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Can A Virgin Marry A Non-Virgin

Should a christian who is a virgin marry another christian who is not a virgin? What does the bible teach on this kind subject?

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 ---bobby on 11/12/05
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The story I was thinking of was the one about the prophet Hosea who married Gomer the prostitute.

I posted this up twice because I forgot I had already responded.

I should have posted the details but could not remember who without a Google search.
---obewan on 11/15/09

What does the Bible teach?

God told one of the Old Testament saints to marry a prostitute. His marriage to her was a symbol of God's forgiveness for a wayward Israel and all other sinners.
---obewan on 11/14/09

I know exactly what Dan(feb.) is talking about. For me it is 40 years of suffering. Yes we are still married and happily for the most part. He is incorrect when he says some will never understand. Everyone experiences it to some degree. It is something that stays between a couple. It stays in the darkness because you can't talk about it and you hide it from your children.
"God forgives sins why can't you?" Because I am only a man. God also can forget our sins but we cannot much of the time.
---Wichita on 11/13/09

I feel that the subject is too broad to address efficiently. Concerns about virginity differ with sex(male or female), age(teens vs 30s and beyond), circumstance(rape,incest), and status(widowed,divorced). I will narrow my comments to young women to age 25 who willingly gave it up and/or placed themselves in perilous positions where they could not resist the temptation.
---Wichita on 11/12/09

I meant the dan from february 3rd
---terrell on 10/26/09

Jesus said, if you look at a person lustfully you have sinned in your heart. So, I doubt from that standard that there are any true virgins today.

I Cor 7 is the text for unequally yoked and that has to do with a believer marrying an unbeliever.

The OT law did have a rule against priests marrying a non-virgin. But, we are not under the law today and if you are not a Jewish priest in the first place even that law would not apply.
---Daniel on 10/23/09

Well, I know we are suppose to be equally yoked together. I am not going to look up scripture unless God is leading me to. Note: I really do not believe there is anything in the Bible which tells us verbatim [excitely]....Now, I have not read the Bible from cover to cover fifty times, not even once. But, I have never came across a scripture on this...Oh, I was wondering, Mary was a virgin, but was Joseph?
---catherine on 10/23/09

I have a problem and really need Dan to elaborate on his answer. I understand the biblical perspective but I can see that Dan knows this from a very personal and emotional stand point and really really need him to elaborate, please. Please!
---terrell on 10/23/09

It is important that you be equally yoked. :) Being a non-Christian and a Christian would be an issue. I hope that makes sense.
---Barbara on 7/13/09

I think it's fine for a virgin to marry a non-virgin. There is no law or wrongs against that. As long for you don't mind your girl's first was not you. But if you struggle with it, don't take the relationship any further. It will bring a whole lot of hurting later on in marriage. Purity is hard to find these days. Depends on how much she is in your heart.

Some girls even loose their virginity due to accidents like sports or horse riding or biking.
---ButtZilla on 7/13/09

If it is God's Will for you, then Yes. The Bible teaches us to trust the LORD with all our heart, not to depend on our own understanding. Seek His Will in all we do, and He will show us which path to take.
---Ronald on 3/13/09

It would seem that if Jesus could forgive an adulteress, caught in the very act, then He could forgive all of us non-virgins as well!
---jerry6593 on 2/6/09

I don't believe that Jesus is going to condemn anyone for marrying a non virgin if the other person is still a virgin. If that were the case, then Jesus would never marry us! We're not only non virgins, but adulturous too, and He still excepts us! It's just a matter of whether or not you're both believers, and you love each other. Other than making sure that you can both marry when it comes to whether or not you've been divorced or widowed (depending on the circumstances), Jesus has called us to peace! Get married! It doesn't matter if they're not a virgin! You're a sinner too! Amen!
---Bryan on 2/4/09

Are you a Hebrew or a Christian? The cleansing blood of Jesus.. If the non-virgin lost their virginity before they became saved, then it's totally fine. There's only one thing God does not know, that's your past. All He sees is the Blood. That's the beauty of repentance. I hope that helps.
---Lisa_Bermes on 2/3/09

"Should a christian who is a virgin marry another christian who is not a virgin? What does the bible teach on this kind subject?"
What kind of question is that? Haven't you read the famous OT story about the guy that God told to marry a prostitute? He did it and it was to show God's forgiveness and redemption.
---obewan on 2/3/09

