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How Soon Before The Rapture

How soon before the rapture?

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 ---mima on 11/9/05
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The word Rapture is from the latin verb "harpazo" meaning to seize, snach. The word "Raptus means to carry off. This is where we get this word Rapture from.
If there are no "Raptures" anywhere in the Bible then Rev 11:1-12, Jude 14 the OT and NT examples are wrong and should not be in the Bible. Ask yourself who are those in Jude 14.
Where do believers receive rewards or the marriage of the Lamb take place?. If Tribulation saints are the bride then the church cannot be.
Too bad that people miss so much of God's Word and His plan.
---Elder on 7/31/10

Jesus prayed, "I pray that You do not take them out of this world, but keep them safe from the evil one."

The rapturist prays, "Don't You listen to Jesus, God. You take us OUT of this world."

Whose prayer is God more likely to grant, Elder?
---Cluny on 7/30/10

---john on 7/31/10

Cluny, the judgement during Noah's time was the water. Noah was lifted above the water. Show us one verse that shows any drop of God's sin judgement falling on Noah. It is like a lot of other things you propose..... you can't. John 17:15 that you used is not about the Rapture or Tribulation. It is about the twelve. Use Scripture correctly if you are going to try to convince someone of something. You don't see any prayer like you claim either.
StrongAxe, you are going to have to do some study about typology. If you forget the three OT examples you still have a least four in the NT. Do we just disreguard those too?

---Elder on 7/31/10


Please explain how and when other raptures (i.e. ALL believers being caught up to meet Jesus in the air) have happened in the scripture in the past (chapter and verse please).

Enoch and Elijah don't count, because those were individuals and exceptions to the rule (unlike The Rapture, which is supposed to include ALL believers).
---StrongAxe on 7/30/10

\\How do you people who deny such an event will take place explain away that "raptures" have occured in the past according to Scripture?
---Elder on 7/30/10\\

But there WEREN'T any "raptures" in the past!

Even Noah and his family were still buffeted by the storm, and might even have gotten sea-sick. They were preserved THROUGH and DURING the flood, not whisked off the earth during it.

Jesus prayed, "I pray that You do not take them out of this world, but keep them safe from the evil one."

The rapturist prays, "Don't You listen to Jesus, God. You take us OUT of this world."

Whose prayer is God more likely to grant, Elder?
---Cluny on 7/30/10

How do you people who deny such an event will take place explain away that "raptures" have occured in the past according to Scripture?
---Elder on 7/30/10

There's no such thing as a pre-trib rapture.
---Cluny on 7/29/10

Check out if Jesus said He'd keep us from the judgement or through the judgement. His blood and sacrifice keeps Christians from the judgement. To teach less is a lie.
---Elder on 7/2/10


Tribulation is NOT Judgement. Tribulation is for believers ever since the beginning. Wrath/Judgement is for unbelievers.

The word is derive from Tribul. A sled that is use to thrash wheat and divide the chaff from the wheat. Testing faith.



MATT 24: 29-31
JOHN 6: 40,44,54,/11:24/12:48/17:15

---John on 7/28/10


Its been soon since I was a child and the Lord makes fools out of anyone who tries to guess the time.

It will happen when we least expect it.

"as a thief in the night"
---JackB on 7/28/10


Revelation 13:17
"And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."

You said: the mark is rejecting Gods Holy Sabbath

For one, which day you keep is not a 'mark' on your hand or forehead. But ignoring that, has anyone ever been forbidden from buying or selling because of what day he observes as the Sabbath? Has Obama ever demanded that people worship on Sunday?

