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Church Group Is Anti Paul

I belong to a group where some prominent members attack Paul as the anti-Christ. Why are there an abundance of attacks on Paul whom I consider a great apostle.

Moderator - I have never heard of such. What denomination?

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 ---Lester on 11/27/05
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Christian, I BELIEVE WITH ALL MY HEART, SOUL AND MIND THAT JESUS CHRIST IS THE SON OF GOD. I have constantly called Jesus the Son of God on this forum. Please read my explanation to Ginger.
---barb on 4/11/12

It is interesting that you can read something in English, that was originally written in Greek centuries earlier, and think you have a firm grasp on what was intended.

Take, for instance, the gospel accounts. we are told that Jesus would be in the belly of the earth for "three days and three nights", that He would rise AFTER three days, also that He would rise ON the third day.

The Pharisees said to Pilate that Jesus said He would rise AFTER three days, but then asked Pilate to secure the tomb UNTIL the third day

If we read them only from a 21st century perspective, then they are contradictory.

If Paul deceived the entire church before the gospels were written, why do you believe any of it?
---James_L on 4/11/12

christan, Disobeying is punished, it is not salvation. Scripture says:
"BUILD the ark."
"OBEY the Lord, else be consumed."
"CHOOSE this day whom you will serve."
"REPENT: for why will you all die?"
"Be DOERS of the word."
"WORK in my vineyard."
"If I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw ALL kinds up to me."

"Before Christ, God winked at man's ignorance, but now commands ALL HUMANS every where to righten."
"For the invisible things of God from the creation of the world are CLEARLY SEEN, being understood by the things that are made, seeing God's eternal power and Godhead, so that THEY ARE WITHOUT EXCUSE."
---Eloy on 4/11/12

markv, Mirror up please. See your sin, and that you need to get saved.
---Eloy on 4/11/12

Ginger, Mark asked me if I believed that Paul BEFORE HIS CONVERSION believed that Christ was the Messiah. I said no BECAUSE Paul was persecuting those Jews who followed Jesus as their Messiah. I do NOT think Paul believed Christ was the Messiah AT THE TIME he was killing and persecuting those who called themselves The Way. I hope that I have made myself clear on that.

This does not mean that I accept Paul as chosen by Jesus Christ. I DO NOT. I believe that Paul could not lick them so he joined them. He worked from within to destroy The Way and to corrupt the words of Jesus Christ.
---barb on 4/11/12

Eloy, I have and guess what I see? Mark, a child of God. A good husband who loves his wife. Even when my first wife left, I still loved her, and when she came back, I still loved her, and when she died, I still love her. That is love. You on the other hand wish eternal death to your wife. That only shows how much you loved her.
---Mark_V. on 4/11/12

"From Genesis to Revelation God clearly commands all flesh, "Repent, and do my works." Eloy

God commands and you have the ability to obey? In John 6:35, "And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger, and he that believeth on me shall never thirst." Free-willers will use this verse to justify 'free-will'. But this is a command and what did Christ then followed up in verse 44?

"No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day."

Believing in Christ is a spiritual act requiring a Spiritual birth from God first. Just like His commands, they are spiritual.
---christan on 4/11/12

"I agree that Paul did not believe that Jesus was God." barb

Truly unbelievable!

"Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ, called to be an apostle, separated unto the gospel of God, And declared to be the Son of God with power, according to the spirit of holiness, by the resurrection from the dead" Romans 1:1,4

Can someone who does not even believe that Christ was God, write the introduction to Romans with such conviction that contradicts your claim? You and Eloy are full of hypocrisy as far as the Gospel of Jesus Christ is concerned. You pretend to say Jesus is God and you reject the apostle He appointed to write the Epistles, that's outright hypocrisy!
---christan on 4/11/12

Christan, Saul was convicted by the Spirit of Christ. He repented, he got saved.
No spirit inside of him first. Was exact opposite of what you preach.Please don't bring your false religion onto this blog about Paul. Stop trying to highjack!

