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I Am Depressed And Bored

I have lost my interest in things which I liked and enjoyed. I do not feel like spending time either with my former hobbies. What's even worse I don't know how I should get back to regular Bible studies. Some pieces of good advice out there, pls. Thanks.

Moderator - Sounds like you are depressed and/or bored. Please read what the Bible says on these topics

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 ---Cendy on 11/27/05
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Sounds like depression. (If you were just "bored" you would be looking for something interesting to do)
See your doctor first. You could be anemic or any number of other things that should be treated.
If you have experienced losses in the past year that made you sad, tell your doctor this too.

Try reading one Bible verse daily, even if it doesn't mean much to you. When you get some of your energy back, you will probably not find it so difficult to get back into Bible study.
---Donna66 on 12/1/10

Being thankful to God always for all HE has done, HE's doing and will do for you(from a sincere heart)is a SURE cure for what you have stated that is ailing you.
---Adetunji on 12/1/10

Yes, I do understand! I am the type who likes to have a lot of things on a back-burner so to speak. I don't always have that, and it makes me very impatient and I can become bored, quickly. I love working, and I absolutely love staying busy. which, God has to come in and began His corrections, from time to time. We are suppose as Christians to be fruitful not busy. I do have a problem with this. Get together with God and ask Him what He wants you to do? Sometimes it takes more discipline not to do anything, than to always be busy. God must be the one to help you in this and to keep things in balance. He also is big on resting. Ask Him about Bible studying, is a great way to stay occupied.
---catherine on 11/30/10

I would like to talk to you.
I have been there done that and you seem like an interesting person. I really don't get how to get around this site, but maybe you could send me a message to my inbox ?
Don't be depressed, God is Great ! Just not a Christian (LOL). I can show you some really good stuff on the subject, and maybe cheer you up a bit.
Shalom Achi
---Steve7434 on 11/30/10

Mickey>>> Satan would love for you to give-up. DON'T, PLEASE.
---catherine on 3/16/10

Yea, tell God you are tired of being depressed and to please do something. Tell Him to make Satan leave you alone, ahh. If you people knew the up and downs I have had with my Savior. I am not lieing. Mercy me, ahhh.
---catherine on 3/16/10

\\I looked for some help, but a lot of the information on Christian web sites basically tells me , "Well, you're not a good enough Christian, then." One web site even said that "Bored Christians should question their salvation."\\

This is hogwash.

Depression is either a reaction to something depressing, or else it is has a medical basis.

In the latter case, it's either caused by an underlying medical condition (diabetes is the most common) or it's clinical depression, which is NOT a spiritual failing but a physical disease.
---Cluny on 3/16/10

I'm suffering from the same lack of interest. Church is absolute misery for me. The Bible studies are like a trip to the dentist. I looked for some help, but a lot of the information on Christian web sites basically tells me , "Well, you're not a good enough Christian, then." One web site even said that "Bored Christians should question their salvation." I guess what I'm feeling makes me not worthy to be called a Christian? Depressing.
---Mickey on 3/15/10

Your condition requires treatment and you deserve to get the help you need. Seek out a good therapist for counseling. It will make a world of difference in your life.
God Bless.
---Trish9863 on 6/27/08

Your first order of business is to tell God how you feel. My problem is sometimes I am too strong in telling God how I feel. What a God, what a God, He still puts up with me. Seriously, God expects you to go with Him day by day, and minute by minute. He will help you!
---catherine on 6/27/08

You may need to seek counseling finding someone to talk about this with would help. Also, please go to Bible study even if you do not feel like it. It will help you in this desert place you seem to be in.
---Annie on 6/27/08

hi, bless you. I have been where you are. sometimes it is just a matter of forcing yourself to do things. I found it was easy to hide at home, but not good. take the hard step. call a friend who will come and pick you up for bibles study. a person who wont let you stay home. for hobbies, maybe it is time for a new one. find one that NEEDS YOU. eg animal shelter, seniors or food bank. hope this helps. frien6957
---Rhonda on 9/23/07

Everyone goes through down times. After Christmas is a let down after all of the buildup to the season. You need to get in God's word and get him to restore your joy because Satan is trying to steal it!
---Don on 2/18/06

Cendy, the advise you received is good but I also recommend you speak to your doctor. What you're feeling is felt by many people and in most cases it's only temporarily.

Seek some professional help as soon as you can. Good luck and God bless you.
---A_Catholic on 2/18/06

Many people that I know have gone through this same situation just to find out that the spirit of God was moving in their life, taking away carnal desires so they could focus on Him prior to a spiritual blessing in their faith. Our desire should be towards our husband (Christ) and proverbs says a wise man seperates himself to intermeddle with all wisdom (Christ). Rather than fight to regain carnal desires seperate yourself to the Lord. He may be getting ready to move in your life. Katherine.
---Katherine on 2/18/06

What WERE your former hobbies? Godly, or carnal?.I find UPLIFTING worship songs to sing to Jesus, that lift my hands that hang down.Sometimes God just wants us to WORSHIP Him... to have a "be still" time, so He can speak with you.
---Karin on 2/17/06

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You have got to pray. Although you may not feel like it, you have to break through and keep reading the word of God. Satan is trying to make you lose sight of the mark for the prize of the high calling of God which is in Christ Jesus. Phil. 3:14 You must press your way. Get involved in your church and fellowship.
---Kacee on 1/27/06

When you get that feeling that you don't want to do something that you should do or that you need to do....I was told by my pasotr to "act your way into a feeling instead of feel your way into an action" because your bad feelings can wind up controlling you.
---Heather on 11/29/05

Everyone come to the end of themselves at some time. That is when faith kicks in. Do what you know to do that is right. Keep seeking God and spend some time with Him in prayer. Ask Him to give you new Godly interest. Season change. Be encouraged and always draw close to the Father, He will make the difference. Seasons are only for a time, they change. God Bless you!
---Linda3939 on 11/27/05

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