There is not the slightest evidence of these things. Until such a time as stores are closed 6 days a week and open only on Saturdays (just to spite Sabbatarians), I think you're being a bit paranoid.
---StrongAxe on 7/28/10

Children are innocent of all wrong doing. Children are the closest beings to God on this earth. All children will go to heaven. This is another proof that there is not a pre-trib, mid-trib rapture. The beginning, Thn Christ returns, and th- th - th - thats all folks.
---jeff on 7/27/10

Higgins, this has nothing to do with Christians going through "tough times." Christians do that all the time.
This has to do with judgement on sin. What sin you may ask? John 3:18 the sin of unbelief and rebellion, that's what.
There has all ready been many raptures/catching away/removals of believers. Jesus' ascension was a type of rapture, the removal of Lot, Noah's ark, and Elijah and the two wittiness.
This is another issue that has been hashed to death here. Check out if Jesus said He'd keep us from the judgement or through the judgement. His blood and sacrifice keeps Christians from the judgement. To teach less is a lie.
---Elder on 7/2/10

Rapture? What Rapture?

You mean the faith in ESCAPISM as espoused by Tim LaHay and Kirk Cameron?

Well, it sells books, I'll give them that, but it is nothing more than false doctrine.

In my mind, most christians I know are weak in faith, weak in knowledge, and lack intestinal fortitude. Their faith rests in their ability to escape from adversity and they tend to seek comfortable lives instead of solid characters.

As soon as tough times come upon them, they curse The Almighty and His Son for abandoning them. They do not commit themselves unto The Lord, then complain their prayers go unanswered. And so it goes.
---Higgins on 7/1/10

One thing that upsets me is that those who hold different views of when the rapture is often accuse those who hold opposite view of being non Christian. As Christians we should be able to disagee in love.

Now rapture refers to the coming of JESUS. There is no problem with the word. I do not see any evidence in the Bible that the rapture is not the Second Coming of JESUS which occurs after the tribulaton.

Now about the weak Christians think of those in India today who risk their lives and where some recently lost theirs for following JESUS. What about them?
---Samuel on 7/1/10

Midtribulational view [7 year trib] [Matt. 24: 15-28, and Rev. 16:18. Posttribulational view [Jerem. 30:7, Pri-tribulational view you'll find in Rev. 11:2, and Dan. 9:24-27, Mid-tribulational view Matt. 24: 15-28, and Rev. 16:18. They have a Scripture for everyone of these.... Unlike the world, however, believers who go through the Tribulation will be protected from the devastating outpouring of God's wrath and judgment [we should never complain, if you know God]. This and other things very exciting things Jesus tells us in [Matt. 24: 15-31].
---catherine on 7/1/10

If Obama was to require everyone in the U.S. to have an RFID implanted in their hand , and our monetary system was void .would you do it? WHY?

true all Holy Scripture verses the religious rapture theory christians use PLAINLY indicate the LAST TRUMP and if you search the scriptures for truth you understand Christ has returned to establish his Kingdom not "colllect" and THEN return again

as for an RFID implant we are ALREADY BRANDED in the USA with social security cards so the implant is simply the digital version

Obama or any mortal man demands I worship on sunsday or NOT WORK on this day and work on the 7th day I will stand my ground and not obey them ...the mark is rejecting Gods Holy Sabbath
---Rhonda on 7/1/10

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There isn't any verse in the Bible that remotely suggests a pre-trib rapture. Every verse that is interpreted as such is taken out of context. If one will read the previous verses, it is clearly stated that Christ will be visible in the clouds. The last trumpet is mentioned in all of these verses as well. Since there is no evidence of a third coming written anywhere, the only BIBLICAL conclusion one can come to is that there will be no rapture.
For some christians, this misleading of the Pentecostal church has the potential of being very dangerous and may cause some to lose their salvation. ie. If Obama was to require everyone in the U.S. to have an RFID implanted in their hand , and our monetary system was void .would you do it? WHY?
---JEFF on 7/1/10

Margaret Macdonald was not a witch. She was a godly young woman who was misguided, that's all. BTW, "Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty" on the "Powered by Christ Ministries" site is terrific! Jon
---Jon on 12/4/09

peter on 11-29 is right on the rapture is part of the mystery program
---michael_e on 12/3/09

