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What Is Church Of Scientology

Can anyone tell me anything about the church of scientology?I get most of my persecution from a brother that belongs to that sect. If he is an example I want nothing to do with it.

Moderator - It is a cult.

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 ---Russell on 11/14/05
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You will find plenty about it if yuo look it up on the web.It is not only a cult, it is a dangerous one, and it is a business. It separates brother from sister, parent from child, and all ordinary adherents from their money. It bends you mind, and promises that you will be able to fly through time and space.
It is a con written by a sci-fi fiction writer.
---alan8869_of_UK on 11/18/07

*There are many Christians in the church by the way.*

Just because someone says they are a Christian doesn't mean they are Christian. There no true Christian in Scientology. It is a self help relgion where people turn to themselves for healing instead of the Lord.
If it was ok to follow any Spiritual teaching besides the teaching of Jesus, God would of said so. Instead the Bible condemns it.
---Matthew on 4/30/07

they believe in reincarnation and you could came back as a bug or worse....they will not kill an insect fearing it might be their grandpa do i need to say more ?
---judy6645 on 4/29/07

I've studied various religions and must say understanding the constant ridicule my friends who are Scientologists are faced with by intolerant people has helped me better understand the pressure my friends who are Christians have in trying to live good and moral lives despite all the athiest-bigotry circulating in the media.
I can only rightly judge from personal experience: the Scientologists I've communicated with have been very kind people, couldn't have been nicer and they thanked me for caring.
---D. on 4/29/07

There're radical extremeists within every religion; it's usually radicals who became angry with religion because instead of letting it help them live moral lives, they used it to boost their ego. Rude people in a religion and rude people out of a religion are one in the same.
Russell, your brother sounds like he's gotten a bit radical. Give him some time, maybe he'll mature. My prayers are with you.
Some of the coolest people I've met are Scientologists -they're not obsessed with it, however.
---D. on 4/29/07

Chirch of Scientology is a serious organization . It's purpose is to help people to help themselves. The doctrine of the church is based on works of L. Ron Hubbard who being a truly capable and exceptionally bright individual developed one solid way healing psychic and psychosomatic ills.

The church has helped me and many other people I know. There are many Christians in the church by the way.

It is a good place with good people, ok? not a scary cult that kills people. :)

---Alexander on 1/13/07

I seem to remember something about Hubbard in Florida(1938-39) being involved, perhaps sexually, with a wealthy youth who mysteriously died(Suicide suggested) and Hubbard took off in the youth's yacht. The incident was minimized because of the war hysteria that gripped the USA(and Britain) at that stage.
---alastair_Jamrs_berry on 8/24/06

Well, I guess our discussion is over then. I'm glad that I was able to provide some true information, from personal experience as a Scientologist for 17 years, to all of you. Thank you, Mr. Moderator, for making this venue for discussion available.

Moderator - You are welcome.
---Doyle on 11/16/05

All I can say is AMEN Alan.
---NVBarbara on 11/16/05

Doyle ... there is no point in continuing this dialogue. I pray that you may find Christ.
---alan8869_of_UK on 11/16/05

It is worse than a cult. Just the name is misleading. It should be the study of science - which it is not. What they advocate is that whatever you think is true, than it's true. Your best "bet" would be to read there web site. Just write into the address section of the home page on the web., "Church of Scientology" and read up on it.
---WIVV on 11/15/05

Doyle, not all is just heard through the grapevine. I have read all I care to read about this cult. Then heard 'how wonderful' it is from members I have met. Also from the weird Tom Cruse and Kirsti Ally and John Travolta among others on TV. No morals seem to prevail in this 'religion.'
---NVBarbara on 11/15/05

Alan - 38 years ago? That's ancient history.

