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How Should We Pray

Is there a correct way to pray, other than sincerely? Should we worry if our prayers are not at all like those we hear in our own prayer meetings?

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 ---emg on 11/26/05
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Many people think that prayer is asking God for things. But prayer is actually so much more. It is communication. This can be singing to God, just talking to him like friend to friend, having him in your thoughts, asking him for his opinion on your daily circumstances, etc.
I wouldn't put any set of rules to prayer. It is our communication to God. A very personal life that should have freedom.
---john on 9/11/08

Pray the scriptures and see what happens.
---John on 9/10/08

Our prayers grow from our relationship with the Father. Think of how your earthly relationships are, how you converse with those you are close to, this is how you pray as well. There are those things that are important to include, repentance, thanksgiving, praise, and supplications; but first and formost, our prayers are about how we relate to our Lord. Don't worry about what you sound like, be concerned about how you relate, continually.
---Bud on 3/30/07

There are several types of prayer: Supplication, intercession, thanksgiving, prayer of faith, praying in the Spirit.

Supplication--supplying to God your request & seeing Him supply your need

Intercession--you're standing in the gap for someone else; you enter into a session of prayer for someon


Prayer of faith--for healing


Praying in the Spirit--Jude 20; ICor.14:14-15
---Rickey on 12/28/05

Jesus told us to pray to the Father in his (Jesus) name. John 15:16 \ 16:24 \ 17:12 \ 20:31
Pray in private. Matthew 6:5,6
Don't use vain repelitions. Matthew 6:7
Forgive others. Mark 11:25,26 Matthew 6:12,14,15
Ask according to his will. 1John 5:14,15

When I pray, my spirit speaks to the Holy Spirit within me. I pray whatever is on my mind, praise, thanks, fears, requests.
---Ulrika on 12/2/05

There is a correct way to pray, and a wrong way to pray. I have learnt this not to long ago. The Holy Ghost (Spirit) will teach us how to pray and what to pray on. A person shouldn't pray the same prayer all the time. I let the Holy Ghost lead me, and teach me. God hears his children's prayers. He also understands tears.
---Rebecca_D on 12/2/05

A way to pray; Dear heavenly Father I come to you in the name of your son JESUS and under the rightiousness of His shed blood. Now pray the word as it concerns your need and thank Him that you can pray. Since the Spirit witnesses to the blood and the word your answer is coming, be alert for it.--- 11/29/2005
---mima on 11/29/05

If we pray to the Father and don't mention in Jesus name or not our prayers still get answered if we are a Christian because we are already in Jesus. To me this is just a technicality.
---Kevin on 11/29/05

Carl, you will find the words that we should pray 'in Jesus' name' in the following verses. All in the gospel of John. 14:13, 14:14; 15:16; 16:23, 16:24, and 16:26. Rather than being added by man these words were actually said by Jesus Himself.
---emg on 11/29/05

I am not eloquent of speech, so if I "pray" I talk to God with my voice and my heart, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.Is there/ what is a "correct' way?..Jesus taught us HOW to pray with the Lord's prayer as a guide.. I no longer worry about my simplicity,or trying to sound as if I was super intellectual,God knows my heart..Holy Spirit guides my public prayers, because I ask Him...He does give us the words to speak.A prayer is communication/interaction, God has NO trouble understanding me.!
---karin on 11/28/05

Jesus actually said to pray to the Father. The prayer begins with, "Our father who art in heaven.. I have been praying to the Father for many years and He hears me, praise God!
---Betty on 11/28/05

Fred, What about the Lord's prayer? I pray to the Father in Jesus name and God answers my prayers. On the other hand when I sin, I ask Jesus to forgive me because Jesus is the only mediator between God and man where that is concerned. Read it for yourself, it's in the Bible.
---Joanne on 11/28/05

If thou thoughtest thou hadst all the saints in heaven and earth jointly concurring in promoting thy salvation, and encouraged with God in instant and incessant prayers to save thee, how wouldst thou be encouraged? Shall I tell thee? One word out of Christs mouth would do more than all in Heaven and earth can do,and what is there then that we may not hope to obtain through His intercession?
Jesus himself says, I say not unto you that I will pray to the Father for you, for the Father Himself loveth you.
---Fred_S. on 11/28/05

Part 2. We both got saved in 1982. Man made up this extra, in "Jesus name" thing, and I also say it out of habit. We love Jesus and God knows it!
---Carl on 11/28/05

Most of the time when I pray I come to the Father in Jesus name. Either I say "in Jesus name" before or after my prayer.
My wife on the other hand, does'nt say "In Jesus name", she just prays in faith to the father and a lot of times she uses the Word in her prayers. Her prayers get answered also!
So what's going on here?
The answer is, We are already in Christ, so if we say in "Jesus name" or not we are still in Christ if we are already saved through Christ.
---Carl on 11/28/05

