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Christian Women Are Bad Dates

Christians and dating? The Bible says we are not to fornicate however every woman I have dated in the past year only wants sex and when they don't get it after a date or two they are finished with me. These are christian women by the way. Any other guys out there have that problem?

Moderator - They are obviously not TRUE Christian women. Reevaluate why a certain type of person is attracted to you.

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 ---Russell on 11/13/05
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I do wish that people would stop believing that everyone is a Christian. In order to be a true Christian the true, living, God must live in you. Point blank.+
---catherine on 12/7/07

Hang in there. The devil always puts things in our way to distract us. The others are right. These are not true Christians. God will honor you and send you a good woman.
---veronica on 12/7/07

Sorry if this is how these women act then they are not true Christians and do not keep their hearts and minds tuned to God.
They must be pretty bold women to go there after a few dates. I would not have the gull to say I was a christian and yet go for more before marraige. I know when I am dating and turn guys down for sex they same I am old fashioned and boring. I say Great! cause God likes me that way......needless to say the dates usually end there.
---Marla on 12/6/07

Oh to God that we had more good men like you. I have had the opposite experience. I have met a number of "Christian" men who think it is okay to fornicate. God bless you and i hope you find a true Christian woman.

To the Moderator: Way to go! I love your answer.
---Tsuanne on 5/21/07

I'm so glad that nice Baptist girl had the gift of discernment. She made a clean get-away, just in time. I hope she found herself a strong, stable Christian man.
---Loma_Linda on 5/21/07

Russell, I am so glad there are still men out there like you. I was 29 before I found and married a decent man who had not slept around. We were both still virgins when we met. Be patient and be firm. The biggest reason for the high divorce rate is too many fools choosing their mates based solely on momentary hormones.
---lorra8574 on 5/21/07

Are they truely Christian?? Because some say they are to go with a Christian guy, then they show the truth that they talk the talk, but don't walk the walk.
---Joshua on 5/21/07

Also had many dates never call me again... started telling men right on the first date I wont have sex till im married. Right up front so as not to waste time. Eventually met a wonderful man who agreed with me. Its been 8 months now together and we still havent failed in that respect. however, it is really difficult :)
---nataa5995 on 5/28/06

this is not a blogg for which bible is right/wrong. In defence of the KJV, the mysteries that are found in this version are not easily detected in other translations and knowledge of footnotes,use of online bibles of different versions, the KJV is far the most reliable bible there is, in my walk more people stray from the truth relying on newer versions not having a clear understanding of older versions as well as new!(My Hummble Opinion only)
---Carla5754 on 5/28/06

I was dating a nice sensitive Baptist girl once. I wanted to break up with her. I was a biology student at the time at Cal State S.B. One fellow student suggested I take her to look at the early man fossils in San Diego (Balboa Park) She said it was interesting, but next day I found a note on my door explaining why she had to break up with me. She claimed I was way too,'off center and an amoral bohemian artist type' for her. His suggestion worked well.
---MikeM on 5/28/06

I had a man to ask me how i felt about sex
I said this is the way i feel It is for people that are married.Not for people that are un married Didn't hear from him again
---Betty on 5/28/06

I'm not a guy,but I relate!I'm a born-again,Spirit-filled woman.I was a semi-sex ADDICT & Jesus called me to be pure(celibate)til marriage.It's been 8 yrs & counting,not easy,but not torture.He gives power to do right and He will reward my obedience..& yours.
---lovable_linda on 1/18/06

Thanks Russell - not offended. I don't think anyone is judging here just trying to point someone, who wants a godly woman in his life, in the right direction. When you seek godliness, you go where you can surround yourself with just that - godliness; then pray for those that you know are struggling in there walk with Christ. I commend you Russell for taking time to make sure that I wasn't offended. God has someone special for you :-) pray and be patient.
---bornagin on 11/19/05

, all i'm saying is look at what russel is seeing at the church he attends. maybe he needs to attend a place where God's word is lived out in daily life.
---steve on 11/19/05

Born again,please don't be offended as i meant to offend no one.Joy you are correct.It has been stated that men use affection to get sex and women use sex to get affection.I do NOT disrespect the women in question,rather i pray for them and am kind to them,as Jesus said to the hypocrites:
let him who is without sin cast the first stone,and he forgave the woman,satan looks for the weak areas to attack and everyone has a weak area,be on guard.Russell
---russe9356 on 11/19/05

I caution you all not to judge so quickly. A person can be a TRUE christian and struggle with their flesh or this area of their life. I am not saying it can't be done, but if we were all honest, one has to admit it's a challenge to stay pure. Some struggle more with this sin than other sins. But, we can't say a person is not a TRUE christian just because they sin in this area of their life.
---joy9988 on 11/19/05

