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Worship God On Everyday

Why does there seem to be more emphasis on the day of worship. You should be able to worship God any day. Why do SDA think they are the only one's that are christians?

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 ---jackie on 11/12/05
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leej on 7/27/10

I challenge you to find any doctrine in the New Testement that did not first appear on the Old Testement as prophecy, or Law.
---francis on 7/28/10

Francis, you just stopped the conversation with the professor. They teach unwitnessed doctrine,they walk among....but, they cannot connect the OT dots,that they don't search for.

Psalm 94:10
He that chastiseth the heathen, shall not he correct? he that teacheth man knowledge, shall not he know?

Psalm 94:12
Blessed is the man whom thou chastenest, O LORD,teachest him out of thy law,

Missing may be Heb 8:10
---Trav on 7/28/10

leej on 7/27/10

I challenge you to find any doctrine in the New Testement that did not first appear on the Old Testement as prophecy, or Law.
---francis on 7/28/10

James 2:10 For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one [point], he is guilty of all.
James 2:11 For he that said, Do not commit ADULTERY, said also, Do not KILL. Now if thou commit no adultery, yet if thou kill, thou art become a transgressor of the law.

Which of these could James have substitued for adultery and murder, and still be biblicaly, scripurally, and theologically correct:
1. Do not worship other gods.
2. Do not worship idols.
3. Do not misuse God's name.
4. Keep the Sabbath holy.
5. Honor your father & mother.
6. Do not murder.**
7. Do not commit adultery**
8. Do not steal.
9. Do not lie.
10. Do not covet.

Which of these was not said by God?
---francis on 7/28/10

PART1 No, the emphasis is made on a day of rest during which one may worship. The day of "rest" is separated from any other day of the week because God Himself chose to "sanctify" It (to make it Holy). I am sure one can definitely worship everyday but can one truly rest in the Lord everyday (ie. Keep everyday Holy)?
It is not what man "contributes" to the Sabbath that makes it a special day.
SDA is not the only church that observes the 7th day. There are 7th day Baptist Churches and I believe others as well.
---Jeason on 7/27/10

PART 2 why so many frustrations over observing the 7th day? although it is a clear command from God? How does one "focus" on God like I hear many say, while refusing to obey Him?
I am sure the command thou shalt not steal is unambiguous enough without somebody adding that this should only apply under whatever circumstances... my point is that we are not debating over any other commandment, why pick on the 4th???
Moderator- Unless one has experienced sda-ism it is purely judgmental to speculate things about it or to focus on hear-say.
---Jeason on 7/28/10

//Why do SDA think they are the only one's that are christians?

Adventists follow the teachings of Ellen White who held that the Christian church fell into apostasy shortly after the death of the last Apostle. Other Christians are either Roman Catholics or step children of Roman Catholicism.

And they glorify the 10 commandments believing that one must observe all the commandments to have eternal life. (They say otherwise but are double minded when it comes to this issue).

They hold that if you say you love Jesus then you are a liar if you do not observe the Sabbath commandment as well as all the others - a soteriology of works theology.

much of their beliefs are derived from the Old Testament, not from the New.
---leej on 7/27/10

SDA is considered a cult. A cult has wrong doctrines,teachings. They feel they are right and everybody else is wrong. They are delusional and does not know it. The bible says to leave those people alone! And that's what we should do. Now they do have free will to serve as they please. Any religion does, but we don't have to accept their dogma (if you are a christian) You do well to avoid these type religions. Including Catholicism.
---Robyn on 7/27/10

In defence of SDA they worship God in everything.

The way they EAT shows that God is their Lord, They eat only what God has ordained for food.

Also they keep the sabbath day holy as God commanded.

For a SDA worship is not a one day thing, it is a lifestyle of living by every word out of the mouth of God.
---francis on 7/27/10

Acts 13:42 And when the Jews were gone out of the synagogue, the Gentiles besought that these words might be preached to them the next sabbath.
Acts 13:44 And the next sabbath day came almost the whole city together to hear the word of God.

why wait ONE WHOLE WEEK to talk to them, when they are so eager? Was there not a meeting on Sunday (NEXT DAY)

Acts 15:21 For Moses of old time hath in every city them that preach him, being read in the synagogues every sabbath day.

What? is Luke trying to say that they would not hear the word of God on a sunday? You mean it could only be heard EVERY SABBATH and not EVERY SABBATH AND SUNDAY>?
---francis on 7/27/10

Serving God is every day. Thanksgiving to God Is every & it's the same with Praise & Worship.
Every day.
---Lawrence on 7/24/10

Read Matthew 11:28-30. It shows who and were to find our rest. Really read the example of Christ being Lord of the Sabbath. What is he really saying in the text. Ask questions. We worship him in Spirit and truth and this everyday. Remember also he is greater then the Sabbath day. He overcame the World. Remember all these things and see what light you will recieve. God bless!
---Delmus on 8/9/09

Hello there. Peace of Christ.

