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Friendship With A Married Man

Is it fine to have friendship with a married man while I am a single lady, we are both Christians, and the friendship is genuine and pure. Please help me.

Moderator - What is your definition of friendship?

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 ---Love on 11/9/05
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"This blogger appears to be up to no good and is seeking approval for her sinful actions.
---Elder 10/21/11
That is quite a condemnation given that all you know is what the poster told you..."
Rocky, that is quire a condemnation you gave me since I did say it "appears."
I did not say this was sinful but that it appears sinful. But, then again you appear sinful with your quick "condemnation" of me. Or, were you just trying to be helpful. I hope you were because that would appear to be one in a row for you.
---Elder on 10/21/11

This blogger appears to be up to no good and is seeking approval for her sinful actions.
---Elder 10/21/11
That is quite a condemnation given that all you know is what the poster told you, namely "the friendship is genuine and pure" A "pure" friendship is perfectly OK provided it does not create any negative feelings by any of the three parties involved, including the mans wife, such as jealousy, envy, covetnous, apprehension, anxiety, or distrust.
---Rocky on 10/21/11

Rhonda, I totally agree with what you said.
The only person I can depend on in this world is my wife. I know what she will do and how she will act/react in any event. She supports me and is my best friend. I can trust her to care for my best interest.
Someone who wants a "secret" friendship or one in which she is not involved, be it male or female, will not have any of my time.
This blogger singled out the "married man" in this "friendship. It would have been different if it had been a married couple. This blogger appears to be up to no good and is seeking approval for her sinful actions. Of course anyone who knows my wife and me always likes/loves her best. She is just that type of serving Christian.
---Elder on 10/21/11

Any friend of mine that is not a friend of my wife is no friend of mine!!!

Absolutely all my husbands friends are friends of mine EXCEPT I don't ENTERTAIN their friendships away from my husband ...I don't spend time with them apart from my husband because then I am STEALING from my husband and the time I should be devoting to HIM


yet many women don't that is why this poster believes as a single self-professing "christian lady" she can be friends with married men because she "christianized" the friendship as genuine and pure ...she ONLY deceives herself and eventually over time either she or the married man will be tempted

her deception is genuine and pure
---Rhonda on 10/20/11

This is very simple.
Any friend of mine that is not a friend of my wife is no friend of mine!!!
---Elder on 10/20/11

my husband got a friend request from a girl at school and i think it's wrong it could cause a problem i fell that it could cause temptation and god dont like that.
---sarrea on 10/20/11

I think it can be a vary, vary dangerous relationship. Limited Friendships are fine, but if you start to share personal thoughts, thinking about him when you are not around him, texting/email/FB and what not, then the lines are becoming a little blurred IMO. Marriage is a Holy institution and should be honored at all cost. Be friends at a distant is my advice. Pray that God will allow you to be a sister in Christ who can acknowledge his good qualities, pray for him, but stay out of his circle of intimate friends.
In His loving grip
---Poppa_Bear on 9/30/11

As long as neither of you have any intentions of crossing the husband /wife boundary, you can be friends.

hmmm so that would e innocent TEMPTATION?

Holy Scripture WARNS of temptations believe "neither" could be tempted is the LIE of Satan

"innocent" friendship is the game many play ...hence divorce rate is better than 60%++ in USA alone

marriage is a partnership sadly many self-professing christians have been SOLD on the LIE they can marry and still behave as if they were single which is why marriage has become so blurred and lawmakers will soon abolish

a women of virtue who was a True Believer would never entertain pursue or contemplate ANY friendship with a married man
---Rhonda on 9/30/11

My heart go out to you.. be honest,better off not get involved with couples,not good ...No matter what age they are..I am single,have learn my lesson.I stay home,go at church I am leary of "too close" married women friends.. My hobbies keep busy! The enemy really apt "get you 'n where you don't need get involved! Be it emotionally,what ever! I don't even call married friends no more. You try'n serve God...Satan a great deceiver! Pray 'n seek the Lord lead you.God bless you.
---ELENA on 9/30/11

