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What's a New Age Bible

I am not ready to be a christian yet as I need to find out more. So I went to a christian chat site to ask questions. Someone 'whispered' me to get a New Age bible. So I went to baptist christian bookshop but unable to find one. So where an I get it?

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 ---Help on 11/22/05
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Yea, you must watch out for those whisperings it is definately demonic. And while we are on the subject, Satan will do that evil, through people. I have experienced it a few times. I have got tell you that it is errie. First I didn't really understand it. I found out through the word of God, that it wasn't my imagination. Praise God.++
---catherine on 9/19/07

That was the devil whispering to you to get a so-called New Age Bible.The devil is a tormentor and a Liar. Don't listen! There is no such thing. If there is I would not touch it. All version are not good version of the bible. Why don't you try the NIV, KJV, NKJV, ASRV. Any of those are good choices.
---Robyn on 9/18/07

Dear friend. I have already posted but it cut off part of my answer to you. Just wanted to say: Jesus is on His way back. Don't wait too long to make a decision for Christ. Matter of fact. You need to do it today. Tomorrow may be too late.Read Isaiah chapter 55. The Invitation to the abundant Life. Seek Him now while he may be found. Which means day you want have this opportunity. God bless you dear.
---Robyn on 9/18/07

Searching Google, It is not a Bible Version is a reference to a category of Bible versions. Most of the references I reviewed were using the term "New Age Bible" as forensic literary device to falsely associate modern Bible translations to the New Age Movement. Since you are just learning about Christianity a Good New Bible is a good first Bible because it reads easily and is written in simple vocabulary. You should out grow it in a couple of years then move on to a modern word translation
---Phil_the_Elder on 9/18/07

unless, alan, the Not Inspired Version actually eliminates crucial doctrinal verses
Matt 17:21 eliminates the verse with prayer and fasting. Mk 9:29 eliminates the importance of fasting from its bible. the devil loves this changing of God's Word
---r.w. on 11/4/06

Tof ... I rushed to my copies of the KJV and NIV becasue you obviously have some great revelation for us.
But whilst the words and their order in the NIV are slightly different, they mean by usual rules of modern English grammar exactly the same as the KJV verses
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/19/06

oh helen dont you know the new king james follow the jehovah witness bible. the nkjv is a wicked thing. and the real "living "bible is the KJV
---r.w. on 9/18/06

greetings,the verse to check in any bible to confirm non new age is ;that was the true Light,which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.
---earl on 8/31/06

steve, I have been struggling with what these verses say in the NIV, maybe you can shed some light on them for me so I can understand the meaning clearly and accurately? I understand them in the KJV, but dont get how they are presented in the NIV.

Matthew 17:21; Matthew 18:11; Matthew 23:14; Mark 7:16; Mark 9:44; Mark 9:46; Mark 11:26; Mark 15:28; Mark 16:9-20; Luke 17:36; Luke 23:17; John 5:4; Acts 8:37; Acts 15:34; Acts 24:7; Acts 28:29; Romans 16:24

---tofurabby on 8/31/06

Help - Hello. The voice that you heard telling you to get a New Age Bible was not from God ok, because God would never tell you to do that. You need to go to a Christian Bookshop and get a King James, New King James, or The Living Bible. Ask them there for some help ok. Bless you.
---Helen_5378 on 8/31/06

, can anyone give us even one example of a verse from a "new age" Bible that doesn't convey the meaning clearly and accurately?
---steve on 8/31/06

today's perversions are the new age bibles, friend
---r.w. on 7/8/06

There is a New Age upon us and no one in there right mind wants to be a part of it. Talk to God, He is a loving Father, He will lead you..Being Born again is the greatest gift. The New Age is ushering in Antichrist.
---Lynn_Bedford77 on 12/26/05

, in case anyone is wondering, there is never any reason to pay more than fifty dollars for a Bible. every Bible there is can be found for that amount or less.
---steve on 11/29/05

In order for you to be a christian, God must convict your heart FIRST and you accept Him. You cannot choose to be a christian anytime you decide you want it. Please Please, don't mess around with this new age stuff. God will not convict your heart unless you submit totally to him. Get you a Holy Bible and start reading John and read thru the end of the bible
---shira on 11/29/05

moderator, yes, one comes to mind that was pointed out just the other day: Psalm 4:2; 5:6: KJV= "...will you love vanity, and seek after leasing? Selah. Thou shalt destroy them that speak leasing:..." GV= "...loving vanity and seeking lies? Selah. Thou shalt destroy them that speak lies..." There are many more errors, and you may be able to find a comparitive listing of them online, in any event it is evident that the GV is much more accurate than the KJV.
---Eloy on 11/29/05

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moderator, the main difference is that the KJV is basically a translation of the Geneva version, and king James had discontent with the scriptures that judged the civil authorities and the crown. Also, the KJV compiled their version rather quickly, so it does contain proven copy errors and mistranslations. From studying all my life as a translator, overall the GV is a much more accurate version than the KJV.

Moderator - Could you give a few examples that would make a difference? Thanks.
---Eloy on 11/28/05

moderator, yes, even as they have done to the KJV and entitled it NKJV. Experience teaches me that the original is always more accurate then the later renditions of it. Just as classic movies are usually better then their later remakes. It is unfortunate when people dare to change God's words into words that God never said. Yes, it's best if you obtain a copy of the original, rather than obtaining a translation of it.

Moderator - Thanks, I didn't know that some have done their own translations of it.
---Eloy on 11/28/05

Moderator, if you want to get the facsimile copy of the Geneva Bible i would get it through capstonebooks online, because the others sound like mere translations of the Geneva text rather than the Geneva text itself. $200. may sound like a lot of money to invest, but it's not really if you are a serious follower of the true scriptures like myself. You will not be disappointed. If you're interested in reading the marginal notes in the Bible you should also acquire a magnifying glass.

