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Prayer To Stop Smoking

Please pray for me. I am a smoker and its really holding me back in my relationship with God. Everytime I think I'm going to stop I just smoke more. I cant pray or read the bible when I'm smoking and am starting to feel sad all the time because of it. The Spirit is grieving in me and I still cant stop!

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 ---natasha on 11/14/05
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I've struggled with this too, and been rejected by a close Christian friend because of this. I was told I HAD to or I could not be saved. Failing miserably, and being ashamed, I felt unable to even admit this to any other believer and had such anxiety, thinking 'If only I could do this one thing', So much wrong thinking, as if "I" could do anything to secure salvation for myself. This person, was, for a time, in my mind, a super-Christian, whom I later followed to particular churches, not realizing that I should not simply accept what (man) said.

The LORD is truth and deliverer
---Chria0306 on 3/9/13

I'm also trying to quit smoking ..A pack last me 3/4 days...I'm down to three cigarettes a day .I constantly pray and and ask God to deliver me from this nasty habbit..Its very hard to quit but I'm trying and I know sooner than later I will In Jesus name amen !!!
---Jewels on 3/8/13

I need someone to cast this evil addiction of nicotine out of me I am asthmatic and I really need help please
---carlos on 5/21/12

If nicotene tablets don't work u need deliverance. i've cast this demon out several times and people will say i don't taste nicotene or my mouth is fresh. i don't say come out nicotene but come out devil. Don't be deceived by great deceiver ?
---Marlon on 3/25/12

Sorry but I don't believe in a "tobacco" demon just like I don't think there's a particular "lust" demon or whatever else, I know demons exist but I don't think they each deal with a specific sin.
---Mary on 3/24/12

i was delivered by the holy spirit on smoking go to a deliver minster it is a demon his name is tobac. its a demon that makes you smoke the only way to really be cured and not have cravings is to be delivered by getting the demon out. it works for sure.
---ted on 3/22/12

I have smoked for 30 plus years. I quit 6 weeks ago and did wonderfully. However, over the course of the last few days I have slipped and smoked a few cigs every 3rd day. I am so discouraged. Please pray for me, for I really, really want to quit though there is a part of me that still loves to smoke.
---Julie on 3/21/12

i need prayer to quit a nasty habit i have, i've somked for years now, and i know that is a sin, i need God to take the desire away from me and i will trust in him to do so, plaese pray for me
---Vicky on 3/12/12

Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you for your mercy and endless grace. Mark 11:24 states "Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, Believe that you will receive it, and it will be yours" Lord, I am choosing by faith to do my part in belieiving that what you say is the truth and I am simply asking that you take the desire to smoke cigarettes from each and every believer so that we can be a better example of Christ. Lord, we are incapable of doing this through our own strength, so we come to you in fearful worship knowing in our hearts Lord that you already at work at breaking us from bondage. We thank you Lord and bring praise to your name for you are faithful. And we ask this is Jesus' holy and precious name. Amen.
---CJ on 1/19/12

I smoke for 20 years and stopped 15 years ago. It is the hardest thing for someone to give up. Some never do.
---Adam on 10/23/11

I smoked a p.a.d for 23 years.For months I would pray to quit and asked God to end this because I love smoking.I quit 12 days ago.For the first 5 days I went cold turkey. Due to my rage issues I did charge up an old e-cig I had from a few years ago. I will never smoke again. The day I stopped I realized that I would light a cigarette and then ask God to help me stop as if He was going to send an angel down to stub it out for me. So I simply did my part and stopped lighting the cigarettes. I prayed and prayed and the first 3 days were the worst of my life. But God got me through it.
For the last week I cry everyday. I do not want to smoke anymore but I sure pray this depression and confusion stops soon! All you need is God!
---Chrissy on 10/22/11

I believe that we can offer up the pain of craving to convert the world. I smoked for nearly 50 years and last smoked just 3 weeks ago. I am in great pain, this pain is not worthless, it is the currency of heaven.
---SteveD on 9/28/11

Chuck: Your story has touched me very deeply and oh,so sad, the terrible things we do to others and ourselves. I don't want to cry after reading your story because my week has been a little tough on me. My heart can' take on too much. Best of blessings to you and your situation. I am an ex smoker. Eleven (11) years this June,2011. It is so very hard to quit. But with God,all things are possible. GBU
---Robyn on 9/24/11