I can't address that. I was 5 years old. Your comments still don't make sense. If anybody ever did give "all their money" to any church, which I doubt very much ever happened in Scientology, that person is a moron. Wouldn't you agree? And if this is the same person who complains about Scientology, would you listen? I wouldn't.
Scientology is a vital religious movement. Millions like it. I like it. The weird stories are not very believable.
---doyle on 11/15/05

Emcee ... Scientology was started by the Science Fiction writer L Ron Hubbard & I think he was American.
I did not really have a lucky escape, because I realised it was nonsense from the start.
But it was plausible, and the whole message was "Get "cleared" by Scientology and you will make a fortune. Yes, a bit like the Prosperity Christians.
---alan8869_of_UK on 11/15/05

Doyle, I did not mean that such as you could not leave Saint Hill. I mean those young idealistic enquirer's who became easy converts who then were kept at Saint Hill, not allowed to communicate with their families, and even when they did manage that, were not allowed to leave the premises to return home.
And there were those who sold everything and gave it to the cult, then when they wanted to leave, they could not because they had no money to live on.
---alan8869_of_UK on 11/15/05

Mod ... this all happened to me about 38 years ago. I can't remember what the charges were exactly, but they came toi some hundreds of pounds per level attained, and you had to but yuor own E-meters (the lie detector gadget)
---alan8869_of_UK on 11/15/05

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Alan ::You had a narrow escape,I have heard this once your in your in no outs like the Masons.this org also started in England ,I believe.They just want your money!!!!
---Emcee on 11/15/05

Mr. Moderator,
I can't speak for anyone else's experience. I can only share mine. I do want to point out one thing. If you search the Internet for "Christianity cult bad experience", you'll find thousands of stories of people who are sour on Christianity. Perhaps some people are just prone to complain. Perhaps they just never understood what the point was. I don't know.
---Doyle on 11/15/05

I think I did answer your question to the best of my ability. As a Scientologist for 17 years, I have neither seen nor heard of anything even resembling what you described. I even spent an month in your fine country once, at Saint Hill. At the end of a very pleasant month, I left.
Through 17 years of direct, personal experience, I have found Scientology to be helpful and its people to be the most honest and ethical group I have ever seen.

Moderator - Many people have stories such as Alan's. Are all of these others just bad experiences or are there some elements of truth?
---Doyle on 11/15/05

Because he is your brother, you need to have something to do with it... ie, learn everything about it that you can. More importantly, know your own faith/belief system. I believe that you can minister truth to him more effectively if you speak with knowledge and confidence. There is always truth mixed in with Satan's lies... find, if there is any, the truth, even if it's very small, and start there.
---daphn8897 on 11/15/05

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Doyle ... What I say is not hearsay ... it is what I expereinced, and what the cult threatened me with.
Why do you not answer?
---alan8869_of_UK on 11/15/05

Mod . Just to find out what was involved, I had an initial "audit" session, and they announced I had cleared a lot of garbage from my past. Nonsense ... I felt just the same as before. Then the promise came ... if I paid, I could progress. I elected not to join, and then the endless invoices for membership (I had never said I would join)legal action threatened & threatening mail started ."look what happened to so & so (accidents, financial losses etc) when they tried to leave"

Moderator - How much money did they want?
---alan8869_of_UK on 11/15/05

Your other reader's responses contained this phrase: "...from the information I've read and heard..." If I only "read" and "heard" what critics said about Christianity, I might have a skewed view.
I have been an active Scientologist for just over 17 years. I am still stongly connected to every single member of my family and nobody has ever recommended or demanded anything different.
---Doyle on 11/15/05

The late L.Ron Hubbard made a fortune on his new found religion.His science fiction books were poor, but his beliefs appealed to many.Just keep giving money and you will be able to do anything! From the information I've read and heard members say that we as a race were brought here from another planet and can achieve anything we desire.THAT,of course if you keep getting audited pay the big bucks and move to a higher level! Travolta claims to be at the highest level.The devil must be getting a huge laugh!
---NVBarbara on 11/15/05

