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Acceptable Not To Have Kids

I was listening to a radio program this morning. The question raised was if a husband and wife choose not to have is okay? Just curious to hear others on this.

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 ---Just_Curious on 11/16/05
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My son - in law is about the same. It was either his older bro or younger sis both went through div's which makes it difficult on the children. It may have been both that changed his mind about having children.

The condition of this world now, it's a sad place to bring children into. If I was 30 again & married, I'd prob pray & ask God about having children. Lord, you know from the beginning, if we'r to have children whether they will be saved or not. I dislike the idea of having children that wont be saved. Today it makes me think the children that wont be saved, they may be in that great battle that is to take place. It makes me sad to think that my child may be in that.
---Lawrence on 9/2/10

The great thing about becoming husband and wife is that you make decisions together. If both decide that they don't want children, it is their decision. It would be awful to have a child and resent it.
---Cathy_Y on 4/18/08

I feel it is acceptable but that is a hard decision to have to make. Especially if both are able to have babies. Children are a blessing from God. But in this day and times it is very diffcult raising kids. There are so many unwanted babies here already. Teens having babies out of wedlock, just because their friend, had a baby. This is so tragic. Babies being flushed down commodes,burned in microwave ovens. Too sad to even think about.
---Robyn on 8/28/07

If a couple prefers not to have children, then its best they don't.
They're are already too many unwanted children in the world.
---Barbara on 8/28/07

To have or not to have children is up to the married couple. In my case, my foster parents never had children of their own. Had they had children, I wouldn't be here. (I'm adopted, and they raised me from 9mos. of age.) Along with me 57 other children also had a least part of a pleasent childhood as a result of my foster parents.
---WIVV on 3/21/07

Sunga I don't see anywhere that Barbara says that God made mistakes. She is referring to children 'unwanted' by human beings - the ones that brought them into the world. From the human angle there are many unwanted children and 'illegitimate' is a legitimate word referring to children born to parents who are not married to each other and there are plenty of those now.
---M.P. on 11/17/05

Sunga. You are very right.. God doesn't make mistakes. There are, however, thousands and thousands of children in this world who are not wanted by the people who parented them. Go to India, Pakistan, New York, LosAngles, and just about any small town inbetween and you will find the unwanted children.
---NurseRobert on 11/17/05

Barbara,i'm sorry to say this.I find your statement"There are already a lot of unwanted children in the world" awful.Know that GOD never makes mistakes and no one comes into this wolrd by mistake.You may look at it as a mistake,but God looks at it as a perfect plan.There's no such a thing as unwanted or illegitimate children.Let's change the concept please.
---Sunga3684 on 11/17/05

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