Jim, my prayers are with and for you. Put yourself in Moses place. He just started walking and the sea parted. He had more faith than me. I find myself short on faith many times. God bless you.
---shira3877 on 9/23/11

Jim do you have someone to hold you accountable. Someone who is NOT a smoker who can get in your face about staying the course. Also do not walk in convience stores if that is where you buy cigs or similiar places where temptations start. Good Luck.
---Scott1 on 9/19/11

I just wanted to say how much you sound like me.I want to quit so bad, and yet I'm still smoking. I cry out daily "Lord help me" I'm just desperate for an answer. It is a heartbreak, failing so miserably
---Jim on 9/17/11

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It will be 2 years this april that God delivered from the same thing you are goin thru. I got to the point where i went to my knees & just told God what was in my heart. That i was addicted & needed His help. I asked Him to help me thru the withdrawals & to not give in to the temptaton to pick it up again. I never had withdrawals. Nor cravings to pick one up. Just tell Him whats in your heart & ask Him to help you lay it down. He will. You are not a terrible person, thats a lie from hell. you CAN do this. God bless you.
---Kate on 3/18/11

When we give it to God we still worry and crave. Jesus promises to deliver us. It may take us longer to quit. I am not going to let Satan get me down anymore.I just keep praying for God's grace to set me free from my addiction. I have thrown my Cigs out and just bought more.So you are not alone in this valley.We will overcome once we learn how to stop the worry.Tell Satan and the addiction to leave you alone, We are saved by the blood and grace of Jesus Christ then do not worry so much. No one should be judging you! Ask your church family to pray for you---NEVER be ashamed to ask for prayer. Do not feel sad any longer.Just pray and then let go. I am with you and I certainly understand. I have not won the battle yet.but, I will. Praise God!!
---LoveinChrist on 3/17/11

Here is a prayer you can say:

Saint Maximilian Maria Kolbe, your life of love and labor for souls was sacrificed amid the horrors of a concentration camp and hastened to it's end by an injection of a deadly drug.
Look with compassion on me addicted and whom I now recommend to your powerful intercession. Having offered your own life to preserve that of a family man, I turn to you with trust, confident that you will understand and help. Obtain for us the grace to never withold love and understanding, nor to fail in preserving prayer that the enslaving bonds of addiction may be broken and that full health and freedom may be restored to us. We will never cease to be grateful to God wo has helped us and heard your prayer for us. Amen
---Jennifer on 9/1/10

Thank you all, I hope you all know how important websites like these are. Today I was/am suffering your prayers and discussions restored my hope and has reminded me to go to my Father with my troubles which include smoking and family issues.
---Anagel on 4/19/10

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miche,Donna......thats great news. Like you say, you have to really want it yourself.
I smoked for 33 yrs. as much as 2-3 packs a day back when i was in the Navy. At the time i quit i was about a pack or more a day smoker.
I set a date, asked the Lord to help me and thanked Him everyday for getting me thru that day. January 2010 was 3 years. It's by Gods awesome grace that i'm still smoke free. If it was up to me i would be lighting a marlboro right now.Hang in there natasha.Everything is possible with God.
---JIM on 4/16/10

Awesome testimony Donna66!

For me it was different.

One Saturday, I woke up crying because I knew those cigarettes were hindering my growth. I smoked a pack a day, too!

So, I prayed about it, wept to God. In my heart, I wanted to quite for HIM so bad.
I didn't buy another pack of them after that Saturday. I went to church fellowship Sunday and went to alter and asked for prayer from the elders of my church.
I haven't touched a cigarette since then. It has been about 4 months for me.Isn't God just the best?

I can one thing of good advice to you Natasha, you have to really want it in your heart or else it just won't work. God won't take it from you if you won't give it to him.
---miche3754 on 4/16/10

Part I
I was a pack and a half to 2 pack a day smoker at one time. I didn't consider it a "sin" and still don't, but I asked God if He wanted me to quit. To my dismay He said YES! I said "OK, but I've tried before and know I can't quit. So If YOU want me to quit, YOU will have to do most of the work".
I decided to just trust Him to deliver me from the habit.

I made no effort at first, but one morning my cigarette didn't taste as good as usual. I put it out after a few puffs. This continued to happen with many of my cigarettes (but not all).....see part II
---Donna66 on 4/14/10

Part II
There was no patch or pill then, but God had me "taper off" and I had no withdrawal symptoms. Since this was God's project, I set no deadlines.

