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How Do You Repent

What is repenting-what does repenting consist off?

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 ---mima on 11/22/05
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Another thing that I'm trying to find out about repentance is-where in the story of the woman at the well is there any repentance mentioned? Or where is there an act of repentance described in this story?
---mima on 11/24/09

I try not to figure out things that are impossible for me to understand and instead of speculating I put down what God has to say concerning the lost. What I do know is that God said it and I believe it with my heart. He was talking about the unrigheous, the ungodly. It is not my opinion. How I see it does not matter at all. God says He has made Himself known to them, "they knew Him and they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened. Professing to be wise, they became fools"
---MarkV. on 11/24/09

Mark ,.. I see what yo say, I can't see Athiest is deliberately suppressing the truth. Surely you can onky do this if you recognise the truth?

I know several athiests, and they all conform to the definition of not beleiving that there is a god ... not only God, but any kind of deity.

Some of them, like Athiest, and Richard Dawkins, are quite antagonist towards the idea of a god, and genuinely feel that the world would be better if no-one beleived in what to them is an imaginary & false idea.

Others just don't accept there is a god, but are not militant about it ... they just treat the idea as irrelevant.

But in neither case can I detect any deliberate suppression of what they know to be the truth.
---alan8566_oif_uk on 11/24/09

Believing in God, and believing there is a God are two different things. The unbelievers do not believe in God, they do not put their faith in Him and the Works of Christ on the Cross.
In the case of Athiest, it doesn't matter if he wants to acknowledge there is a God or not, the Bible says,'"For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodlyness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the Truth in unrighteousness" That is what he is doing suppressing the truth. The passage continues with, "because what may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shown it to them." and v. 21, "Because although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful,"
---MarkV. on 11/24/09

MarkV ... I'mnot sure if you are replying to my query of JackB, who had said "the word says all men know there is a God" and "The lost see God as their enemy because they know they have sinned and deserve his wrath"

The passage you give doesn't quite say that.

And of course you have recently said elsewhere: "All lost people don't obey God's commandments because because they don't believe in God"

I still don,t see how, for example, Athiest is deliberately disobeying God, when he does not even acknowledge that God exists.
---alan8566_of_uk on 11/24/09

Here is the word of God,
"For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, because what maybe known of God is manifest to them, for God has shown it to them. For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, been understood by the thing that are make, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse, because although they knew God, they did not glorified Him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened."
Romans 1:18-21.
---MarkV. on 11/23/09

JackB ... I'm sorry I had overlooked that "the word says all men know there is a God"

So must all those who have never heard of God (as some school kids here say, when recently interviewed)

Perhaps you could remind me of the passage.

We could then quote it to Athiest, for we would then be able to prove to him that in fact he is no athiest, for that means someone who does not believe in any deity.
---alan8566_of_uk on 11/23/09

Alan, the word says all men know there is a God. They are without excuse.

They become fools when they harden their hearts so much that they bring on self-delusion.

I dont know what else to say, Alan, except that scripture doesnt lie.

Hebrews 2:14,15 tell us exactly what Satans power is and how people are kept in bondage to sin. They are terrified of dying because they know they deserve judgement. Its the "well Im screwed already, so why not sin" syndrome. If we dont fear death because of Jesus Christ, then we are free to serve God out of love and gratitude instead of fear of condemnation.

Lots of Christians never grasp what it is to love God. They serve Him out of terror and call it love.
---JackB on 11/23/09

Simply this" You never quit repenting. The Person of the Holy Spirit will just let you know it's time to repent. It's important to always remain open to repentance, because we do continuously sin. Note: Do not be legalistic. Let God help you.
---catherine on 11/22/09

Repenting is turning towards God. It is NOT us turning from sin to be saved. It is us turning to the Cross. Only the Cross can take sin away.
---duane on 11/22/09

"The lost see God as their enemy because they know they have sinned and deserve his wrath"

Surely, most of the lost do not beleive God exists?

You can't see a non-existent person as your enemy.
---alan8566_of_uk on 11/22/09

The lost see God as their enemy because they know they have sinned and deserve his wrath.

The saved see God as their salvation because they know He died for their sin and redirected His wrath towards Christ

One man will run from God and disobey Him, the other will run towards God and want to serve Him.

