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Are You A Big Fat Liar

Do you consider yourself to be a liar? Accompanying question - how many people do you have to murder to be a murderer?

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 ---mima on 11/16/05
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I expect we have all told lies simetimes. I also expect we have a strong desire to tell a lie, even now..... this means somewhere down there we are all liars, yes
---Peter on 9/11/11

Jesus, being The Son Of God, was perfect. We, as humans, are not, and we "all" sin and all "lie". And therefore, are liars.
---Rob on 7/30/11

John ... that would make more sense, or even less, if you removed the comma.
---alan8566_of_UK on 12/9/10

---John on 12/8/10

Are You A Big Fat Liar

That depends on how much you weigh.

50-95 pounds= skinny liar
95-145 pounds= small liar
145-200 pounds= Liar
200-250 pounds= big liar
250-300 pounds really big liar
300+ 350 pounds+ fat liar
350+ pounds= big fat liar
---francis on 12/8/10

Can't we keep this a "Calvin-free" blog? Those who are obsessed with Calvinism have blogs that deal with that subject.
---Donna66 on 12/8/10

We talkin about Calvin here or what?
---JackB on 12/8/10

This, of course is a loaded, or "leading" question.

I have a different question.
If you are accused (falsely) of lying by someone on a blog, should you always feel obliged to respond?
Or should you ignore them at times because they look so foolish.

What are your thoughts?
---Donna66 on 12/7/10

I think the real (practical) question is: "What is a lie?" I believe, and I live my life accordingly, that a lie is not the same as a false statement. A lie involves malicious deception. As a soldier, I wear camouflage to 'lie' about my whereabouts. As a football running back, I fake a hand-off to 'lie' to the opposing team about who is carrying the ball. Rahab save the Hebrew when she 'lied' about the spies. The next time your wife or mother asks how she looks in this red dress, you will 'lie' (either openly or craftily) in order to not hurt her feelings. Those are not 'LIES' as false as they might be... just like killing is not murder if you defending yourself or someone else from imminent danger. God knows.
---l3rainzone on 12/7/10


How can you possibly expect an objective answer to this question?

An honest man will tell the truth and say "I'm not a liar".

A liar will lie and say "I'm not a liar".

In any case, the response gives you no clue as to whether the speaker is lying or telling the truth.
---StrongAxe on 3/18/08

Sometimes. We all stumble at some point in our walk with the Lord. But to make a habit of You should know the answer to the murder question.It takes only one.
---Robyn on 3/18/08

I was not much of a liar when I was lost. And now that I am saved, NO, I am not a liar. Besides all of that, I have never had a poker face.
---catherine on 3/18/08

Peter repented for denying Jesus Christ.

He did not live out the rest of his life denying Jesus Christ or lying.

Identifying one's self with a disciple, apostle, prophet, etc. using their sin as a justification to lie, or commit any sin, is a device of the enemy to release one from all responsibility for sin.
The enemy will use anything to keep someone from repenting for their sin. His plan is to take one deeper into sin until their mind becomes reprobate without ever repenting.
---Cindy on 3/18/08

No. Rightly defining people: The suffix "-er" means one whom is engaged in, to the point they are known by the noun which the "-er" is attached to, therefore one whom has killed a person may not necessarily nor rightly be called a murderer. For example, if I tell a joke, I would incorrectly be called a joker, because most people know that I rarely tell jokes because I am not known for making jokes. God takes many peoples lives from the earth every day, but he is not known as a murderer
---Eloy on 3/17/08

Just ONE!
And don't FORGET, IF you HATE your Brother,
You don't have to Actually commit Murder to be a Murderer with God!
YLBD=Your Loving Brother Duane
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 3/17/08

Cindy lets not forget we also know Peter was a liar! Remember what he said to the maiden in the courtyard, three times he denied he knew Christ. Interesting question would be, was Peter saved at the time he made these denials?
---Mima on 3/17/08

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I tell you true, I couldn't be friends with a compulsive liar.

Jesus Christ had a liar amongst the twelve and he betrayed Jesus with a kiss.

If I had a compulsive liar in my family, I would love them but not enable them. I believe compulsive lying is demonic and very close to what the bible defines as a reprobate mind.

Compulsively lying about why one needs or is forced to be a compulsive liar is another compulsive lie.

There is an antidote, it's called a deliverance.
---Cindy on 3/15/08

Our real enemy is the flesh and we have to stop letting it lie to us.
When people rationalize their lives to themselves, it really is lying. The flesh is so crafty that it can actually make us think we're being smart about the bad choices the flesh makes.
Lies become firmly entrenched when they have gone on for a very long time.
The flesh knows how to disconnect us from the real condition.