I kept cigarettes on hand the whole time so I wouldn't "panic" at not having one avaiable... made it easier to say, "no, not now, maybe later". When I felt I HAD to smoke, I smoked one. I didn't feel guilty, because I could see God at work.

Over a period of some weeks the Lord gradually took away my desire to smoke. I finally parted with all my cigarettes for good! God is wonderful! He knows just what we need!
---Donna66 on 4/14/10

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I have exactly the same problem. I just pray hard out to god to change my heart,so i will willingly give up this habit i have.Because i really want to build a relationship with god and smoking is blocking me from that but Nick Vujicic was good to watch because he said "Do not put off the things you can do today". Which inspires me to give up because why put off something that blocks me from having a strong bond/connection with my saviour. so I decided to just do it because the power of god and my persistance will make it happen!!
---Marie on 4/14/10

You are not alone I feel the same way I have asked God to forgive me for doing it just out of spite to make my husband mad during a fight after being smoke free for 15 years and now the blood work shows I AM REALLY KILLING MYSELF.God may you deliver us both from this bondage because who the Son sets free is free indeed per your word My Loving Father SET US Free PLEASE
---Firestar on 4/13/10

To all those captives this may concern,
For many of us I believe this is about a stumbling stone. Please read Ezekiel ch3:20, chapters 3 & 8 & 9. If you read these the rest will make sense. Though my inability to defeat this has been grievous, the Fear of the Lord is much more pure. So is hatred of sin. He commands much more respect in my life. Who I thought he was is not who he has proven to be. He is a great King and his Blood is very precious. He is my inheritance and so are you. Perhaps our character has been refined enough that we should ask him to remove these stumbling stones? Forgive us Father. Please read Micah7:8-10. In Jesus name Amen.
---richard on 4/2/10

To all those captives this may concern,
For many of us I believe this is about a stumbling stone. Please read Ezekiel ch3:20, chapters 3 & 8 & 9. If you read these the rest will make sense. Though my inability to defeat this has been grievous, the Fear of the Lord is much more pure. So is hatred of sin. He commands much more respect in my life. Who I thought he was is not who he has proven to be. He is a great King and his Blood is very precious. He is my inheritance and so are you. Perhaps our character has been refined enough that we should ask him to remove these stumbling stones? Forgive us Father. Please read Micah7:8-10. In Jesus name Amen.
---richard on 4/2/10

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God bless you. I've been exhaustively torn and grieved by this nasty little giant as well. Ive tried everything prayer, fasting, reaching out, weeping, begging, name it. The scriptures he has shown me arent soft and easy words: Ezek 8-9, Lam 3, Heb 10:19-39, Ps 51. Ive suffered loss as well things of the Kingdom that matter. Worst of all, I know that I have grieved Him. I have been looking to find a way to join with others to pray about breaking this yoke. Could we start a prayer chain by agreeing to pray at 6 p.m. Pacific standard time that Jesus through His Holy Spirit would set every brother/sister bound by the yoke of nicotine free? God's grace. Amen.
---RICHARD on 4/1/10

hi i quit smoking almost 4 years ago. i had a real hard time quitting. seams that i prayed everyday and night for the lord to help me quit.and one day the lord spoke to me and told me to go on a fast.he had me go on a 21 day fast he told me that i was to go to the church and pray every morning i couldnt have coffee or anything until prayer was over.i did wear a patch for 3 weeks! to help with the with draws. i realize know now that God was breaking my habit when he had me go to the church and pray ever morning.i use to get up grab a ciggarett & coffee .not any more thank God
i will be praying for you.God bless,chria
---christine_tanner on 1/1/10

My wife and I quit after 30 years of smoking. It was very hard for me, but not for her. She had tried every quit-smoking gimmick that existed, but without success. One morning, while walking alone, she was lamenting her desperate situation when she heard the distinct voice of the Lord in her head say "If you trust Me, I'll take it away from you." For three days she had no cravings whatever. Then, suddenly she had an overwhelming urge to smoke. She began to sink to her knees immediately and cried aloud "but you promised!" Before her knees hit the ground, the craving ceased - never to return. We've been smoke free for 20 years now. If God can help my wife quit, He can help you.
---jerry6593 on 12/30/09