I was a male virgin that married a female non virgin. If it bothers you at all do not get married. Find a virgin to marry. We have had 18 years of issues over this. I wish I knew this before we got married. If this does not apply to you then it is hard to understand. I have forgiven my wife, it still surfaces. I hope this helps someone out there. It is hard to find this information.
---Dan on 2/3/09

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The real question here is who did you stay virgin for? give an honnest reply upon that question and then you will know the answer to this isue. Not being allowed to become a minister when you married an non-virgin? verry old law. i believ this was written in Lecviticus, and implied the rules for the Aaronic priesthood. we who are under the Melchesidanian order are not bound by that, and even one of the prophets was commanded by God to marry a unfaithfull wife, The great grandmother of David was a prostitute. Solomon was also a son of an adulktreous relation David was not putaside when He fornicated with Basheba etc.
---Andy on 11/5/08

We were all unclean, but now are made the virgin bride of Christ.

Christ said in Matt.9:6 the Son of man has power on earth to forgive sins. We're sanctified & made clean in Christ. But spiritually we were not virgins before the cleansing forgiveness of the blood of Christ.

We in Christ should be actively exercising the power of forgiveness, before ever looking to consider a Holy Union of Marriage Under God.

In this Blog, both are already believers, who need to continuously walk in the forgiveness of the Lord by forgiving one another & others of their sins. It's do to forgiveness that Paul said the non-believing wife is sanctified by the believing husband and vice versa.
---Shawn.M.T on 11/1/08

The issue with virginity is you will never ever know who is and who is not. Period.

Best to worry about your own state before your God than someone else's.
---Van on 11/1/08

I have been told that the main requirement is that both persons are truly in love with each other and are both genuine believers. I was also told that it is permitted for a man to marry a non-virgin and vice-versa, however, it is not allowed in the sight of God that he be a pastor or a preacher. Can anyone shed some light on this, whether this is true or not? Thanks. God Bless.
---Joseph on 10/31/08

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---A, Yep, that is the same Curt/Steve. I hope he is still locked on the ward in his rubber room.
---Elder2291 on 6/21/08

Elder ... I think that was Steve/Curt, whom we can remember from the old days.
Was not one of his requirements that the woman should be much younger than him?
And I think he had strong views about the freedom to beat his children, for even minor transgressions, if he ever manages to find the wife to have them with
---a on 6/19/08

Holly, you should break into the Christian youtube community and you would see many genuine Christian gentlemen who are single and not all are young fellows.
---frances008 on 6/18/08

So Emcee...are you saying that I should not get married again because I am divorced? Also...I do not consider myself in a "holy" state, just an obedient state in what God requires in the realm of being single and remaining celibate. As far as me being divorced, the divorce took place BEFORE I was a Christian, so it is under the Blood of Jesus and my sins are washed away as far as east is from west. And besides, God has spoken to me and told me that He is going to bring me a I look forward to Him fulfilling His promise to me!
---Holly4jc on 6/18/08

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HOLLY::Matt19:9-12may throw some light on your,desire to get Married being in the state you are is Holy Holly.ask yourself DO YOU REALLY need it?for me its 18 years But my desire to respect overwhelms other desires.
---Emcee on 6/18/08

If you made the rule that we should not, it would mean that I, a widower, would not be allowed to marry a true spinster.
But I would for example be allowed to marry a divorced woman, or a promiscuous woman
---alan_of_UK on 6/18/08's a little late for me to be a virgin or wait on a virgin husband, I was married (now divorced) and have had 2 kids. But...I am what I consider a born-again virgin, having been totally celibate for the last 12 years, saving myself for the man that God has promised to bring me. I pray that this man has also kept himself for me and been true in following the ways of the Lord. At my age (50) I think it would be kinda hard to find a lifetime virgin!
---Holly4jc on 6/17/08

It seems better to find someone who is similar to ourselves. However, sometimes circumstances put you in a position that you do (whether you should or not) accept second best (maybe you don't have the strength to keep going on alone etc.) and in such cases a man or woman who was married but through no fault of theirs had divorce thrust on them, seems to be a good second choice since they believe in marriage, and do not go around living in sin (we presume). Christian character is the thing to look for.
---frances008 on 6/17/08

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FYI, for women there is cosmetic surgery that can correct the problem...
---CrystalClear on 6/17/08

Steve, Amen to you!