You say >>>Why do SDA think they are the only one's that are christians?<<<

It is not the SDA Only who say they are the only ones saved, every church, every denomination says this, yet the bible says this:

They follow Ellen G. Whites teachings and everyone who follows humans teachings will end up in hell according to Jesus...Matthew 25:41.

Happy, Holy, Sabbath-Day..Brother James
---Santiago_M._Anaya on 8/8/09

Jesus, as His custom was, attended the synagogue on a particular day each week. He even declared Himself to be Lord of this particular day. It would seem that any true follower of Christ would want follow Jesus' example and word. Why would they not want to, particularly if the day doesn't matter to them? Perhaps it is the spirit of rebellion against God and His Holy Law.
---jerry6593 on 8/8/09

Most people do not understand the sabbath yes we are to worship God every day. The sabbath is a completely different matter. This day set aside by God him self is meant to be used as a day of rest doing nothing but spending the whole day away from doing normal life routines. Our focus is on God only church,bible study. maybe a walk with God in nature complete focus on God and God only no shopping or doing any thing that is not God focused from sun down friday to sun down saturday. Even people who claim sunday as their sabbath don,t keep it properly.
---james on 8/8/09

"IF" we don't worship God everyday, with our daily walk, then we are wasting our time to go to church on Sunday, because we would be satisfying a ritualistic ideal. SDA "think" they are the only ones saved because they are like the Judaizers that Paul contended with in 1st century times. They are adding rigid legalism to the grace of God, which cannot be. As I've said, we try to follow the law because of our love for God and Jesus Christ the Son, not to avoid the curse of the law.
---tommy3007 on 11/13/08

SDA are going by the old testament and keeping the seventh day as the sabbath as was instructed in the ten comandments. SDA is based their church in the writings of Ellen G White. I was raised by a SDA minister and attended SDA schools, I know better now. I live by Christs instructions now.
---BJ on 10/13/07

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Craige ""For whosoever is justified by the law, he is FALLEN FROM GRACE". Amen to scripture. Obedience to God, on any of the 10 commandments, is because we love God and desire to obey Him, not as a means of salvation.However, we cannot go out and kill, lie, steal, commit adultery, worship idols, break the Sabbath,& retain our walk with God. When we sin, we walk away from God. "He that committeth sin is of the devil" 1John3:8
---Gina on 1/1/07

Because to the natural mind the "form of godliness" is very attractive and "appears" right, and by not submitting wholeheartedly to Jesus Christ and his New Testament Commandments, they have fallen prey to the leaven of religion; and eventually the whole lump becomes leavened, puffed-up with formality and ceremony and hypocrisy, and becomes separated from the Spirit of God.
---Eloy on 12/31/06

"For whosoever is justified by the law, he is FALLEN FROM GRACE".
---craige on 12/31/06

(PART 1) No-one is saved based on a preferred day of worship. There are two religions practiced in this world 1) The Church which is the Body of Christ (consisting of all denominations) where Christ is the head or 2) Self, (any type of worship that's not Christ centered). My Christ centered faith is labeled SDA. This is the day my grandmother worshipped. The day I'm convicted to worship on is based on the comfort I gather from my understanding & my familys tradition. Continued
---Arlene on 12/28/06

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(PART 2) It is simply the desire of the enemy to seperate the leg or the arm from the body. Stay focused on Him and don't allow anyone, Sunday or Sabbath law keeper, to place you in an argument of confusion and take your mind off of a closer walk with Him. The next time someone approaches you with such a great misunderstanding, if you cant bless them with an explanation that will grant them peace, pray for them. God Bless You all.
---Arlene on 12/28/06

tommy, your statement is still hasnt happened yet..unless it is happening in your my country, they have banned prayers in ALL SCHOOLS..that says something..the next thing will be SUNDAY WORDSHIP issue...
---jana on 8/28/06

tommy, your statement is still hasnt happened yet..unless it is happening in your my country, they have banned prayers in ALL SCHOOLS..that says something..the next thing will be SUNDAY WORDSHIP issue...
---jana on 8/28/06

jackie, we dont think we are the only Christians..your wrong..Jesus said He has other sheep in other folds, them also I must bring in..we follow that statement. You may worship anyday but God specifically asked us to keep the 7th day Holy..a day of worship to Him..He only asked for one day..not everyday but if you prefer it then great..
---jana on 8/28/06

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Sabbath-keeping does not preclude or assure salvation, nor does keeping any Old Testament Law, for of a truth many sabbath-keepers have died in their sins, and thus are in hell.
---Eloy on 8/28/06

You CAN worship the Lord every day! But you cannot ignore that the Lord has set aside ONE DAY to remember and to have "special" communion with Him.
---Pierr5358 on 8/27/06

BJ, we do not go by the old testament ohly...your absolutely wrong...we go by the whole bible which is all about Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior...if you were raised by a SDA pastor, you would of known what your talking about is wrong...let God be judge
John, we are not a cult, if you say Sabbath keeping is legalism, then your saying God is wrong..if you want to be disobedient, take it up with the boss upstairs not the sdas..we are only being obedient to His commands
---jana on 8/27/06

