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Are C-Sections Biblical

My christian inlaw says that I have not done as the bible says about childbirth. She says since I had 2 C-section I am not woman, because the bible says the women shall have pains. And she says that a woman who has a natural birth loves their children more! Should I be offended?

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 ---Kellie on 11/18/05
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Nicole, excellent response!
---JS1234 on 7/19/19

Don't be offended because you have no control of what has already been said by your in-law but what is controlling and contributing t that kind of a mind set.try talking to them understand the root of such mindset with a lot of maturity,. What matters most is both lives if You are safe whichever method is Ok.
---Tez6548 on 7/18/19

MariaL Sounds like a comment emanating from a works-based religious attitude,//

Even though Catholics are not works-based religious attitude I know she was speaking about Catholics.

But, Maria is wrong. Those are certain sects of the Protestant persuasion.

Catholic Hospitals have been performing C-section for decades.

When Protestants left the Catholic Church they limited certain freedoms on their followers.

Like no dancing, music in Churches, no makeup, pants for women and etc.

And the big one. NO WINE.
---Nicole_Lacey on 12/9/18

The Bible does not tell you how children are to be born.

Yes you should be offended. But have pity on the poor woman.
---Samuelbb7 on 12/9/18

Sounds like a comment emanating from a works-based religious attitude, perhaps your in-law is not even a true believer. I agree with others who say to ignore her comments and pray for her. In the meantime, thank God for being able to have had your C sections and continue loving and enjoying your children.
---Marie on 12/9/18

In the Bible, two women died when giving birth. One, was Rachel. The other, the mother of Ichabod.

I think more women are glad that C-sections are available as many women have been lost when giving child birth. There is a risk. C-sections are one of the better inventions among doctors.
---mike4879 on 1/23/17

Nonsense. The Bible ALSO states man will obtain bread to eat by sweating.

I know a lot of men who work without sweating one drop.

I don't see anyone fussing at them for violating the Bible (punishment on men) because they don't sweat.

Mostly likely she is jealous C-section wasn't available to her when she had her children.

---Nicole_Lacey on 1/21/17

Where I think women should have a right to choose is in the matter of C-section. We all deal with insecurities. In modern times, C-sections are being promoted and made available. It is a choice FOR LIFE and should not be frowned upon.
---mike4879 on 1/20/17

Dismiss it. In one ear and out the other. I doubt any difference in the measure of love. A mother chooses natural birth for one child, then an unnatural and unholy abortion for another. What love is in this? More, in the Bible before the first C-section of modern method, all women gave natural birth and some sacrificed babies to Baal or ate baby because hunger. Is that love? An ostrich buries its eggs in the sand then cares nothing about her young. (Lamentations 4:3) Is that love? One knows in the Bible there are two women mentioned to have died on giving birth. One was Rachel. She wanted a second child and died in God favoring her request. Surely, it is more commendable to have a C-section than an abortion. I wouldn't worry about her remarks.
---mike4879 on 1/5/17

I would be offended if my in-laws (or anyone else) said that to me. Women who have opted for a C-section still go through the early stages of labour pains but KNOWLEDGE has helped make that shorter for many.

People who believe such ridiculous views should not take painkillers for headaches and should opt to have their appendix removed without anaesthetic. That will never happen I know.
---Rita_H on 2/13/16


Caesarian sections are usually indicated when there is a danger that a normal delivery could endanger the life of the mother and/or child. Once one child has been delivered via caesarian section, the muscles are weakened so that subsequent natural deliveries would be even more dangerous.

So, your in-law is either ignorant of medical facts, or is deliberately willing to endanger both mother and child in order to merely inflict pain on the mother. I assume this in-law is likely also pro-life and against anything that could endanger the life of a fetus, so such a comment is not only sadistic, it is also hypocritical.
---StrongAxe on 2/12/16

What about the females that have multiple children and could careless about them. Some throw them in dumpsters, some leave them somewhere else, they neglect them at home, etc. We have all heard of women who murder their children or lose it for whatever reason. They had their children naturally but yet they obviously didn't love their children. The bible doesn't say that women love their children more bc of natural birth. Are you sure she's reading the bible? Sounds like your in laws have been taught false doctrine and have not the understanding of the word of God!
---Bonnie on 2/10/16

Have you ever been to a cemetery and looked at headstones? There are many mothers and babies buried side by side that died the same day the baby was born. Most were in the 1800's and early 1900's. One grave close to my house has a mother and father side by side and beneath them is 5 sons all killed in WW11. How can a parent endure such hurt? My daughter. Couldn't stop crying.
---shira4368 on 4/12/15

God help us all! What a horrible and godless thing to say and believe. May the LORD rebuke your in-laws.
---Jed on 4/10/15

No, Kellie.