I feel the same way. People have called me stuck up and worst names because I expect the best from my future husband.
The only problem I have that you won't have is that he can lie to me and I won't know.
If I never find a man, that okay.
A happy old maid I will be.
---Nicole on 6/16/08

Which steve? Steve/curt or Steveng?

Steve/curt has been missing from the blogs for awhile, but he could show back up at any time.
---Elder on 6/16/08

Some of you look down on Steve for his seemingly narrow-minded view. I, however, heartily agree with him.

There is nothing wrong with setting criteria for yourself as to who you will marry. Perhaps Steve is saying that a non-virgin is not good enough for him. But if that is the truth, so be it. It's his life, and he chooses who he does and does not want to marry. The same of all of us. Since I have saved that gift for my future wife, is it so wrong to want the same? I think not.
---anonymous on 6/16/08

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Yes you can but you'd better be okay with it. I married my wife (I was a virgin she not) and could never get over it. Later she used it in arguments to belittle me now we are divorced. For men if its important to you DON'T. Sorry ladies but you need to take this far more seriously than you do. It hurts men and it isn't a joke. Don't marry her if it matters to you. Don't do it.
---Craig on 6/7/08

There is nothing wrong with a virgin marrying a non-virgin in and of itself. Ideally, it'd be best for two virgins to marry. But, if the two are Christians who are truly following GOD (YAH) and they love each other, and each can "deal" with the other's condition of viginity, or lack thereof, then there is no problem. The problem is for a Christian to marry a NON-Christian.
---Gordon on 3/24/08

If Christian virgins cannot marry Christian non-virgins we have 2 problems. One - there are going to be a lot of Christian single non-virgins around because of problem 2, being, that some Christians seem to think that those who lost their virginity before being saved are untouchable and, even worse, unforgiveable. Haven't we all been forgiven of something?
---RitaH on 3/24/08

Good post, Steve. I think that there are more people like you than you would imagine. It is just that the others tend to rule the airwaves on TV and want to make believe that everyone is loose like them.
---frances008 on 3/23/08

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I just want to say that the girl not being a virgin can cause huge arguments in the future and cause jealousy etc. my girlfriend is not one and I want to marry her now and I am a virgin. The arguments have been so bad that we have been on the brink of breaking up many times now.
---Craig on 3/23/08

A person can marry anyone they want as long as they are not unequally yoked. Whether a person is a virgin or not has nothing to do with who they are inside. People dwell on the Wrong things and get picky over stupid things and then do not concern themselves with what is really important like faith and God being the foundation of the relationship. Stop picking and just be mature in what you are to look for.
---Shaz on 11/21/07

Hi Steve; forgive me but I cannot resist asking you: do you have to use anything special to breathe on your high ground?! Glad I'm not looking to you for a marriage partner lol!
---Mary on 4/24/07

I have taken time to read through all the replies on this blog. Virginity is a precious gift any woman or man can give to their partner in marriage and i value that. I need help now! Am not a virgin i lost it when i was about 11 turning 12, i was a victim of circumstance...rape.I have kept myself despite that. HOW DO I TELL IT TO HIM? ....HE IS A VIRGIN.
---Jane on 4/24/07

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Humans can't possibly measure whether or not a person is worthy of another. Humans are equal in God's eyes. Sin is equal in His eyes. Pray God's will and have faith that God leads you to the right person to spend the rest of your life with. We must live for God. If the person you are to marry has given away that part of them, they must see their fault and repent it is for God to determine if they are worthy of such a gift. Virginity is a precious gift that should be cherished in very high reguard.
---Belle on 4/18/07

Of course a virgin can marry a non-virgin. If you genuinely love someone, you have already committed yourself to them emotionally. Even God himself recognises that bond if you ask him to and if you have sex with a person before marriage, this is no sin if it is done purely for love. Don't judge or condemn non-virgin for marrying a virgin? Surely as Corinthians tells us, love is the greatest gift of them all, is it so wrong to express this outside our conventional bounds of marriage?
---Cathy on 7/19/06

some of these comments are atrocious.. God loves ALL of us and like the one lady/man said, when we are born again ALL sins are washed away and we are NEW creations.. if you are good enough for God you are good enough for a virgin husband/wife! Glory be to God.. lets stop bickering and judging!
---natasha on 3/4/06

, consider this: i will always be faithful to my future wife, so why can't i expect her to have been faithful before she met me, as i have been for her? if she didn't save herself for me, she cannot be my wife.
---steve on 11/19/05

