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My Husband Will Not Stop Affairs

I have forgiven my husband several times for adulterious relationships that were exposed, but for which he never repented. There are signs that he could be involved in another relationship. At this point, I am numb and don't care if he stays or go. Is something wrong with me?

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 ---Greneta on 11/27/05
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speaking from a guy perspective. Dump him! You do not need this pain and stress in your life. He has some real problems and NEEDS to get right with God. You can not change him by staying with him. If he does not repent than he is not sorry which says he does not want to change.
Ask God to show you what to do. You deserve love in your life not this guy hurting you over and over. Let him go and have a real chance at love. God sees and knows your pain turn it over to him and let him give you a new life
---Craig on 2/5/08

Greneta, there is nothing wrong with you but much wrong in his heart and soul.
I know from experience, once a cheater always a cheater unless he allows GOD to change his life.
You do not have to keep accepting him back. God does not want you to suffer as you do.
God loves you and wants to take care of you,
you CAN do better than this guy. Marraige is to be wonderful, loyal and trustworthy not painful and untrusting. Pray and ask God to help lead you in your future. I will pray too.
---Marla on 5/22/07

Only U can decide this w/God. Personally I would go due to HIV,Hepatitis,Aides etc. Christ is our brother, friend, father, etc. Would your earthly relatives or father want this for U? No neither does God want U used as a door mat. Pick yourself up, shake of the dust and go on w/God.
---Jeanne on 11/6/06

Have you set any guidelines? Forgivess does not mean allowing someone to continue to sin. Does he have a softened heart, is he turning away?

I tried forgiveness, what it really was, was allowing sin because I didn't want to face it or the consequences of being alone. Now I have to face the possibility of disease.

Set guidelines, stick to them. If he has no change, then move out. If he hit you with a baseball bat would you make changes to protect you and family? or just keep forgiving.
---Mary on 12/6/05

No there isn't nothing wrong with you. You have tried to work on the marriage, and it takes too to make it work. If in fact he is cheating, then he doesn't care about the marriage or you. God didn't put anyone on earth to go through hell. You have a choice, you can either stay with him and stay in hell and be miserable or you can make him leave and get on with your life.
---Rebecca_D on 12/2/05

I have been in your shoes, sister! Please email me for a wonderful Christian website that, with the help of Jesus, helped get me through those trials and brought me into a new and wonderful loving relationship with my husband.

YSIC, Dorothy (doroth3714)
---Dorothy on 11/28/05

Two things come to mind: 1. He knows you will forgive him, so he has his "cake & Icing too". 2. Why is he doing it? You might ask him that - but make sure you allow him time to answer. Also make sure you don't have anything that would interrupt your conversation. (Such as telephone calls,
children, etc.) Don't approach him with a judegement attitude! Write down what he states, if he gives them. Stay of focus! (Don't ramble onto other unrelated subjects.)
---WIVV on 11/28/05

There is nothing wrong with you. You are a good person to continue to forgive but you also have every right to leave him and divorce him should you choose according to the scriptures. By leaving him may awaken him to what he is doing to you and himself. God bless you. I am divorced and on the lookout for a new husband having been through what you have to a degree.
---shara on 11/27/05

Praying for you. You have fogiving heart, do not deserve what you are getting in return. Only God can change him, you can not, taking him back is not helping him or you it is just letting him continue his sinful behavior. Perhaps you need to leave him for him to see what he is doing and make him repent. Once a cheater always a cheater, Unless he WANTS to change and gets help and GOD. Sounds like he does not care and does not know how to love. Leave and find true love like God planned for you.
---Shaz on 11/27/05

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