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Christian Love Relationship

is it right for me to have kissing,and alot of touching in a relationship?i'm 21 years old,been a christian for 7 years and this is my second love relationship.both of us are christians but i have doubts as what could be acceptable limits for a good christian love relationship.

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 ---barba9636 on 11/21/05
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i think it shouldnt matter if u want to kiss or 21 years old too..and believe i thought bout going father..but i didnt bc i knew it was wrong n god wouldnt like it..
---kayla on 6/9/11

Being a christian is tough business. Not for the faint hearted. Kissing is a good thing. So is touching. But where and how you do it, is the question at hand. If you can control yourself(most can't)then kissing would be nice. But beware. Kissing can lead to the sexual act, itself. Now this is forbidden to christians. Get married, the bible tells us. If you are burning with passion. If he wants you that badly, he will make the commitment and you. Otherwise, refrain, before that fire gets out of hand.
---Robyn on 6/4/11


if you have doubts that is probably your answer. Don't let your feeling say it is love because the love that holds a husband and wife together is greater than what you feel. You are a prize that men should pursue to have and treasure, don't let them touch it or taste it until they follow through and win it, i.e. marriage. Be patient and ask God for wisdom
---willa5568 on 6/4/11

It isnt right to be touching in a relationship, Jesus said that just looking at a woman and lust after her is adultery, how much more touching and kissing someone that you are not married to. If you want to do what married people do then get married.
---Dating_Advice_4_Christian_Singles on 6/3/11

Dear M: I hope your honeymoon will be as awesome as you imagine. But what if it isn't? Will you still decide to stay with your spouse. Just curious.
---Robyn on 12/30/09

Hello everyone!I just want to let you know that self control is one of the fruits of the spirit.Kissing,i dont think its wrong.I'm trying to find that out myself.Going to or ending up in each other's rooms is not wrong.It gives you both private time together,not sexual indulgment.So if you can control yourselves,visiting in rooms is not something u should always avoid.
---Ken on 11/5/09

My Pastor gave me some great advice. If you have to be alone to do it, you probably shouldnt be.
---Robert on 10/12/08

Has a married person ever ask is it alright for me to kiss or touch? NEVER, because it is right for him or her to do those things. But for u I will advice you not to kiss and touch becuase one thing lead to another. And if you decided to kiss and touch how are you sure you will get married to that person?
---peter on 12/22/07

i think it is ok to kiss even if it is a lot i love to kiss it is ok to touch just I think you should draw the line when it comes to touching private places and arousing one another I would say stay away from arousal it leads to other stuff I love for my fiance to touch me everytime he does even when I am upset with me it melts away that hurt or anger and fear
---dreab on 12/19/07

Lisa wat u say is true but in seeking another opinion or perspective on the matter is actually quite wise. She has enough common sense to not do everything people say and she freely chooses what she wants to implement in2 her relationship. We can encourage her with a different perspective and can share revelation with her. Wouldn't you share revelation with som1 who was seeking it?.
---tumanako on 4/18/07

I agree with matth9533: What you do is your business. Speaking from experience, it's NOT always wise to open your heart {self} to so many people. Everyone do not have your best interests at heart and it will mess you up! Every answer you need, God as already placed inside of you...just tap into it. My words of wisdom concerning your question is this: Whatever it is you don't have peace about, don't do it. Blessings and enjoy your relationship with your mate! :o)
---Lisa on 4/16/07

This is so funi. I go thru the same thing im 20. Keep hands away from were togs wud be. Kiss Public, Dnt end up in each others room. Dnt base ur relationship on it. Love is patience nt quick temperd. What does god want for your relationship. Pray 4 it, write a prayer list pin it on ur wall. If lines r crossd recommit. God will build ur character and bless you 4 overcoming ur circumstances.
Id b keen 2 b accountable with as im going thru similar circumstances.
---Tumanako on 4/14/07

Here are a few guidelines: Don't do anything you don't want to have to tell future spouse you did. don;t do anything you don't want your future spouse to tell you he did. It is better to stay as far away from that "line" then to get as close as you can. I know , I got pregnant before I was married. Once you start doing one thing it is much easier to take the next step and so on and so on
---BeckyH on 3/23/07

when you kiss or alot of touching it is lust which the bible is against it.please sit tight till you are officially married.that can lead you into premarrital sex.
---solange on 11/22/05

Good grief! What you do is your own business. If you leave it up to other people to make these kind of decisions for you, you will get a million different opinions. Just follow your own heart, and to thine own self be true!!! I think God is strong enough and powerful enough in your heart to tell you what is right or wrong. If not, well, you better make sure He is before you date anyone.
---matth9533 on 11/22/05

dreab are you a male or female. Cause you said touching was ok but, as a male I can tell you that touching is not ok. Guys arouse easier than gals. Kissing and touching arouse a guy. You can not just lightly kiss and think it will not go farther?
---Dave on 11/21/05

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Please, please, do your self a favour and get a copy of Boy Meets Girl by Josh Harris.
---Bruce5656 on 11/21/05

You set the limits.
If you are unashamed of what you do as a person, given a mind, a set of harmones and your Christian faith along with living with the consequences for another 50 years, it is probably right.
---chuck on 11/21/05

I recently met a wonderful man and yesterday he held my hand for 1st time. We talk about things like this and what the "rules" are because of our faith. When we say goodnight after a date he hugs me but we do not kiss as we know it can lead to other things. There defenatly is no touching except for some holding hands and we are always in public together and do not let ourselves be alone or tempted.
---Marla on 11/21/05

Well I am dealing with same issue. I am divorce single mom, 40+ and have met someone. We just hold hands. I know things can move very quickly once one gets to kissing. I think a peck on the cheek is ok but anything more just leads to other things that should not be doing.
Just think of the awsome honeymoon if you wait for the kissing+.
---M on 11/21/05

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