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I cannot believe the Christians on here who will condemn another of a very personal and spiritual choice. In my opinion, there should be more Christians willing to hold out for their future marriage partner and obey God's commands. Why is it that God says no fornication? Sexual sin is different in that it is the only sin a man commits against his body. Remember it's one body after marriage. Yes it does affect a future marriage, even with forgiveness.
---Heather on 11/19/05

So, Steve, someone with a past isn't good enough for you? If God can look beyond our faults and see that we are worth so much to Him that He sent His Son to die for us, how can you say that a woman, single, divorced or widowed, who is NOT a virgin is not good enough?
---Cam on 11/17/05

Steve, the one YOU refer to as 'the very best' must be a 21 year old virgin - correct? God's 'very best' for you might be a 42 year old widow with two teenage children but you would reject her because you think you have 'earned' someone 'better' than that. I'm assuming you are the same Steve that we've had these discussions with before. If you are not I apologise and ignore my comments please.
---M.P. on 11/17/05

, if i have saved myself for someone special, why should i settle for someone who hasn't? virgins should always hold out for the very best, they have earned it.
---steve on 11/16/05

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Heaven ... you keep saying that the Bible verses say widows and widowers should not marry.
Please copy out for us the actual words by which the Bible commands us (widows and widowers) not to marry.
Thank you
---alan8869_of_UK on 11/15/05

Yes Bible did say about that widow/er should marry or not and in which circumstances read those verses carefully again alan. well God doesnt force us to follow his command its personal choice
here main question was only virgin can marry non virgin or not and my answer and my view from bible was No its personal choice after all.. God bless you all
---Heaven on 11/15/05

bible did say about that widow/er should marry or not and in which circumstances read those verses carefully again alan. well God doesnt force us to follow his command its personal choice
here main question was only virgin can marry non virgin or not and my answer and my view from bible was No its personal choice after all.. God bless you all
---Heaven on 11/15/05

Heaven those verses do not prohibit widow/ers from marrying.You have not tried to say where Jesus said they should not marry.
---alan8869_of_UK on 11/15/05

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Read bible study only bible dont apply your own knowldge alan Read what bible says on widow/ers 1st timoty chapter 5 verse 11 to 16 read carefully what 1st corinthians 7: 8 to 11 and 1st corinthian 6: 12 to 20 well you study and read bible dont apply your own wisdom and idea bible is whole book of God. God bless you all
---Heaven on 11/15/05

Heaven ... Why do you not answer the questions we ask you? Where does jesus say that widow/ers should not remarry.

And from yuor note to emcee it seems you are afraid of him attacking you. Has anyone on these blogs threatened you in any way?
---alan8869_of_UK on 11/15/05

Read Scripture says there is one sacrifice if you know commiting sin and do it knowingly then there is no forgiveness my friend helen read hebrew 10:25 to 23 hebrew 6:4to8 1st corinthians 9:24 to 26 God bless you dont compromise in your life God doesnt compromise too yes he loves us forgive but that doesnt mean we should not follow his commandments and law never compromise for the Lord
---Heaven on 11/15/05

Scripture clearly says that "if anyone is IN CHRIST you are a new creation; old things have passed away, behold ALL things have become NEW". All sin is forgiven once a person comes to Christ, so in God's eyes it is no longer what they used to be but that they are now washed clean by the Blood of Jesus. So yes, FORMER fornicators and adulterers can marry!!!! It is the Gospel of Good News.
---Helen_5378 on 11/15/05

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Read the bible study the word of God and meditate on it and pray ask God to make you immature you sound here.
i dare to answer you that i am from the place which my heavenly father created i need not to afraid from anyone cause he is with me who you are infront of him nothing i dont care who you are cause i have my Jesus to protact me so i dare to say i love my Lord Jesus
---heaven on 11/14/05

Emcee and Alan
well i dont tell my own rules or regulations but i tell simple plain bible teaching which is hard to follow for lukewarm and cold christians.tobe christian is complite surrender if you want answer from bible read mathew5:27to32 1stcorintians 7:8to40 1st cor 11:3to16 1st timothy 5:6 to 16 Read the scripture and know the truth dont just discuss what you all think and please dont apply your wisdom
---Heaven on 11/14/05

Heaven ... regarding widows, Paul says it is GOOD if they reman unmarried. He does not give any instruction that they should remain unmarried. And you have ignored 1 Corinthians 39, where Paul says a widow is free to marry.
Can you find that Christ Himself ever said widow/ers should not marry?
---alan8869_of_UK on 11/14/05

