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Too Much Christian Hypocrisy

I Don't go to church anymore. I love the Lord, read His Word, pay my tithes, fellowship with a select few Christians but can't trust a lot of Church going people, even though I love them. Too much hypocrisy! It seems that a lot of unsaved people can be trusted more. This should not be. Why?

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 ---Jerry on 11/20/05
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My God converting me twice is no problem to anyone except the self-condemned kingdom of darkness. And Almighty God's manifested unearthly work is a evident witness and undeniable proof of God's awesome glory in his creation.
---Eloy on 3/22/10

Eloy, no, your imagination is blinding you because that answer you gave is the best you could do to clear your own problem of two rebirths just because you told Him to stay away. That was the most rediculous answer and not even close, since only those who need a Savior are those who have sinned, or they would not need a Savior to save them from their sins.

I think you need to do better then that in your answer if you are going to accuse others of been sinners, but not you since you are a saint. And everyone else lost but not you.
---MarkV. on 3/20/10

Most Christians follow the law of "COMMANDMENTS and ORDINANCES"/RULES and are not preoccupied with having many PERSONAL redeeming qualities of their own (PERSONAL righteousness), they only want to do what the bible orders them to do.

"by abolishing in His flesh the law of commandments and ordinaces" (Ephesians 2:15).

The old law was IMPERFECT...

"the perfect law, the law of LIBERTY" (James 1:25 and 2:12).

Aetheists tend to be more trustworthy because they are a law to their conscience/"spirit".

Romans 2:14
"they are a law to themselves, even though they do not have the law".

Romans 8:16
"bearing witness with OUR SPIRIT".
---more_excellent_way on 3/20/10

The question is, what do you find trustworthy? Surely, every Christian is not at the same stage in his walk, therefore, not all act in a perfect Christlike manner. They attend Church (hopefully) to grow in their understanding. This walk takes time. Years. A lifetime.

By the efforts of those people to continue to grow in their understanding, they all cultivate a like spirit. Christ's Spirit, which is likewise God's Spirit, the Holy Spirit. This is the tie that truly binds the Church...the cultivation of Spirit.
---Elaine on 3/20/10

MarkV, Your imaginations are vain: for the saved person whom tells Christ to leave does not continue go to his church, else there would still be an ongoing fellowship with Christ rather than a commanded separation from him.
---Eloy on 3/20/10

Eloy, maybe they need to be converted or born again two times as you have. It could be maybe they need three or four times just to make sure. Since one conversion did not work for you.
Eloy, you told us you were saved twice. The first time you were saved, you sinned. You had to or else you would not be wanting to be saved again. And so you were reborn again, a second time. Now you tell everyone you are not a sinner because you are saved. You were a sinner when you were saved before. So your first rebirth, did not work, but your second is working good. But if you sin again, you will need another rebirth. And if that fails you will need another.
---MarkV. on 3/20/10

As it is evidenced in the two types of souls whom post on this blog, so it is likewise evidenced in the churches. It is because there are a lot of nonChristians whom go to church, and these project their lie that all are sinners like they themselves are: rather than the truth that the Christians are saints, and nonChristians are sinners like they themselves whom are in need yet of salvation and to be converted to Christ.
---Eloy on 3/20/10

Sometime Christians take advantage of other believers.
Because you are a believer, they are sure you don't mind them not paying the money they owe you. Don't you have compassion for their financial situation?

Because you and your boss are both Christians, he should let you leave early (or come in late) It might be something church-related that interferes with work. He should be happy that you witness to a co-worker while you both are "on the clock". After all, what could be more important than a man's salvation?! And if anybody gets a raise, it should be you, because you TITHE!

Have you ever noticed that non-Christians can be hypocritical too?
---Donna66 on 3/19/10

The greates enemy of the church is the false Christians inside of it. JESUS spoke against hypocracy and warned of the tares among the wheat. He warned many would be in church doing evil yet rejoicing in their accomplishments for GOD.