Your Christian in-law is just stupid and ignorant. She doesn't know any better.

And since when have MEN had C-sections?

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 4/9/15

Kellie, sorry to say, but your in laws understanding is way off the mark. My daughter had to have 2 C sections, but wanted natural child birth. Going natural would have killed her, and her babies. I am so thankful today we have dentists who can save teeth, or DR's who take out appendixes, where before man just died.

OH, my daughter did go into labor, which was painful. I've never seen so much love she has for both her two sons. I can't imagine her loving them more. Remind her that as God's children we have been adopted, as scripture states, also stating how much He LOVES us.

You should not be offended, but only humored by such ignorance of others.
---kathr4453 on 4/9/15

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God states that women 'will' have pain in childbirth NOT 'must' have. That is how it was at the beginning of the human race.

The questioner will, probably, not be seeing these newer answers but they will, hopefully, help some new user who might also be worried about this. Some in-laws are unbelievable insensitive, rude and bullying and it is ridiculous that some people might feel it is better for both mother and baby to die rather than suffer pain in childbirth. This would come in a similar category to the J.W.s beliefs that we should allow a loved one to die rather than allow a blood transfusion to be given.
---Rita_H on 4/9/15

I have never had a c-section, but I am sure if I had I would not go to hell. Things happen the way the Lord wants them to. One day we will be able to ask Him ourselves. Until then you should just pray for the answers and guidance from the Lord, God is our judge, not people.
---leigh on 4/9/15

Pain is pain is pain when it comes to having a child. When it is natural you have it during. With a c-section the pain comes after and stays a lot long.
The Bible says suffer pain in bearing children. Either way fulfills the word. Both cause pain but both go away eventually and you are left with the beautiful result... A wonderful Gift from God.
Why argue?
One of my in-laws said because I didn't breast feed I would not be as close to my children. Gosh, they were so wrong... Bonding with your child starts in the womb and is a blessing from God.
---miche3754 on 12/15/08

No that is not true. Having a c-section is very painful. It takes a long time to heal. So with a c-section you still suffer pains. God blessed us with medicine. He wants us to be safe. God takes care of us. God wrote the story of our lives. Many woman have emergency c-sections. God chooses for them women to be safe. You are still a woman who loves her children. I would have been offended at this. Does your Christian-in-law not want you to be taken care of? They were being judgemental which is a no no. Only God is the true judge.
---Antonia on 12/7/08

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Kellie and others..There is a world of difference that you obviously do not comprehend, between practicing Medicine and being Blessed with the calling of God to receive His Little ones safely. When you rely on machines and worldly tests your not relying on God..My fruit bares witness.
---Lynn_Bedford77 on 12/21/05

Lynn.. maybe you should go back to school or whereever you got your training. While I agree that C-sections for convience is a dumb reason for having one, there are other reasons:
Abruptio placenta
Excessive bleeding caused by other than placental reasons.
Prolonged labor (more than 20 hours)
Cephalopelvic disproportion
Cord prolapse
Fetal distress

If your going to make absolute statements, please try to be somewhat correct.
---NurseRobert on 12/20/05

Being a Midwife, and receiving over 250 babies all natural, without complications, I would say that the only reason for a C-section is placenta previa...If you have a C-section for convenience...Shame on you..
---Lynn_Bedford77 on 12/20/05

What an experience Eugene! To bring you own children into the world! I was born at home, as were 3 of my siblings, my Dad delivered all of us, even one set of twins!
---NVBarbara on 12/13/05

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It just never ends where some people want to butt in your buisness huh? C-sections are nothing new, the name itself comes from Julius Caeser, because he was the first recorded being born that way.
My sister was a juvenile diabetic, she is 59 now. She had 4 C-sections and it took her a long time to recover.
I had babies "naturally" and felt fine. However, I have since had 4 abdominal surgeries, MUCH more lasting pain than having a baby!
---NVBarbara on 11/23/05

Look at the instructions for cleaning in the old testament. We don't treat mildew the way the israelites were instructed to in the wilderness, we use things like Tilex. Let the insensitive inlaw have their say, smile and nod and let it go straight in one ear and out the other. Her ideas on motherhood are nonsense and not worth being offended over.
---Julie3763 on 11/19/05