Heaven::None of the verses quoted have anything to do with adultery Or the question,above.Your condenmnation of 2 christians is very unchristian.Where are you from answer the question if you dare & you will have your answer .
---Emcee on 11/14/05

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mathew 9: 15to 17 and mark 2: 20 to 22 New wine in New Wineskin means both should be pure and new in the body when they marry and only sexual relation after marrige and only with one partner till the death. follow the priniciples of bible not your own. God bless you all and give time to study word of God in bible rather applying your own wisdom and thoughts
---heaven on 11/14/05

i sure hope so! yes you long as the person and u arent having premarital sex or anyhting like that!
---angie on 11/14/05

People loose virgity in many ways.Some were married & now are divorced or widowed,some got raped,others slept with boy/girl friends.But if it's against your principles to marry one who's not a virgin,follow your principles. Remember "New wine in new wineskins" that's my suggestion.
---Sunga3684 on 11/14/05

Emcee and Alan
well i dont tell my own rules or regulations but i tell simple plain bible teaching which is hard to follow for lukewarm and cold christians.tobe christian is complite surrender if you want answer from bible read mathew5:27to32 1stcorintians 7:8to40 1st cor 11:3to16 1st timothy 5:6 to 16 Read the scripture and know the truth dont just discuss what you all think
---Heaven on 11/14/05

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There are several cases in scripture where men marry widows. Nowhere does it state that this was wrong.
---M.P. on 11/14/05

Heaven!::Your logic is flawed & I think you are talking about a unique case.or are you saying that one who is single & has not visited the marital bed should not marry a divorced person.What do you mean by NOT a virgin.?Are you talking about traditions of another religion?
---Emcee on 11/13/05

Heaven ... what a cruel rule you proclaim!
So no widowed people will ever be allowed to marry? No weddings for those who have made a mistake in their lives?
Thae God I love does not give these rules, and there is no evidence of them in the Bible.
---alan8869_of_UK on 11/13/05

MA even scripture says to widower and widow if they stay alone thats best Read timothy 5 and mathew 5 too well its not bad to marry widow or widower but my main point was against marry to who is not virgin without and before marrige sexual relation should be only after marrige bible honor the marriges but it never respect fornicators or adulters
---Heaven on 11/13/05

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heaven what you say rules out anyone who has lost a partner from ever marrying again, except to someone else whose spouse has also died. I know several people who have got married for the first time to someone who was a widow or widower. What matters is that both love the Lord.
---M.A. on 11/13/05

Yes a virgin can marry a non-virgin as long as both their hearts are right with God.
Just because one in a non-virgin does not make them an evil, sinfull person. What about persons who where married and widowed. They kept their marraiges pure and faithful but through no fault of their own they are now single. God would not punish them to be alone in life now.
---Craig on 11/13/05

well this very sensitive and critical issue As biblical view God created Adam 1st then Eve right?God didnt creat 1man for 2woman or 2man for 1woman so when person is getting married both should be virgins cause its covenent between man and woman if you belive in God then God has made only right person for youin the world &our life is not for compromises better you dont compromise as per biblical view both should be pure cause your body is temple of God&when you marry you become 1body so think about it
---heaven on 11/13/05

Of course they can providing both are Christians. There are many non-virgins around, those who sinned sexually before they became saved and those who have been married previously and are either divorced or widowed.
---M.P. on 11/13/05

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A virgin may marry a nonvirgin, but if the nonvirgin is living in the flesh or committing whoredoms, then no don't marry the nonvirgin. But if the nonvirgin is chaste, that is not given to lust of the flesh but instead follows the things of God, then there's no wrong to marry. Also, if the virgin is fleshly or worldly, then the nonvirgin should avoid the virgin. The general rule is that both be of the same faith, and following the same path.
---Eloy on 11/13/05

I can't think of any Scriptures that forbid it but there are lots of Scriptures to support the desireabilty of virginity. The one who in not a virgin may have a lust problem or a faithfulness problem that may show up later in life. All these are forgiven by the Lord and are in the past but trust is earned and takes time.
---john on 11/13/05

I agree with Shaz, and it doesn't matter bout wheither they are virgin or not just how they walk with God. Sometimes we just have to let things go that have already happened and try to work with what we have. Gtg, stay Blessed. Lisa.
---Lisa on 11/12/05

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