I think its a dangerous situation to put yourself in. You should be friends with him and his wife but not just with the married man. I have had numerous married men make passes at me over the years and thank God I never had anything to do with any of them. You destroy whole families when u do that. I think u should end the friendship now.
---Donna_Brown on 9/29/11

Take some advice from someone who has been in this situation. Nothing good comes from a male or female having a relationship with a single person other than amongst being in a group. Separate the two out of the group and on their own spells disaster. If there aren't any problems in the marriage there will be and if the marriage is having problems they will get worse. Couples need to befriend couples and likewise for singles. If you are a true Christian you need not even ask this question. Why put temptation in the way. If you feel the need to minister to her then do it with your wife and never alone, I have seen something like this turn into seeking that forbidden fruit and nothing good came from it.
---KC on 9/29/11

it is 100% acceptable to be friends with a married man.
Friendships have NO BOUNDARIES and know no GENDER, but relationships do.

The husband wife relationship has boundaries, the parent/ child relationship has boundaries. But friendship has no boundaries.

As long as neither of you have any intentions of crossing the husband /wife boundary, you can be friends.
---Francis on 9/5/11

No I do not think it's ok for a married man to be friends with a single woman ... my husband became frinds with a temp on his job and when things got heated at home it pushed him closer to her and ended in an affair they say they were friends that just got to close!!!! you think!!??? So NO there is always a risk feelings may start to form sexual chemisty is a nother factor. Unless she has her own man and you do things as a couple thats the way I think it should be done.
---tammy on 9/5/11

It is according to ur definition of friends . If u are just friends at church and don't call one another outside of church , then yes . But only if u are friends with the wife also. Some wives tend to be jealous and this tends to ruffle a few feathers if u know what I mean .So she needs to be aware of the friendship and u must get her approval also. If not then I would no ! Definately not , Gina
---Gina on 6/27/11

I remember that our church community had a conversation about washing peoples feet as it was custom in the Bible and this is no longer an acceptable part of our service because we teach unmarried men/women that it not acceptable to touch one another anymore.
What is acceptable is what the question is. To love or to treat as an outcast
---Peter on 6/27/11

Nobody expect single ladies to be enemies with married men but their relationship must be limited. Friendship has levels. Husband/wife, Father/daughter, Married man/woman to unmarried lady/man must not go beyond their godly limits. The Bible teaches us so.
---Adetunji on 6/20/11

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I feel that Jesus told us to love one another. Why should a single woman treat a married man like he is an outcast and that he does not even deserve to be treated as a human? Jesus would never have told a married woman that he could not talk to her or sit and have his last supper with her because she was married.
This would be saying that Jesus should only save the single women: because married women he should not even consider to be friends with.
---Peter on 6/16/11

very tricky.
be friends with them not him
prevent emotional connection with him remember you are not his wife. being alone together at dinner etc, is completely off limits.
---Scott on 1/12/11

I think "J", below, has a good point. For a single woman to be friends with a married man is not, in and of itself, a sin. It's just not. But, the problem IS, is that there is always that risk, that, if situations in each person's lives were "just right", that it could lead to something illicit. I would counsel that the man's wife know about this lady friend, and try to have her as a friend to BOTH the man and his wife. Not necessarily the same degree of closeness to each spouse, but, just enough, at least, so that the wife knows that it's all platonic. So, that she can have peace of mind. And, the husband would, then, too. All three parties would.
---Gordon on 1/7/11

This man already has a friend... his Wife.
Do you not know of any single Christian friends? You could join a singles group with your church.
A Mature Christian woman would not think of going there.
Kindly move on... someday, you will understand.
God Bless You for asking the question... Peace be you.
---RebuildingMyLife on 1/7/11

