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Reflection Following Communion

Why do we have a period of reflection following Communion?

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 ---s on 11/13/05
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Emcee, I do not think that you have to believe you are eating Christ's literal flesh and drinking His literal blood to meditate on how wonderous it is that the King of the Universe would dwell in lowly sinners like us.
---Todd1 on 5/27/08

---s::If you believe that you are really recieving the Body & bl;ood of Jesus its not a simple matter but worthy of consideration prayer & reflection Your God has deigned to come & dwell within your lowly heart.You are doing what he has asked you he who eats my body & drinks my blood I live in him & he in me.The greatest honour that he confers on us who recievee him in the state of GRACE.
---Emcee on 5/27/08

To meditate on what has just happened is a good thing. " Do this in remembrance of me".Discerning or understanding the body of Christ is good to give some thought to.Not all congregations do this but I think it's good.
---john on 3/9/07

Madison::I was in a different country but we had to be the age of 12 & tested to find out if we were eligible to be soldiers for christ because that is what cofirmation doesto recieve the holy spirit & his 7 gifts,& to be a defender of the faith.We had to study catechism & know the grounding which we recieved.Over here in Canada the Bishop spends near 45 minutes grilling the children who are to be confirmed.But you know once you have been baptised a catholic you will always be a catholic.
---Emcee on 11/16/05

Emcee: In 1965, in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Confirmations were done in 3rd grade with the Catholic school students. I am not sure if it was the same with the CCD students. I know that it is done in 6th grade these days.
---Madison on 11/15/05

M.P.#2::The distribution of the Holy Viaticum & the cup is sometimes given on special days, but it is not compulsory.This is because Jesus said "he who eats my body& drinks my blood I live in him & he in me".What a golden Opportunity to converse with your maker.That is why Preparationis essential& in the same manner we also give thanks this is only done when in grace,we must not accept Him if we are with blemish of sin,this is what makes us one with christ.
---Emcee on 11/15/05

M.P.::At the same time & in the same manner that Jesus said & did "Take Ye & eat this is my bodY " & taking the cup he said "Take & drink this is my blood that will be shed for you & the remission of sins,do this in memory of me"This is called the consecration of the Mass & it is at this time transubstantiation takes place under the species of bread & wine.The whole Jesus & Lord for each one of us.TBC
---Emcee on 11/15/05

Madison ::Even more intrigueing.I understand Gr 2 age 1st Holy Communion.But Grade 3 Confirmation is not the norm Gr6 is!Yes you have been sustained by the HS in your younger days& even now.You have been ear marked,keep on seeking.You only get back what you put in;just like Income tax return Ha Ha.Its unfortunate that there are men who have violated their trust & comprised their vows but you dont throw away the Baby with the bath water.Sorry about mom's decision.Thank you for your confidence.
---Emcee on 11/15/05

Emcee, at what point do you believe that the bread and wine change to body and blood? Is it when the priest says something in particular, or after you have swallowed it or when? Also, I have always been told that the priest is the only one who drinks the wine and that the members are given only the bread - is that true?
---M.P. on 11/15/05

Emcee: My parents only sent me to Catholic school till 3rd grade, which was when I received confirmation. I had received my first communion in 2nd grade. I was the only child they sent to Catholic school. Interestingly, I am the only child who regularly attends any church, much less seeks to have an intimate relationship with God. My mother has since left the Catholic church, as she is upset about the priest molestation cover-ups.
---Madison on 11/14/05

Madison ::Your Remarks interest me. Only 3 years in a catholic school?18 years worshiping,you understood the miracle,but you did not believe& that is why you left.You were quite young then. That was a choice you made. In any church or institution there are doers & bystanders I've seen.I wanted to continue my last blog to you but it does not matter.You are a mature woman now & probably have all your needs.I wish you well Lady Madison I do not visualise you as a loose cannon.God bless
---Emcee on 11/14/05

Emcee, I spent 3 years in Catholic school, and 18 years worshipping our Lord in the Catholic church. I totally understand the Catholic teaching concerning the communion miracle that takes place. I spent a year studying scripture for support of the teaching that the priest has holy power to transform the bread and wine to Christ's body and blood. I left the Catholic church to attend an evangelical church 30 yeras ago. I just agree to disagree on this point.
---Madison on 11/14/05

Madison ::Thank you for expressing your expresion of love to our saviour.Sadly we have different concepts about something that is near & dear to us in Faith.We have the whole enactment of Jesus last supper& his words THIS IS MY BODY,& MY BLOOD which we recieve under the species Of Bread & wine,but in faith & reality it is converted to the real Christ hands heart body he comes to each one of us who recieve him a whole God,this is the faith in the belief of transubstantiation TBC
---Emcee on 11/14/05

Emcee ... believing that we eat and drink the actual body and blood of Jesus at Communion is peculiar to the Roman Catholic part of the Christian church. As you know most here are not RC! But as for reflection before or after or both ... yes, because whether it is the body and blood, or (as I believe) a remembrance of His work for our salvation ... is it not worthy of reflection and private thanks?
---alan8869_of_UK on 11/14/05

Hey guys ::Different strokes for different folks You follow your beliefs & I do what Jesus asked me to do in the bible we both read; you- your way & me- in the manner which I was taught,respect & follow Without recrimination. God is LOVE in which we share of him.
---Emcee on 11/14/05

we don't have a period of reflection following communion. At communion a prayer is said and we each recall Jesus' last supper with his disciples, and his arrest and crucifixion, and then we partake in unison of the wine and bread while remembering his sacrifice for us. But the wine and bread do not magically transform into the blood and body of Jesus as some false religions say, for Jesus is no longer dead but alive, and he took his body with him back up to heaven.
---Eloy on 11/14/05

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s, when you drink the wine and take the bread you are obeying Christ who asked us to do this in remembrance of Him and, particularly, of what He went through FOR US the day after He took the cup and broke the bread. These symbols are very important reminders and should not be taken in a rush as a simple formality once a week or once a month etc. Reflection is necessary because of the enormity of what He did.
---M.P. on 11/14/05

Emcee: I do not believe that at communion I am receiving the body and blood of Jesus Christ. I am receiving symbols of His body and blood to provide a remembrance of His death on the cross.

...s: My church does not have a period of reflection after communion, but before. It is so we can examine our hearts and confess to the Lord any sin we may have not repented of in order to receive communion in a holy and worthy manner.
---Madison on 11/13/05

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