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Concieved A Baby By Dating

I met a x-tian guy 4 years ago and we started dating and eventually I concieved. He wanted it to be a secret but I made it known to his family, now he has left me with the 2 year baby boy b'cose he feels ashamed and guilty. What can I do I'm a x-tian?

Moderator - How do you concieve by dating? Did you marry after having a baby? What denomination and country are you from?

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 ---Lucy on 11/14/05
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thank you frank for your post

sometimes i wonder if people come to christianet to be chastised when what they actually need is help through the Father's love.

I am sure that if Christianet was a local congregation, it will be one of the most cold hearted church anyone will want to be attending with so much talking down.

Lucy, yours is a difficult situasion. Learn from this and move on.I think you should turn to God in prayer, see a matured christian you can trust for Godly advise and help.
---patie3447 on 11/17/09

Of course, it's all too important that she didn't use proper English and replaced Chris with X, that she didn't phrase her situation in detail and conceived by dating, and that she wasn't perfect and had sinned.

Who cares if this is an actual outcry for help? Who cares if she is not able to take care of the baby?

We are all too eager to show off our knowledge about being a Christian. How about actually act like one? One who shows compassion and forgiveness toward our brothers in need?
---frank on 11/17/09

well first of all, why is everyone trying to make her feel bad? and second of all, no one is talking about the baby's father, HE LEFT HER!!! He is a coward who did not want to face the consequences, and if he was a Christian, he would not have left her!!!!!
---Lupe on 9/29/08

More hypocrisy. More sunday morning christians. Leave the child to keep your veneer. Nice. What trash. Why bother with religion?
---nunya on 5/14/08

shaz---Well, you ARE being very insensitive. You cannot make the decision whether or not these two people are or are not Christians---only God knows. I say it is between them.
---TT on 9/16/07

Don't want to sound insensitive but one does not concieve from dating. One concieves from being imature and letting emotions run their life. You both had a choice wether to sleep together or wait till marraige. Concieving a child takes 2 not 1. If you where both true CHRISTians to begin with and followed God's laws you would not be in this situation.
---Shaz on 9/15/07

First of all...what is a x-tian??? That is a new one for me and if that means Christian then first of all you need to keep Christ in Christian because without Him you're nothing.....I agree with the do you conceive by dating? Both you and the father of your child need to do some serious praying and seek counseling as the child is always the one who and denomination doesn't matter here as a child was born regardless of what country or denomination you come from....
---fran6775 on 4/7/07

God is such a merciful God. We all have made mistakes. We've messed up. Your Father loves you unconditionally. Trust God to supply your needs to raise you son in the will of God. Your son needs, love, God and a caring mother.
---Dedra5875 on 11/18/05

Madison, I was just checking ;)
and to answer your rhetorical question.. entirely too many!!
---NurseRobert on 11/18/05

Praise the Lord my sister! You committed adultery, please REPENT! God's not moved by our virtues, He's touched by "the feeling of our infirmities" (Heb 4:15), "For since He Himself has now been through suffering and temptation, He knows what it's like and He is wonderfully able to help us"(Heb 2:18). The rewards of repentance are awesome! Live a pure life. Forget about worries, the Lord is able to provide to all your needs to raise your child like a prince!!!! Be blessed!
---kalig8456 on 11/18/05

Christ really, makes the difference in one's life, am glad u didn't opt for an abortion,commit UR son in God's hands,bring him up in D way of D Lord to avoid repition of D past, pray for his father,( D heart of D king is in GOD's hands) U all need it & I'll advise U make up UR mind if U're for God or not.
---pelua3895 on 11/17/05

Saints are sinner who fell down but got up. It's done the BIG quiz, are you ready to move on or you want to wallow in self pitty? i believe that GOd created your son in your womb, you need to concentrate on raising him to live the purpose that God has created him for. your boy is a blessing, do what it takes to make sure that it happens. If the dad isn,t interested move on girl, things will not always be bad, joy eventually comes that i know. YOU CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST THAT STRENGTHENS YOU.
---Sally on 11/15/05

NurseRobert: Duh. Of course you can get pregnant by having marital sex. That is where I got my second two kids. My first was via premarital sex.

Kind of reminds me of what my mom told me where babies came from. She said "A man and woman get married and then God gives them a baby." Obviously Mom was way off on that one. How many babies are born out of wedlock each year? Just a rhetorical question.
---Madison on 11/14/05

Uh, Madison?? you can get pregnant by having maritial sex too! ;)
---NurseRobert on 11/14/05

I dated guys for years and dind't get pregnant. It was when I had sex that I got pregnant. You got pregnant by having premarital sex. That equals sin.

You violated the father's trust by telling his family. I don't know what your culture is, but he should have been the one to tell his family.

I believe you need to repent of your sin and start raising your child for Christ.
---Madison on 11/14/05

First you can repent for fornication. God will forgive you...he loves you!
---Immanuel on 11/14/05

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Dear Lucy,
Why are you blaming Christ for your sin of fornication?You need to move toward Christ not away from him.Don't let the enemy deceive you this way.If you were really angry at Christ you would not be on this site.May you turn it over to Jesus today.
---Russell on 11/14/05

You ask what to do? 1st off you have a child to think about. Forget about who did what to whom. Sounds like he was quite hurt by your going behind his back to his family without him. This is wrong way to start a life.
Your child needs your support and love. You need to start living a REAL CHRISTIAN life and ask God to help you raise this child. You say you EVENTUALLY concieved. Where you trying to get pregnant, before marraige? Not the Christian way.
---Marla on 11/14/05

Ok 1st off, do not make a point of saying you where christians. To be a true Christian you need to hold Christ in your life and keep your life pure. Sleeping together whilke dating is adultry and is not keeping your life pure. Also did you think he would stay after you went behind his back to his family? This should have been done together not in a vengeful way. you say you are an x-tian? You have left CHRIST out of it......
---Craig on 11/14/05

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