This is where Jesus Christ must become the Savior of our behavior.
---Cindy on 2/14/08

"Everybody lies sometime"-B.B. King
If you hate somebody you are a murderer.
---dan on 2/14/08

My mother is the best lie detector that I know. You can call it a gift. She can spot a lie that's as crooked as a dog's leg from anywhere. Crooked politicians, crooks from every walk of life, you name it.
She is the most honest woman that I know.
---Cindy on 2/14/08

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Lying is a self defensive Mechanism Built by ones own self on Habit.People who tell the truth do not have recourse to this ploy which we call an alibi.IMHO
---Emcee on 2/14/08

No, we are not all liars.

Did you not have parents that demanded nothing less but the truth? Did you not have a mother that could spot a lie on your face the moment anyone tried to tell one?
A mother and father that explained, "if you tell the truth, you will not get into trouble." "But if you lie, you will."
Very basic, 101 child rearing.
---Cindy on 2/14/08

By these standards, we're all liars. By what standards can we all be saved?
---j._nonymous on 2/14/08

Bending the truth about issues large and small, taking comfort in it...when lying feels right. Telling the truth, on the other hand, is difficult and uncomfortable for them to do.

Behavior which provides comfort and an escape from discomfort, lying can become addictive and hard to stop. Lying feels safe and fuels the desire to lie even more.

Lying is hard for the person involved to see, it hurts those who are around it. Lying, if not addressed, can destroy relationships.
---Cindy on 2/14/08

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Getting someone to admit they have a problem with lying is difficult. Sadly enough, getting someone to recognize that he or she has a problem usually requires hitting rock bottom first.
---Cindy on 2/14/08

Compulsive or pathological?
Making this type of distinction may not be all that useful. Because in either case, the outcome is typically the same: dealing with a compulsive or pathological liar is very difficult.

A compulsive liar will resort to telling lies, regardless of the situation. For a compulsive liar, telling lies is routine, it becomes a habit and a way of life.

For a compulsive liar, lying becomes second nature.
---Cindy on 2/14/08

Agents of the devil would like us to go around with such a clear conscience telling everying the truth. It would be easy to trap tell them they were not perfect. On the other hand if we said we did not lie they would accuse us of self-righteousness and thinking we were perfect. They also depend on the truth coming from Christians. Jesus broke the Sabbath law, what more can I say. Needs must when the devil drives.
---frances on 2/13/08

Rita, thanks for you advice. You may be right. But with the work I do, it is sometimes forced on me otherwise I would be called paranoid. Sometimes, an answer that pleases someone is more Christian. We have to be worldly wise. The Accuser is the devil. Jesus is watching over us, and he knows my motivation. The Christian church will get more and more persecuted and the persecutors will use the Bible just like the devil did.
---frances on 2/13/08

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Yesterday I lied. I told my friend the cake she made me for Valentine's Day was delicious. Hypocrisy is accusing people of things and you yourself are up to worse - like idol worship, rebellion etc. Sometimes I feel that the Spanish Inquisitiion is alive and well. We have to believe the lies of the government, but if we tell the truth, we get called liars, but not for lies, for telling the truth. If we spread the truth we had better lie to cover our identity. It is a dangerous world these days.
---frances on 2/13/08

There are some people who are lying in wait to destroy Christians, and they use information they have gathered about them, to do so. They may do it by trying to discredit them. Or they may say 'I am a good Christian'and that person has sinned and so if I killed that person on the orders of someone above me, God would say I was justified because that person was sinful.' (There is a name for these people.) These people are out there.
---frances on 2/13/08

Frances, if someone asks you something that they have not right to ask why don't you explain to them that they have no right to ask or simply say "I do not wish to give you that information". Lieing, whether to a child or an adult, is not the best way to handle that situation.
---RitaH on 2/13/08

If you only had one opportunity remaining to stand on a street corner and give one short message to passing crowds...mine would be be...


Why? Because telling lies is something that God and Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit cannot do.

God is a God that cannot lie.

Jesus Christ never lied to tell the Truth.

Jesus Christ never lied to save His life.

Jesus Christ never lied to protect Himself from abuse.
---Cindy on 2/13/08

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We are not being held hostage in a prison camp.

If you are trusting in your lies, that must be one of the greatest deceptions of the father of all lies, that God understands your lies and the need to lie to survive.

Trusting in lies is serving the father of all lies.
---Cindy on 2/13/08

Liars go to hell.
There is no reward in heaven and on earth for liars.
Lies will find you out.

Telling lies every day, believing that God understands the need for lying is sin that has never been repented of.

A lying spirit is the devil's
counterfeit for the Holy Spirit.
---Cindy on 2/13/08

If I stood on the street corner, (only one opportunity left) with a sign saying, "Jesus loves you", people would pass by and smile, some would say thank you, some would curse, some would show their teeth...

Liars go to hell.

