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Explain Left Behind Books

How true or close are the left behind books and series compared to the real rapture and the final days?

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 ---kayce9587 on 11/11/05
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In answer to your question having been Born Again for almost 20 years I feel the left behind series is pretty close to the real thing maybe a little glamorized but pretty close
---Bryan on 12/6/07

Lynn Bedford77, I so understand what you are saying.
---Linda on 5/20/07

Having read most of the Left Behind series, and taught a number of studies on The Last Days, while sobering, the books really make things look better than they will really be. You also have to understand, the book series are presenting this information from a Pre-Rapture view. And always remember, it's fiction but based on the writers view of the Tribulation EVENTS as presented in the Bible.
---WIVV on 5/20/07

Noah was "Left behind". I pray I won't be in those taken. Those that are "taken" are listening to another jesus. Angel of light who always was jeolious of the Truth.
---Lynn_Bedford77 on 12/26/05

Wonderful fiction. I would reccomend them. But, of course, The Bible is the Word of Truth.
---mike on 11/17/05

I don't think anyone is saying get rid of the Bible here. This series opened the eyes to many people about what 'might' happen to those that haven't fully accepted Jesus. I have personally seen people that were too confused or simply refused to read the Bible, pick up this series and get on fire for God. Then they took the steps to start to read the real truth. It is a good tool.
---Kari on 11/17/05

We don't need no stinking other books man! I have an idea, "Let's stick with the Bible"!
---Jose on 11/14/05

Just because they invite you to Christ does not mean the rest is true. The devil is very cunning. If he can get some untruth in, than he can take more and more. I'll stick with the Bible. We have to pray for wisdom in these evil times. Just ask God and believe that you will receive it and it will be given to you. If you doubt, you will receive nothing.
---Leah on 11/13/05

Julie, The books that I read (The bible) have no fictional characters or events. Let the HOLY SPIRIT reveal to you the truth that He want's to reveal to you.
---Ellen on 11/13/05

One of the authors is an expert on the study of Revelation, the other is a fiction author. They inserted fictional characters to draw the reader into the study of Revelation. In all of the books there is a definite invitation to invite Christ as the readers' savior. I think they are a remarkable tool to draw people to a saving knowledge of Christ.
---julie3763 on 11/12/05

I take no stock in left behind books. They could be 180 degrees off. Just believe what God's Word says. If it doesn't go into detail about something then just trust in God and be ready. I'm not a big science fiction fan anyway. Yes, that's what it could be.
---George on 11/12/05

How can man write books on events that didn't happen yet? HELLO, that would be God's job. Be careful but be ready!
---John on 11/12/05

My preacher was going through Revelation and explaining it (verse by verse, chapter by chapter) at the time I started reading them, and they helped me understand it much better. Of course there's fiction there (otherwise Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye would have simply been plagiarizing the Bible, but I've always felt it was very close.
---Heather on 11/12/05

After a 30 year study of Biblical prophecy, its hard to say. They follow the chronoogy of Revelation, and tend to interpret scripture literally.
As a most Biblical prophetic fulfilment has been done literally, they may be out on the fine details, but accurate on the broad details. The anti-christ will not be called Carpathia, but at some time in the near future the Bible says there will be one.
One point: in Greek antichrist means "one who will stand in or pretend to be Christ".
---mike6553 on 11/12/05

Dear Kayce.I beleive if you pick yourself up a book entitled " End Times Fiction " by a fellow named Gary Demar and open up scripture to confirm what He says,you will find the answer to your question.Just a heads up tho.This topic has some very staunch supporters and you WILL encounter opposition when you go against the very POPULAR dispensationalist views taught by most churches today.Ask for the Lords understanding and think for your self.God bless you and trust His Word.
---Gracer. on 11/12/05

It is in your best interest is to be ready for the rapture, or calling away. Then you will not have to worry about what is to come in that time. The steps are simple...
Believe that Jesus is the Messiah, that he did come to his people. That he died and rose again. By doing so, he used his own blood as a payment for our very souls. Simply believing he did that, you shall avoid His wrath to come.
---geraa7578 on 11/12/05

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At one time, from the creation to just after the earthly ministry of Christ, if you were not a Jew, You had to come through a Jew to receive the blessing of God. In the final 7 years, it will again go back to that type of program, of going through a Jewish homestead. Also this is not just any Jew, but one of the Little Flock the scriptures talks about.
---geraa7578 on 11/12/05

The series is good to create a humanistic image of what is to come. The real event is going to be far worse than we can imagine. However, the way they dictate on how to be saved is for today's age, not for Israel in that time period. They will be under the law again. Where as for now, we are under grace.
---geraa7578 on 11/12/05

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