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Son Playing With Ouija Board

What can I do about my 16 year old and his friends messing with an ouija board? I just found this out tonight by accident. I tried warning him but it doesn't do any good. I will have to pray. Please pray with me.

Moderator - As his parent tell him to stop.

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 ---p on 11/11/05
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I am a 16 year old girl and i have played the ouija board with my friends and all i can say is that i advise your son NOT to play it again before it is too late.
---carla on 2/23/08

Ouji boards tool of Satan - plain and simple..."And many that believed [in the occult/satanic power of the Ephesian occultists] came, and confessed, and shewed their deeds. Many of them also which used curious arts brought their books together, and burned them before all men: and they counted the price of them, and found it fifty thousand pieces of silver. So mightily grew the word of God and prevailed." Act 19:18-20
BURN it - he is your child you are the parent! See Eph 6:1, Col 3:20.
---Shaun on 10/16/07

I don't know if its the board that is the problem or the calling on the dead that causes the problems (both). I've been involved in dozens of deliverances and most of them say they played with ouija boards. I wouldn't have one in my house.
---Andrea on 10/16/07

Everything you've heard about the Ouija board, is superstition. It is just a board. Period.

It is the hearts of those playing it, and the intent of why they're playing it that gets them into trouble with the supernatural world.
---Adam on 10/16/07

If you can get the board, throw it away. He will probably just get another one. That is a difficult age as they think they know everything. If he has not been taught from early child hood, he is probably not going to listen to you at this age. If noone is at home during the day, and there are times that he is unsupervised, he is going to do what he wills and will suffer the consequenses. All you can do is have serious discussions with him and pray and hope he makes wise choices.
---jody on 10/16/07

Definitely get this evil thing out of your house. I would also question what kind of friends he is associating with. A lot of times teens, especially at the age of your son are pressured by their peers, and they want to fit in, so they go along with their friends to "fit in" so to speak. I agree with the moderator you are the parent, he is the child. tell him that this is not acceptable and that you will not tolerate it. And as you are doing keep him in prayer. God bless you!
---Cynthia on 10/16/07

The person will often be overtaken by the spirits in the board which will posess the players, their personalitys will become like someone you do not even recognize, in the night you will hear objects flying around and moving on there own including your house of furniture being completely rearanged, ghosts closing and opening doors. Spirit trafficking is STRICTLY forbidden by God.
---Whisper on 10/16/07

Well if he's 16 & still living under your roof then he needs to listen to your orders.It is unacceptable. If he doesn't listen tel lhim it is not allowed in your house, he might take it else where, but he'll learn his lesson.
---candice on 10/16/07

Get the thing out of your house and burn it and if its at a friends house they are playing with this warn the parents In today
time half of the parents don't even know what there kids are doing
---Betty on 10/16/07

I Used to have one and I was older than ur son and I thought oh wow cool game I never thought it could hurt me since I don't believe in the power of the ouija board, but it did hurt cause I never felt the same when I played with it, so I threw it in the trashed and prayed for Jesus to forgive me and never touched it again. As a parent if u bought the game for him or if he bought it u can always throw it away and tell him that kind of game isn't allowed into ur house.
---ANN on 10/16/07

Well you should simply take away the Ouija Board until your child is an adult and can make a mature decision about using it. I'm a catholic and use the Ouija board sometimes, and I see no reason why we should pull the religious red flag on it. In response to the comment about the ideometer effect-- that's psychology bogus nonsense. It doesn't apply to Ouija boards- they are able to predict the future, how does the psychology explain that?
---Karl_Morkunas on 10/16/07

I'll give you my testimony. I used a ouija board when I was 16 by myself. I went through demonic oppression and torment for about six years after that. People sent me from mental hospital to mental hospital. After putting faith in the Lord he delivered me from it and the "schizophrenia" I had for six years miraculously went away overnight. The only way I can describe those six years is it was a living hell. I can't imagine real hell being any worse.
---Matthew on 4/16/07

Train up a child in the way he should go and they will not depart from it.
I don't think all children go through a stage where they think evil stuff is cool.
I just watched the news, young woman, having her 3rd child is a meth addict. Her 8 month old ate drugs off the table. Meth addict watched her own mom take drugs and followed suit. Kids follow by example.
---SundaySchool on 4/16/07

You should have a long good chat with your son and explain to him the consequinces of what he is playing with. If you play with fire you will get burnt. Give him scriptures to back it up. Read Romans and where God explicitly says that anyone who is part of these things is an abhorasion to Him. Does he want to be part of what is evil?
---Junia on 4/16/07

This is forbidden in my Church. A Ouija Board is not allowed in my home at all, nor my parent's home, nor their parents.