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Doyle ... Can you explain how it is that there are those who cannot escape from Saint Hill (the UK centre)?
Please explain why members are forced to sever all connection with their family.
Please explain why when I refused to join scientology, I was sent mail from Saint Hill which described what happened to those who tried to defy the movement.
---alan8869_of_UK on 11/15/05

Mod .. "Auditing" is a process by which it is claimed that harmfull and restricting things from your past are recalled and supposedly dealt with. It involves a sort of lie-detector apparatus. It mimics in a spurious way the peace you receive when you confess to God and accept Christ. But there is no God in it. By continuing "auditing" you can eventually become a "clear" and then a "thetan" ... I think these are the ones who can travel in time and space.

Moderator - Were they trying to make you do this?
---alan8869_of_UK on 11/15/05

Mr. Moderator,
I cannot agree with your statement as it could be misinterpreted. Sceintology is an applied religious philosophy. It is not a Christian religion. Christians can study and participate in Scientology, if they want to. I have never found anything in the bible or heard anything from a Christian that proves that statement false.

Moderator - Bottomline it isn't Christian which I believe is what most people here are attempting to point out.
---Doyle on 11/15/05

I once heard a presentation by a scientologist. As a result I went up to find out more (not to join) to the London, UK base. I was "audited" with tin cans. It was laughable. They had my name, and thereafter I was pursued to join, and threatened when I said I did not want to. The post I received was quite frightening.

Moderator - What does audited with tin cans mean?
---alan8869_of_UK on 11/15/05

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Scientology is without a doubt a cult. Stay as far away from it as you can. Think about all the trouble Tom Cruise is causing! Stay away from scientology.
---April on 11/15/05

Scientology is without a doubt a cult. Stay as far away from it as you can. Think about all the trouble Tom Cruise is causing! Stay away from scientology.
---April on 11/15/05

In Scientology world religion; do you pray to Jesus Son of God almighty? I not it has to be a cult.
There is only 1 true God, he died for use on a cross for are sins. Scientology Is a way around having to say I serve Jesus. And still feel good about you self. Let no man put ant other god before me. Jesus
---chris on 11/15/05

If you are a scientologist, you are serving the devil and he will send you straight to hell. The man who started this cult is demon posessed and is a money hungry aggressor.
---shira on 11/15/05

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I am a Scientologist. Nothing in any of your answers so far has been remotely true. Scientology is a world religion, fast-growing and popular. Naturally some are going to attack it, as they once fed Christians to the lions. Your readers should find out for themselves, not listen to the lion keepers.

Moderator - Whether one calls it a religion or a cult, the bottomline is that Scientology isn't Christian. Would you agree with that statement?
---Doyle on 11/15/05

To those of you who know something about scientology - would they be the slightest bit interested in recruiting someone who is really, really poor?
---M.P. on 11/15/05

They do not believe in God
They havea web site /// look at this

Thye also threaten to kill those who try to leave their cult
---alan8869_of_UK on 11/15/05

Alan,it is interesting that you say this cult is the project of a science fiction writer,as my brother is big fan of such books.He also is very wealthy and gives a LOT of money to these people.when I questioned the beliefs of these people he became very angry and threatened to kill me if I said anything about them,I said that doesn't sound like my God at God is a God of love,not hate.
---Russell on 11/14/05

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I had a business and had a pupil who was involved in the church. They believe they can heal themselves with their faith. Tom Cruise scolded Brook Fields for seeing a psychiatrist for depression. She was in bad shape after the birth of her baby and is now fine. They like people with money and have many movie stars in their grasp. God help them for they are indeed a cult.
---Audrey on 11/14/05

Moderator,I suspected as much,his belief is that all humans are they're own god,that it is ok to use people to get ahead,and everyone sins and will do some time in hell therefor you must do all you can while you are here.I want to break off all ties with this brother but am I supposed to forgive the evil he has done to me and remain his brother?
---Russell on 11/14/05

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