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Any Native Americans Here

I'm trying to get connected with Native American christians. There's Native blood in my ancestry, or so my uncle tells me, and I just have a heart for Native American missions. It would be great to meet and chat with any Native Americans also! Thanks for any help. :)

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 ---Julie on 11/15/05
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There is La Vida mission in New Mexico for the Navajo nation. Spent time there as a child, my grandfather was administrator. Wonderful things to learn and do.
---dan on 4/5/08

I am Sa La Ki (Cherokee). Cherokee means "people with strange language". My Mother is Sa la Ki & a little French, my Dad is Sa La Ki , Choctaw & Irish. I go to pow wow, dress in regalia (we make our own native clothes, usually cloth, deer, & feathers) & minister to our tribe & clans. I will post a picture of me in regalia.
---Chip on 4/4/08

Lee Eggert, I have a friend who,with her husband,were working in missions for the Indians on the reservation or near it several years ago in New Mexco and also I think in Arizonia. I am surprised you never came in contact with anyone working in missions for Indians for if you search you'll find several. There is also groups who go to have short mission trips for Indians. Hope this helps. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 4/3/08

I am Cherokee on both my Mother and Fathers side of the Family, they were from the civilized tribes,on my mothers side they went on the trail of tears when the government took their lands in Georgia because Gold was found there. My Fathers side was well to do and went to Texas to escape the persecution,In Texas you could just say you
were of Mexican blood and they would leave you alone. My great grandfather on my mothers side escaped the the reservation when he was 15 and went to Texas for freedom.
---exzucuh on 3/25/08

My father is from the Yaqui tribe. And for all the 'missions' that are out there, I have yet to see one for Native Americans. Folks seem to leave the country when we have many lost here of our own. I have never seen an outreach in the mid-west or the south west where tribes are located. If you ever catch wind of one, please let me know. Thanks.
---Lee_Eggert on 3/25/08

Russell Means, Lakota indian activist and actor calls himself American Indian, not native american because everybody born in this country is a native american. I agree with him.
---RJ on 11/30/06

Yes i am a choctaw indian on my mom's side
---Betty on 9/11/06

I am 1/8 Cherokee from my mother's side.
---gregg8944 on 3/5/06

Five generations back on Dad's side my grandparents were both 100% Native American,not sure which tribe but either Cherokee or Choctow.I think I am about 1/16th Indian.Richienda,my son-in-law is from Kamiah,Id,born and raised there, which I believe is on the Reservation land.I was lucky enough to be there for the Parade and Gathering of the Tribe.Teepees set up and dancing around the fires,enjoyed it greatly,beautiful,and impressive.
---Darlene_1 on 12/2/05

I am not a Native American but being a "Lewis and Clark" buff I am familiar with the ones who reside around the Columbia River Valley area. Very interesting stuff!
---John on 11/16/05

Hi, I am a Native american and I have been a christian for a year. I am enrolled Coeur d' Alene tribe from the north Idaho region. richa7484
---Richienda on 11/15/05

There is one called "The Open Door Mission" that operates in S.Central Washington. It is on the Yakama Indian reservation. The Confederated tribes of the Yakama nation are decendants of 14 different tribes.
They have a sight on the Net. There is a family of Hopi Indians at my church here in Nevada.
Look on the Net under "Native American Ministries Directory." Hope this helps.
---NVBarbara on 11/15/05

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