Barb, please provide scriptural PROOF that Paul didn't Believe Christ was God's son.

Do a look up on how many times Paul says "in Christ". He claims Christ as his savior in all the letters he wrote. Paul PREACHED Christ!
Please don't let lack of understanding cloud your judgment.
---ginger on 4/11/12

Aka, I have answered the question about Peter three times. Let it go, already.

If you believe everything you read in black and white then I fear for your safety.
---barb on 4/11/12

Warwick, please check out the contradictions regarding Paul's conversion for yourself: Acts 9:10-26, Acts 22:1-18 and Acts 26:10-24. If they all look like the same story to you then it would be a waste of my time to give you any other contradictions.

Please read what I am saying and do not tell me I have refused to give you the contradictions you are looking for. I'll give the information when you do a little research for yourself.
---barb on 4/11/12

markV, Please look into the mirror while you reply to me.
---Eloy on 4/10/12

Barb, you avoid answering my questions.

1) You say Paul contradicts Jesus but you will not say where? Please tell us.

2) You claim the 3 accounts of Paul meeting Jesus are contradictory. Please tell us what you mean.

I cannot believe you base part of your rejection of Paul upon what he called Jesus. That is too silly for words.

Peter called Paul's writings Scripture so that will do me. Peter was there, he was inspired by the Holy Spirit, he knew Paul. You weren't.
---Warwick on 4/10/12

Michael, I agree that Paul did not believe that Jesus was God.

I use the gospel of Jesus Christ for salvation. His Words are His gospel and He has promised us that His Word will never pass away. Matt 24:35. His Words are eternal and everlasting and will be the gospel that is preached at the end time. Rev. 14:6.
---barb on 4/10/12

Barb, Do you know alien tail?
---Eloy on 4/10/12

Eloy, again you are right, you keep been right but you don't look at yourself, for you are right about yourself that,

Barb, A-men. Today there are many false-gospels on the market"

You keep bringing new gospels all the time. Three kinds of people go to heaven. Really? There is righteous people without the righteousness of Christ who will enter heaven, really?
And that there is people who enter heaven who did not hear the word and believed in the Truth, Really? Sounds to me you are preaching many false gospels.
---Mark_V. on 4/10/12

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Aka, why does everyone latch onto the word "grace" and ignore the word "truth" in John 1:17. ---barb on 4/9/12

well, it was part of a conversation that you brought up, so let's latch onto truth now.

in black and white, Peter called Paul beloved. if peter did this under duress and fear of his life as some claim, peter definitely marked himself as a two-face liar denying the savior for the 4th time. he was not speaking the Truth.


he was telling the truth.
---aka on 4/10/12

Barb, A-men. Today there are many false-gospels on the market. But those of us whom are founded upon The Rock will not be swayed nor accept the garbage from antiBiblical and antiChrist dogma. From Genesis to Revelation God clearly commands all flesh, "Repent, and do my works." But sinners, and many whom are disguised as Christians but they are no Christian at all, will profess the very opposite of this commandment from God.
---Eloy on 4/10/12

Barb,//"Who are you, LORD??" Funny.//
I think you would find Paul believed in the LORD of the OT.
But he like most then,some now, didn't believe that Jesus was God.
Incidentally what is the gospel you believe for salvation.
---michael_e on 4/10/12

"Paul admitted he was a sinner. He repented and he believed. The Holy Spirit made him a disciple." ginger

I hope you're not advocating this is the order of salvation Paul received while on his way to persecute Christians in Damascus. That's because Paul did not admit he was a sinner, repented and believed before Christ struck him down. The account of his conversion is clear.

You can be sure that Paul wasn't seeking Christ for salvation or the Lord wouldn't have said, "Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting Me?" So, please avoid wedging the 'free-will' poison in Paul's conversion. He was converted because He was an elect of God before the foundations of the world.
---christan on 4/10/12

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Warwick, Paul's writings are in the bible. You call them scripture. I do not. As I said before I do not base my salvation on those two verses in Peter's epistle but on the words of Jesus Christ.