Ann ... Perhaps the Bible did anticipate the sceientific advances of the space age. But I don't know the texts that talk about implants, and scanning?
---alan8869_of_UK on 12/13/05

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The amark of the Beast is a physical mark or implant that is scanned and allows a person to buy or sell. Without this mark you can do no trade. Worshipping on Sunday is not receiving that mark.
---Ann5758 on 12/13/05

If you do a google on "National Sunday Law" the book can be viewed and even downloaded. I do not see anything in the article that the writer believes that the Mark of the Beast is currently on anyone. The eschatology is rather faulty as clearly the writer does not believe in a rapture of the church.
---lee on 12/12/05

Tommy: I would suggest that you check and see if it really says:"HAVE received the mark of the beast"
Since a national Sunday is still future, NO ONE has as yet received the mark of the beast!
---Pierre on 11/17/05

Pierre, the information I gave was based on what I read in an SDA booklet called "The National Sunday Law." It states fairly clearly that the author, or authors, believe that ANYONE who accepts Sunday as an acceptable day of worship have received the mark of the beast. What about that?
---tommy3007 on 11/17/05

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In reading the Bible, it's clear that the "majority" is usually wrong. Why would the pattern change now?
IMHO, God is looking for those humans that He has faith in! Faith in those that will be good stewards of Heaven. Those that CHOOSE to not follow his laws will NOT make good stewards. Those with good hearts who live up to the light they've been given, REGARDLESS OF DENOMINATION, will be saved. "If you love Me, keep My commandments." Therefore, if you hate Him... don't.
---casey on 11/17/05

To address the main question, church should simply make one hungry for more spiritual food, of which a Christian should partake every day of the week. God blessed the seventh day at creation as a day of rest, a day to remember Him.
SDA do NOT worship a day. SDA do NOT put Sabbath above Grace. God's Grace goes hand-in-hand with his law. SDA try to keep the ten commandments BECAUSE we love Him, not in order to love Him. The Sabbath is simply 1/10th of the decalogue that Jesus has asked us to keep.
---casey on 11/17/05

Lupe: I am sure you did not mean to misquote me or may be I did not express myself clearly, so let me try again:
There will be people in heaven from various congregations who LIVED UP TO ALL THE LIGHT THEY RECEIVED AND NEVER WORSHIPPED ON SABBATH! but NO ONE WILL BE SAVED WHO HAVING COME TO THE CONCLUSION THAT Sabbath is the 7th day of the 4th commandment on which to give special honor/worship to our Creator AND STILL WILL REFUSE TO DO SO!
---Pierre on 11/16/05

Thank you moderator for your answer. I do have the book, "Kingdom of the Cults" by Walter Martin and Hank Hanegraaf, I will put it to use. It must be in there, again thanks for your answer.

Moderator - You are welcome.
---Lupe2618 on 11/16/05

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2. I never studied your denomination and I will make a point to learn as much as I can on the subject. I really never paid much attention to SDA's but I believe if you think the way you do, we should all be prepared as Christians. You have separated yourselves from the rest of the body of Christ. This could be very dangerous to our faith.

Moderator - It is one reason why some Christians view SDAs as a cult.
---Lupe2618 on 11/16/05

Brother Pierr, I am disappointed that you believe that only the people that worship Saturdays will be saved. I have read just about everything put on the subject and what you quoted on the Sabbath is exactly the reason why I work hard in studying God's work. You have put the Sabbath above God's grace for salvation. I can understand not knowing the law and the ministry of the Holy Spirit, but what you stated is goes hard for everyone. Sorry to hear that
---Lupe2618 on 11/16/05

Tommy3007: I am a member of the SDA church so I
read our literature quite often. Could you give me a quote + source of where you came up with the "fact" that SDA tink they are the only ones that will be saved. I do think that anyone who willigly/knowinly desecrates the Sabbath will most likly not be saved.
---Pierre on 11/14/05

Pierre, Maybe you should read some SDA literature, they DO believe they are the only ones who'll be saved based on their worship of the Sabbath. They say that anyone who breaks the Sabbath cannot be saved.
---tommy3007 on 11/14/05

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SDAs worship the day, rather than worship the one who created all the days.
---Eloy on 11/14/05

The emphasis on a certain day, the Sabbath day, comes from the Lord himself. He set it apart,sanctified it and asked us to remember it and to offer special worship to His creatorship on that day. So why argue with SDA's. Argue with God that any day will just have to do or else He will just have to forget it, or take what you can give Him.
Finally it is absurd to say that SDA think they are the only Christians. They know better and make no such claim!
---Pierre on 11/13/05

The emphasis on a special day of worship, God makes by setting aside a special day, the Sabbath, and sanctfifying it and asking us to remember it as a special time to worship His Creatorship. So, if you have an issue about that, take it up with "the boss" and tell Him how you feel, that any day will have to be good enough for Him, or else He will just have to go without!
As for SDA claiming that they are the only Christians, that is absurd! They know better and you should to!
---Pierre on 11/13/05

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