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I do think the single woman should be a friend to both the married man & woman. I keep catching my own husband on his cell phone outside and then he locks his phone in his car at night. He always says it is just a friend or a student he is helping in his profession. Then why hide it? He says my suspicion is causing problems & will lead to divorce.
---Palerose on 12/25/10

Why?If you have to ask-there is already a questioning to be questioned.Two make a married. We are told the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak- I take that as...the flesh is weak-why tempt it? Adultery isn't just physical-you maybe allowing yourself a positioned designed only for His wife-if not-you should have no problem being in His presence or speaking with him "only" when she is there-That would be "Respect".Let her actions speak truth to you.
This is my opinion and I don't want to judge.I do see a concern since you asked.God is husband for both of you-him you can share.Her physical husband is hers-Give her-her place-or she may need to take it-that could only cause problems for them and is not fair to her.
---char on 12/10/10

You are the perfect example of how the devil uses people to wreck lives. He makes everything look pretty and pink before all hell breaks loose. Then he(devil) sits back and laugh when the damage has been done. If you are over the age of 10 yrs ,you know this is wrong! You like the attention this man is giving you. You are looking for validation from bloggers here. A true christian man or woman would not lie to you. Leave this man alone. If it were you---you would not want some female disrespecting you like this. It is always easy to hurt others until the table is turned. When the table turn on us, clear the deck. We usually can't take it!
---Robyn on 12/5/10

i was friends with a man for over 20yrs he took me to the prom our parents knew each other we met up for a movie premeire he told me he was no longer with his wife she stressed him,( she did ) but he lied to me and i found out he was still married, i told his wife, she handled it the wrong way which pushed him further away. we still talk but only on a friendly level. i want him to work things out with his wife he has a big family but he is stressed all the time and un-appreciated i refuse to be the other woman the instant i found out and i am not but what can i suggest to him as a friend
---mj on 12/5/10

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In response to "J" on 3/24/10.... Jesus wasn't married!!!!! You can't compare his helping women to your situation!!!!

And for eeryone else... Take a look at j's latest post! He explains how he cheated on his wife and made excuses not to tell her

sorry J but single women CANNOT be friends with married men
---Katlyn on 9/21/10


I see by your post that this situation happened nearly 5 years ago. What came of it, if anything?

The bottom line is that being single (available) and being the opposite sex, you can become an object of temptation with very little effort. This should be considered a red flag relationship. With all the people in this world, it is probably better to find yourself another that is not married. Good luck and God's blessings.
---Higgins on 6/12/10

i started talking to a guy on the internet several years ago
i knew at the time he was married
we had some wonderful conversations i thought here is a geniune guy which you dont find easily
we had a lot of things in common and would talk about so many things i think it was an outlet for the both of us
yes i think you can have a friendship with a married man
---jean on 6/11/10

Of course its okay to be friends with a married man. There are two types of people.
Man and woman. You have to be friends with one of them,so why not both?
---J on 5/25/10

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if you were a GOOD christian woman then you should already KNOW the answer. How would YOU like it if you were married posibly having some problems with your husband online talking to women like you and hurting everytime he does it? Would you like that feeling of pain? I am going through it and it hurts every night he sneaks on im on the comp. with a so called christian trying to get him out for coffee. Asking him why do I care if we get a divorce. Maybe because I love my husband and wish he wasnt on line cheating with so called good christian women. Sorry but it really hurts.
---lorraine on 4/16/10

In my opinion if your going to be married and insist on having single friends, you should always make sure your spouse first off knows this friend, you've taken the time to let your spouse know this is my friend whom ever show them that your not trying to hide anything, and next you should be certain that your spouse is comfortable with the fact that you and this friend talk alone amongst each other. As long as your spouse is kept in the loop I don't see much wrong with it, but also remember that this could open alot of other doors. Let's say your husband would like to befriend a single woman, ar you comfortable with this? Honestly you can look at this situation at a lot of angles. Becareful because you can start something that you can't fix.
---just_me on 4/16/10