Luke was the writer of Acts and he could only write what Paul told him about his (Paul's) experience on the road to Damascus.

I would not call someone "Lord" who had just knocked me off my horse and struck me blind until I was sure who it was nor would I call it Master or Sir or anything else.
---barb on 4/10/12

Mark, yes I believe in the revealing word of God thru the Holy Spirit. John 16:13. "Howbeit, when he, the Spirit of Truth, is come, he will guide you into ALL truth: for he shall NOT speak of himself but whatsoever he shall hear that will he speak: and he will show you things to come." John 17:17. "Sanctify them through thy truth: THY WORD IS TRUTH."
---barb on 4/10/12

Be careful of that "prominent group" that attack Apostle Paul. The Lord Jesus called Paul formerly called Saul into His ministry and supported, counselled him to the end. If they are against Paul, search them very well, they are also against Christ.
---Adetunji on 4/10/12

Eloy, yes I agree that sinners pick and choose what they WANT to believe out of God's word.

I have repented and do repent every time the Holy Spirit reveals sin in me. The key is NOT to keep sinning the repented sin. John 8:10-11, John 8:34-35.
---barb on 4/10/12

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Barb, you accept Peter did not consider Paul a deceiver, but a writer of "Scripture." So we are left with Paul being genuine or Peter lacking the ability to discern a deceiver-doesn't much for Peter's discernment or his ability to listen to the Holy Spirit! Better boot Peter as well.

Pander to me and answer my question as I cannot see where you answered it in your blogs to Michael. Exactly where does Paul contradict Jesus?

Why are the 3 accounts of Paul's meeting Jesus contradictory? Paul didn't write them anyway.

'kyrios' lord, master, owner, sir or of God Lord,Master. Why is it strange to you that Paul used this word considering the supernatural circumstances?
---Warwick on 4/10/12

barb, do you believe in the reveal word of God? What that means is that when you read the word, it is not always revealed to you by the Spirit. You can read a story for many years and not understand it until one day, the Spirit brings light to that passage. In your case, if you don't understand it, you just throw it out, call the person a liar because in your mind, it doesn't make sense. God displays His grace all through history. He has been gracious from the very beginning. Jesus is divine, He is also the grace that believers receive. You cannot separate Him from God. In Spirit He gives His grace, in His incarnate body He gives His body as a sacrifice for His own children.
---Mark_V. on 4/10/12

Unfortunatly many people "latch" onto certain words and verses. Having been taught a particular paradigm,especially in the Western World, it is very challenging to have an open mind to exactly what the Bible says and doesn't say.

Although I believe the Pauline epistles, it is sometimes perplexing to think that Christendom is almost solely built on St Paul.
---Rod4Him on 4/10/12

Actually we are to abide in CHRIST and he in us.

What did Christ tell the original 12? To GO and MAKE disciples.
What does Christ tell us we have to do to be saved? To repent and BELIEVE.
Paul admitted he was a sinner. He repented and he believed. The Holy Spirit made him a disciple.

What were you or any of us before Christ came along? We were just like Paul..sinners!
That is testimony of Paul NOT being the antichrist. Plus, read Revelations. If you had, you would know he is NOT the antichrist
---ginger on 4/10/12

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Amazing how someone has the audacity to claim that Jesus Christ is their savior and in the very same breath reject the apostle Paul's very teachings, which came from the Lord Himself.