I tried several ways to quit, and finally put them down completely. It took 3 weeks of praying every time the urge came, but, Praise God, I am now free & have been for 25 years now. Fasting will help you to have the power you need to stand against the spirit of nicotene. Get others to pray with you and for you, and rebuke the desire every time, soon you too will be free.
They have no power over me now.
God bless...
---Gayla on 12/27/09

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I am a smoker for almost 50 years and I have copd, I babysit for my only grandchild. She is 3 months old. I have to quit smoking. God helped me in other ways before and I believe He will help me again. Please pray for me. I need all the help I can get. I thought about wearing my rosary and praying through every craving.
---sandy on 12/27/09

God delievered me from the smokes. Later on got married & things going wrong. Smokes came along just for little bit. It started to irritate my throat with a lil burning, this was about 2 weeks. No mater hot or cold eat or drink, it hurt. I started crying out to God for foregiveness & I need your help.
One day I ate something & then later on, something was upsetting my stomach insides. Later I went to heave up whatever it was, that acid & whatever else took that burning feeling out of my throat, No more burning. The affects now is, my breathing isn't as strong. I'm paying for what I done. Being around people that do & the stinch of the smoke odor their clothes is So gross.
---Lawrence on 10/30/09

Father God Jehovah, in Jesus's name
we Christians at Christianet thank you for the lives of Natasha and Cindy.
We thank you that through Christ's enabling power they can do all things.

We pray in Jesus's name, breaking the hold of addiction and other vices in their lives.

By your power we break satan's hold over them and declare complete healing of their spirits,souls and bodies.

We place a standing order of total enmity and dislike between them and all forms of smoking in Jesus name. May the very sight of cigarettes cause them to have nausea in Jesus' Name.

We thank you Lord for hearing and answering this prayer because we have asked according to your will. Thank you Father in Jesus' name. Amen
---patie3447 on 10/29/09

Satan wants your health! He wants you to die early so that gods plan for your life will not be fulfilled. I haven't smoked for 12 hours its so tough but I know Jesus is tougher. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!
---Clinton on 10/29/09

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for the interim, use patches instead of taking all the other junk (including plutonium) in cigarettes.

A good acupucnturist helps tremendously. It's an addiction, not only mental but physical.

Exercise and eating natural foods rather than processed contianing MSG is much better for you.

By sheer willpower and prayer you can go cold turkey as well.
---Jake on 8/22/09

Thank God,your Father by faith(now) for the deliverance.

Heb 11:1
(Now) is the substance of things (HOPED FOR) it is the evidence of things(NOT SEEN).

The flesh is our weakness.
Matt 26:41(all)
...the spirit is willing but the flesh weak.
this will be done.
Jn16:23(all)...Verily, Verily,I say unto you,Whatsoever ye shall ask the FATHER IN MY NAME,HE WILL give you.
...I kept them in THY NAME...

God our refuge and STRENGHT,A very present help in trouble.

(repentance and remission)
...let them pray over him,
---char on 8/21/09

O MARY, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee. Through the grace of your purity, may this unclean habit cease.
FROM the stench of smoke, the foul taste in my mouth, the stains on my hands and teeth, pray for my release.
Hail Mary . . .
FROM coughing and phlegm, from polluted blood, from heart and lung disease, pray for my release.
Hail Mary . . .
FROM habit and slavery, pray for my release.
Hail Mary . . .
FROM tension, fear, and anxiety, pray for my release.
Hail Mary . . .
FOR health and calm and peace, pray for me.
Hail Mary . . .
Pray for us, O holy Mother of God, that, by Christ redeemed, we will choose to live in purity. Amen.
---charles on 8/7/09

frances008: "First accusing others of sinful ommissions,..."

It wasn't a sinful ommission, it was just shameful since the person was asking for prayers not your sobbing stories. Haven't you people ever prayed in a group before? Or even in a prayer circle? This is not like we are praying in public, but praying with other christians within a group.

Do an online KJV bible search for "one another," "each other," and "encourag" to see the bible's point of view.
---Steveng on 5/21/09

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First accusing others of sinful ommissions, and then a public prayer showing how great Steveng is. Does that remind us of any groups in the gospel? Oh, yeah. The Pharisees and Scribes. Remember, Steveng, what Jesus taught about prayer. That it should be done quietly, without fuss, privately, away from the public corners. Of course I should not have written this post because I will be accused of accusing Steveng. And so it goes on.....