I've never had a C-section...but I did adopt. Since I had no physical pain with the adoption, would your mother-in-law say then that I don't love my child? She's to be pitied if she actually thinks that. I love my adopted child totally as much as the ones to whom I gave pain. Pray for yourself to forgive your mother-in-law's silly, ignorant statement. God gave our children to us....Of course we love them no matter how they come.
---laughable_accusation on 11/19/05

First, your in-law sounds just wonderful. I hope she lives a few thousand miles away from you. Second, her idea about loving your children more with a natural child birth is craziness, and third, anyone who has had a section can tell you, they are not painfree. You may miss labor but recovery from them takes longer and hurts like any abdominal surgery would.
---Annie on 11/19/05

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Doctors refused to give women any form of anasthetic in the 19th century, because of this verse. How did it change? Queen Victoria said you wil give me everything I can have, and they did.
---mike6553 on 11/19/05

Offended and do not even know your inlaw. I had C with son. I HAD PAIN! Spent 3 months in hospital cause got infection. After getting home I still had to deal with pain with every step I took.
I was in labout for 2 days before the C so no one can say I did not have enough pain.
I would die for my kids. They are my reason for living. They are gift from God.
Every day when I see my scars I know that tyhey are from my beautiful son and therefore are worth ALL the pain.
---Shaz on 11/19/05

Your mother-in-law is foolish.Her opinions aren't based on Bible but her made up doctrine.My aunt had 7 children, didn't have pains to have her babies,except for her twins,she had one pain.No one is more a woman or love their children more than she does,she's a Christian.If love was based on pain what a horrible,perverse world we would live in,even worse than it is.Tell her to show you scripture where it shows, what she is claiming as doctrine.Offended? Disgusted!Maybe a little pity for her ignorance.
---Darlene_1 on 11/19/05

Don't be offended! Her belief simply comes from her lack of personal study in the scriptures. This is an obvious case of your inlaw trusting the words of a pastor above God's word. I am a father of 5, of which I delivered everyone at home! While I disagree that c-sections are often needed, I will not stand in judgement.
---Eugene_Hidalgo on 11/19/05

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Kellie, I think I'd feel offended too if I were you, but I'll counsel you to sit back and take pity on their obvious ignorance (and maybe helped along by some whacko preacher telling them such things!) instead. You can see from other posts, there are Christian women who would def. not agree with that inlaw; take comfort in that, and pray for her salvation and/or to grow in Christ.
---Daniel on 11/19/05

Your Christian mother in law is only proving one thing. That we all fall short of perfection. But, thank God! for the grace that covers our imperfections and a loving God who loves us even when we are mistaken. Please, when she says such things, just tell her that you forgive her and then forget what she said. Treat her as you would someone who is "not all there." God bless you and I will be praying for you!
---Charlotte on 11/19/05

Your "Christian" In-Laws don't know what they are talking about. For 33 years my wife,(who is an RN-C, A Graduate Nurse Mid-Wife, and a Childbirth Education Specialist), and I used prenatal education as a means of evangelism. Over the years we saw many babies lives saved and mothers live as a result of "C" births. The mother has more discomfort in the long run, since she has to recover from major surgery.
---WIVV on 11/18/05

Be offended, be very offended. Tell you r inlaw that in many cases the child would not be alive it it had not been for c-sections (I am example). As far as pain? A WOMAN who has a c-section has pain long after birth and many other painful things to deal with like scars.
NO, WOMEN wno have c-sections LOVE their children.
Your inlaw has offended more than just yourself
---Marla on 11/18/05

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Hi I had 3 c sections and if the inlaws were real Christians to me they should listen to these verses Judge not that you be not judged and He who is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone.No you love them more they are more precious.No dont be offended forgive and forget.
---Pamela on 11/18/05

Observation:-) this is how myths creep in & then become beliefs For some .If you had the c section you should be overjoyed you are safe as well as the child.Deo gratias!!
---Emcee on 11/18/05

Avoid pain?? Your inlaws think that women dont have pain with a C section? You've had 2 of them and I have NO doubt that you had pain with both of them.

