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Theophostic Healing Ministry

Anyone hear about theophostic healing ministry? Could you tell me what you think of it?

Moderator - Just looked it up on the web and it sounds non-biblical.

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 ---eliza4969 on 11/29/05
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My TP experience spans seven years of facilitating and receiving. I see miracle after miracle each week. The blessings are boundless.
---Doug on 1/26/14

I've had a few hours of Theophistic Healing training & had a wonderful Christ-filled experience, regarding traumatic events in my childhood. I asked Jesus to speak truth to me & He showed me a "picture" without my offender, but with His light. He let me know I have freedom from that person's judgments & reaffirmed that His words have power over me (since I am a Christian) & that He is the Word (of God)!
---Gail on 3/19/09

I would be very surprised if God is not active through Theophostic. I have been living with a bi-polar wife for 15 years, which has been very stressful. It got to the point that I had lost compassion for her and wasn't even sure that I loved her any more. During 40 minutes with a Theophostic practitioner, God showed up and healed me of some root issues and the problem was completely resolved. I now know that I love her again, I no longer feel the tension/stress that used to exist, and, above all, I have a greater love for, and appreciation of, my God and His power.
---Rene on 11/19/08

This healing process is all biblically based. I happened upon it during a very trying time in my life, after having a prayer session, I was extremely blessed and shall never forget how the Holy Spirit ministered to my heart and not mans ideas or suggestions to my issues.
We are tailor made and therefore only God knows what we carry in the depths as far as wounds, it is a beautiful biblical process to healing.
---kim_flink on 11/11/08

Theophosti, what a wonderful three syllable word. Sounds good, looks important, and has that uppity air about it.
But in reality it's just another dreamed up philosophy my man.
The Bible says we're not too lean on our own understanding.
---mima on 10/22/08

I have a dear Christian friend who says she has been helped by theophostic ministry.

I tried to search the web for more information...the results were many...but none sounded Christian. A lot were way off into mysticism.

Scott's explanation of 8/25 is good, (asks the Lord to speak his truth about the experience, and reveal the lie that you might have believed from the often find that you have believed wrongly and based parts of your life on that lie. You then ask the Lord to take the lie away and freely give it to Him)

But I don't understand why such a thing could not happen simply by asking the Lord for insight, in earnest prayer, alone or with a trusted spiritually mature prayer partner.
---Donna66 on 10/21/08

What sounds "non-biblical" about it? I've done quite a bit of reading and attended a seminar, and haven't heard anything that raised a red flag yet. What I have heard is there are a lot of people who have said they were doing theophostic ministry, but were not doing it as the initiator (Ed Smith) recommends.
---Kathryn on 10/21/08

I support TheoPhostic. (Theo-God,Phostic-light) God's light. The ministry is about letting the Lord take you to where you need to heal, and as your mind thinks back to an experience, if there is a bad emotion attached, the person ministering prays for you and asks the Lord to speak his truth about the experience, and reveal the lie that you might have believed from the experience. i.e. I didn't get invited to a birthday party, so my friends didn't like me. As you hear the one true Jesus tell you what he wants you to know, you often find that you have believed wrongly and based parts of your life on that lie. You then ask the Lord to take the lie away and freely give it to Him. Your belief system is changed and you are no long held captive.
---Scott on 8/25/08

I know several individuals who believe they have recieved healing & are free but are still bound by depression, anxiety, & fear. I have looked into it, though many scriptures are used, I don't see it as being biblical. No where in the bible does Jesus or any of His disciples ever use this type of deliverance/healing method. Just as we see in the old testament where the magicians were able to duplicate SOME of the signs and wonders that Moses performed before Pharoah, satan can still do the same today. The difference is that when the Son sets you free, you are free indeed! Spend time in the Word & seeking His face. Healing will come. I know from experience!
---Heather on 7/23/08

not sure what the word stands for but i have a christian lady i meet with once a week for bible study and she is studing it right now and keeps telling me that i should look into it because it could help me.
---eliza4969 on 2/16/08

I have been thru this. The question is did I need it? If I had been taught the power of God and the authority of his word, would I have needed it? It seemed the more I was around it the more I needed it? My wife and I have chosen to get away from the teaching and feel better than ever. Find a Faith filled church that operates in Gods Authority!
---greg on 7/16/07

I don't know what theo is I don't know who used the same name as I did or why it comes up in the list for my name. but it is weird, maybe the blog masters need to make us register to blog or something so people don't get bloggers mixed up.
---Jared on 6/6/07