Margaret MacDonald was not an occultist or witch. Google "Edward Irving is Unnerving" to see what really happened, okay? Jon
---Jon on 11/29/09

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It was started by an Occultist/Witch Margaret MacDonald (Google it) she was visited by Pastor John Darby (UK) who passed it to his friend John Scofield (only 130yrs ago). Scofield wrote the study notes to the Scofield Study Bible and included this Heresy. It is a big fad today with Bourgeois Pseudo Carnal Christians and forms megachurches $$$(Ricky Warren/ Joel Olsteen). It attract Pseudo fake Christians who want the ME god to serve them and they do not want tribulation like ALL the other believers in scripture had. Tribulation is for believers/Wrath is for the wicked. It comes from the word Tribul(Google it)

NOW READ WHAT CHIRST SAID ON THIS: MATT 24:29-31 JOHN 6:39-54, 11:24 12:48 17:15.
---PASTOR_JIM on 11/13/09

The Rapture was made known only after Paul received the "mystery of God" message, Eph 3:9. Daniel 70th week has not occured yet. The end time prophecy spoke of by Jesus is refering to the 70th week, last 7 years, incident. At the middle of the 7 years, the 2 witnesses will appear, also the abomination of desolation. At the end of the 7 years the second coming of Jesus will occur. The rapture before the last 7 years is for the dead in Christ and those born again christians who are alive, ie the Church, the bride of Christ. The first resurrection which happens at the end of the 7 years is for those OT saints and tribulation saints. The mystery of God is the answer to the pre-trip rapture. It answers many questions. God Bless
---Peter on 11/13/09

No man knoweth the Day or Hour, Only the season in which it would come...
1. The Fig Tree had to Blossom, it did in 1948.

2.Israel had to become the Burdensome Stone, it did, in 1967.

3. Russia had to make an alliance with it's Persian(Iranian)Neighbors, It did in 2005.

4. The Old Roman Empire would rise, it did in 1989 when the Berlin Wall came down and the E.U rose up, 27 nations belong to it now, soon the world/at least what's left of it.

5. The Earth & Heavens would show signs and wonders of destruction in them, they are now.

6. The Gen. that saw the Fig Tree Blossom has almost passed away, HE'LL return BEFORE that happens, As Promised.

7. Rejoice, OUR redemption IS near...
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 12/7/08

The Bible says, Woe unto those that have babies and still nurse in those days.

Do you know how many babies died in the Flood of Noahs day's?
1000's and when the Pharoh & Herod killed the numbers they did, God only knows how many...

How many people(Man, Woman & Children) did God command Joshua to destroy in Jericho and how many did God destroy in Sodom & Gor. & the surrounding cities?

The Bible is full of God destroying the wicked & their Children, even their animals!

God IS a Consuming Fire!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 12/7/08

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The Bible does not mention that all infants and Babies are going to be Raptured, If it does I am unaware of it. This is why the Lord hates divorce. If in a marriage one is a believer and the other is not the chideren are sanctified as this is what Paul said. It is unclear to me that all infants and Babies are going to be Raptured, we have a fair and all knowng God and the names of everyone that are in the book of life created when the Earth was conceived was written, So I am not making up something I just don't know for sure. It is only my opinion. Not to cause any harm.
---Bob on 12/7/08

In Mat 24 Jesus was speaking about his return. Nowhere is he saying anything about being raptured. the rapture theory is just that a theory in fact a flawed theory. This escathology of escapism is causing people not to take the responsability as instructed in Gen 1:26 we need to have dominion in the earth. Rather than wanting to run away we need to do our part in advancing God's Kingdom by being an influance in our own spheres of life. We should rule as governers of God's Kingdom knowing the earth and it's fullness is our inheratance
---stoffel on 12/5/08

Daniel and Revelations explain the time prior to Christs return to earth ...nothing about a disappearing act for Christs faithful servants.

Christ tells his faithful servants to watch ...for what purpose would there be a need to watch?

