or forsake you.
---douglas on 1/29/06

Lower your eyes. Bow your head. Give your heart completely to Jesus and let Him take your hand through the pain and to the books He wants you to read. Abandon the "new girl" idea. God will provide a mate when He decides you are ready. Memorize instead Philippians 4:8.
---Paul on 1/28/06

Give your self time to heal stephen before you get involved with another girl
---susanna on 1/20/06

Give your self time to heal stephen before you get involved with another girl
---susanna on 1/18/06

There are many groups all over the country and it is so helpful. The support from others going through the same problems and the weekly videos are all Biblically based.
It won't ALWAYS hurt so much IF you heal the right way.
---robin5946 on 12/1/05

I found books on deepening my relationship with God to be most helpful. Beth Moore's "Believing God" was a terrific help to me. Bible studies also helped me.

I also suggest you not ask if you will be able to have a new life with a new girl, and instead, focus on having a new life with God alone.
---Madison on 11/12/05

Speaking from experience, i did not walk through it, but rather died. It's like ripping out your heart, dropping it on the ground, and then every person in the world tramples all over it. Then you meagerly gather up what has become of your heart and try to put it back into your chest, and then you do your best to try and pretend like everything is fine, but you know that it never will be. Yes, it's possible to start again, though it's never happened for me.
---Eloy on 11/8/05

The Bible is my first choice for someone facing the pain of divorce. Also the following: "Hope for the Separated," "Winning Your Husband Back Before It's Too Late," "Love Must Be Tough," "Boundaries," and "Purpose Driven Life." Some of these are more for the person facing divorce or seperation but I found they were very helpful for me during those dark times. I hope this helps someone. My best advice is to seek the Lord and stay in His Word.
---Angel on 11/7/05

I have been painfully divorced, 6 years ago. now 51, I realize that the only yardstick is the Bible, our owner's manual.
I love and enjoy Joyce Meyers as a speaker, author, and motivator, and a spiritual sister (her books are at border's, barnes and noble, etc.).>Hope this helps you, pray for the Holy Spirit to guide and come into your life, to wake you up to the Spirit's voice, its the inner voice that talks to you, its real, its free, and its unlimited !
Hope this helps.
---Dale on 11/7/05

I've been there. The way I got through it was being around my christian friends and family for their support. Diving into God's word(especially Psalms), praying everyday, and going to a Christain councelor. I don't know of any books to recommend, except reading the Bible. Hold off on starting another relationship, just yet. Let the Lord heal you first. If you are interested in someone else, I suggest being friends for a while until you heal from the divorce.
---Melissa on 11/7/05

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