"But when it pleased God, who separated me from my mother's womb, and called me by his grace, To reveal His Son in me, that I might preach Him among the heathen, immediately I conferred not with flesh and blood" Galatians 1:15,16

To even say Paul's teachings contradicts Christ, the spirit of the antichrist is truly and indeed alive and well as prophesied by the apostle John. And not to mention, hypocrisy at the highest level.
---christan on 4/10/12

Barb, Sinners love to pick and choose parts of God's words, and neglect the needful parts of God's word. Grace is easy, for the unlearned thinks it means, "Do nothing and you get free grace." But the truth is, there is zero grace to the "Do nothings", for the "Do nothings remain in their sins and remain under God's wrath and condemnation". Why? because they choose instead of obedience to God's commandment to Repent, in order to receive his grace, they want his grace without repenting from their sin. Only the Doers are saved, for the NonDoers remain condemned. Sinners cannot embrace sin and embrace Christ too.
---Eloy on 4/10/12

Aka, why does everyone latch onto the word "grace" and ignore the word "truth" in John 1:17. Where in that verse does Jesus tell us we are saved by grace?

Grace is what covers us while we are learning and growing in truth. Grace is Jesus dying on the cross to pay our death penalty so that you and I can enter into the Kingdom of God. All we have to do is keep His commandments and abide in the words of His Son.

And no I would never throw out the gospel of John. He was an eyewitness and a true follower of Jesus.
---barb on 4/9/12

Michael, Israel was to be a light of truth to the Gentiles not their salvation. I follow what Jesus taught the rich young ruler for my salvation and to gain eternal life.

John 13:20 doesn't mean we should just receive anyone who SAYS Jesus sent them. Jesus was talking to his disciples and He was telling them that if they accepted Him (Jesus) they would also accept His Father. For an example, Israel did not accept their Messiah and therefore rejected God.
---barb on 4/9/12

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Michael, Acts 9 - False. I don't believe it happened. Paul tells 3 different versions...can't keep his story straight and leaves me no choice but to throw it out. Why does he call the being Lord before he knows who it is?? "Who are you, LORD??" Funny.

2nd Peter 3:15-16 False. Not sure Peter wrote this epistle. At that time scripture was mostly letters/gospels that were passed around between churches. Someone may have tampered with it. It is only one verse and we must weigh all the evidence together. Anyway, the only sacred scripture at that time was the Law and Prophets.
---barb on 4/9/12

Michael, continuing on. 2nd Tim. 3:16 - False. Well, it depends if Paul was talking about the Law and the Prophets (TRUE) or the letters/gospels which included gnostic writings as we can see today. Jesus preached and taught from the Law and the Prophets so we know we can trust them. The scriptures written after Jesus' time on earth were put together as the New Testament a long long time later. The letters and gospels that made it into the New Testament were decided upon by men to be true or false. God made us intelligent beings and He knows we can figure out the difference between the wheat/truth and the lies/tares.
---barb on 4/9/12

Warwick, Please see my answer to Michael in regard to 2nd Peter 3:15. No, I do not believe Peter would knowingly call a deceiver beloved.

Nope, never met Paul that's for sure. I get my info about Paul from his writings in the bible and I compare them to the Words of Jesus as given to us by his eyewitness disciples.

I have been studying and comparing Paul to the Word for years and I will be happy to supply you with bibical evidence. Please be patient with me as it will take me a few days to pull it all together.
---barb on 4/9/12

Barb, I read what you wrote and showed the error of your reasoning. But no reply?

BTW I assume you do not believe you have actually met Paul so ask: Where do you get your information regarding him?
---Warwick on 4/9/12

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Barb, you write "I do not follow Paul" when in fact I do not know anyone who does follow Paul. We follow Jesus as did Paul. In a confused way are you trying to say that Paul's writings contradict what Jesus taught? Please be specific, supplying Biblical quotes to defend your claim.
---Warwick on 4/9/12

How about 2 Pet.3:15,16?
---michael_e on 4/9/12

barb, you quoted no verse, you referenced one. did you actually read the whole epistle, know the background, and read it in context?

it is kind of like when you said that Jesus said nothing about grace. John_1:17 For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.

i guess this is another book that should be disregarded?