I wish I could be more charitable, but when I see hypocrisy and pride at work, it makes me want to be sick.
---frances008 on 5/21/09

Steveng. How do you know people haven't prayed for this person? I did. I just didn't write mine down. I'm sure many others prayed too.
---john on 5/21/09

Look at all these posts. Not one single prayer. Well, there was one prayer, but with a condition. This is what is wrong the christians today - no love for another. She has a problem and asked for prayers, not your own selfish stories.

Although this blog is a couple of years old, I hope and pray she was released from her smoking chains. If not...

Dear Father in Heaven, holy is your name. Give natasha the strength to break free of her chains of smoking. Lead her not into the temptations because she cannot save herself from her human weakness, but you can and will answer her calls for help. She is worthy of your attention and care. In Jesus' name.
---Steveng on 5/20/09

The thng that worked for my husband,was too give it all to the Lord,tell God you can't do it on your own.That you need his help.And ask him to take the smoking problem.
My hubby did this and then threw out everything.And he neveer smoked scence
---robin on 5/20/09

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I have also been having this challenge. Like Sandy I am grieving! I really want to quit this habit at all cost, and I have resolved to have Jesus carry this cost for me.
---Tun on 4/30/09

Psalms-"I turn ALL my burdens to God... He will not let the godly slip and fall. I am trusting you, to save me." Say it over and over. If done, a choice must be made. God will strengthen you to do His will. "Put your trust in the Lord" means action. "I will not leave nor forsake you". Repent. Ask God to search you. Ask Him for the REASONS why you do what you shouldn't do, but do, and not do what you know you should." Can't figure this out on my own. The Holy Spirit shows me these things - My friend, my counselor, my comforter. A simple plan of salvation. Man made it complex. YOU have a choice. Resist the devil. Give no place to the enemy! May God strengthen you and guide you in all wisdom to DO HIS WILL! Amen.
---David on 4/20/09

what if you were 50 lbs overweight, would you stop over eating? Satan can take a weakness of our flesh, and use it against us, as he does with smoking. So leave the issue in Gods hands! Ask Him to take away the desire,IF thats His will. Jesus said "it is not what goes into a mans mouth, but what comes out of the heart that defiles"
---walter on 4/19/09

--- Sandy please consider following this idea. Admit to God that you are a smoker now and openly confess that fact as a sin. After having done this, any time you light up a cigarette plainly state that you have turned this problem over to Almighty God. Continued to do this until you're smoking stops.
It is my understanding that this method has worked for many people some of whom I personally know. May God richly richly bless you!!!!
---mima on 2/16/09

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A few weeks back I felt God laying on my heart to quit smoking. I didn't think I was ready and after battling a few days, I quit for a week after praying and giving this habit to Jesus. Then disaster struck, my sister-in law died from a blood clot instantly and I started to smoke again. That was 2 weeks ago and I am still trying to quit. I was baptized today and I thought that this would help wash away my desire to smoke. After more troubling times at home, I gave into the desire and smoked again! I want to quit because I feel that this is stopping my walk with Jesus. Please help! Please pray that this bondage would be taken from me! I say I want to quit, but continue to smoke???? I am grieving over this, please help??
---Sandy on 2/16/09

When we get saved, we are all working out our own salvation. God said that he came to break the strongholds and set the captives free. You need to get into a church that believes in praying for you and casting that addictive spirit out of you and commanding that desire of cravings for cigerettes to go in Jesus name. It says in the bible that some strongholds were only broken by fasting and prayer. It works for me. I would also pray that anything that has been damaged, that God restore your body and bring it back to normal. God Bless you.
---janine on 2/11/09

Hebrews 4:15,16 For we do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who has been tempted in all things as we are, yet without sin. Let us therefore draw near with confidence to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and may find grace to help in time of need. I attended a Spirit filled church and nobody lit up after a service. I attended a wedding and most of the people there were from a traditional church and there was a lot of smoking with wine and beer available. That is why we are saved by grace. God knows his children have to overcome their fleshly addictions. Some quicker than others.
---Bob on 2/11/09