That is repentance in a nutshell. Its not turning away from sin. You CANNOT turn from sin without Jesus Christ in your heart.
We are powerless without Him.
---JackB on 11/21/09

When we repent(turn) towards God, its because we have heard the good news and we trust(faith) in that good news, so we come to Christ in hope. The Lord will not disapoint. HE will give us repentance(a new heart and mind) HIS Spirit will CHANGE us. We will walk in the Light. Our faith will abound. We will be born again. We then have Salvation(life) by grace through faith.
...glory to GOD..
---duane on 9/29/09

Well Repenting is basically following christ's walk from my wisdom as an 14 year old........ i hope i helped
---malik on 9/28/09

Yes, all Unbelievers(sinners) must repent(turn to Christ) HE is our only hope.
IN HIM we have salvation and the forgiveness of sin.
---duane on 5/1/08

The statement by Catherine is very true."
"True repentance is changeing one's mind" and the change that one makes is in one's mind about who Jesus Christ is. Conceived iniquity, we are all in a lost state at birth. After hearing the truth of Jesus Christ. We are then free to choose to believe in and receive the Lord Jesus Christ. If we choose to act on that information and belief, we can be saved by calling on the name the Lord Jesus Christ for our salvation.
---Mima on 5/1/08

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.mima, lit.Heb: "God not human to be a liar, nor produced of man, that he should repent: has he said, and will he not do? And spoken, and will he not make it good?" Numbers 23:19.
---Eloy on 5/1/08

Ulrika: what part of the words" I will never leave thee nor forsake thee, I will be with thee always , even unto the end of the age" do you disagree with.
---Ian_8763 on 4/30/08

Well, if you have ever had a puppy, and it kept on doing the same thing, again and again, you did no stop forgiving your little puppy who you loved so much. But you knew you needed to train your cute little thing so it wouldn't keep on doing the same old thing you told it not to do.
---Bill_bila5659 on 4/30/08

Frances008: You Amaze Me, you give a letter perfect biblical definition of predestination and enternal security. And then you go and spoil it all by REPENTING.[Smile] In Christ\Ian
---Ian_8763 on 4/30/08

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per scripture one repents is baptized in name of Jesus ...when ministers lay hands on one who is baptized Holy Spirit is sent to guide new Christian to overcome sin ...this is conversion ...if you seek God through prayer He sends more of His Spirit to guide often referred to as lampstand burning brightly when praying seeking God regularly ...stop praying lights starts to grow dim one can slip and fall into sin ...recognize sin repent of it and pray for more of Holy Spirit continuous process of overcoming
---Rhonda on 4/30/08

Jesus Christ is the One who knows if He will forgive you again . . . seventy times seven. And He knows if you forgive someone seventy times seven times for the same thing . . . Mark 11:25.

If you can lose your salvation, you are not safe. Saved means safe, doesn't it?
---Bill_bila5659 on 4/30/08

Ulrika, I thought I made it clear in many other posts that I think you can lose your salvation. We are talking here about the initial reaction to the gift of the Holy Spirit when He convicts you of sin.
---frances008 on 4/30/08

I repent very quickly. Repenting consists of showing remorse for your sin. Go to the person and tell them you are sorry and also tell God you repent. Show your remorse with weeping and mourning and fasting if you feel led to fast. John the Baptist said, Bring forth fruit in keeping with repentence. Meaning it requires action and that action should be fruitful.
---donna8365 on 4/30/08

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.mima, Let us study to show ourselves approved. The definition of the hebrew word "nacham" here is "regret" and not any guilt from disobedience: because God is perfect, above reproach, and ultimately in complete control over all his creation. The English word here is accurately translated "regret" and not "repent". lit.Heb: "YHWH regretted that he had made man upon the earth, and sorrowed in his heart." Genesis 6:6.
---Eloy on 4/30/08

One man said sin is running from GOD. Repentance is running from sin towards GOD.

JESUS came to save us from Sin. Keith Green a Music Evangelist from the 70's once reminded an audience of teenagers that JESUS came to save us not from hell but from sin.

When we run from sin hell cannot hold us.
---Samuel on 4/30/08

In considering what is repentance, let us keep in mind Genesis 6:6," And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart." Because the Lord repented and was grieved at his heart over having made man. He did not cease making man. If turning from sin is not repeating something any more is repentance, why did God continue to make man?
---Mima on 4/30/08

True repentance is changeing one's mind. A total life change.>>You know what? We look at these big words and we don't really know what they mean. Also, to absolute surrender to the purposes of God and to live in this awareness. THIS radical turning to God is required of ALL PEOPLE: "unless you repent, you will ALL perish" [Luke 5:32]. Won't someone out there repent?>>>PLEASE!
---catherine on 4/30/08

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God commands man to be saved, thus it must be possible for man to do something in order to be saved. So what is that that man must do to be saved? God's Word tells us in both Testaments what we must do, namely, Repent (Please Read- Ezekiel 18:30-32). "Repent you all therefore and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out." Acts 3:19. Therefore, there is no salvation without man's participation by first repenting.
---Eloy on 4/30/08

That's predestination or eternal security teaching which I do not agree with.

