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Is It A Sin To Be A Rich Christian

Is it sin for a christian to be extremely wealthy?

Moderator - No. That would be the same statement as saying an extremely poor Christian is very holy. God looks at our relationship to the money.

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 ---Lily on 11/16/05
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They must be moving for cheap labor. it seems to me they make enough money to leave coke in Atlanta and keep their employes.
---shira3877 on 8/9/11

Being a country boy, who works for a World Fortune 500 company it's my experience that competitive profit margins cannot be held in this country. We do not protect our patents against the world who rapes our patent offices and steals our best ideas after years of research. We get inferior product value return for a slightly less price.
Company stock holders demand a return and growth. 8%+. Exec's protecting their overinflated salary's will do anything, I mean anything to deliver. Including giving our secrets to a world that hates us. Integrity may be a lost mark of America.
---Trav on 8/9/11

money is a MEDIUM OF EXCHANGE. many christians demonize it as sin bec. of their ignorance they quote the verse 'money is the ROOT OF ALL EVILS'. but the 'LOVE' of it creates all evils. when you work hard & honest you will reap plenty what you sow plenty.
also, christians will say 'DO NOT BE WORLDLY'
---mike on 8/9/11

trav, don't know if your last blog was to me but I totally agree with what you said. I was not referring to greedy companies, I was referring to the general population. Did you know that coke is moving out of the country? China or mexico can't remember. They must be moving for cheap labor. it seems to me they make enough money to leave coke in Atlanta and keep their employes.
---shira3877 on 8/9/11

Tell that to the employees of Enron. Tell that to the multiple laid off employees of Kodak. Tell that to the people who invested in New Castle Partners.

A lot of them got there by stealing the money from others.
---NurseRobert on 8/1/11

They also got caught or you couldn't talk about it. Some justice is here some later. They have no honor. We all face the great they and we have that to look forward to.
More so those who justify,vote for and worship abortion,pervert proponents as leaders.
I hold a thieves in more regard than these.
---Trav on 8/9/11

nothing wrong with people having money, some lots of money. I know many inherit riches but the wealthy people I know have worked hard for what they have. If they started giving away money, they would have a line 10 miles long waiting for their "share". God takes care of the less fortunate and I know because He takes care of me. I don't even have lots of money and people still want to borrow from me. If I was like the government I would give away more than I make.
---shira3877 on 8/8/11

ihave collected for both christian and medical chrities by calling on people's homes

it is noticeable that in homes that are poorer than average, they keep a pot of change behind the door for giving to chariry callers

in middle earners homes we are given a pound or two.

from the wealthy homes we collect very little usually they see us coming and hide, or give less than from the poorest homes
---alan8566_of_uk on 8/8/11

Today 85% of wealth in the US belongs to 20 percent of the population. And how's our economy doing right now?

sounds like someone really does NOT understand how to EARN money!

if the wealthy GAVE all away today to 85% in less than 3 years the 85% would be right back where they are TODAY

however the wealthy would have EARNED back their money or be well on the way to replacing it

LEST you forget MANY choose to be poor preferring and often DEMANDING handouts FROM wealthypeople because they have been taught by wealthy religionists more pious TO BE poor and receive

sadly those who HATE wealthy have no understanding of money given away - can only make ignorant assumptions that they don't give away enough
---Rhonda on 8/8/11

1 JOHN 2:15 Do not love the world or the things in the world, If anyone loves the world, the love of the father is not in him.
---RICHARDC on 8/7/11

Donna, remember that God looks inside the HEART.

Why do almost all rich people donate only a VERY SMALL percentage of their wealth? Are you saying it is because they worry that they won't be able to "create jobs" and "help the economy" if they give more money? Is this REALLY why they don't donate more to help others? Might as well be honest about this because God knows the truth.