leej //When Dwight Moody met with Charles Sturgeon in London, it bothered him that Sturgeon liked his cigars...//

sturgeon is a fish. it was a joke.
---aka on 4/8/12

The members of the group attacking Saint Paul, and blaspheming him to be the antiChrist, are unsaved sinners yet to become Christians. Real Christians do not blapheme the saints of Christ, nor do they pick and choose only parts of the Bible that they favor to believe.
---Eloy on 4/8/12

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Aka, did you actually read the verse that I quoted? Did you tell the children you coached that you had begotten them or did you just call them son? Paul says that he has thru Christ begotten the Corinthians thru the gospel. Jesus teaches that we are drawn to Christ by the Father and begotten or born of the Holy Spirit. John 6:44, John 3:3.

I am not fighting Warlord's battle although he seems to have left the scene of the accident. I have no idea what he is talking about when he says Paul killed all those folks. All I know is that Paul was a persecuter of The Way.
---barb on 4/8/12

aka//dwight moody met with a cigar smoking fish named charles?
Mr. Spurgeon's smoking is a historical fact, and the cause of truth cannot be served by denying it or inventing myths that suggest he finally "repented" of this activity. The fact is he did not regard smoking cigars as a sinful activity, he evidently held that opinion until the end of his life.

There is even a website that documents Charles Spurgeons love for "fine cigars".

Even if I used tobacco products for years, it did not prevent God from blessing me or answering my prayers. It did however, affect any testimony of being a new creation in Christ Jesus. 2 Cor. 5:17. He took that bad habit away from me decades ago.
---lee1538 on 4/8/12

Sorry, Michael but I do not follow Paul so the book of Acts which was written by Paul's follower Luke has no value to me nor do any of those quotes from Paul himself. The problem with Paul and his followers is that they contradict Jesus. I know you cannot see that right now but I pray someday you will. John 17:9-20.
---barb on 4/8/12

Barb, I have quoted from Scripture and you have countered with your opinion. Scripture always outranks human opinion.

Scripture says "our dear brother Paul also wrote you with the wisdom that God gave him." 2 Peter 3:15

"His letters contain some things that are hard to understand, which ignorant and unstable people distort, as they do the other Scriptures, to their own destruction." vs 16. Peter calls what Paul wrote "Scripture" pointing out that such distortion by ignorant and unstable also occurred with "the other Scriptures." This destroys your point.

Does Peter call deceivers "beloved"?
---Warwick on 4/8/12

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Barb you say
//Sadly the Jews rejected the Light themselves. John 1:10-12, Matt 21:41-44. Now we are a motely few trying to shine the light//
By all your references you were to receive salvation through the nation of Israel, they failed so how did you receive salvation?

John 13:20 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that receiveth whomsoever I send receiveth me, and he that receiveth me receiveth him that sent me.
Acts 9, true or a lie?
2 peter 3:15,16 true or a lie?
2 Tim 3:16 true or a lie?
---michael_e on 4/8/12

What Saul killed between 2.5 and 12.5 million Christians! You must be joking. In WW1 with aircraft, tanks, artillery machine guns, poison gas and millioins of troops, over c4 years with their best efforts they did not manage such slaughter. How inneficient is that. They needed Paul!
---Warwick on 4/8/12

Thank you, barb, but i was asking warlord where paul said that he was our father. i wasn't asking where he was making a metaphor.

last year, i coached my son's baseball team. if i did not call them by name, i usually said 'son'. no fathers took offense and neither did my son. He was eight and he understood the metaphor.

now, since you have chosen to fight "warlord"'s battles, can you show me legitimate documentation for this: //...Saul, KILLED between 2.5 and 12.5 million Christians// you would think that there would not be such a large gap in the number killed and just what was the population then?
---aka on 4/8/12

Michael, that is exactly how I understand it. It was a mystery only to those who did not humble themselves and become as babes and learn the truth at the feet of Jesus. Matt 11:25-30, Matt 13:11-16, John 8:45-47. I believe that Jesus chose his disciples very carefully and that Paul was NOT chosen for a reason. Matt 7:15-23, Matt 15:9, John 7:16-19.