---CINDY on 2/11/09

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I have the same issue. I have tried to quit smoking 4-5xs in the last 6 mo. I make it for a week or 2 then when something goes bad I turn right back to them. I hv tried chantix, the patch gum cold turkey. Just like the person that started this blog I cant read my bible or pray when Im smoking. I need all your prayers too. please. I want my relationship with God to be strong but w/ smoking it is the strong hold that brings me back to the flesh everytime. I know I am to have faith I know I am to trust in our Lord. But smoking has a VERY strong hold on me that I cant seem to break free of...
---Steph on 1/19/09

I'm right with you ! . . . I have the same problem . I am going to quit , as to not block my Prayer's , which are more important than smoking . I've been smoking for 22 yrs now and I AM soooo sick of it .
I guess we just need to get through this , and win against Cigz ! . . . . Just thought I would let u know , your not alone .

---G.T on 1/13/09

Just as your choice to make Jesus you Lord and savior, Although influenced by the Holy ghost(drawn)You made that choice, Choose this day whom you will serve.. We do have a choice, if you are convicted,and not comfortable smoking anymore, let God do His job, and move what you want (your selfish desires)out of the way and serve God wholeheartedly. Smoking is a sin against God, for some this goes immediately others need to fast and pray. Isaiah 58 will show you what an acceptable fast is, so you can have victory over this and all situations, The bottom line flesh is weak and it must be broken, and brought under the subjection of God, please stop saying can't,won't Don'T you know our God can do more than what we think or ask of Him.
---Addie on 11/13/08

Natatsha: God bless you friend. I too was a smoker and cannot believe I am smoke-free today. I did give it to God. I also did my part. I was tired,really tired of smoking. I found no pleasure in it anymore and that was the turning point for me. Are you really tired and fed up with abusing your body? You have to face the truth. Don't give up for mom,dad,kids -no one! Give it up for you! Until you get to that point, you will continue to smoke. You also need to know smoking can kill and cause serious problems with your health. Do you care bout that? You must in order to let the cigs go for good. Then you ask the Lord to take this habit. God is waiting on you to face the truth.Until we get serious with God. He can't help us.
---Robyn on 11/13/08

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I went to church a few months ago and went up to the alter to get prayer to help me quit smoking. The lady told me that she too was a smoker, but was delivered. I thought, why can't I be delivered. She prayed that if I ever put a cigarette to my mouth again that I would throw up so bad that I would think I was throwing up my guts. When I left church I felt good and thought I would never smoke again, but indeed I smoked another cigarette and too my surprise I did not throw up. I believe that God can deliver me from all things, but I can't seem to shake this nasty habbit. Although, I do have to admit that when I prayed for the DESIRE to quit smoking I did get that result.
---Victoria on 11/11/08

I'm going through exactly the same thing & it seems that no matter how much I pray, or what happens, I just smoke more! I'm in a christian recovery group at my church. This is a really awesome support group, but I still haven't been able to quit! I'll be praying for you. Please pray for me as well.
---Chris on 4/26/08

Don't decide whether to smoke or not. Decide who to let control whether you smoke or not. Jesus or Satan. Give it to Jesus. You do not have enough strength to quit smoking. You are too weak but when you are weak, then He is strong. Ask Him to decide if you should smoke or not, then submit to His decision.
---robin8683 on 9/22/07

Natasha, I struggled with this as well, but you know how I finally got the victory over this? When I stopped trying to do it in my own strength, and really surrendered it to God. Philipians 4:13 says, I can do all things through CHRIST which strengtheneth me. God delivered me from it and gave me victory over this, so the Glory is God's. And Praise God I did not even have withdrawal symptoms. That is the power of God. Amen!
---Cynthia on 9/9/07

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Holy Spirit put into my heart a conviction that was poisoning His temple. (Which our bodies are temples of God.) If you expect Holy Spirit to live within you how do you expect Him to live in a poisoned temple? If you really love God the choice is not hard. Which one do you love more, God or cigarettes?
---denna7667 on 9/9/07

A man is as he thinks. If you believe that it holds you back then it will. It can grow into such an obsession that you will fall into condemnation. I am not discouraging you from quiting. I am saying that I truely believe that I have known good christian servants of god who smoked cigs and died. I believe that I will see them in heaven. I don't think that smoking alone will send you to Hell and I have personally known very Godly servants of God who smoked.:)I know I will get attacked over this:)
---jody_martin on 9/9/07