FYI, any unbiased economist will tell you that whenever most a nation's wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few, the economy suffers. Just examine history- look at the Great Depression. Today 85% of wealth in the US belongs to 20 percent of the population. And how's our economy doing right now?
---Peter on 8/7/11

It is the "love of money" that is sin. I suppose that if a believer is very wealthy and is also stingy and unloving with his gift, then it would be sin. Although we are saved by grace through faith, we are also designed for good works, to tangibly love neighbors as ourselves. A wealthy Christian should help those in need when he can.
---jody on 8/6/11

Rhonda, I was responding to Peters statement that "Every single rich person got where they are due to God-given talents or luck, or most likely a combination of the two."

Try to keep up here..
---NurseRobert on 8/5/11

A lot of them got there by stealing the money from others.
---NurseRobert on 8/1/11

more people bilking employers by stealing little things like paper, pens, etc ...balancing their checkbooks, making personal appointments, or personal phone time and many other non-work activities which is STEALING from their employers

one does not have to physically STEAL money to be stealing money by doing personal activities on company time yet majority of employees do this - so common today it is expected and overlooked ...yet it is still stealing

a few dozen crooked executives does not make EVERY wealthy person dishonest no more than a few crooked cops, or a LOT of poor who steal
---Rhonda on 8/5/11

Peter---//Every single rich person got where they are due to God-given talents or luck, or most likely a combination of the two.//

Every single rich person? Yes, without God-given talents and opportunity (some times the talent is in recognizing opportunity when it arises) wealth is usually not possible. But unless money is inherited, it usually takes more than that! I've seen people with lots of talent and luck make a fortune, then promptly lose it (NOT because of lack or talent or bad luck).
How about 3 things needed to acquire wealth... talent, luck and hard work?br>
And MOST wealthy people are not "crooks", any more than most poor people, who are also accused of frequent criminal behavior.
---Donna66 on 8/2/11

Every single rich person got where they are due to God-given talents or luck, or most likely a combination of the two.

---peter on 7/25/11

Tell that to the employees of Enron. Tell that to the multiple laid off employees of Kodak. Tell that to the people who invested in New Castle Partners.

A lot of them got there by stealing the money from others.
---NurseRobert on 8/1/11

Rhonda-- OK, I'll accept that God is a co-creator in my life ( since I have some responsibility for my own life)
But that is quite different from me being co-creator with Him. I can praise Him all day long (and I imagine it pleases Him when I do). I can give all my time, energy and resources to others and to spread the Gospel. But I can't see that as being "co" anything with God. HE is Master, Supreme Creator, Savior, the Almighty, the Most High. I owe Him everything.
At least that's MY viewpoint.
---Donna66 on 7/31/11

But it doesn't make me any more important to God than one who does not give to others and so misses that blessing.

interesting rich and wealth are always TIED to material by those without material - another excuse not to "give" cuz they got nothing to give ...another LIE BOUGHT by the masses to keep them in a state of want, need, envy, and hatred over those who have

GIVING can be of ones TIME, GIVING can be of knowledge, lessons, love, wisdom and SO MUCH more than the material ...always a missed blessing when one believes they have nothing to give - it just continues the big LIE religion uses to make those without hate those who have
---Rhonda on 7/31/11

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Rhonda-- Being a "co-creator with God" seems to elevate man to a position far above a mere "giver" of what one has received from God!

not at all!!! I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me

KNOWING that everything I do I bring GLORY to The Father in Heaven ...I sing HIS praises all day ...I do my work for HIM all day

HE is most certainly my co-creator for anything in my physical mortal life ...without HIM I have no life
---Rhonda on 7/31/11

Rhonda-- Being a "co-creator with God" seems to elevate man to a position far above a mere "giver" of what one has received from God!
At least, I, myself, could never use that expression. God ALONE is the "creator".

Whatever I can give, has been first given to me by God. Nothing compares with the blessing that accompanies giving. It is a joy!
But it doesn't make me any more important to God than one who does not give to others and so misses that blessing.
---Donna66 on 7/30/11

God expects us to give back what He has given us.