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That is not TRUE! True Christian women will STOP you in your tracks for crossing the fornication line. Don't generalize! EVERYONE IS NOT THE SAME - I'm not and there are other women out there that will not let you touch them in that way. Where are you finding these so called Christian women?? Try a different location for future searches.
---bornagin on 11/18/05

Nellah,I assure you their are are demons lurking about,they would love to take me down as it would cause those who are watching me to err and the weak in faith to falter,which is why it is so important for me not to fail in this area.My conviction is strong and I refuse to give in and hurt the kingdom.
---Russell on 11/18/05

If they are Christian women there's a demon lurking somewhere very close to them or to you.
---Nellah on 11/17/05

steve, you have no idea what you are talking about. I study and go by the KJV and the Assembly Of God Churches go by it too, and they are more alive than any I have ever been to.
---a_friend on 11/17/05

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, russel, no offense, but i think you need to consider finding a church that isn't stuck on the King James version. my experience tells me that KJV churches are not as alive in the Lord as other churches.
---steve on 11/16/05

Russell: 1 Cor. 6:9; Gal. 6:7-8.
---Leon on 11/15/05

Moderator, why have you decided that a Charismatic church is not a bible teaching church? My church is both! Do you really think that only denominational churches are bible teaching churches?

Moderator - I haven't. Unfortunately, I am too familiar with various denominational teachings and understand the built in weaknesses.
---NVBarbara on 11/15/05

Christianity is very wide, that's why the bible tells us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds.If i say am a christian how would you tell that i am - we need to be in touch with the Holy spirit he will reveal it to us and also be able to descern some of these things. but i like your standards keep them brother,stick to the right truth. Forget tho' the past God will do a new thing unto you. Do not generalize people are so different & do not go for non believers it is not a solution.
---Sally on 11/15/05

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I used to think this was a female problem. Every guy I have dated (even the ones i havent dated) wanted sex. I am yet to find a guy that isnt interested in sex before marriage.
---Lily9364 on 11/15/05

The same thing has happened to me many times. At first guys say it's ok if I don't want to have sex with them, but after we have been together for a while, they start pressuring me. As a matter of fact, my last boyfriend just left a month ago, I believe for the same reason.
---Rosa on 11/14/05

I have been reading a book,"Every Man's Battle". My wife died last year. She had multiple health problems. The last time we were intimate was March, 1998 and once since then. I have remained celibate, except in my mind. (The book states that I could be hooked on a form of pornography. Maybe so.) In defence, most of the women I meet want sex and/or they make me look pretty. I know that there are some women that put GOD first, but I have not met any yet. Now I am just waiting patiently.
---doug5759 on 11/14/05

When I was single and dating, I'd drop a guy in a second who even "acted forward" much less wanted sex before marriage! My(now husband)had respect for me. We married, and had the most beautiful wedding night, as God plans it to be for all who stay pure and wait til marriage to commit marriage acts. There must "surely" still be true christian single women and men around!! Go to prayer sir!!!
---Cathi on 11/14/05

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Moderator, they are mostly Catholic. I know, I should know better. Thanks for helping me figure it out. Also most are in the food service industry. Ok,strike two,we're getting there. russe9356 ps. No offense to Catholics or food service workers.
---Russell on 11/14/05

Moderator,let me clerify the women I am talking about do NOT go to my church.The women of my church that are near my age are all spoken for,the only ones available are too much younger or older for me to have anything in common with,and no I have never been to a bar to look for a date.

Moderator - What is the denomination of the women outside of your church you are dating?
---Russell on 11/14/05

Tammy,please forgive me if I offended you as I would not do that on purpose.Stand your ground,be at peace,God bless you.Russell
---russe9356 on 11/14/05

Hi moderator,
I would only attend a church that preaches from the King James Bible, it is a Bible church. I have known the pastor and his family for 20+ years.I get persecuted to the point that I start to question my beliefs, then I have to re-read the word.