I am a married man for over 10 yrs. When I was single I usually had a lot of friends who were girls, on most occasions I would be the one guy in the midst or maybe one of two. I have Never allow me to repeat never slept with any of my friends. Hard to believe that's your take! I realize the dangers posed being married and having women close to me. But if Jesus lived by your rules, would the hurting woman at the well ever have been spoken or ministered to... after all Jesus was alone when he asked for water.
The church used to think wearing makeup was a bad thing cuz Jezebel painted her face- she also looked out of a window how come nobody stopped doing that?
---J on 3/24/10

It is NOT OK for a single woman to friends with a married man. What void is this woman filling that his wife should be?
---Michelle on 3/10/10

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The moderator has asked a very good question! If your friendship with the married man is the same type of friendship as he would have with a single man (what the ancients referred to as friendship, supporting each other inoccently), then it is fine. But even if you are not tempted, you must both be careful that neither of the two is tempted, for in a sinful world that danger is always present.
---peter3594 on 3/10/10

another topic resurrected from years ago

of course its okay for single people to "be friends" with married people in a world where marriage is no longer valued and married people still play around acting as if they were still single spending much more time away from their families to "do their own thing"

True Christian single lady would NEVER be spending time with a married man alone doing activities together when the married man has left his spouse alone or with the kids etc - in essence this single lady is STEALING time with a married man under guise of genuine pure friendship

divorce is better than 50% why would a single lady be a potential SOURCE of temptation to this married man?
---Rhonda on 2/24/10

It is fine to have a great friendship with a married or single man with compassion and similar interests. I am presently searching for a male friend to share my interests via my profile posted.
---mary on 10/18/09

I really don't think it is WISE for a divorced/single or even married woman to seek out the friendship of a married man. The reason one would seek out the friendship of a single man would more than likely be to hook up.

Married men including pastors really should not even council women without another woman present.
---kathr4453 on 2/22/10

Love, what you and he are doing is wrong. If you care for the feelings of his wife, you would stop doing what you are doing. Most of the advice Scripture gives us is to protect us, protect others. When we know that someone could be hurt, and we continue, we sin against God by opening the door to the powers of hell.
---Bobby1 on 2/18/10

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my husband has an "emotional: relationship with another married woman. They say it's innocent and I use to beleive it but now the texting scene is proving otherwise.
texts will go for hours at a time late into the night, on occassions when he is supposidly with family, xmas eve, private times and even when he says he's to tired to talk to me but texts everyday for hours on end.
He still says it's innocent however, this relationship has crossed the boundaries whether their is a sexual relationship or not. she should be having her emotional relationship with her partner not mine.
There are friends and then there is more. how far do you intend to take this friendship with this married man? if it is more than mateship - end it.
---jackie on 2/17/10

The mere fact that you asked this question with a perceived amount of urgency suggests that someone is telling you that this may not be 100% cool. Now whether that "someone" is an actual person or your own conscience remains to be known. At any rate, your "please help me" plea sounds like your friendship is causing someone somewhere a level of discomfort.

Though, in theory, there's nothing wrong with a genuine friendship with a married person of the opposite sex, you may stand to gain from stepping away from the friendship until it can be sorted out and all parties involved can determine the best way for everyone to be at peace.
---AlwaysOn on 10/25/09

Friends don't stop being friends just because they are married and the other person is now alone. Friendship isn't turned off and on with a switch. We always care deeply about our friends and think nothing of having coffee with them. My husband is a "Hugger" and many times has come home with perfume smell on his shirt. All I do is ask "who did you see at the coffee shop today?". He hadn't even had coffee with them most of the time and some times he saw my best friends at the grocery store and hugged them. Friendship,if it is "pure",that doesn't mean to have a dating type relationship with them excluding ones spouse from activities with the friend all the time,is expected.
---Darlene_1 on 10/23/09