AMEN and giving is so powerful - when one truly gives from their heart without expectation

It is ALL His anyway we should be thankful for having the rights of use in our mortal flesh or as many who have more than enough will say "they are co-creators with HIM" only giving The Father in Heaven glory for all they have and are blessed with daily.
---Rhonda on 7/30/11

Rhonda, I agree with you. I believe it is biblical for man to work for what he gets. If a man don't work, he don't eat. That is the way it is suppose to be. We are witnesses to a fat lazy generation that feels entitled. Nothing wrong with being wealthy if we support God's work. God expects us to give back what He has given us.
---shira3877 on 7/30/11

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If a rich man gives all his money to the starving...the money finally runs out, people are hungry again, and there is no more money for the "rich" man to give.


sadly the liberal mentality and religious lies TEACH many to under-perform in life hate the rich labeling them as greedy ...learning to be angry and resentful of them YET ironically demand more to be GIVEN to them by the rich

somehow the wealthy should endlessly and tirelessly create money to GIVE to those who either refuse to EARN it, or have bought religious lie it is better to be poor and receive
---Rhonda on 7/27/11

//how does anyone end up with 100+ or 1000+ times the wealth of the average folk?//
It's called "investment"... money loaned at interest, something owned but rented to others for their use, selling something you own or create or even imagine, to someone who can use it or find another buyer for it.

And before God, I would argue that money is EARNED by those who build, produce materials for, or sell the rich man's jet or mansion. This money can feed and educate the workmans children... to support themselves and their families as well.
If a rich man gives all his money to the starving...the money finally runs out, people are hungry again, and there is no more money for the "rich" man to give.
---Donna66 on 7/26/11

hi, i am new to this site and would very much like to share my ideas and learn from others ideas. it is not a sin for a christian to be xtremly wealthy but DONT let your wealth deprive you of your relationship or closeness to God. the way you can get to heaven as a wealthy man is to extend your wealth/riches to the poor.
---goody on 7/26/11

Even besides the hard work argument, you and I both know that God would never want a rich person to buy a mansion or private jet while millions are starving. If you would argue otherwise in front of God, then we'll talk.

argue? how about finding anything remotely close to that idea in Holy Scripture

you PREACH an idea that religion has shoved down mankinds throat for centuries

it is a sin to be rich YET nothing in Holy Scripture makes this claim

YOUR argument is self-fulfilling and rests on whatever BRAND of christianity and their doctrines you serve

Holy Scripture would have no argument nor would God because it isn't IMPLIED in Scripture
---Rhonda on 7/25/11

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The world will end before anyone can legitimately prove that rich people are rich because they work hard, while poor people don't work hard. Every single rich person got where they are due to God-given talents or luck, or most likely a combination of the two.

Why? It is only physically possible for someone to work maybe 5 or 10 times harder than an average person. So then how does anyone end up with 100+ or 1000+ times the wealth of the average folk, unless luck or some other factor like talents is involved?

Even besides the hard work argument, you and I both know that God would never want a rich person to buy a mansion or private jet while millions are starving. If you would argue otherwise in front of God, then we'll talk.
---peter on 7/25/11

Amen Mod

David was wealthy

Solomon had an enormous supply of wealth ...some studies have suggested in a comparison of the times Solomon lived in his wealth still exceeds those who are wealthiest today

the LIES taught in mainstream christianity are it is a sin to be rich ...therefore GIVE US all your money and you will be? I don't know ...forgiven for having riches

rcc established this way back its earliest years sometime after it began in 300AD ...the rich paid MORE for their sins other words pay the church your "sin money" and ALL will be forgiven

how else do you think rcc became the WEALTHIEST sovereign state?
---Rhonda on 5/28/11

It depends on whether the money is our servant, or we are the money's servant. If money is our tool, we can be very effective. If money is our drug or our god, we have major problems.
---StrongAxe on 5/7/11

//God looks at our relationship to the money.//

God looks at our relationship to Him and others despite the money.

