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Am I Going To Be Doomed

This guy I meet is 20 and I am 16. I meet him through my Youth Pastor, but he is coming on strong. I like him. Am I doomed?

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 ---angie on 11/9/05
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Only if you give in to him.
---catherine on 4/9/08

You are not doomed but you need to be careful. He is twenty and considered an adult and you are still under age. Jailbait--basically. Nothing wrong with being friends but temptaion can be very strong and falling to it can be very dangerous for you and him.
---Robyn on 4/9/08

you are definately not doomed.:) but i do understand that feeling. I hope you do know that no matter how much you like him, the fact that you feel he is coming on strong is already a sign that you should back away from this for now. Please pray and speak to your parents or a young adult at your church.
---natasha on 4/9/08

What do you mean are you doomed why would you be? You have the right to say yes or no in any situation you have the right to choose right or wrong doomed or not. Be careful and don't be alone with him if you are afraid you will mess up. If you do mess up remember God forgives but you have to repent and turn from your sin. I know I have been in your shoes still am I need Gods grace and so do you. If you say no mean it adn don't let him change your mind. God gives us a choice the ball is in your hands.
---andre9789 on 4/5/07

I apologize for my previous responce, I was somehow led to believe the question involved a "nontradition" connection, hence my previous surprise & response. Surprizing what's posted sometimes.

20 & 16 can be a mismatch for some. Time to involve the parents of the 16 yr old.
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 11/10/05

I am assuming you are from USA. Talk to your parents honey. Tell Mr. old enough to go to jail if he gets out of hand to slow down some, you have to get through high school.
Good luck sweetie. I liked a 21 year old fellow when I was your age, nothing wrong with like when you are young, just stay out of trouble. ;)
---Julie3763 on 11/9/05

What on earth is wrong with a 16 year old girl going out with a 20 year old chap? Does the Bible say this is wrong?
It is not as if they are sleeping together. But if he is "coming on strong" that sounds as if he want to have sex with her, and Angie needs to be very careful, aand take care not to be with him alone in situations where she may be vulnerable
---alan8869_of_UK on 11/9/05

A 16 yr old has no reason to be with a 20 yr old. Walk away quickly or you may find yourself in trouble.
---Melissa on 11/9/05

What about your "youth pastor", what's his or your church's corpus morendi or affirmation of faith. This is an abnormal, unbiblical, attraction scripturely, & you like him? Your church evidently needs no introduction. COME LORD JESUS!
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 11/9/05

We are all born doomed. Because that is true is why Jesus came to offer all of us salvation. As for yourself deny your flesh and accpet GOD'S forgiveness and His son as your savior. And then be happy.
---mima on 11/9/05

else you can email and chat with me..i am nataa5995 on the chat site and would love to hear from you :)
---natasha on 11/9/05

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