I have been saved for about 25 years and in my experience I came to realize that a lot of Christians don't know how to pray effectively.
This is because they don't use the Word of God in their prayers. If you want to get God's attention, use His Word. God bless you all on these blogs!
---Eugene on 11/28/05

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Fred S, Yes, this is true that no one can come to the Father except through Jesus. This means in reality that if we don't believe in His son than we cannot enter the Kingdom of God. The only prayer that's affective for a non believer is the one where that person accepts Jesus. Jesus said, to pray to the Father and we do that in His son's name. Remember the Lord's prayer?
---Paul on 11/28/05

I believe you should pray to Jesus Christ who died on the cross for us. Jesus said "no man cometh to the Father, except THRU Me". And Jesus will intercede to the Father FOR us. As long as you are sincere in your heart (and he will know), talk to Jesus as a friend and your Savior. After all, Jesus is the one coming back to rule the earth.
---Fred_S. on 11/28/05

The best way to get God's attention in prayer is by using His Word. He likes to be reminded and this shows faith in His Word. Without faith you can't please God. You may be thinking," Well why does God Need to be reminded, He's God?" Do you remember why He put the rainbow in the sky after the great flood?
---john4738 on 11/28/05

Pray according to scriptures. Prayers can be simple..they don't have to be complex. God knows what you need. He just wants to hear you ask! Think of it as a conversation between you and God, just as you would talk to your best friend, and always ask "In Jesus name".
---wes on 11/28/05

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I've obviously been misunderstanding some people's prayers. I've heard people saying "God your word says....." etc. and thought to myself "Why are they saying that? God already knows what His word says". Is this what some of you refer to as 'Praying the scriptures'? Your answers are all really helpful to me, thank you so much.
---emg on 11/28/05

When Jesus gave us The Lord's Prayer in Matt.6:5-15 He said"This then is how you should pray"notice he said "how" not "what" I belive Jesus was giving us a model for prayer.He started by(1)giving glory to God(2)acknowedging God's purpose in heaven and earth(3)asking for our daily needs or prayer request(4)repentance and forgiving others(5) protection from evil(6)ending in praising God.Build on this, You can even incorperate scripture in this prayer.
---Shawn_Tant on 11/28/05

Emg Don't worry about how you sound to others you don't have to say anything fancy either. Pray and believe and try and use God's Word in your prayers. This will be very effective.
---Molly on 11/27/05

"The prayer of a rightous man is powerful and effective" James 5:16 NIV
---Ralph on 11/27/05

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How did Jesus pray? He used scripture.
---Robert on 11/27/05

When I was a baby Christian I was really on fire for God and I thought as long as I was honest and prayed in Jesus name, that was the only way to pray, but there was something missing. Then I learned to use God's Word in my prayers and my prayers were more effective.
---Barbara on 11/27/05

There is a book that has been out for quite some time. I can't tell you who wrote it but the title is.."Praying the scriptures." This book will clear up any doubt. The devil does not want God's people reading this book, because it has a lot of valuable information for the Christian. When you use scripture in prayer the enemy can't fight against the truth. This is part of our armor.
---Joanne on 11/27/05

I have found out through my many years as a Christian that the most effective way to pray is by using the Word of God in prayer. God will always honor His Word! These prayers don't have to be elaborate but they should be sincere, from the heart and in Jesus name.
---David_L on 11/27/05

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I have heard a lot of beautiful sounding prayers but most are to no avail unless they line up with the Word. I agree that praying the scriptures is really the best way to pray. When you pray this way, you are using God's own Word, and His Word indures forever, and believe me God hears His Word in prayer. There is a book out by Judson Cornwall called "Praying the Scriptures". This is a great book with powerful information!
---Nancy on 11/27/05

Yes, God is Spirit, the Holy Spirit, so we must come to him in the Spirit, in the Holy Spirit, and acknowledge that he is the Most High Father and we are his child. If we go to him in the flesh or in pride or in selfishness, then he will not hear us. If we regard sin in our hearts, then he will not hear us. But when we come to him in the Holy Spirit and in truth, praying in the name of Jesus, then he will hear us.
---Eloy on 11/27/05

Not enough space to ask my question fully. What I worry about is that so many are so fluent in their prayers and so emotional. As a person who keeps emotions private most of the time I find it hard to pray in public because all the others seem to be almost in competition with each other for the longest, most beautifully phrased and most tearful prayers. Am I wrong to find that embarrassing and for not being able to pray the same way myself?

Moderator - Each should do as the Holy Spirit leads them - that's the proper prayer.
---emg on 11/27/05

Part 2. Example: " Heavenly Father we come boldly before your throne of grace with thanksgiving and praise. I am in a troubling situation right now but I know that you are a very present help in times of trouble and that you will never leave me nor forsake me. You also said that your word never comes back to you void and I thank you Father for answering this prayer. In Jesus name. Amen."
---John on 11/26/05

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