This is often treated as game, but this game is far too serious to be taken lightly. No good can come of it. Try to encourage you child to find another interesting game or activity that does not involve necromancy or astrology.
---lorra8574 on 4/16/07

Sometimes kids this age will romanticize about evil things. They think evil and tuff is cool. The more the parent says stay away, the more the kid will want it. Pray that he will get over this rebellous stage without to much harm. God bless.
---sue on 4/16/07

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Do not let anyone bring such things in your home. It is an invitation for Satan. If a door is open slightly for Satan to come in, he'll break the door down. He will use anything and anyone to get to a Child of God. If this unbeliever cares about the Christian's feelings at all, they should respect their decisions.
---Rebecca_D on 4/15/07

Should Christians with non-Christian members in their household refuse to allow certain items to be brought over their threshhold? I'm thinking of such things as tarot cards, ouija boards, statue of buddha, heavy metal music and certain books.
---anon_11 on 4/15/07

When I was a teenager, I played with a Ouija board. I recommend, your son stop this now. If he hasn't already, since this blog is 2 years old. With the ouija board, people are like unleashing demons, and inviting them in.
---Rebecca_D on 4/15/07

Our God is Faithful and true. The Bible states in I Kings 18:24, 'call on the name of your god,and I will call on the name of the Lord.The god that answers by fire-He is God'.

The Devil tries to tempt us into these "spirit" games, and it is not of The Lord. The voice of God is heard, when a heart is responsive and accepting of His Holy Will.By Faith, we are led to Peace.
---rosem4839 on 4/14/07

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You will have to take control and burn the board. As for your house do nothing until the spirit manifests itself. When it does all you need to do is command it in THE NAME OF JESUS GET OUT and repeat. You will feel it GO, Do Not Be Afraid.If it is in your son you will need to Fast and Pray continually until he is free. Enlist help but only use christians that are willing to pray with you and stand the time it may take. Pray and Fast with results. HOPE THIS HELPSXXX
---Carla5754 on 1/1/07

Many stubborn people learn the hard way, hopefully he will quickly learn that when he plays with trash, he will become trash and dirty his soul; but when he is about the Father's business, then the Father will be with him and will keep him and bless him.
---Eloy on 1/1/07

heavenly father thank yu for this parents concern.put a need for yu in his heart and take satan out,i pray in jesus holy name ,amen
---JOSEPH on 1/1/07

There's something I'm not quite understanding here. It seems that everyone is totally against witchcraft in any form. Everyone says get rid of it, don't allow it. Well, the Word says that rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. Why is it that most of the world is more accepting of teenage rebellion than they are of witchcraft?
---faye4464 on 1/1/07

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I once threw away an Ouija Board that was in one of my kin's house, the person was bed-ridden(ailing), and I wanted that "thing" out their house. They told me that it was a "friends board", I didn't think twice about, threw it out anyway, because it is the devil's filth. God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 12/31/06

Try explaining to him the dangers of doing this. Tell him about becoming demon possessed for doing this.
---Leslie on 12/31/06

Ouija board on its own holds no power. Research ideomotor effect on Google. Whether you have a Ouija board or not, the power is within you. You have the choice to choose God or evil (ego). What to do about the 16 year old? Talk to him. Try to understand the circumstance and find out details about why they were playing with the board. Remain calm, and speak logically to your child. Investigate, think and talk about it. The worst thing you can do is alienate the child at this point.
---Grace on 6/12/06

I hope this encourages you. I was saved almost a year ago, but for a long time I practiced witchcraft. I had the prayer of family members behind me, though I never realized it. My family was patient (for the most part), and God's timing is perfect! He knows what He's doing, you know. Today, I share my testimony with teens any chance I get. I pray that the Holy Spirit will remove the blinders from your son's eyes and free him from the bondage of witchcraft. Live by example, and trust God's will.
---Laur on 6/12/06

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for the first tip i heard about the oujia board. Do not listen to that women ou should not burn it because than you are releasing the spirits from the board. if i were yo i would take it away and than throw it out
---brittney on 3/26/06

Take that board you son and friends are playing around with and burn it
---Betty on 2/13/06

Helen, the poster asked for prayers and I was moved to pray; my prayer lacked no thing, except an Amen from you.
---Eloy on 2/8/06