'Rich' is not whether you have money or not. It is how you are with and/or without earthly devices. For it not the money, it is the heart and how spiritually rich it is and from where you derive your Comfort.

Jesus did not say that it is impossible for a rich man ...He said it is easier.
---aka on 4/26/11

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Amen Moderator

only religion TEACHES the lie it is better to be poor ...this way people remain victims their whole lives ...WAITING for handouts and struggling to get by on whatever they can ...sold on the idea from spinning and twisting Holy Scripture ...the SPIN of mortal men keeping the masses prisoner and slaves to government and the rich ...the rich who provide jobs and contribute money to all of the free things they get to do ...including all the goodies they GET at their "church" because less than half of any church has its members contributing ...sort of ironic how the poor are so pious

it's a SIN to have one's mind enslaved by lies of mortal men perverting Holy Scripture
---Rhonda on 4/26/11

I believe there is a serious problem with this in america.Yeshuas life on earth was an example for us to live by.ppl think being rich is having loads of money well im here to tell you half the world lives on less than 2 dollars a day and a quater of them live on less than1 dollar.the american church just wants to make everything easy. Christs life was not easy. It was hardship and suffering. Am i saying GOD will not bless you? He will but it is what you do with that blessing. It is about putting him first does anybody take the bible serious anymore luke 12:22-34. We must be about the Fathers business. We dont just pull him out off a shelf when it is convienent. I want nothing more than to seek Him and further His kingdom that is why we r here.
---just_a_voice on 4/25/11


It is not a sin to be rich. I read in the scriptures of Abraham, Issac, Jacob, King David, Solomon, Boaz, the Apostle Matthew, Zacchaeus, etc. All were blessed with wealth (Deut 8:18 & Eccl 5:19).

I know, some of you are saying "the Apostle Matthew?" Matthew was also known as Levi, read Luke 5:29.

Just don't make mammom (the love of money) your god (Matt 6:24)

Hope this helps,
---trey on 10/22/07

Yes it is. I say that because you used the word extremely wealthy. Anyone that has more money then they need, while others need help is not really in line with the teachings and thinking of Jesus. So they earned it you say. So I say then they must have the power to give it away. You can be holy and commit sin, as all men do, and there are many unholy poor people and rich people. Hording money is very self centered.
---Doug on 10/22/07

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Rich people can go to heaven as well as the poor. Salvation is free to all. Rich will people have to really guard against making money their God, which is a hard thing to do. This is why God says in His Word "it is as hard for a rich person to make it to heaven as it is for a camel to go through the eye of a needle". They eye of an actual needle is very small. Why? Because most rich people worship money and feel they have no need of God. But it is no sin to be wealthy or rich.
---Robyn on 10/20/07

Not at all.If you look at the Bible you find a good number of Gods people who were mighty rich right from Abraham, through David , Solomon. The only caveat to Christian richness is that we ve to use our riches to glorify God and be a blessing to others.Thats where most fail...
---pkay on 10/19/07

Any sin would not be in the weatlh but how the wealth is viewed or used.
1 Timothy 6:10, "For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows."
1 John 3:17, "But whoso hath this world's good, and seeth his brother have need, and shutteth up his bowels of compassion from him, how dwelleth the love of God in him?"
---Bruce5656 on 4/15/07

The word of God warns the rich to be ready to distribute to those who have need. He who gathered much had none over and he who gathered little had no lack. The early Christians distributed to the neccessities of the poor saints.
---Shari on 7/20/06

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No it's not a sin to be wealthy nor rich, as long as you don't put your money BEFORE GOD. Money is the root of evil, only means what you will allow money to do to you and what you will do for money. I was just reading on the temple and the home that was built since David could not build it those men had plenty of money and not too mention gold. my advice to you is to enjoy it but don't let it change you, stay under the blood of JESUS!one more thing JESUS was not poor, they DIDN'T HAVE ROOM for him!!!