Since JESUS warned us of this we should not be supirized by it. Yet it is still very sad.
---Samuel on 3/18/10

Friend, it seems as if the very enemy the "sheep" gather themselves to defend against has also changed gear and has masqueraded as a sheep also. The strategy of the enemy now is, Destroy from within!
---Lamonce on 3/18/10

all things have a spirtual source, this one is:
Divide and conquer!
The first attempts to publicly persecute and torture Believers only served to spread compassion for the cause. Who can doubt the sincerity of someone who walks in love, under pressure and suffers for a God who cant be seen? the spread of christianity despite suffering was the result of the catastrophic clash of force vs. faith. The enemy has decided to divide and conquer, pitting believers against each other. Denominations, compromises that are accepted, have done much to hamper the unity by confusing the biblical standard. In turn, we disagree often, and spend our time fighting each other, politically, and forgetting our real enemy.
---larry on 3/18/10

The most ironic hypocrisy is this: We are quick to identify this fault in other Christians and non-Christians alike and almost never identify it in ourselves, which makes us...what else...hypocrites!
---Donna66 on 10/6/08

Someone wrote true Christians were trustworthy. Well, one of the first denied Christ three times.
No need for the forgive your brother verses if true.
Paul said that I would do, I do not.

All Christians will fight with their mortal body...otherwise why would you need to pluck an eye?

Remember using the hypocrite sayings when I was outside the mercy of GOD. It dawned on me one day..that if I was not a hypocrite I needed to show the hypocrites how to be non hypocrite. I failed. We are all hypocrites at some point..we all fall short of glory.
So go out there and show those Hypocrites upstanding example of Non Hypocrite by example and talking about them. Remember, they may asked forgiveness at bedtime.
---Trav on 10/6/08

Hypocrisy happens because there are "Christians" that wear the badge of a Christian, but are not TRUE Christians at all. Jesus said you will know my TRUE followers by their fruit. Some "Christians" have more of the Fruit of the Flesh in them, than the Fruit of the Spirit. This is how you can tell the TRUE from the FALSE.
---Leslie on 10/4/08

Hypocrisy is a difficult problem with which all Christians must understand but not dismiss.
For example, I have been working for a Christian software company for a year now and hypocrisy is rampant. Clients are lied to about time lines/deadlines and have to some extent been given the bait and switch.
Does it upset me? Yes, it upsets me very much but what I keep reminding myself is that I am responsible for my own life and although I can help others to see their hypocrisy, in the end I can do nothing if they do not want to change.
When I feel myself getting bitter I try to immediatly go to scripture and prayer. Remember in the end, the fact that Joe Bloe was a hypocrit does not dismiss my actions and how I conduct myself for Christ.
---Mr._Bill on 10/3/08

Nana, if you want the answer to your question about what I will do now, go the the blog concerning Benny Hinn's Crusades.

You will see that I gave a compliment to Eloy and that I am in total agreement with the truth that he had written here in his 2/6/08 blog.
---Rob on 8/29/08

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It's easy to give up when things get difficult. We choose the path of least resistance. Jesus chose the cross and He called us all to carry our own. While we were sinners He died for us and that proved God's love for us. Take up your cross, forgive, correct by speaking the truth in love, and pray Father forgive them, because they don't know what they are doing. But above all spend more time looking for the plank in your own eye and spend less time looking for specks in others. "Do not forget the gathering together as some have chosen to do. Stay away from them." Do you know where this is in God's word?
---Anthony on 8/28/08

There is only one Eloy on these blogs. What would you do now, call false what you admitted as true?
---Nana on 8/28/08

What Eloy has written here is true.

I am hoping this is not the same Eloy I have come across who supports and defends Benny Hinn.
---Rob on 8/27/08

Challenge them at their faith... accountability is something that i wish as Christians would take up... being able to openly share with a group of people when you screw up so you can get guidance back on track... but remember as it says in the bible (i dont remember where) that we are to gently correct out sisters and brothers of the faith... so i dont suggest getting into a fist fight or anything... if you catch my drift
---Tim on 8/27/08

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"It seems more unsaved people can be trusted" I hope that this is not the case. Tell me that this is not the case. Please tell me!
---catherine on 8/27/08

Hi there. I can totally relate to your feelings! I have uttered those words on several occasions myself. :) There ARE a lot of hypocrites, but like some of the other commenters have stated, I think we all fall into that category at one time or another. If I am honest with myself, I know I have.