Yes, I would have been a dog during the time of Jesus' testimony. The good news for the dogs is that God had a plan to give light even to them. Isaiah 42:1-9, Isaiah 49:6, Matt 12:18-21. Sadly the Jews rejected the Light themselves. John 1:10-12, Matt 21:41-44. Now we are a motely few trying to shine the light but men still love living in the darkness. John 1:5, John 3:19.
---barb on 4/8/12

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Peter, in Jerusalem after Pentecost, spoke of Christ according to prophecy which God hath spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets since the world began (Acts 3:21)
Peter taught what was spoken by the prophets.
Paul taught what was kept secret from the prophets.
It was kept secret that Gentile salvation would occur through Israels fall (Rom 11:25).
Kept secret was the new body of believers being created separate from the elect nation of Israel (Eph 3:6).
Kept secret was there would be free salvation apart from the covenants and the law (Rom 3:21-22).
The prophets taught a promised land given to Israel ruling in an earthly kingdom.
Paul taught Jews and Gentiles reigning in heavenly places (Eph 2:6).
---michael_e on 4/8/12

Warwick, those two scriptures don't tell me anything. Paul was his own witness in the frist one and he never brings forth any witness to his conversion. He calls them "men travelling with me" but never names them. Most disturbing is that Paul gives three different stories about the incident.

Most scholars will tell you that Peter was dead at the time that Peter's epistle was written but even if he wasn't notice that Peter does not call Paul a disciple or apostle but only a beloved brother and it should be obvious that Peter calls everyone beloved. Also he admits that Paul is hard to understand and that the unlearned may be led astray. It is probably not wise to anchor our salvation according to Paul thru that one verse.
---barb on 4/8/12

Warwick, you speak the Truth with those two verses you gave reference to, Warwick. But Truth also be told, to even believe in just those two verses, one needs to be quickened by the Spirit first - aka "born of the Spirit". Jesus declared "It is the Spirit who gives life, the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life." John 6:65 - many try to understand His Word by their flesh and deny the work of the Spirit.

And when regeneration does happen, Paul declared, "for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes", ie regeneration has taken placed and the sinner will most definitely believe in God's Word.
---christan on 4/8/12

"And I fell to the ground and heard a voice saying to me, Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me? And I answered, Who are you, Lord? And he said to me, I am Jesus of Nazareth, whom you are persecuting Acts 22:7,8.

"as he does in all his letters when he speaks in them of these matters. There are some things in them that are hard to understand, which the ignorant and unstable twist to their own destruction, as they do the other Scriptures" 2 Peter 3:16

Just these two Scriptures show Paul was called by the Lord Jesus and confirmed as an inspired writer of Scripture by the apostle Peter. Perfect credentials.
---Warwick on 4/8/12

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"Moderator - I have never heard of such. What denomination?"

"Are you Christian or Paulite?" 1stCliff

There's your answer, Moderator.
---christan on 4/7/12

Barb you say
you give us no words from Jesus telling us that Paul will be bringing us this mysterious message.
If Jesus had spelled it out it wouldn't have been a mystery(secret) would it? (Deut. 29:29)
Out of curiosity, if you had been living at the time of Christs' earthly ministry, you do know you would have been a lost gentile dog don't you?
---michael_e on 4/7/12

Aka, the verse where Paul says that he has become your father is found in 1st Cor. 4:15.

Michael, you state several verses where Paul describes a mystery that his god gave him but you give us no words from Jesus telling us that Paul will be bringing us this mysterious message. In fact, Jesus told His disciples that the mystery of the kingdom of heaven was given unto them to know but NOT everyone...only those with eyes to see and ears to hear. Matt 13:1-15. Jesus came to reveal God to those with a hunger for truth.