It is fine to have a great friendship with a married or single man with compassion and similar interests. I am presently searching for a male friend to share my interests via my profile posted.
---mary on 10/18/09

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is this the only "married" FRIEND you have or do you have others?

you are asking because you do not feel right
the is something about the friendship that makes you uneasy

if it is so then stay clear
bless you
---patie3447 on 10/15/09

This man is out of line since he is married. His time and attention should be for his own spouse. Even business partners should be handled with care. No lunches and hanging out,unless, he has to. Otherwise steer clear of unnecessary lunch dates and so on. Nothing but trouble ahead. Take it from someone who has been there. It may be innocent now but keeping adding the fuel(meetings,glances,jokes etc..) the relationship will take on a life of its.
---Robyn on 10/15/09

It all depends on the nature of the friendship.

There's nothing wrong with me having a tea in a cafe with a married lady ... we will be remembering the past when my wife could have joined us, exchanging details of what the kids are doing, and disputing who has the most beautiful grandchild.

And she will go back to her husband and say she has met me and passed on the news.

But some here seem to say that meeting is sinful.

Why are you so distrusstful of others? Is it because you don't trust yourself?
---alan8566_of_uk on 10/15/09

I think this is a great question and I'm glad you asked it, it shows that you want to do the right thing. I adore my wife, she is the best person I have ever known. I love her so much that I would never intentionally cause her pain. To me, the best test of any action is this: Are you doing it for love? Of everyone involved, especially love for God? When you love someone, you will do them no wrong. you might love your friend, but if you obey God and so also love his wife, you wouldn't even consider a special friendship with him. If he wants to be a special friend of yours, what does that say about him?
---Alan on 10/14/09

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no read about adam and eve. woman is a helpmate man is a hunter and provider no. we were all made for fellowship with God. men reproduce women only want to hunt provide and protect.women women talk care love. womenconnection to man is verbal.mans to women is reproduction provsion and protection. so no
---ginger on 6/3/09

If the friendship is with both the husband & wife, with no exclusivity, then its ok. If the wife is excluded, then absolutely not. My (Christian) husband currently is nurturing a friendship with a (Christian) single woman who has interfered in our marriage before. He says the relationship is pure. But he spends time on the phone with her behind closed doors, and when he comes out, he wants physical intimacy with me. He says the two are not related. But its tough for me to believe that.
---Denise on 4/7/08

Dear Love
this is one of those times where .... If you have to ask, then in your conscience you already know the answer. Obey the Conviction of the Holy Spirit and put yourself in a position where God can send the one that He has for you your way, when the time is right.
---Jim on 2/15/08

1Thess 5:22 (Amplified Bible)
Abstain from evil [shrink from it and keep aloof from it] in whatever form or whatever kind it may be.

Proverbs 5:8 (Amplified Bible)
Let your way in life be far from her, and come not near the door of her house (avoid the very scenes of temptation).

Mark 14:38 (Amplified Bible)
Keep awake and watch and pray [constantly], that you may not enter into temptation, the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.
---Holly4jc on 2/15/08

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No I think this is wrong especially if you don't include the wife. I am going through this right now and there's no way I want my husband to email/call or hang out with women.
---Lori on 2/15/08

MARRIED men contact me ( I am widow) through this site, even though I don't give my number.. WHY?..what is your definition of his wife included? Only you know the degree of your "FRIENDSHIP", but caution is needed,how friendly is friendly? I think God has already given you the answer,be wise..and be considerate to his wife...
---karin on 2/17/06

I have a question. Would it notbe 'safer' to be friends with a married person? it seems that if lust was in your heart than there would be more opportunity to act on it if the person lived alone. I see no reason why the husband, wife and friend could not all sit down, have dinner, play a game of cards, or talk together.
---james on 1/29/06

