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Date Older Or Younger Men

I am 22 years old and I used to date someone who was 26 and at the time I was 20. My mom didn't like that idea, but she didn't mind the fact of me dating someone that was younger than me. Whats, the difference between me dating a guy that is 6 years older and me dating someone that is 4 years younger?

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 ---Katherine on 11/8/05
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Oh you surely have found each other and it sounds like a match made in heaven. He's older and already scared to death you're going to "runn oft" (O Brother Where Art Thou). You're in endorphin overdrive right now, it's so fresh and new like a rose. But accidently someone puts the vase out in the sun and it wilts, like old hands that turn pruny. Yes, I can see you're crazy in love.
---Billy_Goat on 7/7/07

Hi guys i'm new, i was just checking this site out. Can i just say i'm 22 years old and my boyfriend is 38 and i love him soooo much. i guess my biggest fear is that he keeps thinking that i'll cheat on him but all i want to do is spend the rest of my life with him. I pray everyday that we found eachother. Am icrazy or what?
---CJ on 7/7/07

Age is just a nuumber as long as the maturity levels are same and, your faith and morals/values are the same.
Your mom may have a preferance for age of man for you to date but that is not to say you have same preferance
---Marla on 3/22/07

Quanisha we as a forum family are glad to have you on ChristiaNet. We welcome you and hope you will stay around.
You do not have to pray every night about God's will with the 27 year old. If you want to know God's will in this matter ask your parents, godly people and your Pastor. As a Pastor I say for you to flee this relationship and concentrate on being a 13 year old and do clean "13 year old" things with other youth your age.
---Elder on 4/17/06

Well i'm 13 and my boyfriend is 27 but i pray everynight to see if he is what God want me to have.
---Quanisha on 4/17/06

Bottom line... It is highly unlikley that you will end up marrying somone with the exact date of birth as you. So you will be dating someone either older or younger to some degree. First, what is your parents age difference and what is her motivation? Also, men devolop slower than women so it could mean that the younger man is more likely to want to do something foolish or is less likley to even have an idea of doing anything ungodly.
---james on 1/29/06

, anyone who cares about the well-being of a sixteen year old girl will advise her to wait until later to begin dating. there are too many dangers out there for teens.
---steve on 11/19/05

If anyone is thinking that 17 years old is still a minor, your right, but God had his hand on both of us anyway. His grace carried us through, yet while we were still sinners. We owe Him everything!
---Peter on 11/9/05

When I was 26 my wife was 17. we moved in together and after 4 years we got married. After 6 years we both got saved and had 5 kids together in the process. We have never been married to anyone else before or since. We are still going strong and I'm now 60 and my wife is 51. The lesson of this story is.. "Nothing is impossible with God". Praise the Lord in Jesus name!
---Peter on 11/9/05

I do not often agree with Steve! And here I do not agree that Angie at 16 is too young to be dating (provided that is just going out with a bloke, with nothing heavy)
But Steve is quite right at the age difference ... you at 16 should be preparing to beome an adult in a few years time. But he at 22 is an adult and will want to lure you into adult activities before you are truly ready, and before you have the maturity to resist.
---alan8869_of_UK on 11/9/05

, angie, i know i'm not your dad, but i think you are too young to be dating. finish high school, get some life experience, and when you are eighteen, you will be ready.
---steve on 11/9/05

As a mom, my GUESS is that a guy at 26 is more likely to be planning MARRIAGE {hopfully} while the girl should be thinking COLLEGE. an younger male probablly still has school on his mind. but yes ask mom. what does SHE say.
---Laure5469 on 11/9/05

i dont see anyproblems, i might date someone whos 4 years older than me! and im 16..i dont see a problem..
---angie on 11/9/05

I don't see a problem with dating someone older or younger as long as the person involved is mature.....I dated someone who was 12 years older than myself and we got married and had the best 20 years together till he went Home to be with the brother on the other hand dated someone 25 years younger and they got married and there are multiple problems....make sure first and foremost that the person is saved and has a close walk with the Lord....and maturity is definitely needed as well...
---Fran6775 on 11/9/05

Only your mum can answer that question as she is the one that had the problem with it. An age gap of 6 years seems greater when a girl is 20 than it will seem when she is 30 but personally I don't think 6 years is a huge gap. Most men mature later than most women do so a few years gap is usually a good idea.
---M.P. on 11/9/05

Ask your Mom. She is the only person who can give you reasons. Personally, I believe that your mom had reasons other than age! For me, I'll go for an older man because I have the idea that older men are more mature emotionally. You are now 22 and you are dating an 18 year old guy? How do you feel? Aren't you acting like an elder sister to him?
---Linda6546 on 11/9/05

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