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What Are You Thankful For

As this Holiday season arrives first to come is Thanksgiving so what are you thankful for and who are you thankful to?
I am Thankful for a Great pastor and his wife. I know they are human but they are the best friends I have had. I am thankful to them and to God for letting me meet them.

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 ---andre9789 on 11/22/05
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---JOE on 1/28/09

In New Zealand we do not have thanksgiving but God has been encouraging me to give him more thanks than I do. Happy new Year as in nz
it is 2009and i thank God for this opportunity to talk to other people all around the world.
People years ago didn't have this technology to get to know people.
---l on 12/31/08

yes i,m Thanks full four salvation though grace
---Robert on 8/20/08

Well we already had our thanksgiving day here, but I am thankful for a Sunday School minstry that keeps growing, and kids keep coming to Jesus.
---bethie on 3/6/07

I am always, everyday, thankful to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit..........everyday is a thanksgiving day for me.I am also thankful that I am His child.
---Karin on 1/10/06

I thank God for pslam40 vs 1-4. God lifted me 15 years ago from a straight jacket in prison, to healing of the mind, brought me out 8years ago to a ministry, Good freinds, sport and salvation through his son. ransomed healed restored forgiven, who like we his praise should sing? ephesians ch1 vs3
---Thomas on 11/23/05

I am thankful for 20 years sober through Alcoholics Anonymous....that is where I found God!!
---Gwen on 11/23/05

I am thankful I still have my Mom who is in her 80's,my husband,for my family,each and every one,for precious friends, near and wide,for having learned of Jesus at Mama's knee,and for my personal relationship with my Lord God.I am thankful for all the positive things in my life and that Jesus gets me through all the rough spots.That Jesus is my source in life and I know it.
---Darlene_1 on 11/23/05

I am thankful, that Jesus was born into this world. I am Thankful, that He died on the Cross for me. I am Thankful, that, He rose from the Grave, and went back to Heaven. To one day, come back for me, to spend Eternity with Him. I am Thankful, that, i live in a Free country, where i can serve Jesus. I am Thankful for my wonderful Church and Man of God, to be my wonderful Pastor!
---Ruby on 11/23/05

I am thankful for God's prevenient grace, my church, our wonderful pastors, my country, dear friends, co-workers, and my much-loved children. God is good, and He is good all the time.
---Annie on 11/23/05

I'm thankful that God has supplied everything my family needs and for His love and mercy towards me.
---Cathy_Y on 11/23/05

iam thankful to the almighty for the protection giving to my family over the past months the protection direction,and care.Lord give them the strength,and cover in the coming year. Thank you lord amen
---samuel on 11/23/05

I am thankful for Gods constant forgiveness, Gods love, a nice place to live, food, my cat, my church, my friends and family. sunshine and a wonderful country to live in and another day i can witness and love people. To pray and read and learn about our heavenly Father God. I'm so grateful for his forgiveness daily. Nina.
---NINA on 11/22/05

I'm thankful I'm not a turkey!
---walte3963 on 11/22/05

I'm thankful the Lord blessed my son with another year of life. I'm thankful of looking at sky while riding work mornings and see how beautiful the clouds look and how blue the sky is. Some cannot see this beauty or have never. I give thanks that I can smell or breath the salt from the ocean cause some can't smell a thing, or have taken their last breath. I give thanks for the fill of a pin prick for it tells me I'm alive and that I can feel something. God Bless you all.
---Judit4846 on 11/22/05

I'm thankful for: God, His son Jesus, My Family, Our Health, My 84 yr old Mother, Another day in God's grace, Food, The Heavens, My Salvation, Freinds, Church, Preachers, Teachers, AND Everything GOOD.
---Marsha on 11/22/05

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my church, my country, my Godly parents who are now in heaven. my freedom, my children, my husband, my sister and 3 brothers, Godly friends, plenty to eat, a nice home that is warm in winter and cool in summer. EVERYTHING GOD has given me.
---shira on 11/22/05

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