Moderator - It's the "LOVE" of money that is the root of all evil not money.
---Tonia on 7/20/06

This question has relevance to me. Because I have a excess of money, I'm very concerned. My wife says money can quickly disappear through illness or something else so it is not prudent to give money a way. I disagree.

Moderator - There is a fine balance as we are told to be givers, but also to be savers to pass on to our grandkids.
---mima on 7/20/06

A wealthy man is kept wealthy by sitting on his extra wealth (hoarding). Outside of charity, his other option is spending it on himself in some capacity (self-indulging). Is excess wealth sinful if not given to charity? I don't know. But if not neutral, it's certainly neither "Christian" nor "godly."
---Jesus_Johnson on 7/19/06 is a blessing .. If my Nana wills to me all her worldly fortune obtained thru hard work, that is a blessing..but a christian must make sure that God is the one he should worship..not his fortune..he must not forget God's portion of it...and he will be doubley blessed if he give willingly...
---jana on 6/17/06

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Christians, lay up treasures in heaven not earth; if a "christian" obtains earthly wealth through fleecing, dishonesty, illegally, IS wrong. To keep wealth for personal use, greed ,self gratification, even if inherited, is not pleasing in His sight, OR if wealth became a God. A wealthy Christian can be a healthy christian, as the reverse can be..I want to be wealthy in Christ, and spread Him around, that is the best wealth, and I believe I am, because God gave all for me..His Son .
---karin on 2/25/06

Yes it is a sin to be very wealthy. Send all your money to me and you'll be saved.
---Miser on 1/14/06

It is not a sin to be a wealthy Christian providing the money is legal. How much is being rich anyway? It is what we do with our money that makes the difference. Storing it up just so we can get pleasure from counting it would be rather sick but working hard, saving hard and then using what we have where needed (for self and others) is correct. Some people supplement small pensions with savings because they have slightly too much to claim added benefits.
---emg on 11/30/05

That is lovely Barbara and I hope they both settle well into their new home after the good start you have given them. I know some Christians who give away every spare penny they get - each week. They feel they should never have more than enough for their immediate needs. Fine if God leads them that way but God has led me to save (I will have no works pension) and from my savings I can help when various needs arise around the world or in my family or church.
---M.A. on 11/22/05

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What could be wrong to be wealthy, as long as it was not ill gotton gains, and that we give from our hearts to our church, and others in need?
We have a friend who married and had a baby 1 year later. Her husband abandoned her and she had no where to go. She and the precious 3 month old are with us. We gave her shelter and food. She is working and putting the child in day care.With G'ment help she will move into an Apt. at the end of this month.I am greatful that God gave us the means to be of help.
---NVBarbara on 11/21/05

i agree with MP.! I believe God wants great things for us. If you were having dinner and your son or daughter got on her knees and starting eating the scraps of the floor, wouldnt you say "my child come and eat with me".. I like what Gem said though.. my opinion means nothing. Its all about God. We all have our individual relationships with HIM and its not up to us to judge each other on what we feel God wants for us financially.
---natasha on 11/19/05

Being generous to those in need is ONE use of money. Anyone who has a problem with someone who has more money than WE think they should have has a problem within themselves because we should not be concerned about another's income, savings, giving etc. These are all matters that are between the individual and God.
---M.P. on 11/19/05

In Matthew 25:15-30 we read the parable of the talents. Although this parable might actually be referring to witnessing and increasing the number of people who will be saved it still refers to money, inventments and gaining interest, none of which are described as being bad things. Handled correctly and wisely money can be a good thing.
---M.P. on 11/19/05