The only sure Way to eternal life is found in the teachings of Jesus Christ as WITNESSED and written down by His DISCIPLES, Matthew and John. John 17:9-19.
---barb on 4/7/12

There are anti-Christ groups everywhere today teaching confusion getting people to doubt the Word of God by. Why belong to a group that openly attacks the Word of God? If people reject Paul they reject Christ. Followers of Christ today follow him by the inspired Word of God. The Lord Jesus chose the Apostle Paul and by the Holy Spirit was inspired to teach his truth. Belonging to a group that openly attacks the Word of God and believe you can be stronger to overcome those who are against the Lord by staying and enduring their attacks is not wise.

~humble follower of the Rock and lover of The Eternals truth (KJV) Matt 16:18, Corin 10:4, 2 Thess 2:10 1 Pet 2:21
---Follower_of_Christ on 4/7/12

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The message Paul called my gospel was kept secret since the world began and was not in the law of Moses or the prophets (Rom 16:25).
Paul preached the mystery message, not known before (Gal 1:11-12, 1 Cor 14:37, Eph 3:1-2).
Pauls writings hold hidden information now revealed to us about Gods separate plan and purpose for the BoC.
Paul's distinct message about the cross of Christ helps us understand why Paul says:
For I speak to you Gentiles, inasmuch as I am the apostle of the Gentiles, I magnify mine office: Rom 11:13

He indicates he was first to be saved in this dispensation as a pattern to them which should hereafter believe on him to life everlasting (1 Tim 1:16).
---michael_e on 4/4/12

Paul became a Christian and he propagated the gospel writing a large part of the New Testament Bible, he is proven to be Pro-Christ and not anti-Christ. Paul tells the truth the way it is, not mincing words nor sugar-coating the way of righteousness, and so people who are not following the word and instead are living slovenly and in rebellion, rather than obeying the word, they will be offended at Paul's message and blaspheme him, the one delivering the word of righteousnes to them.
---Eloy on 4/3/12

//You people are stupded... ...Grate Sperit is Holly.//
---Warlord on 4/2/12


//Paul says that he has become your father//

---aka on 4/3/12

//Church Group Is Anti Paul//
Church group is anti-Chritian
Paul says a half a dozen times to follow him (1 Cor 4:16, 11:1, Phil 3:17, etc.). Yet, this is the most offensive statement to a Jesus-follower. Learn what it means to follow Paul and why it is not diminishing, but rather glorifying the ministry of Christ even more to follow the pattern of the dispenser of Gods grace (1 Tim 1:16, 1 Cor 9:17).
---michael_e on 4/3/12

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Yes, I have to agree that Paul is an antichrist.

God built a house and invited the world to enter in. All He required was that we keep His commandments and abide in the testimony of His Son. Sin cannot enter the house of God, not sin of the flesh or spirit. It must be washed away and left outside.

Paul tells us to build our own house and to invite god to come in and live with us and be our personal saviour. He teaches us that his god will bring a free gift of grace with him when he enters our sinful house and he will cover our filthy sin with robes of righteousness.

Our Father's house is the Kingdom of God/Heaven. The only Way in is to learn and abide in Truth.
---barb on 4/3/12

Paul is the Anti-Christ. Christ told Peter that he would walk with someone else then him. Christ asked Peter 3 times if he loved him. Peter walked and defended Paul untill his death.

Christ also told us that the Prince of this world was comming, that is why he had to leave.

Paul, sur named Saul, KILLED between 2.5 and 12.5 million Christians. Would a Jew go to Hitler for a way to find God?

You people are stupded. You follow the Antichrist and he has become your father. The whole world will be lead astray by the Beast. Paul says that he has become your father and he is not mine.

