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Pray For Chad To Marry Me

Can God restore love? In in a case where the person once loved you of their own free will? They once saw you as all they ever wanted? I know it is God's will. Can God open his heart and eyes to see that I am still that person he wanted to marry? Please pray in agreement for this? His name is Chad.

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 ---april on 11/26/05
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I don't know the right or wrong answer. I do know that my cousin dated a Christian girl from the 7th grade until they were in their late 20s. I don't know what happened (I am quite a bit younger than them), but he wound up marrying another lady. They stayed married maybe two years. He divorced her and eventually married the lady he dated for so many years. They've been married for over 30 years. I have often wanted to ask his wife how she made it through that time. A blessing delayed does not mean it is denied.
---Esther on 3/5/09

Oh, honey. God hears all prayers and answers all of them also. You may not be hearing is His reply. When you pray perhaps you should pray for yourself to hear him better than you have been hearing Him. I do not wish to tell you how to pray nor do I usually condone praying for one's self before others yet this might be the method in which you can find the best results. He has indeed answered your prayers. Could you have missed His answer?. I have resorted to using this way of getting my prayers answered and have been greatly awed at how quickly He sends his prayer answers back to me. It is my responsibility to be always prepared for the answer either way when I get it. Just know that you may not like the answer you got from Him. Keep praying.
---Pam on 9/13/08

I will pray for God's will. I do not know you or Chad and do not know the circumstances. Sounds like you want Chad to marry you and will not take no for an answer.
Perhaps God is trying to tell you something you do not want to hear? If God says no you should trust him to know what is best for you. One must pray for his will not that he makes someone specific love you. God knows what is best leave the choice to him.
---Craig on 5/24/08

oh the selfish vanities of man. Prayers like that are never answered. God will not force anyone against their will. Instead of asking make someone love you, ask instead are they the right person for you. If they are, they would never leave you under any condition. Many times, people are forced into marriage and years later it ends miserably. Unknown to them, their soul mate walked right past them because they were not available. Love is a two way street, never make it a one way dead end lane.
---ashley on 6/16/07

I understand shanna is long gone, but I'm not praying for anyone to marry a particular person. That's may be praying against someone else's will, which is witchcraft.
If they don't want to marry you, leave them alone. I also understand, many are here to find a mate only.
---BillyGoat on 6/15/07

i prayed for chad to married you i know how you feel i have the same prayer but his name is elijah so pray for me too
---shanna on 6/14/07

everyone of us has a free will and we choose what we think is good and right and corect for us and we want to be. you can't pray such prayer it would be witchcraft and wrong. you can him only bless and trsut God in the matter. if chad doesnt want you God will give better one. don't insist on it and stand pat on it becasue you can make a harm only yourself
---Kasia on 3/7/07

Honey you need to move on. Get some self respect and leave Chad behind. You deserve more than that. It is some nice man out there who will love you and not make you act like this. This is embarassing to you. I do not know how old you are but do you have that kind of time to waste, waiting on Chad to make up his mind whether you are worthy of him or not. The worse is yet to come. Let some other poor soul have Chad.Chad sounds like a boring cad, to me. Sorry.
---robyn on 3/6/07

As woman we sometimes tend to get caught up in emotions, especially marriage. I really do not know enough about the situation. What I see fit is that you ask for more insight on your situation from God, and also be careful about who you ask to pray for you. Somethings are better left between you and God.
---kymbe8334 on 3/6/07

We can pray for GOD'S will not for your will. It sounds like it is your will. You can not tell God what to do you must ask him to do whatever is his will for your life. whether it is to be with Chad or not to be with Chad you must accept GOD'S will not your own. You may think it is God's will because it is what you want so much. Pray and ask God to do HIS will.
---Shaz on 3/6/07

Everybody is being pretty hard on you. It's ok to still have hope that the love could somehow be restored. It may not be God's will, but on the other hand it could. I am not trying to instill false hope to you sweetie, I just know that it is alright to let God know how you feel about Chad. He understands and he sees the big picture. God can work miracles whether it would be bringing you and Chad back together, or bringing someone even better for you. Don't let anyone stomp on your hope in the Lord.
---Debbie on 1/13/06

"Don't box God in!" He sees the big picture and maybe Chad is not what God wants. If it was God's will - it seems logical that He would tell this to Chad. The fact that He hasn't indicates to me, He may have something better in store for you.
---WIVV on 12/29/05

HURRY to the library or bookstore and pick up a copy of Dr. Dobson's book "Love Muse Be Tough." God won't override his will. He is pulling away. It will tell you how to respond. Holding on and being clingy makes it worse for you and less likely to keep him. READ THAT BOOK.
---Darrin on 11/27/05

if it's God's will you both of you would know it. Things would fall in place so easily, that you would know that God ordained for the two of you to be together. Ask yourself if you are ready for this marriage? what are you bringing to the table? This guy may not be who God is perparing you for.
---julia on 11/27/05

April...Chad may not be God's choice for your future husband.
God, In Jesus name we thank you that you know the number of hairs on our heads and you knew us in our mothers womb. We know you have great plans in our lives. I pray for wisdom for Chad and April for their future, that they would not seek after lusts of the flesh, but your will in finding their spouse. Open doors that need to be opened and close doors that are not from you. Amen.
---we913 on 11/27/05

April, how do you know that Chad loved you? Because he told you so? I know how it feels to think so strongly that it is God's will but in reality it may not be at all. Somebody can tell you that they love you, want to marry you, will never leave you or hurt you...but it turns out that those statements were only words with no foundation behind them other than trying to make you feel good at the time.
---ralph7477 on 11/27/05

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I was 100% sure once that the love of my life was the one God had intended for me...but turned out to be my own desire and my own dream. What you think is God's will may not be....if Chad is to be with you, he will be. You have to give it up to God, and pray His will- not yours- be done.
---Cam on 11/27/05

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