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Prescription Medicine Expensive

Please pray for me. I'm having financial problems because I've had to take so much prescription medicine lately. Thanks

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 ---Rebec on 11/11/05
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** my 87 yr old mom to a new MD. He took her off 1/2 of her meds...You might want a second opinion.Study the Drugs you are taking and don't let the pharmaceutical co steal your money


drugs are a multi trillion dollar business ...many on drugs today are on because their family etc are on them ...can now walk into a Dr's office basically request them from an ad one see's tv

many UNETHICAL Doctors today viewing patients on drugs as residual income ....remember Doctors are HOURLY PAID employees and makin "cha-ching" with every followup while your on drugs

an ethical Doctor will tell you more than half people on meds don't belong on them
---Rhonda on 8/31/08

Rebec...DON'T stop taking your meds. God has given Drs. the knowledge to help us physcially/mentally. Ask you Dr. or Pharmacy to help you apply for a Drug Assistance Program. Most pharmaceutical companies have them. And...have you applied for SS Disability/SSI? You're in my prayers...keep your chin up! God will provide.
---Carol on 8/31/08

You appear to be supporting the pharmaceutical companies in their rush to eat as much as they can. My prayer would be for you to realize that Jehovah did not make prescription medicine and the companies supporting those are killing you. Get off the medication as slow as you started.
---gregg8944 on 3/21/07

My prayers are with you. Just got my 87 yr old mom to a new MD. He took her off 1/2 of her meds...You might want a second opinion.Study the Drugs you are taking and don't let the pharmaceutical co steal your money
---Lynn_Bedford77 on 12/26/05

God made everything. The ingredients from which prescription drugs are made and the herbal medicines. Both can be expensive though. We are meant to treat all things with respect and not abuse anything. We should study side effects of anything that we take for our health and keep as well as possible by exerise, healthy eating, good sleep, etc. whenever possible and no smoking. For those who are not well take medicines safely, according to instructions.
---Kyle on 11/14/05

2. My sister has to take an anticoagulant because she gets clots, and almost died.

There are mentally ill patients who desperately need their psychotropics or they would be insane.

Would you tell a diabetic to not take insulin?

Please, save your medical advice till you complete medical school.
---Madison on 11/12/05

Gregg, are you a medical professional? What medical training do you have? I just hate when Christians tell others to get off medications that could be life saving.

If I went off my Lipitor, my cholesterol would be off the charts, and it is not lifestyle, but genetics that make my cholesterol bad. If I went off my diuretics, my legs would be swollen terribly, and it is due to a circulation problem that I am on it.
---Madison on 11/12/05

Gregg, You may be right or you may be wrong but it is very unwise for you to give that advice. You don't even know the medical history of this person.
let's get to the business of praying for this person that God's will be done with their medication and their finances. Let's all lift up this person who asks us for prayer. God knows the answer.
---John on 11/11/05

In vain shalt thou use many medicines for thou shalt not be cured. Jer 46:11 Perhaps what Gregg was trying to say was that most diseases are caused by poor lifestyle choices, and that by improving some of your choices, you may begin to wean yourself off drugs. Although drugs may relieve symptoms, they seldom cure, and frequently have adverse side effects.
---jerry6593 on 11/11/05

Gregg ... did God not give us brains?
---alan8869_of_UK on 11/11/05

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