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Thou Shall Not Kill Animals

"Thou shall not kill" - Is slaughtering of animals for meat, killing?

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 ---Emma on 11/17/05
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I understand the reasoning behind this question. No, the commandment does not apply to animals, however, since watching Food Network's cooking comp. I feel so sorry for the sea creatures they "slaughter" & honestly, there's no other word for it. The poor things are alive when they chop them in half or dismember them one section at a time. It reminds me of what one man said about the butcher in his store. He slit the throat of a sheep & it's head was laying on his leg. Some of the blood drained on the man's hand & the sheep gentle licked it off. The butcher left the shop in tears & never returned. If they are not killed humanely, I honestly believe we will answer to God for the cruelty.
---Reba on 8/19/11

The Bible does not say "thou shall not KILL". The correct translation of the word used is "MURDER" which is completely different. There are several times in the Bible when God told someone to kill, not just animals but also other people. Examples include in times of war, for animal sacrafice, for criminal punishment, and for the elimination of wicked people. So make sure you understand the difference between murdering and killing.
---Jed on 8/19/11

Killing animals is permitted if done to survive and feed our families. I don't believe we should kill animals for sport. In the book of Leviticus it pretty much covers the food we can eat and should not eat.Of course pork is permitted, if one chooses. The list in the old testament was basically for the Jews. But one can follow it, if they want to. Turtles,snakes things of that nature I would not touch. But horses,turtles,buffalo all types animals are consumes for food purposes. I feel that is ok if it used to eat and survive.
---Robyn on 8/16/11

"Thou shall not kill" - Is slaughtering of animals for meat, killing?

well you can't eat them while they are alive!!

sorry I couldn't resist

Deut 5:10 And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me and keep my commandments.

Animals do not understand the commandments they kill for food not sport like people do

As you read the commandments you see the first four are commandments to honor GOD

the last 6 are commandments to honor your neighbor and mankind

eating meat is recorded in many passages in Holy Scripture
---Rhonda on 7/25/11

"There is a place for all of God's animals right beside the mashed potatos." Local wild game restaurant quote. But killing animals for pure sport is wrong. We need to be good stewards of God's creation.
---Scott on 7/18/11

That would explain the Million of animals used for Temple Sacrifice!!1


What a silly Question!
---John on 7/17/11

It reserved for men only because we are sacred, being made in the image of God.

Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.

Animals is ok

And he that killeth any man shall surely be put to death. And he that killeth a beast shall make it good, beast for beast.

Theres another verse thats says any animal that kills a man must be put to death, but I cant remember the exact words to scripture search it.
---CraigA on 7/17/11


The Hebrew word mean "murder", so it should read "Thou shalt not murder". God also gave Moses other laws, about proper ways to slaughter animals, and death penalties for disobeying others (like murder, adultery, blasphemy, etc.)


P.E.T.A. actively promote euthanasia, especially if animals can't be placed in loving homes. They euthanize most animals they take in, much more than other shelters. They sometimes took donated animals directly to be killed and dumped in a dumpster, with no attempt at placement.

I was adopted as a baby. I'm glad my natural mother didn't choose to abort me because she was unable to provide a loving home.

Google: peta euthanasia
---StrongAxe on 7/17/11

In the ten commandments, revealed by the God, He mentions that "Thou shalt not Kill" He does not specify weather only humans. It means that he as a Saviour of all commanded to us that we shall not kill evensmal insects. The great interpretors have failed to know this and today we are in a wrong path. You can refer Rom. 13:9
---Vyas on 7/16/11

Rabbit is a very popular meal in ths part of the world and in fac it's a specialty.

Nutritionists state that rabbit meat is very healthy for us.
---Caring on 5/12/08

It was under Noach that God permitted to eat meat. before man was vegetarian, however it is no sin eating meat, it is no sin to abstain also. only, do not eat their blood, so black pudding and the likes are to be seased (even in new testament) look also carefully at what the bible forbids to eat in deuteronomy, not that you should never eat it,yet modern science has giving reason to these foodlaws, its not good for your health, pigs chrimps rabbit roaches are bad meat.(however verry sweet in the mouth)
---Andy on 5/8/08

Right after my post, Catherine said: "No! God put them here for us to eat".

Go ahead, Catherine but don't bother inviting me to join you :))
---Caring on 5/8/08

Roaches are excellent BBQ'd with a bit of cile and lime.
---dan on 5/7/08

Good point Caring. Scientists classify flies, fleas, spiders and cockroaches etc as animals so if we can't kill animals I suppose we can't kill them. Too late I caused the death of a very large cockroach last night!

