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Dating Unsaved Girl For Years

I have been dating with my girlfriend, an unbeliever, for 7 years. In the time I got so saved about my belief. Things seems to be getting worse. But I just love her, and think she is the best one. What's more, I can't find any Christian girls around me in Chengdu, China. What can I do?

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 ---Richie on 11/27/05
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One thing you could try is to pray that God will lead her to Himself. This next suggestion may seem a little out of the ordinary. You may also pray that God will bring enough trial into her life that she will seek Him. That may sound mean but wouldn't you just love to see her saved?? Just think how wonderful that would be.

As Christians we need to be taking everything back satan has his hand on. We are children of the KING!!!! Praise God!!
---MARK on 3/23/07

Repent and be forgiven by God's grace.
2 Corinthians 6:14 (New International Version)
Do Not Be Yoked With Unbelievers
14Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?
---wes on 3/23/07

What I now understand is that it is imperative not only to me but my boyfriend that I honor God with my behavior. But God didn't force me to cut this person off, that would only be the case if he chose to leave or if honoring God was impossible to do in his presence, which it isn't. My advice is to stop sinful behavior, pray for her, and see if her heart opens to God or closes off completely. If it closes then leave.
---Linda on 11/29/05

Not only had I dishonored God with my behavior but I had made my faith a joke. My boyfriend saw it as nothing more than a hobby. I wasn't told to leave my boyfriend but I had to stop sleeping with him. Which was done immediately. Since that time my relationship with God has grown and my boyfriend who is still sticking it out with me says that he sees my faith is not a hobby but a life change and odd things have happened to him - he now believes there is a God. Continued.
---Linda on 11/29/05

As for the boyfriend since my honoring God wasn't impacting him he could care less as long as I was happy. Finally the time came where God stopped talking to me. I didn't hear his voice, was getting nothing from scripture. After a month or so I begged a friend to pray to God on my behalf. When I heard his voice again it was a rebuke about the fornication. Continued.
---Linda on 11/29/05

I am working through a similar situation maybe what I have been through will be helpful. Been with same guy 9 years I returned to the faith about a year ago. I was convicted of the fornication almost immediately but did nothing about it. For a while about 5-6 months the spirit worked to make other changes in me but when they were accomplished the fornication came back to the front. Still I did nothing about it. Continued
---Linda on 11/29/05

Sounds to me that after that much time, you have developed a soul-tie with your girlfriend. Some times when we think in the flesh, what is best for us, it goes against God's Will. Ask God to show you if this relationship is planned in God's Will for your life. He already had a plan for, and we need to listen and follow as best as possible. If she is ment to be, then be patient, if she is not the one for you, then ask God to sever that wrong soul-tie, and show you what better things he has for you.

Moderator - That is a good observation Fred. Richie are you both fornicating?
---Fred on 11/28/05

Been there - done that! Since you are in love with her, you always hope she'll become a Christian. I knew there was no other girl for me. But, I left God out, not realizing He sees the "big picture". The non-christian girl and I broke up. Seven years later, God got me a a Christian girl together. We have now been married almost 43 years. (Plus we were missionary's for 33 years.) God knows best! Just take my word for it - He's not to leave you "out in the cold."
---WIVV on 11/28/05

God desires our obedience and that is vital in our relationship to God. It is a choice we have to make, choose whom you will obey, your desries or the way of God as taught in the Bible, and trust God for the future. God knows our deepest needs and He is our provider.Meanwhile pray for your girlfriends salvation.
---irene on 11/27/05

The Lord will honor your decision to follow and obey His Word. It could even lead your girlfriend to Christ.. God is BIG, He knows your heart if you will follow Him. Things will only get worse if you continue to be with her against God's Word, you cannot change her, only pray that God in His Soveriegnty will save her also. Keep your eyes on HIM! BE ENCOURAGED!
---T on 11/27/05

I can tell you that even in Chenguda China there is hope because God is also there!! I think you should follow 2 corinthians 6 \ 14. pray and ask God for strength to follow His instructions in this, you should tell your girlfriend of your decision and show her the true love of God by your example of honoring God with your actions. Be encouraged my brother!!!
---Olymphia on 11/27/05

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