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Does President Bush Please God

Does Bush please GOD when he invites the Dana Lama to the white house?

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 ---mima on 11/11/05
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God put Obama on the Pres-seat to fulfill bible prophecy. If Pres Obama get's out of line, he'l be replaced.
---Lawrence on 10/30/09

We (the USA) certainly do not want anything to upset Kuwait's ruling class. We (American oil companies) have a virtual monopoly on all drilling in Kuwait and the reason we are so pleased so much is because of something called" angled drilling" let your imagination away with itself.
---Mima on 1/16/08

If it were oil that we wanted, we could hav taken Kuwait's. Or else the President could give an executive order lifting the asinine congressional ban on drilling in a tiny part of Alaska's bleak icy desert, and on endless regulations preventing new refineries from being built. And new nuclear power plants could be built so less oil would be needed anyway.
---Ktisophilos on 1/15/08

Can you forget that GWB says that Muslims and Christians worship the 'same god'? Or, that he is in an occult organization? And please don't say because he is Pres. it does not matter. We are to respect him as a leader and pray for him, but with heretical words such as these, he is not preaching Christ and hence has not believe on the LORD Jesus. This is 101 Christianity folks - wake up.
---ShaunT on 1/14/08

We care about iraq due to vast oil fields, nothing more. Creating a 'democracy' in an islamic nation is a smokescrean.

The Dali Lama is a world leader, the President has a duty to meet all world leaders, secular or not. The Dali lama is anti-Communist, with that in mind I can forget other things.
---MikeM on 1/14/08

pt 1 to donna2277 - really donna, well during the 1950s, 60s, 70s & 80s every american president supported dictators.yesterday I say 60 minutes, they reported that women in congo are being raped as young as 3 yrs old. so where are the US marines to save them from this unjust & awful situation. by the way, osama attacked the US not saddam. don't start running around in circles looking for reasons why US invaded iraq.
---mikehow on 1/14/08

Ask God. I don't have access to that information...
---katie on 1/14/08

Sneha--Many Muslims (probably most) are glad that we came to Iraq..that's what they tell our troops there. Only the insurgents, who want a dictatorship, fight Americans. Did you see their reaction to the elections? They voted in huge numbers, proportionately much higher numbers than in this country, many facing great danger. Of course they want us to leave..they want a free, democratic independent Iraq.
---Donna2277 on 8/17/06

#2 The Iraqis left, in Kuwait, a trail of executions, lootings and torture. The Shia Muslims WITHIN Iraq reported the same atrocities commited against themselves. They had begun a movement to overthrow Saddam Hussein and hoped that the U.S. would aid them after the victory in Kuwait.In fact, they did receive encouragement from our country and made some bold moves due to this. Thus many were embittered when we left area.And the question remained here whether we had withdrawn prematurely.
---Donna2277 on 8/17/06

#1 We DID care about Iraq before the bombing of the towers. Does the name "Operation Desert Storm" ring a bell?
Iraq has been on and off the list of State Sponsors of International Terrorism since 1979
On 02 August 1990 Iraq invaded the small country of Kuwait.
The U.S. became invoved at the request of King Fahd of Saudi Arabia. After all diplomatic efforts failed, the highly effective air campaign against Iraq was launched.
---Donna2277 on 8/17/06

It is "Thou shalt not murder." It's one of those unintentional misinterpretaions of the Bible. Brush up on your Hebrew and find out for yourself. Besides, God would be breaking his own commandments when He told His people to kill the people who lived on His land. As for God not liking Bush, Bush did a few things God didnt like. For instance when Bush visited Japan a couple of years ago and he bowed down to one of their statues in a temple.
---Steven on 8/16/06

I have checked my Bible for the Ten Commandments and lo and behold there it is Thou shall not kill...Exodous 20:13 It does not say thou shall not murder....where did you get this idea from?
kind regards
---Sandr8366 on 8/16/06

James on 1/29/06, I guess that David, a man after God's own heart made God wrong then according to you, huh?
sneha on 8/14/06, Do you think that some of Saddam's supporters are not still around? If you had kept your eyes open the people did cheer.
---Elder on 8/14/06

And now if we pull out, their democrasy will colapse and all those lives will have been for waste, so we just shouldnt have gotten into it. It's none of our bussiness. We didn't care before they bomed the twin towers. The only reason we care now is because they bomed them, so I doubt its really caring so much as revange. And ton's of other countries have the same problem but you don't see them making it into a big international debate
---sneha on 8/14/06

If the people were happy about being freed of Sadam Hussan then they'd cheer. Instead they kill us americans and want us out of their country. Maybe we should listen to them and leave. This war was pointless, and most of the world hates america for it. It was for oil, thats it. I do pray for the poor soilders risking their lives out there. But I don't think they should be there.
---sneha on 8/14/06

When you go to Church, pick up your Bible, or pray without fear of being murdered for your beliefs ... do you remember to Thank God and millions of men & women who gave their lives for the freedom you enjoy today? No human should have to live under the terror and control of a dictator such as Saddam Hussein. Why can't we stop criticizing our President and our Military and pray for them instead. What would Jesus do?
---vea4696 on 4/7/06

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I don't believe that someone who signs his name on the dotted line to order for millions of people, Americans and foreigners alike to loose their lives could please a loving God. Thou shalt not kill. It does not say thou shalt not kill your neighbor or someone who has done good, all it says is thou shall not kill. The Dali Lama is buddhist, they may believe in reincarnation but they do not kill in the name of Buddah.

Moderator - The Bible doesn't say "Thou Shalt Not Kill" is states "Thou Shalt Not Murder". Big difference.
---James on 1/29/06

President Bush is a man of God and what he is trying to do is right by God. We as Americans should thank Jesus for such man to lead our nation no room for argument
---stuart on 11/17/05

, the presidency is a political office, not a church office. you know that we all interact with non-christians every day. we can't really leave the planet for our own.
---steve on 11/16/05

Randy, I think John is saying the Jesus set the example for us to hang out with sinners as He did. Hope that makes sense?
---Madison on 11/14/05

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John, are you equating Jesus with George Bush?
---randy on 11/14/05

Jesus came to save sinners and it's our duty to reach out to such people so that through our witnessing,they may know the Lord Jesus.Therefore it pleases God when we invite 'sinners'into our homes.
---Sunga3684 on 11/14/05

Did Jesus please God when He went to the home of Zaccheus? Did He please God when He let a woman of ill-repute wash His feet with her tears and hair?

This question is a bit ridiculous to me.
---Madison1101 on 11/13/05

I take it you meant the Dalai Lama. Well as leader of the free world, President Bush has to welcome different leaders of the world.Ofcourse not some leaders.In the case of the Dalai Lama, apart from his spiritual leadership he leads the Tibetan people.As has been said the President may ve planted a seed in him.Good thing is that the whole world knows of the Presidents faith in Jesus.
---pkay on 11/13/05

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Did the citizens of our country please God when we invited the Clintons into the white house? Let he that is without sin, cast the first stone.
---julie3763 on 11/12/05

Mima,did you mean Dali Lama? As Christians we are supposed to reach out to others, witness and show what Christ has done in our lives. By our witnessing for God, I feel like He would be pleased. In Bush's position he has to open up to everyone even if we don't agree with him. He may have planted a seed for Jesus in the Dali Lama's heart.
---Nellah on 11/12/05

What's a Dana Lama?
---jerry6593 on 11/11/05

Jesus Christ hung out with sinners and God the Father was well pleased with Him.
---John on 11/11/05

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