Repenting of your sins is a gift. Being led of the Spirit, you will repent for your sins.
It's not a one time cover all of the bases event.
---Ulrika on 4/30/08

Sorry, I wrote hastily and put in a contradiction. God chooses you. You have a choice. If you reject his choosing of you and throw it in his face, then there is no further opportunity. God knows which way each person will choose. This is a mystery, too. Those to choose God were with Him from the beginning.
---frances008 on 4/29/08

Jesus has already been allocated a number of people, and he does not wish to lose those people. If you turn down Salvation, you are throwing away the gift that God choose you to receive. It is no small insult to reject God's gift.
---frances008 on 4/29/08

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When Jesus chooses you, he will send the Holy Spirit to show the truth of your sinfulness. At that time you will be overcome by the sins that made up your life until that moment. It is God's gracious gift that allows you to see these things. God chooses who will repent and who will remain in their sins. He won't be mocked. So if you receive conviction but reject it, that is rejecting the Holy Spirit of God. After that there is no Salvation. Reject God, and God has one thing to say 'Good bye'.
---frances008 on 4/29/08

Repenting is turning back towards God. It is a gift to feel so badly about displeasing/dishonoring God. I praise Him for a repentant heart!! When God gives it to you, it some how makes the road easier. It certainly is not in me naturally. Only through His grace. The love of God leads to repentance.
---jody on 4/29/08

Repent?...Turn to Jesus Christ is the answer and only answer. HE is your only hope and glory forever.Preach the GOOD NEWS to all, that all will repent(turn to Christ)
---duane on 4/29/08

Repent means to acknowledge that you have done something wrong, and ask for forgiveness
---valer6644 on 4/29/08

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Confessing your sin(s), asking God to forgive you, having Him wash you clean with the Blood of Christ, and asking Him to give you the strength to avoid that sin again.
---Gary_L. on 6/22/07

There is one major, major factor why God is keeping me. And that is because I need Him, and He knows this. Being a Christian does not free one from sinning. Conviction==An awareness of one's sin and guilt. The Holy Spirit is the agent of conviction. When the Christian is forgiven it is unto the restoration of communion with God which may be broken again all to soon. But God forgives the Born-Again Believer.We must stay in prayer asking God's forgiveness. It is the only way to ever see Him.
---catherine on 6/17/07

We are commanded avoid the very appearance of evil. Repent always and never commit the same sin twice so we can be forgiven of it. "Except a man repents, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God." We endure to the end, correcting mistakes in life, not doing them over again. Anyone that says you only have to yell praise God and they are saved in God's kingdom, deceive themselves and satan will enjoy their company for all eternity.
---ashley on 6/16/07


ALL mankind is reconciled to God through Christ, there sins not counted against them, 2 cor. 5:19... Thats before repentance of man.
Repentance for man means changing from unbelief to believing on Jesus AND His work on the cross (forgiveness)
By His life we are saved...Salvation is Christ in you. Ye must be born again.
(You cant have life if sin is still counted against you) Jesus took sin away

---duane on 6/16/07

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False Gospels Quiz

9. Because the Jews are God's chosen people, they have eternal security.


The correct answer is False.

Romans 10:9 - That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

---Gail on 6/15/07

Duane; If God is convicting someone of their sins, and they ask God to forgive them, and ask him to come into their heart, then yes buddy they are saved. If a person didn't believe in God, then they wouldn't ask him to forgive them.
---Rebecca_D on 6/15/07

To feel remorse, contrition, or self-reproach for what one has done or failed to do; be contrite.
To feel such regret for past conduct as to change one's mind regarding it: repented of intemperate behavior.
To make a change for the better as a result of remorse or contrition for one's sins.

Christian's are either going toward Christ on the path, or going away from Christ on the path.

Repent = admit sin, apologize to God, turn around and go back toward Christ.
---a_servant on 6/15/07


Reconciliation - To reestablish a close relationship between.

The point of Jesus' reconciliation through HIs death is that now every man on Earth has the ability to be friends with God. Before Calvary we could only have a relationship based on God's choosing. Now every man has that opportunity. It doesn't say every man is already forgiven. If they were they wouldn't be going to hell and if they were we wouldn't be told repentance and forgiving others is required to be forgiven.
---Matthew on 6/15/07

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duane, your theories will go right down the dwain.
False Gospels Quiz

2 Thessalonians 2:3 - Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

---Gail on 6/15/07

False Gospels Quiz

7. A Christian does not have to change his lifestyle to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

The correct answer is False.