I look at the opportunities to grow in my walk when I see or encounter people that are less than Christlike, and I try to let the Lord use the experience in my life. Many people don't view their walk as a ministry, they view church as a place for people to serve THEM.

God commands us to fellowship with other believers at church. Do you want to knowingly and defiantly live contrary to Gods word because of how you feel?
---Melanie on 8/27/08

many church-goers and nonchurch-goers have "religion" but they have no "Christ". Perhaps the people in your church are not saved, and perhaps you too are not yet saved. As for nonChristians being more trustworthy than Christians, I have never found this to be true, because every true Christian is trustworthy. There are many whom use the name Christian, but they themselves are not Christian, and you will know them by their fruits.
---Eloy on 2/6/08

I understand your thoughts and I also understand the hypocrits. I think we all fall into both categories sometimes. I know that I am better at doing what I should when I am around good people. I know I should be a good person all the time, yet the strength of good friends does give me an extra motivation to do what is right, even if sometimes it is just so I won't feel ashamed in front of them. We all struggle with hypocrisy and hypocrits.
---chris on 2/5/08

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The bible teaches us that the church is God's bride and that we're supposed to become unified as His bride. You're right about the majority of churches in America being hypocrites and checking "attendance at church for this week" off their list while leading straight-laced lives in their christian bubble. I think the average American church is too stationary when it needs to be constantly moving to reach out and love the lost and christians alike.
---darcy on 2/4/08

Jerry, nobody said you had to TRUST your fellow Christians. (After all, some, if not most, are working toward Christ-like behavior. Very few have actually reached it.)

Loving them is what is required.

But it's hard to love someone when you won't associate with them.

So don't worry about hypocrasy, and go.

Just don't loan them any money. LOL!
---Nancy on 11/12/07

The greatest enemy to human souls is the self righteous spirit (hypocrisy) which makes men look to themselves for salvation. A persons self righteousness will damn them if they trust in it as surely as will their sins, for it is a false, proud lie. God Bless!
---Cynthia on 11/12/07

The term "Christian" does NOT mean a follower of Jesus or someone who "claims" to be one. It means "Christ-like". Will you find people in churches who are hypocrites? ABSOLUTELY!! Here's a little-known historical insight. First century followers referred to themselves as being part of "The Way". Think about it.
---Greyrider on 11/12/07

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I have found this in my life too. I no longer go to church for the same reasons. The hypocracy and cliquieness. But those people outside who can be trusted, they arent necessarially unsaved. Do they have faith in God, any God? Do they believe in good? Maybe those "unsaved" are the ones youre supposed to meet, for Jesus sat with thieves and murderers, they needed him more.
---Maxwell on 11/4/07

I think some people are confused over what the word "judgment" means. There are several definitions for the word. The first definition is "opinion". The second definition is "decision, decree, or sentence given by a judge or court. Many times Christians do the first thing (state their opinion) but are accused of the second (passing sentence).
---James on 9/27/07

Here is an example. If someone sins sexually and I call them on it I am doing two things. I am telling that person that they are wrong. That is not offering an opinion that is stating exactly what God states. If I tell them they need to stop then I am offering my opinion. However, under neither circumstance am I passing sentence on that person.
---James on 9/27/07

hypocrisy in christian churches nowadays. self righteousness and a false sense of security. many are being taught you only have to profess God's name and you are saved. you can commit adultery, lie, cheat, steal, take God's name in vain, indulge in whatever yu like. Jesus paid for your sins. example speaks louder than thunder in the heavens but for millions, their example is of someone worshipping satan. when you can't tell the difference between a christian and the rest of the world, satan has won.
---lori on 9/27/07

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In the first place you are wrong. Most church going people are unsaved.
---catherine on 9/27/07

