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Are Life Testimonies Proper

Some adults at church are starting to give life testamonies. I don't feel God speaking to me to give mine. I had an abortion at 14, thirty years later I don't want my children 8 and 11 to know about my past mistakes. I want them to have respect for me as they see me now. What would you do?

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 ---Jaden_E. on 11/8/05
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Absolutely! I believe that your testimony is a very good way to present the gospel to the unsaved! Often times, the unsaved feel as if they are unworthy to be saved because of what they have done, when they hear of some of the wicked things that God has pulled people out of, such as drugs, drinking,ect, it gives them hope that they can have the same grace given to them. God's grace is good-if you hide it a lot of people will not get saved.
---Michelle on 12/18/07

Anything that you did in the past that you have repented of is now forgiven and FORGOTTEN by God so don't drag it up now. There is no reason why anyone, giving their testimony, needs to tell things that God has dealt with, unless their is a very good reason for doing so and you are the judge of that, not your fellow church members. Either don't take part at all or just say the parts you wish to say.
---M.P. on 12/18/07

Dear friend: You don't have to tell your past in public. God has forgiven you of your past sins. If I gave a testimony(and I have), I would just simply say I didn't always live for the Lord. We have all sinned and come short of the Glory of God. Tell them how God brought you out of a sinful past.
---shira on 5/11/07

The scripture is Revelation 12:11.
---lovable_linda on 12/3/05

No one should ever be pressured to give their life testimony; that is up to them and God. However, it is never wrong to give glory to God for anything in our lives that is pleasing to Him. Just praise the Lord all day long and watch our contentment and peace grow by leaps and bounds!
---Elsie on 11/20/05

There are times when telling others of things from past, before we were saved, can be helpful and edifying, but at other times it can just allow gossip. We need to pray about what we tell in our testimonies and not be brow-beaten by others to tell things that the Lord is not asking us to tell. Just because others choose to tell all about their past is no reason for any of us to feel a compulsion to do the same.
---emg on 11/20/05

I can't remember where in the Holy Bible it's at,but it says "we overcome Satan by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony".I'll see if I can locate it.Paul(Murderer of Christians before he got saved) told his testimony as a witness of the changing power of the Holy Spirit,to lift the name of Jesus.Others know they can be changed,too.
---lovable_linda on 11/19/05

i agree with Linda but i also feel what works for 1 person doesnt always work for another.i think if something is eating you up inside you should talk about it.Granted it doesnt have to be in front of whole congregation.I think the reason ppl feel that when someone has led especially bad lives and turn their lives around it shows how powerful God is.I do think its amazingly stunning to have experienced that and to see others experiencing it. But God sees all sins as equal so you are right there as well.
---natasha on 11/9/05

Keep their respect! Keep your secret! Do not give your "life secrets" for the whole church to feast on. Personally, I don't go for this "testimony thing". I noticed that the "more bad" the testimony is, the more it "sounds good" for the church to listen. Although all of us are sinners, do we have to announce to the whole world that we sinned?
---Linda6546 on 11/9/05

I agree with M.P., Your children don't need to hear that about you anyway. you have repented and it is now gone and forgotten by the Father.
---a_friend on 11/8/05

Most testamonies tell about how a person came to know and believe in Christ. It would do more harm than good to bring up forgiven sins. The children may take it mean, if she can do it so can I. Or they may not understand and forgive you. I know some people do talk about the drugs or whatever they did before being saved. I understand needing to know what a future spouse has in his past. Other wise, I think we should leave past sins in the past. Thank God we are washed by blood of Lamb.
---Ulrika on 11/8/05

Testimonies is about God's intervening or interactive power in your life. Usually it is about God's saving grace, how he saved you, but also you can share ways on how God has personally helped you in your life. You only have to share what you desire to share, and no more or no less. It's up to you, just give God the glory due his name, and others will be greatly blessed by you sharing your faith.
---Eloy on 11/8/05

I would not do anything with out 1St praying about it.
---tony on 11/8/05

It seems to be quite a usual thing for people, when giving their testimony, to tell of how they first came to the Lord and what kind of life they had been living up to that point. However, I've heard it said that if that is all people can say as a testimony it doesn't say much for what God has done for them since then. There will be a correct time perhaps to tell others (possibly one-to-one) about what God has rescued us from long ago, but we should be able to update our testimonies on a regular basis.
---M.A. on 11/8/05

i think its something you should discuss with God but i believe the reason its bugging you is because you havent dealt with it yourself. i did some pretty bad things and i got over it by talking about it. i suggest chatting to one or 2 friends at church about it and once you deal with it yourself, you will not feel that people will disrespect you. If anything i would RESPECT YOU MORE!! the truth will set you free. I am so happy for you and your new life with the Lord. Glory to God. I love you testimony :)
---natasha on 11/8/05

The best testimony I ever heard was this:

I can't remember my past, if God chose to to forgive me and forget my past then why should I remember it....

Yours in Jesus
---keith on 11/8/05

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Hello, you can prayerfully ask God to help you share but all you have to say is that you made mistakes ,paul said "Forgetting those things which are behind i press on" I read a book on the womans heart renewed conference where someonne shared a similar story how would i send it to you? dont let the enemy trouble you with this, deal with it and leave it under the blood.Thomas.
---thomas on 11/8/05

You have to do what God leads you to. I've given mine at my church, but-at the time-that's what I felt God wanted from me. Just listen for His voice and follow it. The only way you can be wrong is to give it (or not) when God's leading you another way.
---Heather on 11/8/05

You can give testamony leaving that out, or you can sat still, your choice.---mima 11/7/2005
---mima on 11/8/05

Perhaps the reason you don't feel called to give your testimony is because you feel ashamed about your past. But cleansing, healing and freedom comes from dealing with and sharing our past with others. Only then can you be free and whole. That's why we give our testimony. To show how far we have come and what God has done in our lives. Its about giving God the glory and honor which He so richly deserves. It can also be an inspiration for non believers. I think your kids will respect you even more.
---craig on 11/8/05

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