Christ would be contradicting himself by telling His Flock to watch if He were going to whisk them away BEFORE anything happened

there is nothing to watch for if Gods people are taken by Christ.
---Rhonda on 2/17/08

In the OT Gods people were gathered fleeing from Gods punishment on the rest of mankind ...Noah told to flee by boat Joseph Mary with Jesus were told to flee to Egypt, and many other examples

Matthew 24 is very detailed. Jesus tells mankind NOT to go back to your house for clothes, or take anything from your house ...if there were an immediate disappearance by Jesus then He would be contradicting Himself telling people Not to go back for things if he already took them
---Rhonda on 2/17/08

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There is no rapture. There is only the first, upon the return of Jesus, and second resurrections, at t he end of his 1,000 year reign. To guarantee that you'll rise at the first resurrection all you need to do is love your God with all your heart, mind and soul and then love your neighbor above yourself. Most Christians will not make the first resurrection. Pray that God will keep you and yours from harm during these last days. Although we don't know the exact day or hour, we do know the season.
---Steveng on 2/17/08

All children and babies who are unable of making a decision will be raptured.
---carmen on 2/17/08

All children and babies who are unable of making a decision will be raptured.
---carmen on 2/17/08

Blessings to everyone, no one knows when the Rapture will occur. The Rapture could happen at any moment. Matt. 24:36, But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of Heaven, but my Father only. God Bless friends!
---Cynthia on 12/2/07

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The rapture will happen 6000 years after the Crucifixion, in A.D. 6029. The following 1000 years will be the Millennial Sabbath.
---InimicusStultitiae on 12/1/07

To answer the original question, from what I see around me in the unsaved world and what should be Christianty, even if it is tommorrow, it won't be soon enough.
---Frank on 11/30/07

There is no one this earth that knows answer.
The next prophecy in line to be fulfill is the rapture,every thing beyoud the 4th chapter of revelation, is after the church is gone.

Oh yes the church will not go through the GREAT TRIBULATION.
---lionel on 11/30/07

Sue - eh?

So according to your opinion, babies who don't believe in Jesus are doomed to hell. Is that right?

---Chester on 11/29/07

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Chadwick: huh?

Anyway, my opinion is that unless you believe in Jesus you will not recieve God and if you don't have God in you, you won't go to heaven.
---sue on 11/29/07

Here's a challenge for you Christians to ponder:

Jesus said NO ONE comes to the Father except through him. Right? A Christian's baby has not yet come of age to know Jesus. Will the baby be raptured along with the Christian mother or left on the earth?

What about Jewish and Muslim babies? Will they be left on earth or raptured as well?
---Chester_Chadwick on 11/28/07

Jesus has told us exactly when the rapture will happen (ref. Matthew 24). Some people think God will take them up off the earth before the tribulation, and some think he will take us during the tribulation, and some think he will take us up after the tribulation. The fact is it will happen, and we are suppose to be ready, in the Holy Spirit and without sin at all times, so when he does come we will be taken away from this world that will be struck by God's plagues.
---Eloy on 8/25/07

exactly when our Father has "all things" worked together (Romans 8:28) in preparation for it, in His perfect timing and planning

And we need to be submissive to You, LORD, so You make us become how You will want us to be so we are "ready" > what **You*** mean by this >

"'Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.'" (Matthew 24:44)
---Bill_bila5659 on 8/25/07

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Jesus left us with some real considerations, Don't be found off Guard. Be ready for his return, time is Short, watch the skies, the times, the events, If we knew the exact time of his return we would wait for that time only, BE CAREFUL FOR NOTHING! These are the things which concern me most and by Gods grace I am trying to clear his tick boxes are YOU?
---Carla5754 on 8/25/07