Is it fine to have friendship with a married man while I am a single lady, we are both Christians, and the friendship is genuine and pure. Please help me...

wooooo that's a hot one...well i don't
think the bible addresses this issue per se, but i know for sure that if i were the wife i would absolutely not allow it!
---Jennifer on 1/28/06

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For you to question whether this friendship should or should not be.. shows you are not at peace with this situation. The Holy Spirit leads/guides in all truth..let us know when we are wrong/right. If you do not feel peace about situation, you need to let it go. Bible says to abstain from the very appearance of evil. No matter how you try to dress it as genuine & pure, you yourself don't feel quite right about it. Pray and let the Lord speak to you ..and show both of you what his will is in the matter.
---Kacee on 1/17/06

mary "there is nothing that a single person has in common with a married person accept to destroy" What an extraordinary thing to say. Am I, now a widower, to cease contact with all those married womn who were friends of my wife and myself?
I agree withg you intimate freindship would be wrong, but what is wrong with friendship?
---alan8869_of_UK on 1/17/06

no you should keep away!find single friends only it is not right what you are doing and you are allowing the devil to use you.
there is nothing that a single person has in common with a married person accept to destroy.
---mary on 1/17/06

Why do we spend so much time on such matters if the wife is uncomfortable with the situation? What about you makes it impossible for you to find an unmarried friend? What is about you that wants to cause this wife so much trouble? Look inward sister....not outward.
---Tammie on 11/17/05

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Paragraph 2of2 So then you have no right to insist that they observe rules that are not even found in the Bible (legalism). In other words, don't demand them to modify their relationship because your busybody nose has a problem with it. Besides, you are not legitimately offended as they aren't doing and haven't done wrong and they have Christian liberty as well as live in God's grace, not in fear, suspicion and mistrust, which don't belong in any church or Christian home.
---David on 11/12/05

Paragraph 1of2 Jealousy due to insecurity is a sin. So is meddling into other people's affairs, even with good intentions. Supposing you, a Christian, fear temptation in your spouse and so out of insecurity step into his/her friendship to try to prevent sexual infidelity or defection. Then you yourself have just succumbed to temptation, so then you are not spiritual, a qualification that Paul requires every mature Christian to have before he/she can presume to restore his/her brother to spiritual health.
---David on 11/12/05

Mod ... I described various meetings between men and women and asked if you would disappove, and you replied they would lead people into lust. I then suggested you were unduly distrustful, to which you implied that no Christian would have such meetings. I was reacting to that ... you appeared to be condemning what to me are very innocent friendships. If I misread you, I am sorry.

Moderator - Yes, I have been misread and accept your apology and am sorry if I poorly communicated my comments before. I don't believe Christians will be lead into lust. "Those are PRECAUTIONS put in place by Christians whom don't believe those types of activities have to be problem, but are saying their marriage is too important to take ANY risks." Also as stated before, these precautions are followed by SOME Christians in the USA. I am not implying this is some rule that all Christians must follow, however understanding human nature, it would appear to be wisdom.
---alan8869_of_UK on 11/11/05

You've stated that your friendship is genuine and pure, well, it depends on what you mean by "genuine and pure" Know that being christians doesn't exempt you from temptations.I would suggest you become a family friend.
---Sunga3684 on 11/11/05

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It will depend on what kind of friendship you are having. In any case the wife should be aware of the friendship.
---Esther on 11/11/05

Mod "Alan, where do your vile comments come from?"
If you read back, you will see that your comments have stated that Christians cannot be trusted to have meetings between men & women without being tempted to sin.

Moderator - Please reread my statements because that isn't what was stated. Those are your words and thoughts.
---alan8869_of_UK on 11/11/05

I don't think it is wise to have this friendship going on without the wife there as part of it. think about her, not you and not him. Would you want your husband to have a friendship with anyother woman, I don't think you would.
---a_friend on 11/10/05

Moderator ... If you cannot trust yourself, that is your problem. Please do not insult all other Christians by suggesting that they cannot be trusted.