Not being a woman, I doubt I can fully understand your frustration, but instead of being offended, I would pray for their enlightenment.
---NurseRobert on 11/18/05

How dare anyone say such a thing? I am the mother of five (count 'em FIVE) daughters, ages 5-21. 3 "regular" and 2 emergency C-sections. Trust me. Your pain and recovery was a lot tougher after a C-section. You did your part. Do I love the "regulars" more than the "Cs"? Perish the thought! Sometimes you just have to forgive people for being totally disgustingly stupid about things like this. I am so sorry this has happened to you. Keep your chin up.
---judy4738 on 11/18/05

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I HAD 2 C-SECTIONS AND WHERE DO THEY GET THAT THERE IS NO PAIN???????????????? I had labor pain too THEN surgery incision pain before AND after ....and when I got up too quick...MORE PAIN...(after it heals from scar tissue.actually you have MORE pain then normal birth so that means we love our kids more...hahaha. I would LITERALLY die for them.Can your inlaws walk on water?
---Jan4876 on 11/18/05

Personally I am thankful that God has allowed medicine to advance to preserve my life and the life of my daughter. There was no sign that I would need a C-section until after 23 hours of labor and 3 hours of pushing saw no result. A century ago we both would have died. She is six now, sings in the children's church programs and loves Jesus.
---Robin on 11/18/05

Here is a scripture for your inlaw:
1 Timothy 5:13, "And withal they learn to be idle, wandering about from house to house; and not only idle, but tattlers also and BUSYBODIES, speaking things which they ought not."
---Bruce5656 on 11/18/05

I think I'd be somewhat offended at this comment also. Cesarians are not performed to avoid pain they are usually performed to save life. Would your in-laws have preferred that either you or your child, or possibly both, had died during the birth process? As for loving a child more if a normal delivery were possible, only someone who has gone through both methods could possibly answer that. I think it is highly unlikely though.
---M.P. on 11/18/05

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Although I am not a woman, I think that, rather than be offended, you should understand that some people get a little off the mark when it comes to "interpretting scripture". The Bible doesn't say anything for or against C-sections, as it was not a known medical practice at the time of the original writings or the 1st translations. It only came into use in recent history. It is ONLY a medical procedure, and is not unBiblical in itself.
---tommy3007 on 11/18/05

I would be greatly offended some cannot have a child naturally would result in death of child you still feel pain because you are cut on and have to heal plus labor pains before they do the c-section you are still a woman and don't take that off of them tell them to get real and grow up it is your choice
---opinions on 11/18/05

Do not be disturbed by what your in-law says.If your doctor told you it was unsafe for you to give birth naturally, rejoice in
the Lord,love your children and bring them
up in the fear and admonition of the Lord.
---David on 11/18/05

Kellie, Try to ignore the `simple talk` of your inlaws.I know you experienced much pain with the C-section as I also had to have my 4th child this way due to a medical problem. It is not even Christ-like for your inlaws to ridicule you. Be assured that this in no way makes you less of a woman/Mother. Study Gods word, allow His love to sweep away any bitterness you may feel toward them,and don`t let the ignorance of others keep you from being all that God has called you to be. He loves you.
---norma3789 on 11/18/05

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I don't agree with your mother in law. Sometimes women has no choice but to have C-sections, especially if it is a choice of life or death. I wouldn't be at all ashamed of having one if I had to. I don't feel it will change the love for your child either.
---beth on 11/18/05

Kellie, ask your inlaw if they preferred you to be dead. If you read the Bible, you'll also be aware of the women who died giving birth. Praise God for giving men/women doctors the wisdom to bring little ones into this world safely. P.S. Who ever heard of a painless c-section?
---Cathy_Y on 11/18/05

Your in-laws are rude and ignorant. I am sure your C-sections were not elective and you needed to have them to preserve your safety or the life of your children. You should be offended and ignore such ignorance.
---Madison on 11/18/05

I know I am not a woman. But your inlaw is speaking legalism. The pain is the result of Adam and Eve sinning against God. But having C-Section does not make you anyless of a woman. C-Section love their child as much as natural birth. Do not be offened but gently remind your inlaw they are speaking and practicing legalism. Jesus love all Chrildren...natural or c-section.
---micha6835 on 11/18/05

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WHAT? You are supposed to have the baby how? My daughter would'nt drop and would have died because she was grabbing the umbilical cord and cutting out her heart rate, hence an emergency c. Ridiculous !Tell your realitive a section is just as painful (actually more so) than natural birth! Loving your child any less becuase of a section? Nonsence!Offeneded? Sure, but that in law needs your prayer.
What i would do is say thank you, be nothing but polite to them and then avoid them at all costs!!
---cher on 11/18/05

tell them to mind there own business and get on with their own walk with the Lord.
---jc6997 on 11/18/05

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