Ryan, you might not be able to get rid of the board and what has happened to you but Jesus can. Pray about what you did and the dreams you are having, ask for His forgiveness and then believe that you have been forgiven. Try burning the board again but if it doesn't burn this time dispose of it some other way and then don't give it another thought.
---M.A. on 2/7/06

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i think that they are real because ever scence i did it i have have been having dreams of hell and seeing a spirit all the time born it wont work the real boards wont burn and it wont get rid of what happens to you
---ryan on 2/7/06

Marie, I'm kind of passionate about things of the Lord myself. As far as "Burn the Board" it was so long ago for me, I don't even know whatever happened to the board my sister and I played with. I know firsthand that these things are dangerous and will take a person farther down the road to hell than they really "want" to go. Been there, done that, have the "scars" to prove it. Also have the "Nail- scared Hands" to help me stay away from that type of activity.
---tommy3007 on 11/16/05

Sorry I got carried away. I'm kind of passionate about these things. God bless you Tommy! Burn the board now!
---Marie on 11/14/05

Find all the scriptures in the Bible concerning God's view of witchcraft, give them to your son and/or read them to him and explain to him that things such as a ouija board are of demonic origin and related to witchcraft, etc., and as Christians we should stay as far away as possible from these things as they can be damaging whether we think they can be or not.
---lisa8668 on 11/14/05

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John - Praise God! You are blessed! We are blessed too! Our son is 20 now and is growing in his relationship with the Lord. He has a lovely girlfriend and has recently started his own business. I have no idea why he rebelled as a teen. He feels bad for everything he put us through. He's developed into a fine young man. He's still strong-willed though. :)

Marie - I'm sorry ... I don't understand your question.
---DoryLory on 11/14/05

Dory Lori, I disagree. I would say tommy is. He's using HIS experience as a teen just like most of the world. This is why the world is messed up. What does God's Word say about this?
---Marie on 11/14/05

Some of you people need to read what's written, and not jump to your own conclusions about what someone is saying. I NEVER said don't get rid of the board, I was just trying to say that at 16, this young person could be pushed over the edge, if not dealt with in an appropriate manner. Margret, Jesus HAS the authority tp exercise over satan, you don't, so' be careful lest you end up like the seven sons of Sceva in Acts 19, who tried to exorcise demons from a man and got beaten and stripped by the demons.
---tommy3007 on 11/14/05

All I can tell you is that I also have 5 children with only one home now and it works for us! We have to be honest with our kids and they know the rules from the start and they respect that. A very important thing though, they have to know beyond any doubt that we love them. We are very close to our children and they thank mom and dad alot for even the rules we set in their young lives. They are growing up just fine! Praise God!
---John on 11/14/05

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John - I don't agree that anyone here is looking at this from a worldly perspective. Parents in the world "buy" these games for their children. The situation you describe would work wonderfully in a black and white world but in the real world allowances must be made for many different circumstances. (Temperaments would be one, how long the parents have been Christians another, an absent parent another, etc. etc.) You can't put every family in the same box and say this is how it works.
---DoryLory on 11/14/05

With our first son, if we would wag a finger under his nose and say, "I will not have that in my house" -- he would comply. But when we did the same with son #2, his attitude was: "we'll see about that." We didn't raise him any different than his older brother but he constantly challenged our authority.

From what I understand, Billy Graham's son, Franklin, spent some time as a rebellious youth. There simply are no hard and fast rules when it comes to raising kids.
---DoryLory on 11/14/05

Regarding the situation in question, I certainly would re-explain the dangers of dabbling with the occult. I would not allow an ouija board in my home but I would not destroy the property of my teenager without his consent (no matter how tempting that might be). You simply cannot treat a 16 year old as though he were an eight year old. Besides, what's to stop him from purchasing another game? Or, as we did, making a homemade version on the underside of your coffee table?
---DoryLory on 11/14/05

From there I would become very spiritually assertive in the situation and command the enemy to back off in Jesus' name. When Satan brazenly attacks one of our own, I believe wisdom lies in countering him on his turf (in the spirit realm) and not through risking the alienation of our children.
---DoryLory on 11/14/05

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"Fathers, do not exasperate your children, instead bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord." (Ephesians 6:4)

"Fathers, do not embitter your children, or they will become discouraged." (Colossians 3:21)