Moderator - Alan, where do your vile comments come from? Reread my statements.
---alan8869_of_UK on 11/10/05

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My husband had a lady friend when we met. I was very clear that he had to choose the friendship or marriage...couldn't have both. A man/woman should share with their spouses, not opposite sex friends. Too many temptations, too much personal sharing, illusions, and just plain disrespectful!!
---Dee on 11/10/05

There are different shades of friendships! For us, who is inside the friendship, we can say that it is genuine and pure. But for those outside, who knew that you are single and he is married, speculations can go wild. Protect yourself from complications. Follow the norms of your culture, of your church. Follow conventions. Do not be a deviant!
---Linda6546 on 11/10/05

Well, Moderator, all I can say is that the marriage must be in a pretty poor state to begin with. Why do you distrust people so much?

Moderator - Married Christians place a high value on their marriages and they realise if they don't take precautions that they are human and could fall into the temptation of adultry. Has anyone ever lead a sinless life other than Christ and had no temptations? Protect what you value.
---alan8869_of_UK on 11/10/05

You could unwittenly be a temtation to a married man. He may see you as friendly, easy to talk to, fun to be with, a good listener, well groomed... It could make the married man think, you are more fun to be with than his wife, not to mention lust. The marriage is way more inportant than you being his friend. No, I would not try to have a friendship with a married man. There are plenty women and single Christian men to have friendships with.
---Ulrika on 11/9/05

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Mod ... Do you mean that in the US it would be wrong for a married man to give a female member of the same committee, a lift in the car to go to the meeting? Or to be a two person group discussing some activity for the sunday school? Or for a married lady to take come shopping with me to make sure I bought sensible style clothing (you will recall that bereavement means I do not have a wife to help!)
All those of course with the spouse's knowledge.

Moderator - Yes, those are precautions put in place by Christians whom don't believe those types of activities have to be problem, but are saying their marriage is too important to take any risks. Being alone with someone is the only way an affair can take place.
---alan8869_of_UK on 11/9/05

I think it's okay to be friends, but don't be around this man unless his wife is with him. Otherwise people could spread rumors, and his marriage will be destroyed.
---Melissa on 11/9/05

I think it is quite OK to have a friendship with a married person/ I talk to many married women in the course of my daily activities, and my voluntary work means I am friends (but no more) with many of them And my wife when she was alive had similar freindships with married men.
What is wrong with this? We would do bettrer if we trustyed our partners. But the question indicates there IS something special in this friendship, so Love should be vary careful. Does his wife know about her?

Moderator - In the USA, the lines are drawn with not being alone if you are with the opposite sex ie in a car or eating out together.
---alan8869_of_UK on 11/9/05

It is good to have friends. Gender should not be the test of whether one has friends who enjoy common interests. In today's nutty world, any friend may be considered more than "friend" as we concentrate and lower each other on sexual tastes and illicit relationships.

To be a friend, means that we can trust ourself and the "friend" in all respects and know where the fences are and stay in bounds.
---chuck on 11/9/05

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As a guy I would say NO it is NOT FINE. A married man should not be having CLOSE friendships with single women. It is just not proper or smart. Friendship may be pure at moment but that can easily slip and change in a second.
How do you think his wife must feel about it.
SHE is one who he should be best friends with NOT another single women.
---Craig on 11/9/05

Many relationships start out as friendships.
I will not talk with married men out of respect for myself or their wives. Put yourself in his wife's shoes. WOuld you want your hus. talking with other women? being a Christian does not make it better. I do not think it is fine. You can be friends with him and wife as a couple but not with him alone.
---Marla on 11/9/05

i wouldnt recommend it. do you know his wife? does his wife know you? Some friendships are possible but it may become difficult and cause unneccessary complications in both his marriage and your life :)
---natasha on 11/9/05

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