Moderator - I am just so amazed that at a Bible Church any of the people that claimed to be a Christian would behave in that manner. I attend a Bible Church and I can't imagine anyone acting that way unless they were not a Christian.
---Russell on 11/14/05

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I have never had any women invite me into their bed!!
Seriously, though, I would be a bot woried if they did, and would not accept the offer. Is it because I just do not believe we should have sex outside marriage, or because I know the relationship would still be very shallow, and would break up, leaving one or both badly hurt?
---alan8869_of_UK on 11/14/05

Hi moderator,I am a 54 year old white male from Indiana,USA.I attend a large non denominational church.I am usually told : you're a really sweet guy,but I need something more.russe9356

Moderator - Is the Non Denominational church charismatic or a bible church?
---Russell on 11/14/05

I do not date very much and some of it is because of this reason. It seems like the majority of people, male and female, look at sex before marriage as a natural thing to do. It's so much easier not to date than to have to sort through people to find one with morals.
---Ron on 11/14/05

WOW!!!!!!!! Such a contrast to the MEN that I have dated in the past, seemed like all they wanted was ONE thing, and told me that to my face, so was their loss. WOULD die to find a man like you... Where have you been hiding????? Good luck on your search. :)
---Colleen on 11/14/05

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As a true christian woman I have to tell you that no,not all of us are that way. I too have had the same problem with "christian men" I'd love to find a good christian man and have a christian relationship with him but I must confess that what I find most often is a great dissapointment. In Christ,tr7583
---Tammy on 11/14/05

Wow. Why can't I find a Christian man like you? I quit dating a LONG time ago, because no one really wants to be Christ-Like on a lot of levels. Not just the sexual level. I just figure I'll live out my life alone, and if God thumps me on the head with a Godly man, that's about the only way I'll consider dating again!
---Amy on 11/14/05

In response to the comment made above,,We as christian men understand that our bodies are to be temple,pure to GOD`S standards,This means no sex outside of marriage...physical or mental....anytime comments are made stating,,,,we`re all human ,,,,,look out for satan to raise his ugly head
---jamea8897 on 11/14/05

Moderator,in my defense I make it very clear up front what my standards are when the situation comes up.I did start working out a couple years ago to get back in shape after years of being out of shape.I find women today are after money and sex period!

Moderator - What country, how old are you and what denomination are you attending? I am curious if there are any links to these items.
---Russell on 11/14/05

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It's time to categorise christians into two groups.(1)Christians who ONLY believe in the traditions of their church(sunday,Easter,Christmas(SEC) christians)false christians,fornicators,drunkards etc(2)Christians who believe in Jesus and are willing to imitate Him and follow His commandments. These are real christians.
---Sunga3684 on 11/14/05

I really don't have that problem, but I do have a comment. This is why I'm glad I'm married. As a Christian man it would be very hard for me to reframe from sex. Hats off to you, for you doing it. Do not compomise for them and say strong in your faith. If the woman are Christians they are just weak and deceived by the enemy. Don't faught them just keep waiting on God. He will soon deliver the right one to you. God Bless.
---Melvin on 11/14/05

From my understanding being a christian means being Christlike and if you are Christ,there is no way you can give your body to fornication.Those ladies are NOT christians.They are angels of darkness pretending to be angels of light.Be watchful christian brothers!!!
---Sunga3684 on 11/14/05

Well, I'm a Christian woman aged 42 and still believe that you must first get married b/4 sex. I've dated a Christian gyu for about 8 months - no sex and had 2 break up somebody else came along and about two months later they were married. I think there are still a number of Christian woman who has the power to abstain from sex. I'm one of them. Even though I'm very romantic, I can stay without sex. Know the difference between romance and sex!
---Joska7783 on 11/14/05

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This is so sad BUT we are supposed to take every opportunity that the Lord gives us to witness and maybe these are opportunities that are almost falling at your feet. It might not be your idea of a 'date' but these women need to know why their behaviour is wrong and you are being given the opportunity to tell them. If you make your beliefs clear on the first date you might not have to endure a second or third. I hope you will soon meet a like-minded lady with whom you can share everything in due season.
---M.P. on 11/14/05

we have that problem in South Africa.. Men and woman wanting to have sex after one or two dates.. they are NOT truly born again... i believe that you get people that believe in God and you get people that believe in Obeying Him.. big difference!!
---natasha on 11/14/05

I met a guy on a Christian dating website who said he was a Christian, but only wanted to get me into bed.
---Madison on 11/13/05

Well, I get dumped when I dont have sex , so dont feel bad.( and they were christian men, plus ONE went to my church, and said, I need to loosen up ) There ARE alot of women out there AND MEN that say they are christians and yet they selfishly let flesh rule...go figure.I dont know why they dont feel bad about it to be honest. makes you wonder if they only have 'religion'
---Jan4876 on 11/13/05

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That is strange I thought the same when it comes to Christian men. Sad isn't it. I mean some say I'm too Christian because I wont have sex. But I know I'll meet that special someone who wont try to pressure me one who understands that we MUST do it God's way. Good luck in your search. God is just helping you weed out the so called Christian women so that when you meet her you'll surly know. God Bless.
---judit4648 on 11/13/05

Are you sure that the Christian women you have dated have put Christ at the center of their lives? They might be just "christians in name only"!
---Linda6546 on 11/13/05

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