"For you know that we dealt with each of you as a father deals with his own children, encouraging, comforting and urging you to live lives worthy of God" (1 Thessalonians 2:11)
---DoryLory on 11/14/05

after prayer Isaiah 30:22 daniel 2:22.apply wisdom and explain to him why they are wrong. I did so with my 18year old.-liz8687
---liz8687 on 11/14/05

Mary is so right. Like I said before, do what ever it takes to keep your son away from this kind of thing.
---a_friend on 11/14/05

Part 2. The real trouble is, that a lot of parents didn't instill the right teachings in their children early and when they become teenagers and get out of hand, parents try and put on new restrictions on them. they of course start to rebel and it becomes very stressful on everyone.
---John on 11/13/05

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Part 1. What it boils down to is, are you going to look at this as the world sees it or as God sees it. The world will tell you "oh don't upset the children, they may have feelings of resentment later on in life and this will cause them to alienate themselves from society". In reality this kind of thinking is destructive and far from what God teaches in His Word.
---John on 11/13/05

Madison, You can take a stand and still show them love. It really works if it's done within God's perameters. Sure you might get a little resistance at first, all my 5 kids did a little but you know what, they will start to respect you for it and then they open up and they want to please you. When they see that mom and dad are real and their true concern for them they come around and develope into upstanding people so they can pass these values onto their kids.
---Mary on 11/13/05

Mary: When I took stands with my boys like you describe, I alienated them and one went headfirst into the drug world. A parent cannot alienate a child. Taking a stand can be done delicately and with love.

Teenagers value their peers a great deal and the fear of losing a friendship at that age is devastating. Parents may not like that aspect of adolescence, but they should respect it, as it is normal to the child's development.
---Madison on 11/13/05

Some don't realize the severity of this board. This could bring curses on their whole family. The parents have to stand up and take charge! God hates this form of witchcraft. Too many parents are afraid to step on their kids toes because it might upset their lives. The trouble with this generation is that a lot of kids are messed up because parents are afraid to take authority. Years ago they did dicipline their children and although not perfect, it was a better world by far!
---Mary on 11/13/05

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No one here said you should allow the boy to continue playing with the ouija board. We said be careful how you handle this situation because your good intentions could backfire. Tommy was speaking from his experience as a rebellious child. I was speaking from our experience with one of our four sons. We went through five years of hell on earth that I wouldn't wish on anyone. God showed us that we had to handle our strong-willed child differently than his 3 brothers. After that he started coming around.
---DoryLory on 11/13/05

Don't ask him to stop, you're the parent, burn the board and the sooner the better. You're enabling him to continue the use and they are opening doors you don't want opened. Been there, done that. As a parent it's your responsiblity to get rid of the thing.
---Nellah on 11/13/05

You have to be careful how you correct a child especially a teenager but on this one you have to take a stand and be firm. Get that devil board out of the house and burn it! I agree with the Moderator.
---Gloria on 11/13/05

P- Take authority of your house or the enemy will!
---David on 11/13/05

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The Moderator is correct. As a parent in your house, MAKE him stop. If the game is his, BURN it now! Repent for the family and pray.
---Warren on 11/13/05

tommy and dorylory. Please ask God for wisdom. The board must leave now! Eloy, your prayer sounded very appropiate and elaborate but it was missing a very important thing. Don't pray to please men but pray to please God.
---Helen on 11/13/05

DoryLory I know you mean well dear but the moderator is right. Yes prayer is good but wisdom in the Lord tells me that as a parent we have to take authority over our family. Jesus took authority over the devil quickly and firmly. Once the teeager is of legal age and out of the house than all you can do is pray. When they are with you, you will have better control of the situation. The teenager will be all right if this is done.
---Margret on 11/13/05

I totally agree with Marie. Yes we have to be careful with how we corrrect our teenagers, I had five, my last one is 14 now. Sorry Tommy, I can't agree with you on this one. There are some things in the Lord that have to be taken care of quickly and firmly. We can't fool with the devil on this or he will get a foothold in the whole family. I have had experience with this in my many years as a Christian. I agree with the moderator. If brought up in the Lord then the teenager will thank the parents someday.
---John on 11/13/05

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Tommy, I don't agree with you at all about not getting the teenager upset. This is playing right into the devil's hands. Who's the parent here? You are very unwise. If not checked immediately this could give the devil an open door to destroy the whole family. The parents have to take authority in the name of Jesus on something like this. Pray for wisdom. The moderator is right. Also let's pray for them. Tommy, pray for wisdom.
---Bob on 11/13/05

Marie, While I agree that as parents they have authority over their "chidren," I disagree with you. You can be firm about the things that are allowed in your home, but, at 16, this young person is at a point in their life where they could rebel against what they are told, just because of the way they are told. I speak from personal experience, I was one of those rebellious ones. I had a ouija board as a teen and it set me up for major disaster that lasted through 20 years of hell.
---tommy3007 on 11/13/05

I agree with Tommy ... you can't handle all kids the same. As children we made our own ouija board with a drinking glass & paper. It worked as good as any store-bought version. Thankfully, within days we got our wits half-scared out of us & never touched the thing again.