I agree. Although it's not just individual hypocrisy, it's the whole system. Christians must be one of the most judgemental groups in existence. Some believers don't go to church because they don't want to be judged. Hanging out with normal people and you don't get judged nearly as much.
---Joel on 9/27/07

Hi Jerry,
I think I kinda know what you mean. I'm not sure if I see hypocrisy or not, but sometimes I've notices some people in church seem distant and maybe not so friendly, but at work where I think the majority is unsaved they seem to be warmer and friendly. I don't know why that is.
---Sherrie on 5/2/07

When I was a new christian I left the man I had been living with and moved 500 miles with my new born daughter. I looked for a church, met with the pastors of 4 churches in my area, asked all of them about being born again, all were "christian" but denied the need of being born again. Was led to a church that was so different/loving then any church I had been to. Noone perfect there, some hypocritical, but in my walk with the Lord He has shown me my own hypocricy...He's not done with me yet.
---Christina on 9/3/06

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MikeM - Very sadly your Uncle was probably the exception rather than the norm. Every true Christian's one great desire should be to see lost souls come to Jesus.
---Helen_5378 on 9/3/06

the issue of hypocrisy in the church is one of the main reasons non-belivers stay away from church. they have no biblical background, or any knowledge of the fact that Jesus Himself hated religion and hypocrisy. if the Church is confused and not on one accord, how can we expect to really change the world and bring people in to the Kingdom? this HAS to be addressed within the Church!! we are God's voice, we are His representation here on earth!
---renee on 9/3/06

I went through a hard time finding a church that preached the Bible. The Lord used that time to educate me. I learned more about truth through false teaching. It made me dig deeper and deeper into the word. There was a time I wondered if maybe I had been left behind!!
Oh Lord, I said where is the Body of Christ, where is the Church:
Then one day He said to me: I AM THE CHURCH!!
I've had peace from that day on. I go to church to minister to others in need of finding "THE CHURCH".
---kathr4453 on 9/2/06

Better to go to church with a few hypocrites than to go to hell with the rest of 'em!
---sam on 9/2/06

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Hyporisy; My Uncle was a very charming charasmatic preacher, a pentacostal who 'saved' people. He was very concerned about saving me. He could bring people to tears with his preachng.Well worn Bible under one arm, fat, he looked like Junier Samples from the old he haw show. Sundays it was chuch. He also managed a 'social club' in northern Neveda. My question, was he the exception, or the norm?
---MikeM on 9/2/06

We are in the end times...That is to be expected.....Many will be decieved...
---Lynn on 9/2/06

Usually those that stand and point the finger at other Christians are too blind to see what they themselves are due to the beam in their own eyes.

They point out that since they belong to a certain denomination that they are less sinful than others.

"We -- people are the annointed remnant of God and we don't do that kind of thing."

Matthew 7:3 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brothers eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?
---lee on 9/2/06

brian, be strong brother, satan is enjoying this and dont ever give him the benefit..I would like to invite you to go to one of our sda churches near you and am absolute sure they will welcome you with open arms..just go harm..ask any question you want and you will get your will be surprised. I will keep you all in my you all in the Lord
---jana on 8/30/06

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going to church is for God, not for those whom you think are hypocrits..focus your mind on communion with God on Sabbath..not gossips strong, you need people around you to help edify each other and fellow ship with others...that is why the home, you may miss out on a beautiful message for the day..
---jana on 8/30/06

jerry, im sat at my pc after walking out,after my wife and daughter,when a lady who has done us great harm and malice stood up in church to preach on the beatitudes!!! you know hateful malicious letter writing, slander, colt curtness etc..etc... sadly I left the lcd projector at the time,(its my job in church), Its a shame its come to this, but the hurts to my wife and daughter have been deep,and have affected our peace and our home..I just hope good will come out of this all, Im heartbroken mate!
---Brian on 7/2/06

In reading this blog I noticed there is another Kathy besides myself, I'll now call myself KathyLH so there is no confusion.
---KathyLH on 6/20/06

friend, your going to church to spend time with God and with friends if you so desire..the main focus is God, not the hypocrisy of the people..they wont get you to heaven..God will...focus on Jesus dear...
---jana on 6/20/06