There would be no smiles, no thank yous, some would give you a quick sidewards glance, some would curse, and many would step up their pace. But during the day, for some it would pull at their soul.
---Cindy on 2/13/08

Am I a liar? Do I lie? Do liars really go to hell. I don't want to go to hell.
Some would get on their knees that night and ask God to forgive them. God, I don't want to be a liar anymore, HELP ME.
---Cindy on 2/13/08

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If the same person continues to lie, day after day, and year after year, with no change - do they really have Jesus Christ living inside of them?

Does the Holy Spirit really reside inside of a person that lies daily?

How does the Holy Spirit live together with the father of all lies?
Is that even possible?
---Cindy on 2/13/08

You cannot serve two masters. You will hate the one and love the other.

Jesus Christ never lied to survive.

If you're telling lies, believing it's actually helping you survive and your life is still a torment, it's time to get a deliverance from the father of all lies.
---Cindy on 2/13/08

Judas betrayed Jesus Christ with lies.

Judas is called a son of perdition, meaning to lose or to ruin...utter loss of the soul...
---Cindy on 2/13/08

During the last war many underground resistance workers had to lie the whole time, live with forged identities and documents. There are times when it is necessary to outwit the enemy. We are now at war, the war on Terror. It is a Police State World. Lying is almost part of the territory.
---frances on 2/12/08

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When someone, especially a child, asks my age, I usually lie and say something ridiculous, to teach a child not to ask such a question of an adult. (They work out that I am lying because the age is ridiculous and obviously a lie.) If someone asks me questions they have no right to ask, I lie. There are people about who are very nosy. I place all my lies under the blood of the Lamb. He knows my motivation is self-preservation.
---frances on 2/12/08

Rev 22:14,15

But outside are dogs, sorcerers, sexually immoral, murderers, idolaters, and


If you are a liar now, and you continue to lie, you will be cast into the lake of fire.
---Cindy on 2/12/08

No, I am not.

It would be demonic possession and some call it bad pathology that would cause someone to be a compulsive liar.

God's Word says that liars will have their place in the lake of fire.
---Cindy on 2/12/08

When satan is cast into the lake of fire, to join the false prophet and the beast,
then comes the Great White Throne of Judgment.

The books will be opened. Liars will be judged and be cast into the lake of fire.
Liars will fall because they embraced and practiced willful evil.

This the final judgment, meted out, eternal punishment for the wicked and liars.
---Cindy on 2/12/08

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Regardless of men's opinions, the size of their ministry - those who ignore God's Word qualify as someone taking away from God's Word.

God says those who have sinned against Him by taking away from His Word will have their names blotted, removed from His book.
---Cindy on 2/12/08

The sheep on His Right Hand are those that are approved by Jesus Christ.

The goats on the left are those that are not approved by Jesus Christ.

They are cursed and thrown into the everlasting fire prepared for the devil and the fallen angels.
---Cindy on 2/12/08

I can't remember the last time I lied. Remember this, lieing involves deception. If you tell someone something you believe to be true and then later find out what you said wasn't true, you are not guilty of lieing. A comedian on stage saying "I flew in from New York today and my arms are tired" is not guilty of lieing. If he was guilty of lieing then an author of fictional stories would be guilty of lieing, and remember Jesus told us fictional stories.
---Matthew_from_LA on 11/10/07

Ask God for wisdom to understand the sin of lieing, and remember it always involves deception/wickedness. Lieing is a deliberate and known choice to give false witness for the purpose of deceiving someone. If you still do this you must repent and stop doing it because Revelation 21:8 makes it clear what happens to all liars.
---Matthew_from_LA on 11/10/07

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Also keep in mind using another name on these blogs in order to deceive is also a sin. For example making another name that agrees with your name, in order to give your name more credit. Or making a couple of names that talk like you in order to make your arguement seem more popular. This is all forms of deception.
---Matthew_from_LA on 11/10/07

If someone approached you and asked you if another name you used is yours and you avoid answering or would say, "No", then you must repent of practicing this and stop doing it immediately. If you would say "Yes that is another name I have used" then you have not sinned. Remember, trying to deceive is a form of lieing. If you are more than willing to let people know what other names you have used it is a clear sign you are not trying to deceive anyone and that you haven't sinned.
---Matthew_from_LA on 11/10/07

People who deny they have used other names when they have, are in wickedness and must come to repentance before it is too late. Do not be deceived. Learn to hate sin. Let Jesus' commandments have rule over your life. Yield to God. Yielding is putting yourself under Him as a servant. A servant ready to do God's work and service. A servant who is not willing to compromise what Jesus commandanded because of what man might do or say. Obey Jesus, because only those that obey Him are those that love Him.
---Matthew_from_LA on 11/10/07

We have all sinned and fallen short of God's tells us that in the bible. We are not exempt from sinning.If we say otherwise we make God a liar. He cannot and does not lie.This is in the book of I John chapter 1.
---Robyn on 11/9/07