---Warwick on 5/7/08

No! God put them here for us to eat, however, I do not believe that it is God's will to kill animal for the sport of it.
---catherine on 5/7/08

I hope that killing cockroaches and other nuisance insects is not a murder!!!! :))
---Caring on 5/7/08

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I just heard that somewhere in Europe they now want to limit the cutting of plants as it is killing. That we may in some way be doing generational harm to plants. Go with the explaination of David K. it is correct.
---dan on 5/6/08

It seems quite all right to eat meat. Genesis 9:3. But not blood, Genesis 9:4.
---SueQ7373 on 5/5/08

DavidK You undid the point you were trying to make by making a reference to Soul. The OT Usage is from the Hebrew Nephesh Strong's H5315 which refers to any thing that breathes even plants. The only exception to that usage Job 30:15 where Ndiybah Strong's used. If you look all reference Nephesh into English usage it covers a very broad area of usage. The OT usage of Soul and the dominant NT usage of Soul Psuche Strong's G5590 are not remotely comparable.
---Phil_the_Elder on 5/5/08

NO... The word 'kill' is translated from the Aramaic "ratsach". Meaning murder or manslay. It specifically refers to the wrongful murder of anyone with a soul.. A human being.
---davidk on 8/14/07

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Simply put, the original intent was murder, not kill. There are groups that wear masks and almost won't walk to keep from taking the lives of insects. I still wonder what they eat? Unfortunately groups like P E T A meet over meat to discuss saving meat from people who need to eat. Just because it comes wrapped from a grocery store doesn't mean it was never alive. (OOPS wrong soap box). Follow the scripture O.T. to N.T. you will see the difference.
---mike_fl on 11/29/05

In the story Jesus told of the prodigal son, the father calls for the 'fatted calf to be killed'. I don't think it would have been included in the story if God thought it was wrong.
---bethie on 11/23/05

Somebody had to kill the Turkey that I plan to eat on Thanksgiving. Praise the Lord!
---John on 11/23/05

1st timothy chapter4. That should help you.God bless colossians chapter ch2 Let's not have our own ideas and stick to the scriptures, and not be like those who twist them to their own destruction puffed up by pride.
---Thomas on 11/22/05

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Anybody can say that they are a minister on these blogs. How would you really know?
---Marie on 11/22/05

Now that fanatical group P E T A is coming out with a comic book on how bad daddy is for killing the family pet. Why do these radical groups think that they have to get into everyones business?
---Stacy on 11/21/05

Phil, honey, what are you talking about? You lost me way back. I think you are too analytical. Minister or not you need the living and true God!
---Maryanne on 11/21/05

Part 1 of 4

Hi Dean, I hope that you have an enjoyable and safe trip. First of all I will agree that there is nothing wrong with killing animal for human food consumption or other derived products. I was simply commenting on DavidKs original post of 11/1705. David was using a Strong definition of Kill (See his post) to show that it applied only to human beings. Then he made the mistake of marring the term SOUL to his to his presentation.
---Phil_the_Elder on 11/20/05

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Part 2 of 4

In most instances when one English word is used for both Hebrew and Greek terms they will have complementary divinations and usage. But in the case of SOUL the Old Testament Hebrew usage and meaning is distinctively different from the New Testament definition and Usage (see my post of 11/17/05) and DacidKs argument fell apart because he contradicted himself. Of course this is of course of minor importance.
---Phil_the_Elder on 11/20/05

Part 3 of 4

The problem comes more acute when you try to interpret Genesis 2:7; people apply the New Testament definition SOUL to the verse and that is linguistically incorrect. When the Verse literally means . . . God created man a living creature capable of breathing and movement. And that kick a lot of peoples theology straight in the teeth because they are not aware of the difference in Old Testament and New Testament word usage for the same English term.
---Phil_the_Elder on 11/20/05

Part 4 of 4

You have to know the difference between denotative and connotative meaning of words when applying them to Biblical texts written in different languages. Specifically in instances where the usage and definition changes when you cross Biblical languages in an English translation.

By the way Dean I am an ordained Elder Presbyterian Church (PCUSA).
---Phil_the_Elder on 11/20/05

Yes dear, slaughtering of animals is killing but it's ok as long as the animal is not strangled or sacrificed to idols. Of course you wouldn't kill your dog either. An animal is not made in God's image and has no soul.
---Margret on 11/20/05

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I am heading out on vacation, but before I leave, Phil boy, I think your wrong on this one. Where do you get your info? Please don't say the Bible. I wouldn't go bragging about being an elder either.
There is nothing wrong with saying that killing a person is wrong and yes, a person has a soul and an animal does not. Please stop complicating things and get real!
---Dean on 11/20/05

The question was ask in all seriousness so answer in laymans terms so we mortals can understand.
NO, is it not wrong to kill animals for food. Jesus roasted fish and ate with his disciples. RIGHT? Where does scripture tell us not to eat the flesh of animals? I think someone has been making up laws for God again. Please pass the steak!!
---GET_REAL on 11/19/05

DavidK, Your explanation was trying to point out that killing as a Biblical sin did not include animals; which was good. Then you made a reference to Soul and the Old Testament usage of Sole includes all categories of animals. That were the wheels came off your presentation. It simply illustrates your demonstrated lack of proficiency in Biblical Linguistics and Logical Thinking.
---Phil_the_Elder on 11/18/05

Phil the Elder....No sir! I'm afraid you are mistaken... "Thou shalt not kill" (EX.20:13) Strongs H7523. Has nothing to do with Job or any other Scripture... The question was on the sixth commandment under the OT law... That specifically is H7523 which has no root word that it was derived from and is specific to mankind. Since nothing else has a soul... it pertains only to humans. God bless
---davidk on 11/17/05

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