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What would be the point of a church if the only people who attended were Christians? I am not too worried about churches which teach the love of God and welcome strangers and are attractive and friendly towards non-believers, as long as the true message is got through.
---alan_of_uK on 3/9/06

I always heard you can go to church with a few hypocrites or go to hell with the rest of them.
---Manny on 3/9/06

First of all, a Christian doesn't go to Church, A Christian takes the Church. The Hypocracy is the biggest complaint of unbelievers and disenchanted believers. The thing is, a person who is well does not need a physician. All of us are sick, all of us need Jesus. Don't let the actions of a few keep you from the Church gatherings. It may not be easy, but don't forsake the gathering.
---mike on 12/28/05

Test the Spirit, to see if it be of God..I did and left the organized, corporate church and became a remnant..Holding Church on the internet!
---Lynn_Bedford77 on 12/28/05

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We must remember we are all in different places in our walk with Christ. We have had raggety bikers visit our church, in sincerity looking for God. After a few weeks or months they reaconed they knew everything, but some 'Christians' labeled them as hypocrits because they still had some work to be done. Some time later they were understanding that we never stop growing and became more humble. We can't be so quick to judge, we don't know what they came out of!
---NVBarbara on 12/2/05

So you are letting the unsaved walk all over you? There will be hyprocrites everywhere you go. But they are not going to stop me from going to church and hearing the word of God. I don't see how a person can say and believe they are christian when in fact they don't go to church and let the hyprocrites walk all over them.
---Rebecca_D on 12/2/05

People go to church for different reasons& that is probably what you are seeing; this difference & examining your finding against your own One goes to communicate with Almighty God in your heartIf you concentrate on this with your wants & needs you will not have the time to look around to see how Mr & mrs Or Tom Or Jerry is behaving.when one or two are gathered together in my nameI am there with you, that is what you are missingby your absence.
---Emcee on 11/22/05

My pastor complains that a large number of people that go to our church are simply not Christians at all. But that was the same claim made by St. Augustine back in the 5th century. So nothing has really changed.

What Jerry needs to do is to seek out in the church those that are genuine Christians and carry "the light" with them; not to walk away as he will be of little or no service to Christ or His church.
---lee on 11/22/05

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Barbara, This is so true. If there is one thing that I have learned in my many years as a Christian. If a person will not humble themselves, the Lord will humble them. Believe me it's much harder when the Lord humbles you. You do not want to go that route. If anyone thinks that it does'nt work this way, they are in for a rude awakening!
---John on 11/22/05

There is hypocracy everywhere, all kinds of people in any crowd. At least the hypocrits at church may learn the error of their ways.
Many have to go through a humbling process before they are truly living for God.
---NVBarbara on 11/21/05

have you ever heard it said that every church is not without its hypocrites;that a church is a hospital for SINNERS not a home for SAINTs.Don't let that stop you from Church Attendance.they will be the ones answering to God for their actions not you.Pray for them and they may just give up their hypocritical ways.God blessya!
---Roset on 11/21/05

I think as a Christian, our purpose for attending churches is to serve the Lord, for the growth of Christ's body.
Just focus on God only when you go to church and pray for the weaknesses of those people. No matter, what they do, just accept them as they are and pray for them, God is in control; just allow Him.
---Miran6874 on 11/21/05

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Even Jesus knew there were hypocrits in the church,but this did not stop Him(matthew 23:1-3,Mark 7:6-7).I would expect you to do the same.Remember,the church is the body of Christ and if you pull yourself out it means you're not with us,but against us.We need people like you who know right and wrong in the church.Attend church(1 Timothy 4:13)
---Sunga3684 on 11/21/05

The bible says judge not and u shall not be judged.The latest is what would jesus do.Iam sure he would still try and reach out to the hypocrates.When u stop going to church u are being self righteous and this the bible says is sin because their is no one righteous not even one.
---alice on 11/21/05