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Elder, agreed absolutely BUT I didn't say that I don't give NOW did I? I hope you are not judging me on the small amount of information I've given about myself on this subject.
---M.A. on 11/19/05

yes and no, both are right in my opinion but then again opinions dont count only what God says does, so,God says if u want to be perfect,go sell your possesions and give to the needy, and He says its not easy for a wealthy man to enter the kingdom of heaven , i guess we are too earthly bound and not enough heavenly minded to ever give as much away as we should and its about rev 2 we just dont love Him enough !
---Gem on 11/19/05

NO! Moses, Daniel, David, Jacob, Abraham, Job, these men we followers of God and he rewarded them with riches. THEY WERE RICH!!!! But the secret is they did not worship the riches God gave them, they worshipped God, get the picture here?? Don't love the money, treat it as a blessing from God (as it shd be)!
---bornagin on 11/18/05

Me, it sounds like you have reached 1/2 of your goal. The Bible says the Love of money is evil.
M A, people who have millions who never gave when they were Dollaraires will never give when they are Millionaires.
No where did God tell us to give out of our plenty of dollars but out of our need.
Maybe God looks at what we keep as much as He looks at what we give.
I personally thank those of you here that are givers. You have taught me a lot.
---Elder on 11/18/05

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To me, a definition of rich can be derived from the passage I quoted earlier (1 Timothy 6:17 & 18). I would define one as rich when they have the ability to be generous ... not constrained by lack (or greed).
---DoryLory on 11/18/05

I am with brother Elder, send some of it to me so I can buy more books to learn. Like brother Bruce said, what is rich? I believe I am rich with so many things now. God has blessed me in many ways. we are all rich becuase of the Grace God has for us. Just think of the wealthy that have the money but no salvation. They have nothing to look forward to as we do. Yes, God has given us His inheirtance, what more do we need?
---Lupe2618 on 11/18/05

You know, a real problem with trying to answer this question is how to define "rich". I have a nephew who has a mental illness and is on welfare. To him, I am "rich". When I look at some of the incomes stated in the profiles of people here, they look "rich" to me.

Just what is "rich"?
---Bruce5656 on 11/18/05

No; it is not a sin for a Christian to be rich. This means that the Lord has blessed you ! It is what you can do with the money that could make it a sin but if you are a strong Christian you will know how to spend it in ways that would be pleasing to the Lord ! God bless and take care !
---Deana on 11/17/05

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"Command THOSE WHO ARE RICH in this present world not to be arrogant not to put their hope in wealth, which is so uncertain, but to put their hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment. Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generaous and willing to share." (1 Timothy 6:17,18)

Moderator - Thank you DoryLory because that is one of the bottomline scriptures for this topic.
---DoryLory on 11/17/05

I doubt that posing my question yet again will produce a straight answer. I agree that the scripture verse is indeed clear and straightforward. I will always be amazed how we, as Christians with specific agendas, have the ability to ignore, rationalize and explain away clear and plain teaching. And on the other hand we are able to fabricate doctrine, prohibitions and authoritative teachings where none exist.

Moderator - I still don't know what the question is? All I see is comments.
---ralph7477 on 11/17/05

Money isnt the root of evil, lack of it is the mother of all evil. Thats why most people dont wanna be christians coz they believe christians are to be poor! I am christian and I intend to be stinking rich ;)
---me. on 11/17/05

Mod, I was hoping for a thoughtful answer to my question rather than an attempt to sidestep it and put words in my mouth. I never mentioned business owners or professionals and neither does the scripture verse. I'll try one more time and ask you what you believe Jesus was teaching and should we obey his words or ignore them. Your debate should not be with me but with Him.

Moderator - I don't understand the question you are asking because I have done my best to answer several times. Please clearly state the question in your own words. If your question is what does the scripture state, it is self explanatory unless some part of the scripture is confusing you.
---ralph7477 on 11/17/05

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Thanks moderator. I can assure you that if I had millions (or even million singular) in the bank I'd be at the head of the queue to give most of it away.
---M.A. on 11/17/05

Yes it is a HUGE sin. God is using you as a channel of supply to bless His people and you are keeping the wealth to yourself, you are to give it out! Start by sending some of it to me, I am in need!