Galatians 5:21 - Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

---Gail on 6/15/07

Duane reconcile doesn't mean forgiven.
The main point is, Duane, the reason people are going to hell is because they must pay a debt. That debt is unforgiven sins. Only those who repent will be forgiven Duane. This is yet a again another man made theology.

Mark 1:4
And so John came, baptizing in the desert region and preaching a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins.
---Matthew on 6/15/07

Duane: sorry to disagree, but the only people forgiven are those who repent and turn away from their sins. Many will profess to do that, but it is a false repentence when they continue in their sins and keep commiting the same thing over and over. What you said reminds me of what satan said: Go ahead eat the fruit, you will not surely die. God will not punish you. We know what happened to Adam and Eve too. They were cast out, just like everyone who refuses to repent of sin.
---ashley on 6/15/07

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Luke 3:3
He went into all the country around the Jordan, preaching a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins.

Duane please look up reconcile. It means, Duane, to restore the possibility of a relationship. Which is exactly what everyone even the unsaved has right now. Reconciliation is not the same as forgiveness. The Bible makes it claer only those who repent and confess their sins will be forgiven.
---Matthew on 6/15/07

I think Rom 5:10 disagrees with you. Whats impossible for you is not with God.
He forgave all mankind while they were still enemies and sinners.
Its His gift to all. Accept His gift and believe on Him for salvation.
---duane on 6/15/07

*Just because a man is forgiven, does NOT mean He is saved. We must believe in HIM.It is by grace through faith we are saved.*

Duane yes if a man is forgiven then he is saved. A man can't be forgiven apart from faith in Christ. You can't be forgiven and not believe in Christ at the same time. It's impossible.
---Matthew on 6/14/07

Just because a man is forgiven, does NOT mean He is saved. We must believe in HIM.It is by grace through faith we are saved.
Jesus death forgave us all, BUT by His resurrected life we are saved.
A saved person needs forgiveness AND life.
... I hope you understand...
---duane on 6/14/07

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You have to go to God with a humble heart and ask him to forgive you.You must mean it in your heart and soul that you want to be forgiven.Then,accept it.Believe with all your heart and soul that God has forgiven you,and forgive yourself.Me, I repent everyday," all have sinned and falled short of the Glory of God".It's a nautral thing for humans to sin.But if you truely Love The Lord,he'll help you turn away from it. Even if I don't sin I still ask God to forgive me of my shortcomings.donna3594
---Donna3594 on 6/14/07

Duane, when you say things like that, it not only looks strange on the screen, my whole being screams that what you are saying is absolutely a lie.
---Jenny on 6/14/07

Duane; So you just ask God to forgive you just once when you first got saved, and that covers all the sins you will ever commit? So if sin isn't counted against us, then why so many people on their way to hell? If sin isn't counted against us, then what is the point in repenting? I agree the blood still applies, but we can't go out and do whatever and expect God to forgives us. You are taking advantage of God's grace and mercy and his forgivenss. That is dangerous Duane.
---Rebecca_D on 6/14/07

Repentence means recognizing we have disobeyed God. We feel remorse and turn away from that sin forever, or never do it again so we can be forgiven. Anyone who believes they are forgiven of sins, with no effort on their part has not read the bible. Jesus told Mary go and sin no more. He didn't say you can continue in adultery. Jesus forgives sins that are overcome and never appear again in our lives, not those that keep appearing. That is not repentence.
---ashley on 6/14/07

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I am forgiven eternally. Im saved eternally.
If Im not forgiven, Im not saved.
We all do sinful deeds in our life BUT sin is not counted against us.We are forgiven, washed by the blood continually. We are the saints of God, lets act like it.
Repent of sin means to turn from sin...I actually run from sin but at times it gets me as it does most. BUT, I dont lose my forgiveness, the Blood still applies. Jesus took the sin for me. I wont deny the Blood.
---duane on 6/14/07

Duane; by what your saying, you don't sin at all. And that your flesh doesn't sin. I'm not a slave to sin. How can you repent if you don't ask for forgiveness? Repenting means to acknowledge your wrong doings and turn away from them, forgiveness means ask God to forgive you from your wrong doings. Why do you repent, if you don't ask God to forgive you? Do you say, Lord I've done this, and leave it alone? Where is the forgivness if not asked? Your like Judas, you repent, but don't ask for forgiveness.
---Rebecca_D on 6/13/07