Eliza, my pen pal id is linda3843. My personal e-mail is within the profile. Please contact me and I will give you the link to resources where you can simply feed on Christ and find everything you need in Him....and you won't have to regress to a past that is done away with in Him. The bottom line is that we are new creatures in Christ and not "hewn down men" short of the glory in Adam anymore.
---Linda on 5/23/07

I don't see Jesus doing anything like this with the demoniac. That man, insane in every sense of the word by today's standards, simply saw Jesus from afar off and fell at His feet to worship Him. Jesus requests the demon to name himself and then casts them into some swine. The next view of the man is seated (at rest), clothed, and in his right mind. The bottom line is that the old man cannot be fixed, mended, or healed. He must be done away with and it is the death of Christ that did it.
---Linda on 5/22/07

Simply feeding on Christ and His work is more than enough to reveal the truth of Christ and mature the spirit man. The renewing of the mind comes by way of the Holy Ghost revealing Christ and His redemptive work. That is how simple it is, really.
---Linda on 5/22/07

eliza4969>>> Don't quote me on this, please. I just do not believe God works that way. Again, we simply don't know very much, only what God reveals to each of us.
---catherine on 5/22/07

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Just reading the main points on the website seems like its'd have to see how exactly they conduct themselves...
---mark_B. on 5/22/07

Friends, this is really horrid stuff. Please take the time to read some well-studied, correctly divided websites and articles. I did Theo for over two years until I investigated it more fully. This is something you need to study out! Please, please do not be charmed by the healings and good feelings. It is part of the new age, inner healing movement. I know there's deep hurt out there, but Theo is not the answer you seek.
---Jared on 5/22/07

Elizabeth, What does theophostic mean? Never heard of it in my many years as a Christian.
---Warren on 3/24/07

There is a healing from God...better than anything I have ever experienced and I have an incredible testimony from using this system.
---Melissa on 2/22/06

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I don't agree with all techniques but the healing itself comes from God. If the devil would heal he would be agaisnt his own kingdom just like if he would cast out demons.The origin of healing is not from the devil, it is from God. Techniques may be wrong and have bad origin but not the healing.
---john on 1/2/06

It should be comforting for Christians to know that Elijah, Elisha, Peter, Paul and Jesus never required one to "look inwardly" as a prerequisite for healing. How difficult it would have been for the dead to "look inwardly" for them to be raised to life.

People who refuse to wait on the Lords timing, and take healing into their own hands, will always suffer from charlatans and / or grifters.
---a_servant on 1/1/06

when one loks at the New age movement and the different forms of healing which can come, one realises that yes it works but its origin is not of God. The bible says that many persons perish for lack of Knowledge. Many christians are opening up doorways and being put in bondage to truth .
We need to realise that Our advesary the devil walketh around seeking to devour those he can. Persons need to guard their minds with truth which comes from the word of God.
---guyiyae4898 on 12/5/05

I was a sceptic of it, but had a powerful, powerful healing from a deep wound in a 2 hour theophostic ministry session. The 2 women who counselled are very mature christians and a lot of this depends on who is ministering rather than the method. My personal experience was good, but know others had bad experiences.
---Maxine on 12/5/05

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Theo(God)Phostic(Light) Healing;principles believe present negative behavior comes from knowledge, through experience.This reguires healing of mental information derived from persons life.It has a counselor/minister who acts as a listener and prayer intecessor.Admits the need for Christ to heal a wounded soul.Looks like to me a fancy name/method for combining secular psychology with the Spiritual.God doesn't need techniques to heal,only faith and given Biblical directions for praying.
---Darlene_1 on 12/1/05

#2 In looking at the Theophostics web-site, I could not help but notice that there was no indication as to how much it wauld cost you. You are just invited to register.
I assume that at the end of the enrollment process, you are then told what the cost is.
That does not seem right to me.
---alan8869_of_UK on 12/1/05

#1 This philosophy appears to start on the same premise as Scientology, since both state that we are held back from functioning properly as humans by garbage in the back of our memories.
Scientologists use a scientific con to release these, while Theophosty uses other people praying for you.
Sounds OK, but why do we need to dredge us forfotten and imagined hurts from the past?
---alan8869_of_UK on 12/1/05

so i was wanting to know if anyone heard of it. it sounds biblical because its basically people praying for you but also it does have a new name and some web sites i found say its not biblical so i wanted to see what everyone thought of it.
---eliza4969 on 12/1/05

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how that is done is people pray for god to come into that memory to heal the lie that was started in childhood. she said it helped her.
---eliza4969 on 12/1/05

from how she explains it i guess if you take my case for example i always feel like i am not good enough so it stops me from getting anything done so that is a lie that is rooted in childhood that God wants to come into that memory and heal.
---eliza4969 on 12/1/05

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