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I do not believe that we can equate a lie as the same thing as stabbing someone to death. God hates liars. "Thou shalt not kill one of the Ten Commandments". Your question the way it is put to say the least is strange.
---catherine on 11/9/07

I doubt if there is one single person (yes, I mean Christians) who can say (without telling a lie) that they have never told a lie. I suspect there won't be any who can honestly say that they have never been a glutton or been lazy either.
---M.A on 11/9/07

You only have to murder the truth to be a liar.
You only need murder in your heart and on your mind to be a murderer.
---Rachel on 4/21/07

If you tell me, No I don't lie, would that be the truth?
If you say, Yes it is the truth, would that be a lie?
If you ..
---Elder on 4/21/07

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2. I believe what is important is that through Christ we are not habitual lier's. Now on the question of murder, you have to define what kind of murder. There is all kinds of ways to murder, people, babies, animals and so on. On a human, you are a murder if you even kill someone's spirit for things done against them. Adultery and abuse against a spouse is distroying someone's life and even family. If you hurt someone so bad, it is just as killing someone. Many times they never recover and die.
---Lupe2618 on 12/6/05

I saw a tape that showed Ray Comfort on the street asking those same questions to bring conviction to the people. They answered, yes to, all of commandments they had broken, Ray told them they had sinned against God and were not really good people as they had stated. In the answer I say I have lied. I use to lie alot without conviction, but through Christ when I do lie I feel the wrong done and I repent. I don't think there is a person that never lies. Somehow deceiving someone is just as bad as a lie.
---Lupe2618 on 12/6/05

Elder's answer makes me remember the man who was being interviewed. He agreed to give a yes or no answer to any question. Then the question was asked "Have you stopped beating your wife?" I mention this now because sometimes the questions that are thrown out to challenge expressed opinions are similarly unfair.
---alan8869_of_UK on 12/5/05

1 Cliff, I am sorry if you took Moron to be for you, it was a definition of what I wrote. I never wanted it to be as something I would say to anyone. You are a person, maybe against all the Christian believes, and what Christianity stands for, and I could call you a false teacher or heritic but not a moron. I am honest about that.
---Lupe2618 on 12/5/05

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The tree is known by the fruit that it bears. Liars bear lies, and truth-tellers bear truths. Not all people are liars, and not all people tell the truth, for there are both liars and truth-tellers in the world. It is sin to name a truth-teller a liar, and also equally a sin to call a liar a truth-teller. The beauty about becoming born-again is that a tree bearing bad fruit or no fruit is converted into a good tree bearing heavenly fruit, even as the righteousness of Christ.
---Eloy on 11/27/05

The 10 commandments are not in view in 1 John 2:4. The Greek word here is "entele" meaning "teachings"; not "nomos" the greek word for law.

John clarifies this and tells us what the "commandments" are that we are to keep.

"And this is His commandment, that we believe in the name of His son Jesus Christ, and love one another, just as he commanded us, And the one who leeps his commandments abides in him and He in him..."
1 John 3:21-24a
---lee on 11/26/05

Lupe;I've been called a lot of things in my time but never a "moron" (trinity blog) I don't consider those who dont subscribe to my beliefs, morons! A moron is more like those who can't distinguish between reality and fantacy!
---1st_cliff on 11/26/05

"He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not his commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him." (1John 2:4) Most Christians today do not keep all ten commandments.
---jerry6593 on 11/19/05

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Brother Elder, again you have a great answer and just in three lines. I have seen a tape on tv where this brother asked the same question, Not just that one but, if they ever lusted in their hearts? Have they said the name of God in vain? We all fall short of the glory of God. This method was used to bring conviction to the person spoken to. For without conviction, we think we are perfect, without sin. It reminds us we have a need of Christ to forgive us.
---Lupe2618 on 11/18/05

Romans 3:4 By no means! Let God be true though every one were a liar, as it is written,

That you may be justified in your words,
and prevail when you are judged.

Luckily our eternal salvation does not depend upon our own righteousness but that which is in Christ.
---lee on 11/17/05

if one hates his brother or his or her sister,that is considered as murder.
---kaen on 11/17/05

Mima, yes I am a liar. Now, I think that I lie for little things.. you know. The problem is when a person lies constantly and to take advantage of people. I know what you are going to say... but remember: In life there's not only black and white, we have also grey colors.
---Alex on 11/17/05

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2. now a murder that is different you can't take that back and make it right you can be a ex-murderer one who has turned but murder my dear is murder I work in the investigations of murder it is not simple. One time and you are pegged. Why do you ask?
---me on 11/17/05

1. Yes, I am a liar an ex-liar I may slip and tell one now but I go to the one I lie to and correct it so yes I am still a Liar but I ask forgiveness of God and of that person I lied to. One or two times doesn't make you a liar it is the repeating of it...
---me on 11/17/05

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