Let me tell you who the real Father is: He is our Father, who came as a child of Mary and his Grate Sperit is Holly. Jesus Christ is God.
---Warlord on 4/2/12

Paul was the one who was chosen by God to lead those who brought the gospel to the non-Jewish people.
I think some of those who critcise him do so because they incorrectly perceive him as being a woman-hater.
And of course he was a bit tough on sin, and that's not very popular nowadays.
---alan8869_of_UK on 4/7/07

, read the new testament. you will find that paul and Jesus were preaching the same truth.
---steve on 11/29/05

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Another prime example of people who want to change the Bible to meed their requirements. We are convicted by many truths from God's Word, but let me offer this - It isn't the Bible that needs to change - It is us. Praise Jesus.
---mike on 11/29/05

Paul has been known for decades as a woman hater, a stickler of the letter of the Word, a wanna-be ruler of Christendom. The best I can tell, Jesus used Paul to lay out the Word in a "no-holds-barred" kinda way. His teachings were from the O.T. revealed through the Comforter to him. NOTE the Comforter is.. well see John 14:16-18 for the answer.
---mike_fl on 11/28/05

Alan; believe me I'm not trying to be clever, just "observant" God promised "everlasting (eternal) life" as a "gift". It's not something we're born with! So "immortality" is "future"
---1st_cliff on 11/28/05

Cliff ... the trouble is with many of these blogs that they and the contributors complicate things by being very clever and technically theological.
To me, if I am resurrected, that will be ME. Doesn't matter if there is or is not a period of unconscious non-existence, or sleep, or whatever ... that will be ME there in heaven. That is immortality.
---alan8869_of_UK on 11/28/05

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Alan; Resurrection, Wivv;What is your basis for believing that everything Paul wrote is "God's word?" (because he said so?)Do you think that he knew all his letters would become "scripture" equal to Moses,David, Solomon?? Which of his prophecies have come to pass? By what authority did he make "rules and regulations" after Jesus freed us from the law?
---1st_cliff on 11/28/05

This is new to me. I heard of churches that reject part of the New Testament or all of the New Testament except for the gospels, but not a person, such as Paul. The only way they can do it is to state the writtings of Paul are not part of the Bible. (Than they would have to prove it - not just render an opinion.) You might ask they "why" they hold this view. Would suggest you find another church if the church is rejecting Paul. (The church, not just some people in the church.)
---WIVV on 11/28/05

Cliff .. You say the Pharisees believed in the immortilaity of the soul and that this is not supported by scripture.
What then do we make of Jesus's promise of eternal life, and his words to the thief?
---alan8869_of_UK on 11/28/05

The devil is employing a new tactic.He has now brought a new doctrine where even some Christians are trashing Paul`s epistle as not the word of God.Basically what this means is that two thirds of the new testament is being thrown out.Shame.
---pkay on 11/28/05

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Next to Jesus, Paul may be the most influential person in the history of the Christian faith. His years of ministry took him to countless towns and cities throughout Asia Minor and Europe. He also wrote thirteen letters that are included in the New Testament.If a group is not accepting Paul and his contribution to the Church, I feel that they may even reject Christ.
---saju6993 on 11/28/05

..cont.#5 His writings,12/13 (Hebrews?) books happen to be chosen as part of our bible canon (325ad) . Pastors will hold up the bible and say "this is God's word!" but much of it is "Paul's word" and Jesus was the Logos(Word) not Paul.#6 Phaisees believed in the immortality of the soul, not supported by scripture!#7 Prophecied "the rapture" was he a prophet? Are you Christian or Paulite?
---1st_cliff on 11/27/05

Lester; At the risk of being "stoned" by an angry mob, some facts to be considered.#1 Jesus promised the "Comforter" to lead (Paul was/is not the Comforter, but he did lead)#2 He was a Pharisee whom Jesus denounced as "from your father the devil"#3 was a murderer (accessory to Steven's stoning)#4 Never met Jesus ,accept in a vision (he says)...NO he's not "anti-Christ" but neither are any of the other "Christian"leaders .cont.
---1st_cliff on 11/27/05

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