Moderator - Have others reworded it?
---Eloy on 11/28/05

Moderator, part 1: In 1554 the Queen, "Bloody" Mary Tudor, reversed the reforms of king Edward VI and enforced Romanism in England. The following year John Rogers was martryd and burned at the stake; and also the archbishop of Canterbury, English reformer Thomas Cranmer, was also burned at the stake. The Christians fled Queen Marys brutality and sought refuge down in Geneva, Switzerland.

Moderator - Thanks for the information. What would you consider the main differences between the Geneva and KJV Bibles?
---Eloy on 11/28/05

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pt 2: William Whittingham, brother-in-law of the Puritan reformer John Calvin, set out at Geneva to improve the English translation. In 1559 Queen Elizabeth rejected Romanism, and expelled the Romanist bishops. Soon after, being safe now, the Christian leaders could return home to England. After the initial work of William Tyndale and John Rogers, the 1560 Geneva Bible was the first complete Bible which based its translation on the original Greek and Hebrew Scriptures, rather then on the Latin Vulgate.
---Eloy on 11/28/05

pt 3: In 1560 A.D. William Whittingham and his colleagues produced the Geneva Bible translated according to the Hebrew and Greek, and conferred with the best translations in divers languages, and dedicated to Queen Elizabeth I. It was this "Thanksgiving Bible' which the pilgrims brought to America upon the Mayflower and settled in the English colonies of Massachusettes and the east coast, and on this- Thee Bible- in which the Bible knowledge of the Puritans was built up during the Civil War.
---Eloy on 11/28/05

pt 4: The Geneva Bibles marginal notes were called glosses, and these angered King James so that he banned the Bible in England. King James called the Geneva Bible "seditious" and made it a felony to own one. The "Bishops Bible" was introduced in competition but it failed to win popular support. In 1604 English bishops and Puritan leaders met with King James I in the Hampton Court Conference, and there King James set 54 scholars for the revision of the "Bishops Bible".
---Eloy on 11/28/05

pt 5: The scholars relied heavily upon the Geneva Bible for their translation, but they omitted the marginal notes which enraged the king and his servants in the church. The committee of churchmen led by theologian Lancelot Andrewes, and the finest scholars in England, produced the "King James Bible". In 1611 A.D. it was dedicated to King James, and was published and authorized in England.
---Eloy on 11/28/05

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The moderator is correct that the Geneva Bible was produced around 1560.

However, there is on the market now what was called "the New Geneva Study Bible, later renamed the Reformation Study Bible, is the first Bible since the 1560 Geneva Bible to contain study tools rooted in the theology recovered during the Protestant Reformation". (Ligonier Ministries) The Reformation Bible is available in either the NKJV or the ESV.

Moderator - I don't have a Geneva Bible, but am considering getting one. How would it differ from the KJV?
---lee on 11/27/05

If you wish to obtain a Geneva Bible, It can be obtained via Lignoier Ministries. It comes in either the NKJV or the English Standard Version.

Moderator - How could the Geneva Bible come in a NKJV? I thought it is its own version?
---lee on 11/27/05

i cannot recommend a New Age Bible, because New Age is occultic and not Christian. Though i can confidently recommend the best English version for you, it is the Geneva Bible. You can get one for $200. at capstonebooks.
---Eloy on 11/27/05

A few years ago, Gail Riplinger wrote a book entitled "New Age Bible Versions" in which she condemned all modern bible versions save the KJV. You will find much reference to her works in the KJV Onlyists churches.
---lee on 11/26/05

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, the message is not a real bible.
---steve on 11/26/05

, "new age" is a phrase that many people like to throw around to discredit something they don't understand. but the person who mentioned it to you seemed to be using it as satire, like implying that others might call it "new age".
---steve on 11/22/05

, some recommend KJV and NASB, and that's okay, but for readability, use New Living translation, or New Century version. they are very clear about what each verse means. please don't use "the message", it is not very accurate.
---steve on 11/22/05

I would read the following KJV, NKJV & I am also reading the Amplified bible, this is very intersting to me, but still Gods word. btw does anyone know about the bible titled "The message"? I recieved that also.
---candice on 11/22/05

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I've not heard of a New Age Bible but have heard of a satanic bible - leave those on the bookshelf .Any Christian bookshop will be able to recommend a real bible to you. There are many versions from which to choose and if you've never read any part of a bible before I'd recommend you ask for one in modern English. I pray you will find just the right one for you and that you will be truly blessed by what you read. Pray before reading, even if you are not really sure that anyone is listening.
---M.P. on 11/22/05

I have never heard of a new age bible. Go out and get you a KJV and a NASB and read these together. I find that these two are very good together.
---Shawn on 11/22/05

Forget the New Age teaching. It is not truth. Jesus said He is the ONLY way to the Father (God), any other way is as a thief coming into your home. Please don`t put off your salvation. Jesus will return for His Bride very soon, and I implore you to be ready to meet Him. Call to Him, and He will hear you. He is standing at your hearts door knocking, but the handle is inside and only You can open to Him. Pray now.
---Norma on 11/22/05

Why don't you try reading romans chapter one. That should instruct you in the way of what God thinks about new age phillosophies. You cannot attain to God's standards on your own merit. You must have God's holy spirit inside you Through faith in the substatutionary death of The Lord Jesus Christ for you on Calvary! "Behold now is the accepted time, now is the day of salvation". Please don't toy with your eternal soul. God bless you. Thomas.
---thomas on 11/22/05

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