A willful child will find a way to get what he wants. I'm not saying turn a blind eye but only you know how far you can push your son, without pushing him in the wrong direction. Prayer works! God will protect & deliver him.
---DoryLory on 11/13/05

Papa we plead the blood Jesus over this boy, this family, and this house, that the destroyer enter not. We bind the seductions of the enemy, we command the unclean spirits to leave. Satan, and all you unclean spirits, Get out, now, in Jesus name, No more fruit come of you, and don't come back. This house will be a house of God, this boy a temple of the Holy Ghost. There's no place here for you. Go, and leave this Christian ground. In the Name who's above every name, we command you in Jesus. Amen.
---Eloy on 11/13/05

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I like Beth's idea about throwing the Ouija board in the fire. That's better than having your 16 year old and his friends thrown in the lake of fire.
---john on 11/12/05

No, Tommy, in this situation the parents have to take care of this imediately! Yes, it must be done in love but the teenager has to know how serious this is. You can't pussy foot around the devil. We have to stand up with the Word of God. I would even get my Pastor involved in this. Like the moderator said.."As his parent tell him to stop".
---Marie on 11/12/05

[Pt.2]...and history, to see just how evil some people can be! Ask them if they really know what Hitler did to the Jews for example if you think they can emotionally handle that. There are all kinds of heinous crimes in the Bible which you could confirm with history books as examples too, and getting back to the topic at hand: Show them what's happened to others who've 'played around' with such evil things!
---danie9374 on 11/12/05

[Pt.1]P: I'd ask him, "WHY do you want to do that?" I'd want to know what his motives are! It may be that he hasn't even thought about that; kids (under 20+yrs-old) can act very stupidly, and parents do too I believe, UNLESS they first figure out motives before dishing out chastisements! If, and it wouldn't surprise me, they are trying to determine on their own if demons/satan/anything supernatural exists, I'd channel that curiosity into a mandatory homework project using Scripture... [CONT.]
---danie9374 on 11/12/05

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You are still the parent and must speak up and dissapline this behavior. You MUST get the board out of your home. This is of the devil. You must somehow get the message across to him what dangers this board is related with. Find a youth pastor. In my church the youth pastor is awsome! He can relate to the youth because he is not much older yet he knows the word and how to help the kids he loves. You MUST get him help right away before any more damage is done.
---Marla on 11/12/05

If the board belongs to one of his friends, you have no control over that friend owning it. However, pray earnestly and victoriously for your son and his friends to be safe.

Before I came to Christ I had a friend that was into the occult, and we did Tarot cards and Ouija boards, and I was able to come to salvation because of another friend's prayers.
---Madison on 11/12/05

Ok, where are they doing this at? If it is your home, don't let him bring it in, if it is at one of the other kids home, don't allow him to go to that home. If they are doing it somewhere out side of any home, then don't allow your son to hang out with these other kids. Find tapes on what can happen with this kind of thing, and let him watch it, watch it with him...Do what ever it takes to stop this.
---a_friend on 11/12/05

Praying that he will get out of the occult business soon. There are all kinds of things that are as dangerous as ouija boards but society doesn't recognize them.
Take care in the meantime for your own protection.
---Barbara67 on 11/12/05

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Do like my pastor did with my parents. take him, his friends, and the board outside and build a small fire and throw it in it, but make sure you tell them the dangers of having a board in the house and using it.
---beth on 11/12/05

He praying for him,tebuke,and bind the enemy
from your son,your home,and his friends.
---Florence on 11/12/05

Please be very careful how you handle this situation, as your actions can drive him even deeper into the things of the occult, which is what a ouija board is. Talk to him in a calm, firm tone, explaining the dangers of what he is "playing" with, and focus on the dangers itpresents in regards to his spiritual condition. Keep praying and standing on the promises of God.
---tommy3007 on 11/12/05

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