Paul Jen & Lynne::"" give up ALL that you posess then come & follow ME,This addiction can be overcome if you give it your 100% effort I did 27 years ago ask for an atom of his grace to get you started & then quit its not easy but that is what He did & much more to save our miserable souls which till then had no hope.I wish you well in your honest endeavour Say no to drugs.
---Emcee on 9/9/07

I know how you feel I am in exactly the same boat. I love the Lord but I love cigarettes too. How bad is that? Just like you I know that I am greiving the holy spirit and I really want to stop but can't. I will pray for you to be released from this trap.
---lynne on 9/9/07

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God loves us unconditionally with our addictions, issues, baggage, weaknesses, etc. He is not afraid or surprised at our desperate struggling to be free. God goes through it with us because we are one with Him. Everytime you fall, forgive yourself and move on. Jesus purchased your freedom with His blood and freely lavished you with grace and favor for all your sins, faults and shortcomings. God does not condemn you. So don't condemn yourself! I speak your deliverance in the name of Jesus, AMEN!
---Jen on 8/13/07

I am going through the EXACT SAME THING.
---Paul on 8/1/07

Hi Friend,
I am praying for you, but I want you to do me one thing that is, for example if and only if you are smoking six(6)cegeratte I am kindly asking you to cut it down to fou(4) for now and after two(2) weeks tou drop it to two(2)cegeratte and after another one(1)week and three(3) days you drop it to one(1)Cegeratte and at the final analysis you will realize that there is no need of smoking.

it's Prince
---prince on 3/18/07

Natasha, I went throught the same thing. No matter what I did I couldn't quit smoking cigarettes.
One day I said to God, "Lord, your son Jesus said that without Him we can do nothing, so Lord You do it".
I quite that day and have not smoked a cigarette since. That was over 4 1/2 years ago. He did it, not me. God works!
---John on 11/29/05

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I am glad everyone is supportive in their answers to you sister. Many Christians struggle with something or another. I am with you in prayer sister. Many struggle with other things like food and cussing. I have never told someone that if they receive Christ as Lord that they have to give up anything. I believe God will take it away if you are a child of God. There is so much for God to clean in our lives. Without His help we can do nothing. Trust in Him with all your heart. You will hear His answer soon.
---Lupe2618 on 11/15/05

Two and a half years ago, I sat and cried to Jesus "Please do something, my lungs are sick and I still want to smoke". In obedience to Him, I confessed it as a sin, and 2 days later I realised I was totally free. Jesus Christ took my cigarettes on The Cross....all I did was confess it and believe that He took it all. ISAIAH 53...By His stripes we are healed.
---Helen_5378 on 11/15/05

I have been there, struggled for absolute years.Just could not stop, knowing it affected my relationship with Him, just like you.I stopped cold turkey, suffered just a little,for a time. Every time I wanted one I prayed in the spirit.. have been "smoke free" for 5 years,Jesus and I have the best relationship we ever had, which grows stronger daily, and I know its because my prayers and breath are sweet..Let's BOTH pray.. Christ has won the victory for US, including giving up this rotten habit.
---karin on 11/15/05

Natasha::Habit is self formed its also a drug with an adrenelin rush,But it is not a necessity as it is Bad.I smoked for 38 years & gave it up 26 years ago it is in your mind & in your determination Start with one hour & double the time & before you Know you will be smoke free Hint Think of what God suffered for YOU.-Your smoke is destroying his temple.Hope it works there is no gain without Pain stick with it.
---Emcee on 11/14/05

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I'm not sure what must be the hardest, smoking or overeating! I will pray that God will take away your craving for nicotine. He can do it!
---Cathy_Y on 11/14/05

This is one of the hardest habits to break. Only you can break it. I have smuggled cigarettes into hospitals to smoke. I have ruined good occasions just to leave for a smoke. I ruined my partners lungs by my selfish habit. I smoke a C-Pak now to get oxygen into my diseased lungs.
When the surgeon said"I will not save your life with an operation(Triple A) unless you promise to quit."
I did
You can too
---chuck on 11/14/05

I use to smoke but one day as I was praying, it just seemed as if God was way far away. I asked Him why he is so far away, He told me my breath stinks and I stink! I asked Him what He means, He said I smell like cigarettes. I QUIT IMMEDIATELY! No problem! I don't even desire them anymore!
---pat on 11/14/05

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