I think sin has alot of power over some in this blog. Your in bondage, Christ set you free from sin and you dont even believe it.
Its a sad Christian church world we live in.
---duane on 6/13/07

God already knows what you did and that you are wrong, He wants you to ask for forgiveness so you realize what you have done and repent, or correct it, some can overcome flesh easier than others, some have to repent many times to get it right, God may even remove that temptation for you if you can't overcome it, sometimes its devastating, but it is His will not ours.
Peace be with you
---KEnt on 6/13/07

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the steps of repentance. Recognition, you know you did wrong, Confession: you apologize to the person you wronged. Restitution: you put back and correct that which you did wrong. Turn away from that sin and never repeat it or it is not repentence. it is going through the motions. If you lie and repent, it is forgiven. If you lie again, all former lying sins return to you because you did not repent of it. You keep doing it. Only when you turn away completely and never repeat a sin are you forgiven.
---ashley on 6/12/07

What a God I serve. I agree with Leslie. I commit the same stupid sins again, again and again. And God keeps forgiving me. I don't want to sin, But I mess up from time to time the same stupid sins.
---catherine on 6/12/07

Simply put, Repentance is saying," I`m sorry", and then not repeating the same behavior.
---Norma on 6/12/07

Repenting consists of confessing your sins to God, allowing Christ to erase that sin, and cover it in His blood, as well as being truly sorry for your sin, and turning from that sin.
---Leslie on 1/4/07

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"Repenting" refers more to an act of a Christian than a non-Christian. It means, (in the Greek), to change directions. In normal Christian useage, it's means for a Christian to change directions and "walk" towards God. (Indicating they have "walked" away from God.)
---WIVV on 12/28/05

So meditate on what the word says about God's mercy & forgiveness and speak the word back to satan when he accuses you[Luke 4].(Isaiah 43:25; Psalms 103:12; IICorinthians 5:21)
---Rickey on 12/27/05

Repent is a 2-part wrd. Re meaning again & pent means the high place, like a penthouse. So when we confess up to our sin God is faithful and just to forgive us of our sin and CLEANSE us of all unrighteousness.(I John 1:9) So you confess up to your sins to God, recieve your forgiveness right then, and get up and go on. Also, after you repent you must renew your mind because we have the accuser of the brethren, satan, who will constantly accuse you of your past sins.
---Rickey on 12/27/05

Repenting means rightening yourself with God, returning back to God. It consists of acknowledging your separation from him, and regreting this to the point of abasing yourself to plead to him in prayer for forgiveness of all wrongs, and pleading to restore you to the right relationship with him. Besides purging yourself of all wrong and worldly things, it may also consist of fasting which starves the flesh and feeds the spirit.
---Eloy on 12/4/05

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Repentance is turning away from sin and turning toward God.We turn away from sin by renouncing our sinful nature and by the renewing of our mind.We turn toward God by looking to Jesus who alone has all the power to forgive sins.the apostles were given authority to proclaim the gospel and to led us to Christ not the actual forgiving of sins.Acts2:37,38.
---Shawn on 11/23/05

A powerful way to repent and receive forgiveness is by going to a catholic priest to have your confession heard. Because the authority to forgive was given to the apostles by Jesus Christ "whose sin you forgive shall be forgiven" ... it is given to all bishops and the bishops pass this authority to the priest by the sacrament of Holy Orders which comes from the bishop laying his hands on the priest during an ordination this has been going on for 2000 years!

Moderator - Only God can forgive sin; not a Priest. The Roman Catholic Church was formed in the 5th century, therefore has little to do with the Apostles.
---JohnAnthony on 11/23/05

, fall on your knees before the lord, and ask forgiveness for your sins.
---steve on 11/22/05

Repenting is turning away from that thing that is wrong. just not doing it anymore. It will take the Lord to help you to do this. example lying just stop it!
---delores on 11/22/05

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Asking Jesus Christ to forgive you for any thing in your life that goes against the Directives of God. Ask Jesus to come into your heart as your Savior and Lord of your life. Understanding that Jesus died for our sins and rose again on the third day. When you confess your sins, ask forgiveness for your sins, and make Jesus the Lord of your life ... you are born again of the Holy Spirit. Jesus will be with you for the rest of eternity unless you choose to deny Him and turn away from Him God Bless.
---Vel on 11/22/05

Repenting is truly regretting and being sorry for what you have done and making the decision to turn away from it (the act, the indulgence, and so forth).
---Cathy_Y on 11/22/05

You repent by confessing your sins to God and ask Him to forgive you. Then you turn away from your sin with Jesus help.
---Evelyn on 11/22/05

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