Jerry, you said that you love GOD and HIS word. But you didn't go church anymore because too much hypocrisy. Do you think that taking yourself away from church would show how much you loved the LORD? Does GOD want you to be an only watcher Christian? Why you just don't show your love to the LORD by stay as an active Christian? Because that would prove that you do LOVE THE LORD and HIS WORD :-)
---kanya on 11/21/05

Jerry.....if the church is full of hypocrites then why are you tithing or where are you sending the tithes to? If you're sending the tithes to a church then doesn't that make you a hypocrite as well? I do agree that the church is full of hypocritcal people and I'd rather spend my time with true unsaved friends then to mingle with a bunch of hypocrites who treat me like dirt outside of the church building....God truly knows their hearts...
---fran6775 on 11/21/05

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I feel the same way. I have confided in several pastors only to find out they didn't hold a confidence. I am now an extremely cautious person and have to tip toe through conversations at church. It's a shame!
---Cathy_Y on 11/21/05

Jerry dont allow anyone to steal your joy. All you have to do is to go to church and concentrate on why you're going - not to look at poeple or to hear what they say but to have a relationship with God. People can be nasty - even Christians, but they help us grow - because how else would you know whether you are in God's will and if you have the fruit of the Holy Spirit if there are no people that will test and try us. Hold onto Jesus and ask Him to help you bear these people up in prayer. Maggie.
---Maggie on 11/21/05

You go to church to focus on God alone, not on people's weaknesses.
If everyone stopped to attend church; who'd gonna make God's body to grow; then?
PS: Just pray for them and accept them as they are; as the Lord do for us.
---Mirana on 11/21/05

I agree with much of what you say and it is sad that I have to. However, if we all left church because of the hypocrisy we see in others there would be no church. Fortunately, we don't go to church for other people, we go to worship God. Other people are important of course and we are told to assemble together but the devil will use every ploy available to him and one of his ploys is turning Christian against Christian.
---M.A. on 11/21/05

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When you are right in Christ you should have a positive influence on others. You should look at it as a challange, an opportunity, a responsibility to build your church. Well running away is a last resort.
---aurun7996 on 11/20/05

I tend to agree with Jerry,hypocrits are found in churches more then none christions.
Christions seem to fake in church,pretend to love everyone,then when we meet in none church settings,backstabing is so quick,because pastor so&so isnt looking,therefor christions forget,,God is looking outside the church aswell as inside
---kathy on 11/20/05

Jer 17:5 . . . Cursed be the man that trusteth in man
Mic 7:5 Trust ye not in a friend, put ye not confidence in a guide: keep the doors of thy mouth from her that lieth in thy bosom.

Don't trust any man (or woman). Trust God.

If you love God then obey Him (Jn 14:15, 21, 23) and go worship with other believers.

Heb 10:25 Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together

Jesus was our example: (Mk 1:21, 6:2; Lk 6:6; Jn 8:20)
---a_servant on 11/20/05

Are you sure you know what "hypocrite" means or that these people who call themselves Christians are Christians? The word, "hypocrite" is from the old time play actors. They would use two false faces - one sad and the other happy. That's what a hypocrite is - play acting. It could be that these "Christians" are not Christians at all but, "play acting". This could be your mission field. "The church is NOT a hotel for saints but a hospital for sinners."
---WIVV on 11/20/05

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As the Pastor spoke on tonight at my Church, take care of your relationship with God and let God take care of the other "Hims and Hers". Ask God how you can help them.
---Paul on 11/20/05

I've heard many times that if a person were to find a perfect Church, it wouldn't be perfect any longer when they joined. Not going to Church because there are hipocrits there is like not going to a dog show because there are fleas there. In other words, it is a lame excuse for someone that doesn't want to go to Church in the first place.
---Sam on 11/20/05

Jerry, I know what you mean. But you do need to be in church as God's word says. Don't worry about those hypocrits there. They will have to stand before the Lord and answer to Him. The church is full of sinners, we are all sinners. You just go for the Lord and you will get your reward for being faithful.Fellowship with those that you know are faithful and be nice and try to help those that really don't know the Lord as you do or they would not be hypocrits. ITs the walk that counts , not the talk.
---Martha on 11/20/05

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