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Who Is Derrick Prince

Does anyone know Derrick Prince? I read one of his books years ago and he spoke once at a church I attended for a short while. If you are familier with him, what is your opinon of his teaching?

Moderator - I think he died last year.

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 ---NVBarbara on 11/23/05
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More-excellent, I have had lessons from the ministry of Derick Prince a few times when his ministry came to our spanish speaking Church. Many of the methods they used were not biblical. I have a few of his books that I bought twenty years ago, but after studying the Word of God found they were not good for any Christian. My opinion on my experience. He is a "Word of faith" teacher, and most of what they teach is not true.
---Mark_V. on 2/29/12

Isn't she the pretty Indy driver?
---jim on 2/27/12

I know little about the man and his teaching, but I have seen PART (small snippets) of his preaching on tv.

Derek Prince taught that "GOD IS A GOOD God" and loves His children. For that teaching alone, in my eyes, Derek Prince "cannot be shaken" (there WILL BE a new generation of believers that choose God to be "ABBA FATHER" instead of MASTER and they will NOT NEED to be "commanded" (a LOVER OF GOODNESS doesn't need "COMMANDS").

"a lover of goodness, master of himself" (Titus 1:8).

Hebrews 12:27
"in order that what cannot be shaken may remain".

Verses are from the RSV.
---more_excellent_way on 2/25/12

derek prince is one of the best bible teacher of the time.......... am personally blessed by his teaching.
---dipankar on 2/25/12

I don't know Prince but this blog has finally liked somebody amazing.
---Scott on 4/27/11

I have listened to many of Derek Prince's tapes, watched his DVD's and read his books. I found him to be a very sound and godly man of strong christian faith. For all his knowledge and experience he was a very humble man.
---Rosalie on 4/21/11

Obviously Dereck Prince was loved by many, i believe this was mainly because he loved many, it is regretably now that some pseudo-preachers are using DERECK PRINCES name to build their own ministry. athing that BDereck never did. he was a profound teacher, and he talked from experience. May he rest in peace.
I myself have used many of his teachings to minister to people, and it must be said that his booklets really work. it is amazing how Gods power is released in the life of small children just by reading a booklet of his, and i believe that was also his desire thateverybody would put this bible teaching in practice for the benefit of everybody.
---Andy on 3/30/09

I met him a couple of times. He was a great teacher, powerful with profound wisdom. He understood principalities and powers. Our church held a seminar hosting him and others of great inspiration of that era, 1980 or so. I met his wife and loved his heart for the Jew. I just remembered she said I have a call for the Jew too, I suppose I do.
---ben on 3/9/09

I read one of his books. I liked it alot.
He said something that surprised me. The third world contries accepted him and his ways and the US did not so readily accept him.
I have a question for you. Why did you only attend that church for a short while?
---trish7856 on 10/15/08

Derek Prince died in Israel on September 24 2003. He was a wonderful preacher and you can read many of his teachings and sermons on his website. As we are not allowed to give website names here just type his name in a search engine and you'll find it easily.
---RitaH on 5/18/08

I have read a book of him "God is a Matchmaker", a wonderful book, also a little bit of his biography, a very blessed and interesting life. I dont know the whole of his teaching but what I remember I think he teached good things. Blessings Lilie
---Lilie on 5/16/08

Derrick Prince is AWESOME! I LOVE his books and I have listened to many of his tapes/cds...he is one of the few Godly men I admire....what is your question exactly?
---mary on 8/17/07

I beleive him to be the Prince of Preachers, A love of a teacher, A man of incredible briliance, discernment, and perception.....I was a close friend to one of his daughters, who recently died.
---Cynthia_1 on 5/16/07

Derek Prince actually passed away in his sleep on 24th September 2003 in Jerusalem.He was born in Bangalore, India to his British millitary parents and got educated at Eton and Cambridge in UK and later Hebrew University in Israel. He has been described as one of the greatest Christian thinkers of the century. His radio teachings Keys to successful living ve touched many.His books and teachings on prayer and fasting are wonderful.
---pkay on 5/16/07

I was a pastor about 28years ago way north I had a set of his tapes he put fear in many teachings he sounded english he was working with his cousin I think it was bob larson.a man i knew was a fan of prince one day he ask me to listen to a tape of him speakin i tongues he sounded like a animal my famely was afread of him i ask him to go and not return. prince tapes said a christian can have demonds many of them spitting ones. all our falts were demons. thats all i can remember
---joe on 11/3/06

He is beiing rebroadcast on Christian radio - at least in my area. Great voice, could have been a stage actor. His teaching appears suspect but interesting. If the above mention of his daughter being married to Benny Hinn is correct, I hope he wasn't a Benny Hinn cohort. DPM seems very much connected to the current proIsrael version of Christianity.
---greg on 11/2/06

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Sorry the spelling is Larry Huch.
---A on 9/21/06

I heard Larry Huck on the radio today and he said the annointing from Derrick Prince had transferred to him. Evidently it was confirmed by Billy Graham and Oral Roberts I believe. Others also. Larry has a few books out on curses.
---A on 9/21/06

I was on a Derek Prince study trail in 94; he was fascinating & seemed to handle scriptures with deep perception. I would say today I have very mixed feelings on his teachings. His series on protection from deception was awesome but his book on blessings and curses seemed to be mystical conjecture and almost heretical. He teaches that Christians can have generational curses that must be broken by their efforts, as Christ did not totally resolve the issue thru his work on the cross.
---Keith on 4/21/06

Took the quiz...96%.. Now Derrick Prince is great and yes..he passed away awhile ago and is still on the air with his program... you can find him at.
---Annie on 12/13/05

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Thank you for the info., he was a lovely man. He was a close friend of my then pastor in Fla. Roy Harthern. His daughter,(Roy's) Suzanne is married to Benny Hinn.
---NVBarbara on 11/28/05

His site gives daily devotionals...AMEN
---Sheila on 11/27/05

his name is spelled Derek Prince. ENJOY THE WEALTH...GOD BLESS!
---Sheila on 11/26/05

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