Since the Six Day War was in May 1967, and this is now August 2007, if your theory is correct, we are now four months into the Tribulation, and anyone still here has already missed the boat - better tighten your asbestos seatbelts...
---Mark on 8/25/07

what rapture?
---Jackie on 8/24/07

In the bible Jesus says once Israel is a nation again that he will not let a generaion pass before he will come. This happened in 1967 in the bible 40 years is considered a generation due to the generatin (or 40 years) of jews that God let die in the wilderness for their sins. Now the feast of trumpets is coming up on 9-12 and this is the only jewish holiday that has not been fullfilled with something big. The word says we will hear trumpets so feast has begun he will come.
---cole_johnson on 8/23/07

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According to scripture, the rapture as people call it will happen at the last trumpet, after a great rebellious falling away and the man of sin is revealed. Then we will see Jesus coming in clouds of glory. The end I guess is my answer.
---Lynn on 9/29/06

Nellah, just stay clean through the Blood of Jesus and full of the Holy Ghost, whether or not you believe the Rapture will take place before or after the Tribulation. Just be ready go at any time. God Bless.
---Mrs._Morgan on 7/30/06

joseph, the 1st appearance-Babe in Bethlehame, 2nd Appearance -the Rapture(in the clouds), 3rd Appearance-Armageddon (the conclusion of the 7 year Tribulation Period). I hope this helps.
---Mrs._Morgan on 7/30/06

Mrs. Morgan where in Gods word did you read of a third coming of Jesus?
---joseph on 7/30/06

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Are you ready? I don't believe in a pre-trib harvest anymore. Too much is happening and seemingly happening pretty fast. Maybe I'm nuts! Matthew 24:29-31 says immediately after the tribulation ... we will see Christ in the clouds sending forth his angels to gather His elect. Sounds like we just might be here. Are you ready?
---Nellah on 7/30/06

There is NO Rapture. That is a misinterpretation of scriptures.
---eve on 7/30/06

We do not know how long to go before the rapture. I believe we are still in the times of "there will be wars and rumours of wars ... but the end is not yet". With God a thousand years is as one day.
---Helen_5378 on 7/29/06

At the end of the 1,000 year reign of Christ , Satan will be loosed for a season, and some of the people(unsaved ones) will be gathered together by Satan to storm against God's people in the Holy City, but God will stop them in their tracts, send fire down from heaven and devour them. That's the end of the devil, and those who want him. The Great White Throne Judment (Judgment day for sinners)takes place after the 1,000 year reign of Christ(Perfect Age).
---Mrs._Morgan on 7/29/06

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At the close of Armageddon, the earth goes into the Perfect Age, also know as the 1,000 year reign of Christ on earth and Satan will be bound for 1,000 years.
---Mrs._Morgan on 7/29/06

Immediately after the Rapture the world goes into the 7 year great tribulation period(during the final years of the tribulation period, Armageddon takes place) Armageddon is the 3rd Appearance of Jesus, but Jesus is coming as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah during this appearance, and the unrepentant will feel His wrath.
---Mrs._Morgan on 7/29/06

Jesus said that when Israel(the fig tree) blooms(becomes a nation)that generation on the face of the earth will not pass(end)until He(Jesus)comes back first. Israel became a nation in 1948, we are that generation Jesus spoke of, and this generation won't end until our Lord come in the clouds(The 2nd Apperance of Christ/Rapture)first. Amen!
---Mrs._Morgan on 7/29/06

Revelalations is actually a book of hope to the christians living at that time with the romans. "The Rapture Exposed " by Barbra Rossing does a better job of explaing it for you John so much wanted to send us a bit of hope in revelations not a prediction.By subscribing to this rapture philosophy you encourage the killing of people in the middle east and why worry about the enviroment and the poor and the hungry
---wotan on 7/29/06

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Rose, Rose, I will pray that Your eyes be opened..The Hr. is late and your still here!!!
---Lynn on 1/8/06

The Rapture is when those who love Jesus go with Jesus Christ to heaven in a Twinkling of an eye,and those left behind will be forced to think weird explanations,like the multitudes of people who disappeared went into a ufo etc.
---rose on 12/8/05

Jerry: How can you say that the 7 year tribulation isn't biblical when in fact the book of Revelation talks about it?
---Rebecca_D on 12/3/05

