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Can I Break My Vow Of Chasity

Will God punish me if I break my vow of chastity.

Moderator - Are you serious? Yes, there consequences for disobedience.

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 ---ifeanyi on 11/14/05
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If you're breaking your vow to get married, then I don't believe Jesus is going to cast you into Hell, but He might not use you as mightily as He had planned. You aren't supposed to make vows in the first place, but I don't think your vow stands with God if it is binding you in a situation where you might be burning with passion. Not everyone is like Paul. Sure, God could give you the strength to endure, but I don't believe that He intends for any of us to end up miserable because we make vows in our ignorance of what or who is ahead of us in our lives. If you're getting married to another believer, then I don't believe Jesus will condemn you for being in love. He has called us to peace. God bless!
---Bryan on 2/6/09

Jesus's Opinion:
Jesus commands his followers not to swear (vow) at all! In principle, Christians aren't suppose to make binding promises, if they do, they'll "experience evil"! See Matthew 5:34-37

Paul's Opinion:
According to Paul, if you are a Gentile Christian, you are to not to "observe" a vow! See Acts 21:23-25.

My thought:
What is worse? Breaking you vow, or disobeying Jesus and Paul?

To experience freedom in this area, repent for disobeying Christ's command, and find comfort in Paul's conclusion. Jesus will forgive you! (1 John 1:9) According to Paul, Gentile Christians shouldn't observe vows, therefore, you aren't bound by your vow!

God Bless,
---William on 11/16/08

Mod .. # 1 It is not as simple as you suggest. The vow of chastity is not only to remain pure till marriage ... it is life long chastity and abstinence, and not marrying. It can be taken for the wrong reasons, and is a promise to oneself, perhaps thinking it is to God.

Moderator - Interesting, I had just never heard the word used that way.
---alan8869_of_UK on 7/27/07


Many of the responses given here assume you are talking about becoming sexually active out side of marriage.
Unfortunately, your question just does not give enough information for an informed answer. Could you please be more specific as to just what you are talking about?
---Bruce5656 on 11/20/06

It is better not to Vow than to Vow and Break it...[see what Sage Solomon has to say in Ecclesiastes]. Even so, unless you are G-d, there is a chance you will break vows. Gandhi broke his Vow of Celibacy [by going to bed w/ his wife] on a few occasions--post vows. *Control of Palate is KEY.

---Reiter on 11/20/06

Why do you want to break the vow? Is it because you want to marry, or to become sexually active? He's not going to punish you if you can't keep it, but do it for the RIGHT reason...within marriage, and continue to serve the Lord.
---Amy on 11/16/05

If any::This question needs deeper insight.are you seeking a reaction or exposing a pact which you have is obvious near & of dear importance to you.& after much consideration tended this for advice,but without adequate material it would be unfair to make a blanket statement so if you can give a few more detais & the type of chaste vows you envisaged & not able to keep would need more data
---Emcee on 11/15/05

No. God doesn't operate that way - to "punish". BUT, as others have said, He has establised consequences for actions - whether good or bad. And, He chastens (brings correction) to those whom He loves. Assuming you are a Christian, you already know that sex outside of marriage is not pleasing to God. So... don't even go there...
---daphn8897 on 11/15/05

You know, I am a single woman. With the help of the Holy Spirit, I've been practicing celebacy for over 10 years now. The stress I endured by falling into sexual sins in the past, just is not worth it girl. Pray tell the Father exactly, what you are feeling, He'll understand and help you to keep the vow you made to Him.
---Dedra5875 on 11/15/05

Are you a nun? If you are,are you thinking of leaving your order? In that case you would give up your vows you took.

However, celebacy is the only option a single person has unless they choose to fall into sin.
WAIT until marriage to give that gift to your husband.
---NVBarbara on 11/15/05

Are you referring to having taken a vow of chastity FOR LIFE (as do monks and nuns etc.) or are you referring to being chaste until marriage. If you are referring to a vow for life I'd say you can break it (but should still stay chaste until marriage). I believe you are allowed to change your mind on a vow like that, mainly because most are not Christians when they make these vows. Once you are saved you are a new creature and, in many ways, can start all over again.
---M.P. on 11/15/05

Are you a Roman Catholic Nun? I understand that RCC priests and nuns have a VOW OF CHASTITY and a VOW OF CELIBACY to consider always! If you are an RCC priest, or an RCC nun, and you want to break your vows, then get out of the congregation! Stop being a priest or being a nun! Not only God will punish you. Also the church!
---Linda6546 on 11/15/05

i think as christians we can answer the question without getting meen about it. we are to love everyone. some of these replys are very unchristian. lets show love as we councel them asking questions. rev.ed cogswell
---edward on 11/14/05

By your question I am guessing you are both far too young and far to imature to break your vow of chastity period.
God's laws are clear. breaking chastity is a S.I.N. and Yes you can be punished for this.
Grow up and mature.....and find a husband before dealing with such issues.
Ask some single mom's what they think.
---Craig on 11/14/05

Well, when you do something sinful intentionally then YES, God has every right to punish you when he has made his law clear in his word.
And WHY would you want to?
---Marla on 11/14/05

I usually say there are no dumb questions but there are exceptions I guess. Why would you be exempt from obeying God's laws. Do you think you are ore special than anyone else or something?
Of course you will be p[unished if you do something intentionally that you know is wrong ion God's eyes!
---Shaz on 11/14/05

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Mod .. # 3 But obviously, we should all be chaste outside marriage ... that does not need an extra vow.
I don't think the question referred to this, but to the situation perhaps where a person has gone into a nunnery or monastary, or even the RC priesthood for the wrong reasons
---alan8869_of_UK on 11/14/05

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