Moderator - Why has the Catholic Church hoarded money throughout history?
---Emma on 11/17/05

I'd be interested to know what people mean by the expression 'hoard money'. I have money in the bank which could be classed as 'hoarded' but I view it as 'taking care of my old age' so I won't need to claim benefits later. Some will say God will provide when that time comes whilst others will say God is providing now and I must be a good steward now for when I have no other source of income. What say you all?

Moderator - Christians are required to be wise stewards of our money, therefore savings for retirement would be one wise use. Giving an inheritence is also stated in the scriptures. However, if you have millions in the bank obviously there is room to share as the Holy Spirit leads.
---M.A. on 11/17/05

I'm going to let the Word of God answer this
question for you.
Read: Deuteronomy 8:18
111John verse 2
that's Third John and verse 2
---Ray on 11/16/05

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Not really! The Bible only states it may be harder. Why? In many cases, rich people are more in "love" with their money and are satisfied with material possessions. But, they can be Christians just like the rest of us - through the acceptance of Christ.
---WIVV on 11/16/05

Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal.

Moderator - Now, would you use that scripture to say Christians shouldn't be business owners, doctors, lawyers, athletes and other professions that can pay big dollars?
---ralph7477 on 11/16/05

Mod, are you saying that we should ignore Jesus' words in this instance?

Moderator - Quote the exact scripture for all to see and then I will answer your question.
---ralph7477 on 11/16/05

Yes, and I can help, send all your money to me. Now to be serious. Luke 6:38 says give and it shall be given...
The more we give others the more God gives us. If you are intrusted with wealth use it wisely. If you are not give as commanded and God will give. Obedience is better than all the wealth of the world. I have received some gifts in the past weeks that has caused me to beg God to bless the givers, pressed down, shaken together and over running.
---Elder on 11/16/05

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Robert: I am sorry that you are having financial difficulties. However, there is nothing sinful about being wealthy. The sin is in the heart attitude about the money. It is the Love of money that is the root of all evil. Rich Christians can and do honor the Lord with their wealth.
---Madison on 11/16/05

, it's okay to have money. just don't let the money have you.
---steve on 11/16/05

In Matthew 6:19 Jesus teaches not to accumulate treasures on earth. That sounds like a prohibition against the kind of wealth described in the original question.

Moderator - If someone owns a business, the business may be worth millions. Should Christians never own or start a business? If someone is hoarding money, that would sound like the LOVE of money which would be against the scriptures. Some people can hoard $10 and love money. It's our relationship to the money bottomline.
---ralph7477 on 11/16/05

do you have to even ask???i am raising four children alone for ten years dont have van insurance do you people even read your bible they sold everything and layed it at the apostles feet and it was distributed amongst the brethern as there was need. we are living on 1000 a month five of us so dont tell me that God wants some christians to be rich to sit and do nothing LUKE thats what will happen to so called rich Christians
---Robert on 11/16/05

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Please supply scripture verse(s) to back up the belief that it's OK for Christians to be wealthy or to seek wealth.

Moderator - I don't think anyone will locate any direct scriptures that state any income level of money. Scriptures will talk of our relationship and use of to money.
---ralph7477 on 11/16/05

Yes, it's a grave sin to be extremely wealthy and I recommend you send all the wealth to me at your earliest.
---Greedy on 11/16/05

Scripture does say that the Love of money is the root of all evil I Tim 6:10. When our First love is Right then the rest fall into place. Extreme wealth is a serious responsibility, temptation and could be a snare. A true Christian though extremely wealthy would find it insufficient to meet the need in the ministry. If a Christian is extremely wealthy, he/she has not given the Lord enough.
---Aurun7996 on 11/16/05

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