Putting Israel, the Jewish people, control of Jerusalem into Echad's/God's prophetic equation, with events spoken of by Yeshua/Jesus Christ in [Ezek.37:1(15-22)] Matt.24:32-51, Mk.13:1-(23)33, Lk.21:1(24)33, illuminates this subject. Messias/Christ fulfilled The Feast's Of Passover [God's Lamb], Unleavened Bread [Him], Firstfruits [Himself] exactly on their days. Pentecost was fulfilled exactly on it's day. Next? Festival Of Trumphets [Rapture]! Maybe Harry P. knows!
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 11/20/05

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Good point Donald. I find that there are many discussions here that are swayed by people with opinions that are not based on Biblical teachings. The space provided, and inability to link, makes this site the wrong forum for deep discussions on fundamental Christian beliefs. The false doctrine on the rapture is so prevalent, and it's good to see dedicated websites on the matter to set the matter straight Biblically.
---casey on 11/10/05

The rapture rebuttal is a good place to study this doctrine. We don't have enough space to really even get into this doctrine.
---Donald on 11/10/05

The secret rapture / 7 year tribulation theory is a non-biblical myth invented in the 16th century.
---jerry6593 on 11/10/05

The Bible doesn't state when the rapture will occur. In fact, the word, "rapture" isn't in the Scripture. All we can do is be ready. Even some in the New Testament thought it would take place in their life span. (You can see this as you read 1 Thessalonians.)
---WIVV on 11/9/05

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The "rapture" could occur at any moment, when Jesus will come in the clouds to catch the church away from here, then will begin the 7 years of tribulation which will end with Jesus' return with His saints(not the catholic ones) to fight the battle of Armageddon, and then He will establish His millenial reign.
---tommy3007 on 11/9/05

I don't know when the rapture will occur, I'm ready ... I have a wooden cross with a yellow ribbon on it hanging on my apartment balcony. Come, Jesus Christ!
---Nellah on 11/9/05

Matthew 24 tells us when the Lord will come.
---Eloy on 11/9/05

Anyone believe in the 'secret rapture'? If so, can you explain something to me? It'll be pretty obvious that people just up'n vanish, right?!? Then seven years later Jesus comes, correct?
So if no man knows the time nor the hour of His soon return, why would He give everyone a 7-year "heads up"?
Why would THIS GENERATION of humans get the benefit of PROOF without the need of FAITH? Bible texts on "secret rapture" or 7 years of tribulation would be GREAT. Thanks!
---casey on 11/9/05

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Matthew 25:13, "Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh."
Acts 1:6-7, "When they therefore were come together, they asked of him, saying, Lord, wilt thou at this time restore again the kingdom to Israel? And he said unto them, It is not for you to know the TIMES or the SEASONS, which the Father hath put in his own power."
---Bruce5656 on 11/9/05

it would be very easy for all of us, were we to know the time. Then we would say... up until this time,,, i can be out of line, but after this point, I cannot. Jesus has told us to walk by faith, not by sight, it is evident that we also MUST have the assured expectation of things though not beheld. TRUST, FAITH are the only things that will get us through.
---colleen on 11/9/05

which time are you talking about?? the rapture and his return are 2 different times, and we can know the season for both though we cannot calculate it to the second.
---ron on 11/9/05

After 6-of-7 of the 7 last plagues.

God saves THROUGH tribulation, not FROM it.

Nobody knows when He will come again, so nobody will be able to provide an exact answer.
---casey on 11/9/05

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No human knows. The only person who knows is God. All Jesus left us was signs and warnings of the Last Days...Matthew 28.
---Micha6835 on 11/9/05

Hi there!! Only the Lord knows! It is an event that could happen at any momemnt!!(1st Thess. 4:16-18)

---Ron on 11/9/05

No-one knows. The bible tells us that we will not be able to work it out. Even Jesus the Son doesn't know. We just always be ready though because it could be today.
---M.P. on 11/9/05

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